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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 30 years after recording, Ady Croasdell unleashed the unreleased masters of RCA upon the famed 100 Club dance floor. Amongst them Kenny's What's That On Your Finger. 2020 sees the complete 22 tracks Kenny laid down in those sessions finally released. View full article
  2. The summer of 1996 was a great time for lovers of Northern/Rare Soul for it was the time when Ady Croasdell unleashed the unreleased RCA masters on the basement dancefloor of the famed 100 Club, the home of the countries longest running Northern/Rare Soul all-nighter club, now in its 42nd year. Amongst these tracks was Kenny Carter’s original take of “What’s That On Your Finger”. Already known for the RCA 45 by Willie Kendrick. Kenny’s take a totally different arrangement, smoother more soulful with Kenny pleading for the hand of his ex because he’s been lonely without her only to see a
  3. Weekend View Jun 2003 100 Club and This Thing Of Ours A rushed view on weekend, 8.10am on a Saturday and got out of door only 10 mins late, picked up Ritchie and Ann, no sign of Dick John ( found out later hadnt finished Friday nite off yet) and set off. Was going to be a special one, the alldayer "This Thing Of Ours" due to the recent sad news, being a "Celebration of Randys Life and Music" and along with the 100 Club being on after as well it was one of those must gos. As Ritchie was making a return to scene of some of his past going ons, involving tales of vinyl, shoeshops and all-sort
  4. 100 Club Allnighter 2 x 30 minute clips from a 100 Club Allnighter which featured These Old Shoes crew Jo Wallace, Martin T and Paul tp as guest djs two parts see the link above for part 2
  5. The Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article just up. The title 'The Art of Ian Clark' should have you already right clicking and opening in a new window, but if you are still here and not convinced here's a brief preview of what you be getting.. A Soothing ‘Slow Moody Black n Bluesy’ Art Direction by Ian Clark Image taken at a Reggae night in West Ealing sourced from Pictorial Press, Described by Ady Croasdell as ‘The Mona Lisa of Soul Music’ Due to the stare of the young lady in pic. The Kent section did not resemble your average soul reissues,
  6. 4am at the Legendary All Nighter on Oxford Street, London,W1 . Tracks featured are Cressa Watson & Rhonda Davis
  7. The 100 Club is back! I hope I am putting this into the right place, my first thoughts where to add to the look backs section but in the light of the 100 Club thread some time ago with Ady having concerns at numbers dropping and the real fear of the club closing down, I thought it appropriate to let people know what it's the real state of play as far as this wonderful and very important club. We got a car full from the South Yorkshire Soul Searchers, great way to split the fuel costs and company is always good on a long journey from Sheffield to the Smoke. We arrived, found free
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club View full article
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It was a pilgrimage ! Down to worship our religion at the 32nd Anniversary of the 100 Club allnighters. On board we had Gospel Bob, Dave the Bishop Of Banbury, the Reverend Rimmer, Sister Sharon the dancing Nun, and Verger John. . View full article
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Review continued with Keith Moneys Playlist 1st Set 1 Soul Incorporated "My Proposal" 2 Ree Flores "Look into My Heart" 3 Chris Bartley "My Heart Still Belongs To You" 4 T.S.U. Toronadoes "A Thousand Wonders" 5 Imperial C`s "Someone... View full article
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Posted up originally in the forum - if you havent read it yet - just do it now! . Its review time again! Hope you can get through it..... It was Roy Castle who reminded us that Dedication was what you need. Dean Parrish that it was Determinat... View full article
  12. As said a fair few good sets were pushed out last weekend at the 100 Good to say Mick H took time to pass on his plays, dont forget his Union Club event is on this Friday with guest Guy H amongst others: Here you go: set one johnny honnycutt im coming on over -triode the videls-aint gonna do you no good- capricorn johnny rogers-make a change -amon cautions-no other way- shrine appointments-i saw you there- de-lite damon fox-packen up - fairmount youngbrothers -whats your game- soulpower anthony &delsonics -everytime-emerge devotions -do do da da -nation nurons -all of my life - nu-ron s
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Weekend View Jun 2003 100 Club and This Thing Of Ours View full article
  14. mojo mag has the below news A place for live music since 1942, last September's announcement that West End rock'n'roll omphalos the 100 Club was closing was grave indeed. And in December, it seemed the game really was up when a public campaign to buy it fell short of the £500,000 required. Even pleas by Macca, Mick Jagger and Beady Eye fell on deaf ears. But the Converse shoe company - which, it should be remembered, has made special edition plimsolls featuring The Ramones, AC/DC, The Clash and Nirvana - has stepped up to keep it open, meaning that stretching ahead once more is a ful
  15. Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters 100 Club London 2018
  16. 100 club northern soul 1989 up in ten parts - use the links under the video for all
  17. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Music video just added to our in house soul video feature .... Name: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters Category: Events Live Date Added: 18/09/19 Submitter: Mike Video Description: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters 100 Club London 2018 watch now... PLAY VIDEO: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature
  18. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Saturday night in Old London Town made me realise just how special this small 4,000 sqft odd of the capitol city really is. View full article
  19. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Yet another great nite in London, 100 club niter was the place, regular crew were on (apart from Shifty) and with guests being Dave Rimmer and Russ Vickers, just knew it was going to View full article
  20. THE 100 CLUB….. 40 YEARS ON The 100 club allnighter celebrates its 40th anniversary in September, which makes it, by some distance, the longest running allnighter. In the greater scheme of things Northern, this is a unique milestone and for many of the northern soul fraternity, the allnighter has a legendary & iconic status, for some, go further, and see it as a national treasure! For those that have not ever visited, it’s situated in London’s famous Oxford street and is a compact, no frills basement club with a capacity of 350. It could be described as grubby, quirky, dark an
  21. --------------------------100 Club Last Nite-------------------------------- Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club. Wasn't that sure what it would be like Got into town early had a nice Sheppard's Pie made by the fair hands of Butch and then in the car for a quick nip down from north London to the club. Had Malayka and Raphi Gruenig in the car with me, was Raphi's first visit. Arrived, no queue, but Butch tells me that does happen any more, bit phased by the marble lined entrance, but as soon as I descended the stairs it's full glori
  22. At the risk of being accused of being boring (moi?) I must say the 100 Club was excellent last night. Ady had announced that the five resident DJs would be in action together on the same night for the first time. The night was notable for the return of Mick Smith after several months away. I guess Mick is an oldies DJ, hope he doesn't mind me saying that, but to use Pete Smith's expression, he's a thinking man's oldies DJ. He certainly played quite a few records that I didn't know, not that that means anything, what do I know? Towards the end of his third set he played the Magnetics' Count The
  23. Betty Lavette live at London's 100 Club on Oxford Street and some footage of the Yarmouth Motown and Northern Soul Weekender of the same year, Oct 1990. Ian Levine Djing featured mostly.
  24. 6t's northern soul all-nighter at the 100 club
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article just up. View full article

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