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  1. I know it's rarer with the spoken intro but I have always prefered it without. I remember the spoken intro version being played at the Casino. Too much talking when I wanted to dance!!
  2. It's not an original Thelma, because the Thelma Record Company finished in the 1960's. I think it could be a legal special pressing from an old recording, but it's no kind of original Thelma record! For DJing it's ok to play, because there is no original.
  3. It was not released in the 60's for the USA market, when it was recorded, so there is no original release of it!
  4. Willie Kendrick!
  5. I think the whole song is great, not just the intro! Good old Horace Ott strikes again!
  6. I remember it getting plays in the 90's at the Ritz Allnighters in Manchester.
  7. I should of spent a lot more money on the Soul Bowl lists in the 70's instead of wasting it on other things!
  8. I got some great USA originals from Yanks. Prices from 35p up to £1. Things that go for decent prices now! Did not much care for the older American guy in there though! He seemed abrupt and short tempered!
  9. So did that Global premises come to be called "Yanks"?
  10. The internet has ruined the Northern Soul scene! There used to be big allnighters so if you wanted to keep up/ learn new Northern Soul monster records, that's where you had to go! Now you can sit in your armchair and learn it all. No need to travel and support allnighters where the big DJ's would be. You can buy all the lookalike records on the internet, be the D.J. and advertise your local soul night on the internet. Result:- Hundreds of soul nights. No central progressive allnighter, where everyone needs to go to be part of the Northern Soul Scene!
  11. I know it's tempting to get a record label signed by the artist as it personalises it. But remember you are also defacing a piece of history!
  12. "Price Of Love" - The Artistics - Brunswick. Original in Ex condition. £10 plus £1.80 UK Post and pack. Another version of the Marshall and the Chi-lites tune. Great dancer!
  13. "DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME" - GEORGIA PROPHETS - CAPRICORN W/Demo Anyone any idea what price this record goes for?
  14. "MY HOME" - BIG APPLE BRASS(J.R.Bailey) - ROYAL FLUSH D.J. Original 45rpm. Mint- condition. £30. Postage to UK is £2.80p recorded delivery.
  15. The light blue demo is a bit rarer than the blue issue. Always thought it sounded great in Wigan Casino. I think it got pressed on a light blue Verve around that time!