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  1. no times mark
  2. 79p uk 45 and £1.30 for a Jamaican pre release late 7ts
  3. wasn't it the soulful two fi ya dance that got more plays at totw...and not the Romeo's
  4. its all gone fluffy! Sign me up for a culture course I'm dead working class !
  5. what is media and cultural research?
  6. have a mint condition one here pm if interested
  7. happy birthday XXX
  8. obviously you don't understand and don't listen so why waste time discussing it on here !
  9. you can safely say that there are two different scenes! And one lot just don't want anything different stuck in a time warp
  10. how does the dj know what records people will dance too ? I've played late Wigan records that were floor fillers to an empty floor! That is why popular DJs play the same old same..luckily there are venues that still have the same ethos as what got me into the scene! Id say a big percentage of people these days are not interested in anything different
  11. issue very rare..seen demos for sale most weeks
  12. have a look at pro-ject the website has different types of decks..mine was a basic model but good quality and have had it over 15 years
  13. pro ject..look on the website..quality decks.
  14. just saying..there's more than two chosen few groups ?
  15. don't get me going on females wearing blokes hats...