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  1. Thanks for the info, I found the Amy Winehouse instrumental version on You Tube and it was then blindingly obvious.
  2. Looking for assistance from the Soul family regarding the above record. It was written by Ashford & Simpson but the only version I have heard is by the late Ms Winehouse. Was it ever recorded by anyone else prior to Amy ???? Thanks
  3. Looks like we'll be there :-)
  4. See you Saturday :-)
  5. Looking forward to the trip down to Bridgewater from Swindon. See you all later.
  6. My train gets me into Nantwich at 1615 so I'll be there from the get-go. I hear the breakfast's in the Crown are well worth it :-)))
  7. Well worth the trip, being exiled down south means I dont get to the H&G as often as I should. If you havent been yet make the journey there's something for everybodies musicical taste Dave
  8. We'll be on our way from Swindon. An "arrangement" has been made for the front half of my 12 hour Sunday shift so looking forward to a good time as always :-))))
  9. Well worth the trip north. The place was rammed after 1500 so glad I had a seat, mind you I'm still missing the ambience of the comfy leather sofas !! All the best Dave
  10. As Sam & Dave once sang "Hold on I'm coming" I'm Planning on making the trek north for a spot of interesting soul music, nigerian lager, a very comfy leather sofa & a spot of Sunday lunch as a bonus. Just wondering about the possibility of catching up with some of the H&G Anniversary CD's that I may have missed since my exile from God's own county :-)) Call it Soul music's version of a Red Cross Food Parcel !!! See you all on the 16th Dave
  11. I'll drop in there next week, hope it goes well tonight
  12. I would certainly welcome information regarding Soul nights in Inverness, I get up there for a week every six weeks to see my Dad so would welcome the opportunity to "boogie on down" for a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night to some classic & interesting Soul music. Thanx in advance, Dave
  13. Thanx for the replies Dave
  14. Looking for some assistance from the Welsh contingent regarding any upcoming across the board Soul nights in the Cardiff area as two of my old mates have expressed an interest in re-discovering their missing mojo's !! Much obliged, Dave
  15. After the week I've had, just try and stop me !!! :-))))))))))))))))))