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Source Sales Features

Sales features on Soul Source
  1. Sales Feature Guidelines

    Welcome to the Soul Source Sales Guidelines, Grading and Best Practices Intro
    The aim of the sales sections is to offer all members a place where they can buy, sell or trade soul related items.

    In order to try and offer all members equal and fair billing of items and to try and ensure that the sections work to the best effect we do have guidelines that all members are expected to read and follow These guidelines are listed in this section of the help/faq feature updated 04 Dec 2018
  2. How to leave feedback - Sales Feature

    A quick word to help both buyers and sellers to get max use of this feature   BUYERS Go to the advert topic from which the item was purchased. At the bottom of the ad you will see along the orange line the link 'FEEDBACK HIT NOW TO LEAVE SALES FEEDBACK!' (see image below)     Clicking on this link will then take you to the feedback page to be completed. Self-explanatory for the most part. The TOPIC section should now be automatically filled if using the 'orange' link   SELLERS Go to either the member's profile page or the FEEDBACK section. Click on the FEEDBACK TAB or ADD FEEDBACK link and follow same procedure as above.   NOTIFICATIONS The site is now set up so that whenever feedback is posted for members they can receive an automatic notification. See link below as to options and instructions on how to set it up. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/361184-sales-feedback-feature-gets-notifications/ Any problems please get in touch with the site via the support forum The more this facility is used the fuller picture members have. ROD
  3. What is the feedback feature?

    What is the feedback feature? The sales feedback feature is an inhouse feature that allows all soul source members to share their sales experience with other members. This application allows members to leave feedback for each other on forum transactions. Members can leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback. Integrates with the sites notification system and also displays  feedback information in member profiles All members using the site sales features are encouraged to use the feedback feature and give members their credit where and when due Feedback feature can be viewed via the link below Members feedback can also be viewed via their profile pages and next to sales posts   https://www.soul-source.co.uk/feedback/
  4. Posting Sales in The Sales Forum - Guidelines

    To keep the sales forum effective (lean and keen) for both sellers and buyers we do ask all members to follow the below guidelines The title should give to other members an indication of just what is on offer - no 'for sale'' or '45s for sale' generic type titles please   Sales posts are limited to two topics per 24 hour period per member (but please note point 5)   No reposting of Sales items within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts   Sales posts selling via external links to other sales sites should be posted in the Ebay and Website Section   No unnecessary splitting of Sales posts where one will do. Formatting and spacing can be used to draw attention to items of special interest.   Members are asked to refrain from removing any details from the Sales posts after selling [or obtaining a want]. You can use the 'show 'SOLD' feature but please leave the post intact, as the information therein contributes to a ever evolving database that all can refer to when looking up current prices, availability etc. Plus ... if there are any later issues/disputes or such regarding the sales process it will be hard to deal with if there is no record of the sale details.   We do have a long running sales policy of no illegal items (such as current bootlegs) This includes all media formats and types - see other help post for further info   Draft version added/edited 29 Sept 2020
  5. Action On Duplicate Posts

    Duplicate Posts If you find that you have posted duplicate posts please use the 'flag this post' feature to inform the site team that you have posted such posts. Use of the flag feature will inform all site team members asp  the 'flag this post' feature shows in the top right corner of every post to members
  6. Site Record Grading System Plus Common Abbreviations

    Site Record Grading System Plus Common Abbreviations M- As good as it gets, practically an untouched record that plays as if it were brand new store stock VG++The odd barely discernible surface mark or minor blemish, nothing that will affect play in any way. VG+ A few more marks or light scuffs than a VG++ record but still sounds fine for listening and/or DJing. No scratches.Light surface wear. A used but far from abused copy. VG Scuffs and light scratches throughout, most can't be felt. Expect some surface wear throughout the record with light surface noise and possibly a few pops in places. Should still serve as a suitable player copy for listening & DJing. VG- The record may have some scratches that will be deep enough to feel. Audible clicks and pops are likely consistent throughout the grooves.Expect noticeable noise throughout, NO SKIPS though. G A record that has been played and not taken care of. Constant background noise will be present. NO SKIPS but such records are the lowest grade likely to still serve as a cheap filler copy for those in need In addition it is recommended that any label blemishes such as tears, stickers,writing are also listed alongside vinyl condition and where appropriate a play grade is stated if it does not correspond with the visual grade, such as cue burn or styrene hiss. And of course that both sides of the record are taken into consideration.
  7. tips - buyers and sellers - draft

    When posting ads it is suggested that:-

    1. TOPIC TITLE is as specific as possible. For example, "A Few Sales" does not give a flavour of the ad attached. This is easily done by including a few titles in the Topic box or adding a small description such as 70's, R&B, modern etc

    2. Records for sale are graded or at least an overall grade is given for the entire batch. A site recommended grading system is available further down this page If members so wish they can use this system and mark their ad "graded as per site guidelines"

    3. Details of artist,title and label are clear and accurate particularly where there may be doubt as to second pressings or boots. Where records have been altered so that original format is not immediately apparent this should be stated. Examples of such would be overlaying original labels on boots/re-issues or adding any detail not included previously such as A for promo copy.

    4. Postage costs are stated and whether special postage rates are preferred when shipping overseas or within the UK. Hopefully this will be some protection for the seller if the buyer claims such services were not available in the event of a dispute.

    5. The location of the records for sale is clearly stated, particularly those originating from outside the UK.

    6. Although this site is hopefully a safe environment for all parties involved it is strongly recommended that buyers are aware of the sellers' refund policy and that sellers state their refund policy to avoid unnecessary disputes. Time limits for returning faulty goods where appropriate.

    7. It is also suggested that sellers state their policy as to reserving records. For instance giving a time limit after which it will be assumed that the buyer is no longer interested. Buyers are requested not to reserve records that they do not fully intend to buy or if a change of mind occurs to notify the seller at the earliest opportunity.

    8. It's also recommended that the Feedback system is utilised more and that buyers do check out profiles and previous sales where the seller is perhaps not that well known on here.

    9. Where Paypal is used it may be a good idea for members to be aware of any drawbacks in using the "Gift" system, particularly concerning the lack of protection available should a dispute arise. If agreeing to use this method it is advised that Paypal payments are via a credit card which will give members some protection through their credit card company. More secure would be not to use Gift/Friends and Family but to inform seller that fees at 3-4% have been added to total cost.

    10. Where members feel they have to comment on price or description it may be better to open a new topic in LAYB rather than personalise any issues. And sellers can always lock the ad to prevent any comments appearing which may derail the ad.
  8. Commenting On Sale Forum Posts

    Please do not comment on the merits/prices etc of Sale Forum items (eg the actual record for sale). As this can have a negative affect on both the sale and also affect the listings of other items for sales You can use the 'Look At Your Box' Forum for discussion on the merits, value etc of any 45, just start up a new topic The only comments acceptable in the Sales Forum are ones related to the actual sale of the item Comments in the Wants Forum are less restricted due to the nature of the forum  Ideally the finer details of the deal should be done via the site PM (personal message) system
  9. Seller Info/Intros

    It is highly recommended that new members post a personal introduction in the freebasing section before listing an ad. Buyers would feel more comfortable in responding to sales ads where the identity of the seller is known. Existing members are advised to proceed with all due caution before entering into any transactions should personal information be lacking.
  10. Sales Disputes

    Disputes The site considers all sales between members as private matters and it is up to the members involved to amicably resolve any issues. The site cannot act as final arbiter in disputes but can only suggest resolutions. There is always the Flag This Post featureshould you wish to bring it to the attention of the site in the event that there are fears of fraudulent dealings. Actions Sanctions available to the site in the event of ignoring warnings or persistent rule breaking can include removing adverts and if felt needed withdrawal of use of site features as per site terms of use All normal soul source site terms of use do apply as always   
  11. Concerns with Forum posts/items/members

    If have concerns with any aspects of any sale or the forum then please use the flag feature Use of the flag feature will inform all site team members asp of your concerns the 'flag this post' feature shows in the top right corner of every post to members  
  12. Posting Wants In The Wants Forum - Guidelines

    Posting Wants In The Wants Forum - Guidelines To keep the Wants forum effective (lean and keen) for both sellers and buyers we do ask all members to follow the below guidelines   The title should give to other members an indication of just what is your 'Want' - no generic type titles please. The title of your want post will appear in many places (both on soul source and other sites) - so for best exposure make max use of the title   Wants posts are limited to two per day per member (but please note point 4)   No reposting of Wants within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts - this includes bumping!   Use just the one post for various wants   If possible give an acceptable price range    If sorted or no longer a want then please post or edit that your 'want' is now sorted.   Where replies are received via PM (site personal message feature) please contact all members who have taken the time to respond. Use an interim reply if awaiting further offers to compare prices or to decline the offer. Negative Feedback may follow if no replies are made.   If you do not want public comments on your 'want'  then lock the topic and ask for all responses to be via PM (site personal message feature) draft: 24 Jan 2018  
  13. duplicate will be removed

    duplicate post - will be removed please see Posting Sales in The Sales Forum - Guidelines item via the below  
  14. No trading of recent bootleg/pirated or illegal material

    We do have a long running policy... No recent bootleg/pirated or illegal material may be sold via the Soul Source forums This policy includes requests, swaps and all trading in such items Any such posts will be removed once aware, if not sure just simply ask thanks   Other sites such as discogs may be of use as a reference if needed    
  15. Posting in Ebay and Website Sales Forum

    All members are requested to limit their ebay sale advert posts in the  Ebay and Website Sales Forum forum to a simple 'announce and ending' eg one post when first listing sales on ebay and if needed one comment when ending In theory that will allow you to inform other members of your sales without having a negative effect on other members sales
  16. Posting Lists - No Attachments/Files please

    If posting sales lists please post them up in text format as part of the sales post not as an attachment/file Non-members cannot download files/attachments so they will not be able to read your list if posted as a file

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