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Posting Sales in The Sales Forum - Guidelines

To keep the sales forum effective (lean and keen) for both sellers and buyers we do ask all members to follow the below guidelines

  1. The title should give to other members an indication of just what is on offer - no 'for sale'' or '45s for sale' generic type titles please
  2. Sales posts are limited to two topics per 24 hour period per member (but please note point 5)
  3. No reposting of Sales items within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts
  4. Sales posts selling via external links to other sales sites should be posted in the Ebay and Website Section
  5. No unnecessary splitting of Sales posts where one will do. Formatting and spacing can be used to draw attention to items of special interest.
  6. Members are asked to refrain from removing any details from the Sales posts after selling [or obtaining a want]. You can use the 'show 'SOLD' feature but please leave the post intact, as the information therein contributes to a ever evolving database that all can refer to when looking up current prices, availability etc.
    Plus ... if there are any later issues/disputes or such regarding the sales process it will be hard to deal with if there is no record of the sale details.
  7. We do have a long running sales policy of no illegal items (such as current bootlegs) This includes all media formats and types - see other help post for further info


Draft version added/edited 29 Sept 2020

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