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  1. A mixed list here. Bank transfer preferred but if you deal with the charges paypal will be fine. Post and packing is £2.70 recorded (recommended) or £1.70 First Class. Northern Soul Marlena Shaw. Let's Wade In The Water. Cadet. Ex £40 SOLD (Alt take and it's great. Seen at £75) Jesse James. Believe Me Baby. 20th Century. VG++ £10 Frankie Valli. The Night. Mowest 3024. Ex £5 SOLD Mike Post Coalition. Afternoon Of The Rhino. WB UK Ex £5 SOLD John Miles. One Minute Every Hour. Orange. VG+ £5 Herbie Mann. Unchain My Heart. A&M Ex £10 The Five Stairsteps. Playgirls Love. Windy C. Ex £5 Richard Lanham. Don't Believe Him. Josie. VG+ £5 (Label has water damage) Tony Joe White. Polk Salad Annie. Monument. Ex £5 Lord Large/Dean Parish. Left Right & Centre. Acid Jazz. Ex £10 Lord Large/Clem Curtis. Stuck In A Wind Up. Acid Jazz. Ex £5 Eric & The Vikings. Hurting. Kool Kat. Ex £5 The Valentinos. Tired Of Being Nobody. Jubilee. VG++ £5 Marvin Gaye. I'LL Be Doggone. Tamla. VG £5 (plays with a little background but fine to DJ with) Juggy. Thock It To Me Honi. Sue VG++ £5 Joe Tex. You Better believe It Baby. Dial. Ex £5 SOLD Jackie Lavant. I Don't Mind Do'in It. Phil La Soul. VG++ £5 Temptations/Kim Weston. White Label. Forever In My Heart/You Can Do It. Ex £5 Little Johnny Taylor. Somewhere Down The Line. Galaxy. VG £5 SOLD Norma Jenkins. The Airplane Song. Maltese. Ex £10 ON HOLD ON HOLD (A rare pressing I believe) The Invitations. Skiing In The Mud. OOP £2 Thanks for looking
  2. Some superb dancers here for that modern room. Payment by bank transfer preferred or Paypal if you cover the fees. Post & Packing £3.00 UK. Luther Vandross. Ain't No Stopping Us Now. LC VG++ £10 (Brilliant version by the master) Luther Vandross & Gregg Diamond. Hot Butterfly. Epic 12" Ex £10 (Flip to Love the one your with) Drizabone. Pressure. 4th Broadway. Ex £10 (The classic on 12") Bobby Pruitt. We Are One. Sulfuric Ex £10 (A real dance floor winner) Lulu. There Has Got To Be A way. VG+ £10 (Drizabone mix. A minor 5 sec hiss in middle not noticeable really) Karmastition. DJ copy Ex £5 (That brilliant take on the Stevie Wonder classic) Paul Varney. Open The Door To Your Heart. KGBT Promo. Ex £5 (Excellent modern version of Mr Banks classic) Kirk Waylum. Looking For You. Track Bandits. Ex £5 SOLD SOLD (Think it's second issue?) LP RECORDS The Originals. Portrait of The Originals. VG++ £8 (Don't Stop Now) Nina Simone. Nina is Back. DE French. VG++ £10 SOLD SOLD (Touching & Caring) Gloria Scott. What Am I Gonna Do. Casablanca. Ex £10 (Re-issue of iconic album) The Dells. What Ever Turns You On. 20th Centaury. VG++ £5 SOLD SOLD (Title track is brilliant) EON. EON. Ex £5 (We'll Go On + The Star That Never Got To Shine) Chanel. My Life. Mapp 6 for Spins. Ex £5 (Wow My Life!!) That's it for now. Thanks for looking
  3. PM back to you. Pat
  4. Mostly 70s here ad some nice sounds for the DJs. Post & Packing is £2.70 recorded(recommended) or £1.70 Fist Class. Paypal OK if fees are met bank transfer preferred. Mr Kofee. Part Of The Good Life. Debko. Ex £40 (£100 on discogs) The Topics, Rose, and John Edwards, How Can I Make It With You. Carver with made up labels. £20 SOLD SOLD (Rose my all time fav 70s tune the LP only track is big bucks) The Checkmates Ltd. Take All The Time You Need. Fantasy VG++ £10 The Joneses. Name Of The Game Pt1. Mercury. Ex £10 Segments Of Time. Memories. Sussex. Ex £5 The American Gypsey. 10,000 Miles. Chess. Ex £5 SOLD SOLD Leon Thomas. Thank You Baby. Don Ex £5 Moments. Nine Times. Stang Ex £5 The Persians. I Don't Know How. GWP Ex £5 The O'Jays. To Prove I Love You. TSOP Demo Ex £5 SOLD
  5. Just the one tonight. P&P is £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class. Paypal Ok if you meet the fees. Henry Rhodes. Hold On. Tapestry M- £50 ON HOLD Good price for this brilliant dancer.
  6. Some real good 70s dancers here and all keenly priced. Bank transfer preferred but will take paypal if fees are covered. Postage and packing £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class. Tower Of Power. So Very Hard To Go. WB Ex £5 Sandra Richardson. Stay Here With Me. Inter/soul. Ex £10 ON HOLD The Modulations. Your Love Has Me Locked Up/I Can't Fight Your Love. Buddah VG+ £10 ON HOLD ((Label fade but still looks good) Thelma Houston. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Tamla. Ex £5 ON HOLD Cate Bros. Wher Can We Go. Asylum Ex £10 Flashlight. She's Pulling My Strings. Soul HQ Ex £10 Tavares. Too Late. Capitol. Ex £10 Johnnie Taylor Just Ain't Good Enough. Beverley Glen. Ex £10 Damaris. What About My Love. CBS Demo Ex £10 Tyrone Edwards. Can't Get Enough Of You. Invictus. Ex £10 Bobby Cutchins I Did It Again. Lasso. Ex £5 ON HOLD Eloise Laws. 1,000 Laughs. ABC Ex £5 Brenda Holloway. Give Me A Little Inspiration. White Label. Ex £5 The Natural Four. The Devil Made Me Do It. Chess. £2 LUTHER VANDROSS Don't Want To Be A Fool. LP Version. Ex £5 (Not the Us version but a much slower and brilliant track for chill out sessions) Got To Have Your Body. American International records. Ex £5 (Actually The New York City Band ft Luther. Sought after original)
  7. Some really great dancers here. Paypal Ok if fees are met. Post and packing is £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class. Syl Johnson. Take Me Back. Twinight Records. Ex £5 (Just a great tune) Lee Dorsey. Wonder Woman. Amy. Ex £5 ON HOLD (Have you heard this?. Needs playing out) Bobby Powell. Do Something For Yourself. Whit. Ex £5 ON HOLD (Sounds like a ££££££££ record) The Ringleaders. All Of My Life. M-pac! pressing. Ex £5 (Pressing of a very rare acetate) Little Sonny. You Can Be Replaced. Enterprise. VG £5 (Plays fine for the R&B DJ) Jackie Lee. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide. Mirwood. VG++ £5 (Brilliant!!! B side to the Duck no less) The Supremes. Ask Any Girl. Stateside. Ex £5 Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas. Just Keep On Loving Me. Stax. Ex £5 (Another good dancer) Albert Williams. I'M In Your Corner. Jam Records. VG £2 ON HOLD (Play OK for DJing) Richard Popcorn Wylie. Rosemary What Happened. Grapevine. Ex £2 (Oldie!!!)
  8. Mostly UK Tamla left. The Detroit Spinners. I'LL Always Love You. TMG 627 Ex £15 Martha & The Vandellas. One Way Out. Gordy. Ex D/H £10 Stevie wonder. Uptight. TMG 1042 EX £5 Smokey Robinson. I don't blame you at all. TMG 774 £5 Jimmy Ruffin. Baby I'V Got It. TMG 577 Ex £5 The Isley Brothers. This Old Heart of Mine. Ex TMG 555 £5 Edwin Starr Headline News/SOS Ex TMG 905 £10 The Elgins. Put Yourself in my place. Ex TMG787 £10 Jimmy Ruffin. Everybody needs love. Soul. VG++ £5 Edwin Starr. He who picks a rose. Ex TMG 754 £5 Jimmy Ruffin. What becomes of the broken hearted. Ex TMG 911 £5 The Elgins Heaven must have sent you. Ex TMG 771 £10 Edwin Starr. Back Street/Agent Double O Soul. Ex TMG 790 £10 Earl Van Dyke. Gonna give her all the love I got. Ex Soul £5 Edwin Starr. 25 miles. Ex TMG672 £10 San Remo Strings. All Turned On. Ex TMG795 £10 Shorty Long. Function at the Junction. VG++ Soul. £5 Jimmy Ruffin. Gonna Give her all the love I got. Ex TMG 603 £10 Thanks for looking
  9. Got to make some space so these must go. Bank transfer preferred but Paypal OK if you pay the fees. Post & Packing is £1.70 first class or £2.70 recorded. ALL RECORDS HAVE BEEN SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Four Tops. Something About You. Motown Ex £5 Tammi Terrell. Come On and See Me. Motown. Ex £5 David Ruffin. Each Day Is A Lifetime. Motown. Ex £5 Marvin Gaye. At Last (I Found A Love) Tamla. VG++ £5 Roni Hill. I Wouldn't Give You Up. IK Creole Ex £5 Sister Sledge. Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me. UK Atlantic. Ex £5 Aretha Franklin. Integrity. Arista. Ex £5 Lou Rawls. Groovey People. PIR. Ex £5 These Three are £10 Each Lou Rawls. Time Will Take Care Of Everything. PIR Demo. Ex £10 Walter Jackson. Touching In The Dark. Keli-Arts. Ex £10 William Bell. The Man In The Street. Stax. Ex £10 Be quick and if you are you can have the lot for £55
  10. Another bunch of well priced records. Some and under the radar and others well known dancers. Bank transfer preferred but paypal OK if fees are covered. Post & packing is £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class (at your own risk) Chuck Jackson. I only get this feeling. ABC.VG++ £15 The Girls. The hurts still here. Memphis. Ex £15 SOLD Lou Rawls Time will take care of everything. PIR Demo. Ex £15 (His one of the moment and get it now!) Walter Jackson. Touching in the dark. Kelli-Arts-Records. Ex £15 (Yep it's only £15) Unknown Artist. It's The joint. Jobete Acetate. VG+ £15 SOLD (Cool instrumental. I pitch it up and it's a great 70s dancer. Rare!!) William Bell. Man in the street. Stax. Ex £15 (Can't tell you how good this Xover sound is, magic) Bill Coday. When you find a fool bump his head. Galaxy. Ex £10~ (Belter) Patti Hendrix. We can't make it. Hilltak Records. VG++ £10 (Northern meets 70s and what a dancer) Joe Simon. Long Hot Summer. Sound Stage 7. Ex £10 (must be one of his best??) Lee Dorsey. Wonder Woman. Amy Records. Ex £10 (Alert buy this now!!) Melvin Davis. FAITH. Mala. Ex £10 (Great Xover) Earl Gains. It's worth anything. HBR. VG £5 (plays just fine for DJing) Robert John. If you don't want my love. Columbia. Ex £5 Ted Taylor. Stick by me. Alarm. Ex £5 That's it and thanks for looking.
  11. Some great 70s tarcks here. Bank transfer preferred but will take paypal if fees are covered. POsta & packing is £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class. (at your own risk) The Tymes. Only Your Love RCA Ex £10 Lou Rawls. Breaking My Back. Capitol. Ex £10 (sought after track) Martha Reeves. Thank you. VG++ £10 ON HOLD (This is hard to find) Arthur Prysock. All I need is you tonight. Old Town. VG++ £10 (It is cheap at this price) Roni Hill. I wouldn't give you up. UK Creole. Ex £10 Tavares. The judgement Day. Capitol WOL VG+ £10 (A definite floorfiller) The Commodores. Don't You be worried. Mowest. Ex £10 (try this it is great) The Fatastic Johnny C. Don't depend on me/"waitin for the rain. Phil La of Soul. Ex £10 David Ruffin. Each Day is Laifetime. Motown. Ex £10 Sister Sledge. Love don't you go through no changes. UK Atlantic 74 Ex £10 Major Lance. Come on have yourself a good time. Columbia. Ex £5 (this is brilliant) Aretha Franklin. Integrity. Arista. Ex £5 Lou Rawls. Groovey People. PIP Ex £5 Alton McClain & Destiny. It Must Be Love. Polydor Ex £3 O C Smith. Just Couldn't Help Myself. Caribou Records VG+ NOC £3 Gen Reading. This Heart. Haven. slight warp. Haven Records. VG+ £3
  12. Some great records here. Make a great DJ set all of them. Post and packing is £2.70 recorded or £1.70 first class (At your own risk) Bank transfer preferred but will do paypal if fees are paid. JIMMY BURNS. GIVE HER TO ME. TIP TOP RECORDS. Ex 35 SOLD (So right for today and getting plays) HAZEL MARTIN. OUT OF MY LIFE. MARCO. Ex £35 SOLD (Yes this goes for a lot lot more and it's brilliant) ARLENE BELL. MY LOVER. VELVET RECORDS. Ex £20 (Another winner, so atmospheric) THE DRIFTERS. IF YOU DONT COME BACK. ATLANTIC DEMO. Ex £20 SOLD (Well know and it's a demo cheap so grab it) DOUG PARKINSON. SOON AS YOUR THING IS DONE. SSR. Ex £30 SOLD (Went for £100 a few years back on manny's auction, rarely turns up) JAMES DUNCAN. MONEY CANT' BUY TRUE LOVE. FEDERAL DJ COPY. Ex £30 (Got to be one that will come out of the shadows, when it does ££££££) BILL BRANDON. FULL GROWN LOVIN MAN. SOUTH CAMP. Ex £25 SOLD (This is brilliant R&B from Mr Brandon) BULL AND THE MATADORS. IF YOU DECIDE. TODLIN TOWN. Ex £20 SOLD (Floor Filler!!!!!!) GEE GEE SHINN. COME ON OVER. La Louisanne RECORDS. Ex £20 (Watch this one rise in value) GWEN McRAE. LEAD ME ON. COLUMBIA DEMO. VG++ £20 (Just brilliant and atmospheric) THE CHARMAINES. THE ONE FOR ME. RED LEAF. £50 (NOW, The label is perfect but the vinyl has had contact with nail polish remover. it plays for 45 secs or so with a fizz as the needle passes through then plays fine before meeting the problem again for 40 secs or so at the end. You buy this one as seen, but it does play through. Tip, a dealer told me to keep playing it again and again so the needle re-grooves it. I don't know but it's a £500+ record.
  13. Trying to clear some space so a few more here at tenner each. Bank transfer preferred but if you pay the fees paypal will be fine. Postage is £1.70 first class and £2.50 for recorded. Lloyd Price. OH Lady Luck. Monument.(No grade on this as it's cracked and taped. Looks and plays great) SOLD Carter Brothers. She's so fine, so glad she's mine. Jewel. VG+ SOLD James Brown. Don't Be A Drop Out. King. VG+ A corker! Earl Gains. It's Worth Anything. HBC VG Plays fine and great. Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris. Love Lots Of Lovin. UK Buffalo. Ex Cheap believe me. SOLD Margie Hendrix. I Call You Lover. But You Aint Nothing But A Tramp. Mercury. VG+ WOW! ON HOLD Ray Charles Something Inside Me. ABC Ex SOLD Keith & Billie. Tastes Sour Don't It. UK Piccadilly. Rare room sound that will have it's day SOLD Baby Washington. Hey Lonely One. Sue Ex Yes a tenner!!!! SOLD Clarence and Calvin. I Like It Duke Demo Ex. A tip for this one. SOLD Bill Coday. When You Find A Fool Bump His Head. Galaxy Ex Another great dancer. The Commands. Hey It's Love/No Time For You. Backbeat. G+ Both sides fine for DJing ON HOLD Garnet Mimms. Somebody Someplace. GSF Ex Brilliant buy this! Joe Simon. I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin. Sound Stage 7. Ex Yes a tenner!!! SOLD Joe Simon. Long Hot Summer. Sound Stage 7. Ex. If this was rare then £££££££ Bobby Powel. Do Something For Yourself. Whit Ex. Again if it were rare £££££ Thanks for looking.
  14. Some real nice dance floor toons. Post and Packing is £1.70 UK overseas at cost. Bank transfer preferred but if you pay the paypal fees and that will be OK. All a tenner unless stated. Buddy Ace. Hold On. Duke Demo. Ex Bobby Bland. Getting Used To The Blues. Duke. VG++ The Del-Phis. I'll Let You Know. Check-Mate. G+ (Plays fine for DJing) SOLD Ricky Allen. It's A Mess I Tell you. Bright Star. Ex SOLD Arthur Conley. Hand In Glove. Atlantic Italian. Slight Warp plays fine. Four Tops. Something About You. Motown. EX Jimmy Ruffin. Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got. Tamla Motown. VG+ Shorty Long. Function At The Junction. Soul. VG++ Martha & The Vandellas. One Wat Out. Gordy. Ex (Brilliant dancer) Tony Jackson. Cause My Baby. AZ Disc. Ex (This is getting plays but it now) SOLD Lee Andrews & The Hearts. Can't Do Without You. Lost Night. Ex (Great Northern) SOLD The Five Stairsteps & Cubie. Stay Close To Me. Buddah. VG+ Label Tear. £5 SOLD Johnny Johnson. Honey Bee. EMI Ex £2 ON HOLD
  15. Some nice records for that cooler DJ spot. Post & packing is £2.75 recorded or £1.50 First Class (At your own risk) Bank transfer preferred or paypal if you cover the fees. Major Lance. Don't You Know I Love You. Contempo. Ex £15 Tata Vega. I Need You Now. Tamla Ex £15 HOLD (This is brilliant) Patti Hendrix. We Can't Make It. Hilltack. VG++ £10 Valarie & Nick. I'LL Find You. Glover. XOL VG++ £25 William Bell. The Man In The Street. Stax. VG++ £15 Hazel Martin. Out Of My Life. Marco. Ex £35 Jimmy Burns. Give Her To Me/Powerful Love. Tip Top. VG++ £40 Gwen McCrea. Lead Me On. Columbia Demo. VG++ £15 Ann Sexton. Your Losing Me. 77 Records. Ex £10 Ann Sexton. It's All Over But The Shouting. 77 Records. Ex £10 HOLD Arlene Bell. My Lover. Velvet. Ex £25 All should be on youtube Thanks for looking.