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    My preference is mid tempo 70's/crossover these days but I like all good soul music including deep stuff. I do not like 100 mile per hour shite and care not a great deal for instrumentals!

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  1. Wow! Being in Romania early 80's is a surprise in itself. Very forward thinking for a holiday. 👍 By the Black Sea I guess.
  2. Incidentally, and totally random, but Tommy T always reminds be of Thomas Hearns (Detroit Hit Man) the boxer. Both masters of their craft.
  3. Evening Mate Does it get much better? Not sure it does. Sam knows his music - its a beautiful record. Pete
  4. Turn up the volume and bass - then tell me you'll find a better soul record than this. The wonderful Lamont Dozier - ave it!
  5. God bless Tommy. More knowledgeable people than me in terms of your amazing contribution. You Taught Me How To Love got me hooked, and then I learnt more. My life was touched by you. Thank you Sir.
  6. Wow! Nice one Andy. Would have perhaps liked to have tried to step out of my self imposed hermit life for a walk with kindred spirits. The world and soul! And a flask of tea - like the olden days. Pete
  7. And it certainly doesn't get any cheaper.
  8. The younger lot go on about twitter at work. Twatter to me - and as for that Bacefook.
  9. Happy New Year Stu One of the best early "modern" tracks - love it. 1st and second press mate - not easy. I'm gonna play this later! Pete
  10. Apologies everyone. I got my Jay mixed up with my Jackdaw! It's the Jackdaws who feed regularly - very clever and inquisitive.
  11. Nice one Mike. Been cussing for an hour and had to find something to keep me occupied. Remedying a slow running plug hole in the bathroom sink was most rewarding. Pete
  12. Yes similar to a jay physically. Different colour and without the very distinctive blue eyes. I have a couple of jays who visit regularly - with about 12 other species.
  13. I have heard some younger people use the word "wowser". But, hey, wowser! Those are beautiful pictures Martyn. Well done Sir. Just when you're contemplating ending the day full of despair a pal pops up with something of real beauty and your day is changed. Pete
  14. Why would you think that? Irrespective of what people think of the 45, and despite Gene's detective work, there's never going to be a deluge of something that doesn't exist in great numbers. I can't comment on the availability of the LP but that's an entirely different matter.
  15. Depends whose selling and whose buying on what day. Pat achieved over £700 for one on auction. Seen em go for much less. I would like one. It's a stunning soul record.