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  1. Satisfactions sold
  2. Dana Valery M- £500, Satisfactions Ex £200 (labels reversed), Edward Hamilton Ex (Mike Terry credits) £550. Please pm if interested.
  3. Helen Shapiro UK only demo ex condition £500. Please PM if interested
  4. Helen Shapiro demo £500 and PP Arnold Issue £250 (SOLD) UK only originals ex condition. Please PM if interested
  5. pm'd you
  6. pm'd you
  7. Taking offers above £500. Condition M- Please pm if interested
  8. Frank Beverley Sold
  9. For sale Vel-vets I've got to find me somebody M- £600. Frank Beverley and the Butlers if that's what you wanted near mint £400 (SOLD) Please pm if interested
  10. pm'd you
  11. Maurice Williams SOLD
  12. Willie Kendricks Sold
  13. Eddie Kendricks Ex condition £500, Maurice Williams Ex condition £350 Please pm
  14. Paul Sindab in ex condition now reduced to £350. This is the rarer misspelled version with you've dropped your Candy in the sand on the B side. Please pm