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  1. "MY HOME" - BIG APPLE BRASS(J.R.Bailey) - ROYAL FLUSH D.J. Original 45rpm. Mint- condition. £30. Postage to UK is £2.80p recorded delivery.
  2. The light blue demo is a bit rarer than the blue issue. Always thought it sounded great in Wigan Casino. I think it got pressed on a light blue Verve around that time!
  3. Wow, proper Northern Soul! They were so lucky at that time, having most of those great records as 60's newies! I had to wait until Wigan to hear them! Thanks for posting it up.
  4. I have been looking at my Warner bros white demo of The Voice Box "I Want It Back Your love". The flip side has two printed stars on the white label and the out side edge is sharp. This is a definate original.
  5. I would have thought the sharp outside edge indicates an original. All the original vinyl W/Bros records I have seen, have a sharp outside edge. This only applies to the vinyl copies. The styrene copies have a dull edge.
  6. Great article. Good to get some hard facts and Neil Rushton's involment in getting it played on the Nothern scene. Good photo of Charles Pennywell. You mention that The Sunlovers "My Poor Heart" came out on Mutt and Jeff in June 1967. It also came out on Breakthrough. Do you know which is the first label? I have had both, and the Mutt & Jeff record seems older.
  7. It was recut and remarketed in the 1970's for the USA public on the blue label, so it's a original of that release. The Red label, better version, from the 1960's for the USA public, is a original of that release. If either were repressed for a specialist market like Northern Soul, they are not original, just retro represses.
  8. You might already know, but Guy Hennigan used to play the Instrumental of this record as a C/U. in his DJ spots. Little Floridy - Castle's Royal Band - Castle
  9. Is this plum coloured Boogaloo by The Ideals or The Mighty Lovers?
  10. Somebody told me Pat Brady recently got about £700 for Drake and the En-solids in his auction!
  11. Great set of records!
  12. An old mate of mine bought it in Wigan Casino record bar for £1.50! Great double sider!
  13. They were rough on my records! The paper they are made of is coarse. I found that if I held my records to a light, I could see very fine scuff marks across the records where I pulled the record in and out of the sleeve!
  14. A few more old Soul Bowl lists, with what seems amazing prices these days! They were about the going rates at the time, but that was the 1970's.
  15. So the person who bought the Patrinell Staten for $260 on ebay, could have got the full set of 10 singles for $41 + shipping!!!