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  1. Hi all, Looking for a clean copy of The Trends - Thanks for a little lovin' ABC demo or issue, Please no advice on likely availability/cost.....I already know Thanks for looking...PM to deal
  2. PM sent
  3. Dreadful din to these ears, to each their own I suppose
  4. I would have posted a link, however in the the short time between seeing it and posting on here it has been sold/removed
  5. I have just seen a Dynamics (I need your love) demo on eBay, on the label there are 2 of the same signature that's so neat it's obviously a stamp, Eddie O'Jay I think it says but could be wrong, now my demo has the same 2 signatures on the label in around about the same place, Is Eddie a record store owner maybe? I'm sure someone on here will have the answers?
  6. Only just seen this Chris, very well put as always and yes I'm looking forward to next Saturday with bitter/sweet anticipation, As you have said we will all try to deliver the quality that The Northern Line and it's residents have become well repected for, whilst keeping the big fella very much in our minds, I will play some tunes with John very much in mind and I'm sure it will be another great night all things considered.
  7. I upgraded then reversed it as soon as I realised picture albums cant be created manually and all pictures are loaded chronologically, or that's how it looked to me
  8. Records sorted and good to go, see you all there for my annual jib down the A1 :-)
  9. Words can't describe how much I am shocked by this news, a nicer more amiable chap I have yet to meet, Proud to say John was my friend, but then to know him was to be his friend, Will be very sadly missed but always remembered with fondness Rest easy Biff x
  10. Glad we both got what we wanted George
  11. Stunning copy of the currently in demand Sam Dees - Soul Sister - LO LO up for grabs, £300 gets it, no offers thanks, Paypal as gift, add post etc, PM for details Thanks for looking
  12. RIP old friend, rest easy now x
  13. DF is detested in these parts even more than Megson, don't forget the penalty Peter, kinda makes the equaliser deserved really