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  1. Pissed again! Thanks Swifty Pete
  2. Thanks Robb. Always good to hear from you. best wishes Peter
  3. Ha! Yes I was looking at that recently. Just call me Loma Russ!
  4. Evening Steve Russell probably knows about the Bobby Freeman Loma track too. Pete
  5. Nice one Pete Im sure you'll agree that knowing that we've helped the little lad is more than enough. It's your gig though mate.
  6. So sorry to hear such sad news. I only knew Kev from on here - always liked his posts. He was one of the SS family.
  7. Well done Pete. I've donated my birthday money. I did it directly so that it qualified for Gift Aid. Peter
  8. Depends on condition mate. Most Belita Woods for example are pretty battered. How would you grade yours. Pete some nice records by the way
  9. Carol Anderson looks awesome on Fee. I had a minter which I sold in the 90's. Fabulous record too.
  10. Someone has either just bought that under "buy it now" or the seller has withdrawn it - again. Lot of cash if someone has bought it.
  11. There's a fairly recent thread about the DG boot of the legitimate re-release.
  12. Happy Birthday.
  13. Thanks Len. I'm 51 mate.
  14. I would say mid 70's. Think it was a Mecca spin too. From memory Steve Mannion spun it at CH.
  15. Played at Clifton Hall. There's some on discogs. Tenner. pete