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tips - buyers and sellers - draft

When posting ads it is suggested that:-

1. TOPIC TITLE is as specific as possible. For example, "A Few Sales" does not give a flavour of the ad attached. This is easily done by including a few titles in the Topic box or adding a small description such as 70's, R&B, modern etc

2. Records for sale are graded or at least an overall grade is given for the entire batch. A site recommended grading system is available further down this page

If members so wish they can use this system and mark their ad "graded as per site guidelines"

3. Details of artist,title and label are clear and accurate particularly where there may be doubt as to second pressings or boots. Where records have been altered so that original format is not immediately apparent this should be stated. Examples of such would be overlaying original labels on boots/re-issues or adding any detail not included previously such as A for promo copy.

4. Postage costs are stated and whether special postage rates are preferred when shipping overseas or within the UK. Hopefully this will be some protection for the seller if the buyer claims such services were not available in the event of a dispute.

5. The location of the records for sale is clearly stated, particularly those originating from outside the UK.

6. Although this site is hopefully a safe environment for all parties involved it is strongly recommended that buyers are aware of the sellers' refund policy and that sellers state their refund policy to avoid unnecessary disputes. Time limits for returning faulty goods where appropriate.

7. It is also suggested that sellers state their policy as to reserving records. For instance giving a time limit after which it will be assumed that the buyer is no longer interested. Buyers are requested not to reserve records that they do not fully intend to buy or if a change of mind occurs to notify the seller at the earliest opportunity.

8. It's also recommended that the Feedback system is utilised more and that buyers do check out profiles and previous sales where the seller is perhaps not that well known on here.

9. Where Paypal is used it may be a good idea for members to be aware of any drawbacks in using the "Gift" system, particularly concerning the lack of protection available should a dispute arise. If agreeing to use this method it is advised that Paypal payments are via a credit card which will give members some protection through their credit card company. More secure would be not to use Gift/Friends and Family but to inform seller that fees at 3-4% have been added to total cost.

10. Where members feel they have to comment on price or description it may be better to open a new topic in LAYB rather than personalise any issues. And sellers can always lock the ad to prevent any comments appearing which may derail the ad.

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