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  1. Do divs still exist Russ? I guess they must do. Also once known as "plastics" around our way.
  2. Shows how much I know.
  3. Could be right Mark. P
  4. Richard Searling has had numerous jobs in the music industry.
  5. Wasn't Martin a geography teacher?
  6. I guess it had it's time and place. Never my time and never at my place though - it is utter shite.
  7. Holly St James was a clapper.
  8. Good. Larry is a super record!
  9. Clapping was still very popular in the early 80's - this was a good clapper that had the crowd going. Modern soul clapping!c
  10. I've cut and pasted that and stuck it on the fridge.
  11. Welcome back Dave. I've just replaced my old copy of this with a nice white demo - the 7 of course. One of my favourite modern tracks without doubt, a superb dance record to boot. It's been hammered over the years but still stands up to scrutiny. Janice, Don't Be So Blind To Love - Skip Mahoney. Lets be having yer. Peter
  12. Hi Dean pretty sure there's a couple of old threads on this - with sound files. Have a quick search P
  13. I'm going to start a new food thread soon Pete. My homemade Punjabi curry will be my first offering - made from scratch. Pete Apologies Chris!
  14. Nope neither of those two. Im going to have to try and remember all the podcasts I've listened to in the last couple of weeks. Doh! Peter
  15. Happy Birthday lovely Ali. Peter x