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Soul Source Classifieds

Classifieds feature - long term sales
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    How Do I Get Further Help, Advice Or Support?

    How Do I Get Further Help, Advice Or Support? The best support options are use the support forum for any general questions or advice use the  Flag this listing link for concerns or questions or requests regarding a Sales item (see other faq) use the contact us link at only if none of the above are suitable Link to the support forum is http://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/forum/41-support/
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    How Do I Report/Flag An Item?

    How Do I Report/Flag An Item? If you have any concerns or queries on any  item, then please use the  Flag this listing feature. (The link is at the bottom of every sales item) This will open up a form which will allow you to contact the moderation team asp
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    How do I add a new classified advert - Step 1

    Easy   On A Pc Make sure logged in  Look at image below   1. hit the 'add+' link then hit the 'Post Classified Advert' option A new window opens Step 1 complete! free and easy   On A mobile phone 1. Hit the hamburger menu (top right of screen) The below will show   2. Hit 'CLASSIFIEDS'     3. Hit 'Submit an Advert'   A new window opens Step 1 complete! free and easy!   onto step 2!    
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    How do I add a new classified advert - Step 2

    After following step 1 - you should now be on this page ... Just follow the below for the fast add. 1. TYPE OF ADVERT - FOR SALE - Automatically selected 2. ITEM CONDITION - NEW OR USED - Select one 3. PACKAGES AVAILABLE - FREE 2 YEAR LISTING - Packages Available 4. ADVERT IMAGES - Feature works as per rest of site. Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png You may upload a maximum of 10 files 5. ADVERT INFO Title:   Use an "artist - title - label" format for the title - keep it keen and lean please! Please avoid over promotion - no need for price or for over the top 'descriptions or promotion'.Content: Use this field to enter information on item. Also can use for further information such as payments, postage/shipping info if etc neededPrice:  Please enter the item price. Can enter 0 if you wish to attract offers!Location:  Can enter your physical location if needed. (May be useful for pickups either by hand or at venues etc)Allow Offers:  Switch this on if wish to allow offers on your 'item'Notify me when questions are made:  Leave on to be notified via pm/email of questions asked Advert Images: Use this field field to upload (or can drag and drop ) your images. Accepted file types gif, jpeg,  jpg, png Additional Information Grading:  Use the fields to indicate the condition of your items. Use the custom grading field for more details if needed. Sound Clips:  Use the Sound Clip field for mp3 clips - short and clipped - played via the onsite mp3 player. Max size of 10mb Youtube Clip:  Use the Youtube field to add Youtube clips. Make sure that you use the youtube clip share url - eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM5IcKfWalM Shipping Enter shipping/postage options   7. CONTACT DETAILS Choose methods of contact - email, skype, phone etc   8 SAVE ADVERT Once happy all you need to do is hit the 'SAVE ADVERT' Button - the system will check all is well and if so will post your sale!   Automatic options: Classifieds makes use of the many various Soul Source features, such as Soul Source members profile info, soulmap info, social media links, feedback feature , reputation, etc  Thats it! A easy 2 step process... Good luck!


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