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    As you may be aware Soul Source has a long running active and popular front page soul news and articles feature, that has been set up to pass on word of soul and beyond music related news and articles How to submit news... To pass on news all you have to do is use the 'contact us' that shows at the bottom of every page. This will then pass on your news to the site news/articles team https://www.soul-source.co.uk/contact/   News Guidelines News content really needs to be worthwhile, informative and enjoyable and fits in with what the thrust of what Soul Source is about Reviews/lookbacks - worthwhile unique reviews on releases be it vinyl, cd, dvds etc and event lookbacks are more than welcome Timing/Approval - the timing and approval of any publication will depend on factors such as other items and other news, availability of site team, balance and so on Event related news There are many events every weekend and while understand that people are passionate about their events , unfortunately we can not feature every item of event news as if we did it will quickly swamp this feature We may feature news on major national events such as weekenders and major nights/allnighters and then only news on events which are one offs eg special one off events, annual events, closures or launches etc Regular national events are welcome to submit news but to try and ensure fair coverage ask that observe a once every 9-12 months round up type post following the above guidelines Articles relating to Events  will be closed for comments after approximately a week or so. Any further comments or information about these events will then need to be added via the Event listing in the Event Guide above originally posted as a news article here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/news-soul/soul-music-news-feature-r3611/   End word The idea is to provide a news feature where members can read and share worthwhile/informative soul music related news.    

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