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The Weavers Of Dreams 
Weavers Of Dreams / We Could Be A Giant 
SDE 55
Super Disco Edits - Carousel Concepts 
Release Date :  March 2021  
The latest release from Super Disco Edits label from The Weavers Of Dreams joins our line up here at the Source store.
Members of The Weavers of Dreams were some of the best Madison had to offer. Algie Hough-Guitar, Clyde Stubblefield-Drums, David Davenport-Bass, Phillip Kelman-Flute, Keys, Production, Jackie Allen-Vocals, Willie May-Vocals. The songwriting and music the collective musicians were making was of the highest order. With this in mind Al made several flights to New York around 1980 searching for a recording contract. Eventually getting a small deal with Carousel Concepts owner David Ward. To this day Al doesn’t really know what happened with the deal. Or how many were actually pressed. In this all too familiar story of long lost hopes and dreams Super Disco Edits are very proud to bring you The Weaver of Dreams.

Listen: Weaver Of Dreams

Listen: We Could Be A Giant