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  1. Hit the share icon under the vid, copy and then paste into your post Steve.
  2. That link doesn't work Steve. If you tell me what it is I'll post the vid up. Pete
  3. Looks like a buzzard to me.
  4. Trying to lose a bit of weight and eat more sensibly. Lunch is now yoghurt, flax seed and banana. I bought a large, single banana the other day - 20 pence. Struck me as being really cheap compared to lots of other stuff - especially crisps or a bar of chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised I was.
  5. Yep, as much as I dislike the man you cant argue with that Steve. Pleased you've missed the trap door - still work to do at Forest! Pete
  6. Frank Poppe Ensemble Stripper Girl
  7. I hope Paul doesn't mind me saying that he also has a fundraising page. I donated something the other week - other people may want to do the same. I'm just popping out but will find the link later and post it up. Pete
  8. From one of the finest vocalists ever - Who's Right or Wrong. Mr Edwin Starr.
  9. It showed up straight away Mike - thus inhibiting my ability to edit it. I think it was my fault because I just quoted Andy's post which included the images - I think I should have just cut and pasted the type? Pete
  10. Apologies everyone. I have misused the new quote function which has corrupted my last post. I'm sorry. I have reported myself to Mike so once he has a minute he will remove it I'm sure. Peter
  11. There lovely pictures Andy. He's a proper handsome fella. Pete
  12. Evening All This might have been posted before but, as per the rules, I've just managed to get one, so new to the collection so I'll chance my arm and post it up. I've wanted one for ages, and it takes me right back to Poke's sets at Clifton Hall. A true dancers record. Thanks to a real gentleman for helping me out once again with a great deal - he's a top DJ too. I've added a few nice things recently and I'm at that proverbial collectors crossroad - do I continue investing in my collection, and start investing in cataloguing and storing it properly, or should I stop? Anyway, apologies, I'm digressing. The Pretenders - Just Be Yourself. Awesome. Pete
  13. Great track indeed. Neither are cheap. Peter