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Posting Wants In The Wants Forum - Guidelines

Posting Wants In The Wants Forum - Guidelines

To keep the Wants forum effective (lean and keen) for both sellers and buyers we do ask all members to follow the below guidelines

  1. The title should give to other members an indication of just what is your 'Want' - no generic type titles please.
    The title of your want post will appear in many places (both on soul source and other sites) - so for best exposure make max use of the title
  2. Wants posts are limited to two per day per member (but please note point 4)
  3. No reposting of Wants within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts - this includes bumping!
  4. Use just the one post for various wants
  5. If possible give an acceptable price range 
  6. If sorted or no longer a want then please post or edit that your 'want' is now sorted.
  7. Where replies are received via PM (site personal message feature) please contact all members who have taken the time to respond.
    Use an interim reply if awaiting further offers to compare prices or to decline the offer. Negative Feedback may follow if no replies are made.
  8. If you do not want public comments on your 'want'  then lock the topic and ask for all responses to be via PM (site personal message feature)

draft: 24 Jan 2018


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