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Found 45 results

  1. The Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article just up. The title 'The Art of Ian Clark' should have you already right clicking and opening in a new window, but if you are still here and not convinced here's a brief preview of what you be getting.. A Soothing ‘Slow Moody Black n Bluesy’ Art Direction by Ian Clark Image taken at a Reggae night in West Ealing sourced from Pictorial Press, Described by Ady Croasdell as ‘The Mona Lisa of Soul Music’ Due to the stare of the young lady in pic. The Kent section did not resemble your average soul reissues, gone were the flared trousers of a bygone era – out went the in-house design team, and in came a stylish new school with argyle socks and hi rise trousers. These album sleeves were as fresh as fungus in their day (with exception to Factory records Manchester of course). They were in a world of their own visually, unlike anything else in the racks. They held a moth like attraction for this young soul student, you just felt that passion. Ian Clark was able to draw on his large collection of found images/typefaces sourced in junk shops and dusty markets and travels, this was such an important factor back then. The original intentions were to emulate original soul graphics from old records Like Imperial or King however a new rawer visual language soon mutated. The first Kent album I owned was ‘Club Soul’, the cover art was a huge decider, ‘Club Soul’ had a Colin McInnis ‘Absolute Beginners’ vibe to it, like a lot of Val Wilmer’s photography. This was a subtle homage to early modernist and all-nighter roots in the heart of the Capitol. I always liked the fact that Kent acknowledged the mod foundations of soul culture that was noted “The casino winners, that picture came from a guy I worked with at college in Surrey when I ran their graphics unit, he went to Las Vegas came back with some pictures and he said “have you seen these they’re quite nice” I thought Bloody ’ell.” Ian Clark on Winner Takes all LP Many artists would keep alphabetically filed picture libraries gathered from magazines – images like Atomic Explosions/Apples etc. This also involved filtering through vast archives of imagery like you would record diggin’. This was roots visual sampling – more fun than Google any day. above preview source credit Mark Wallace and ukvibe.org get brew, right click now. http://ukvibe.org/visual_world/the-art-of-ian-clark/
  2. Just about a week left on this kickstarter project... One Hundred Nights at the 100 Club Book 'What we are creating is a high-quality coffee table photography book. It is the first of its kind – a photographic record celebrating Oxford Street's 100 Club and the place it has in the hearts and minds of generations of music fans all over the world' Blurb The idea of this book started life, like a lot of things, down the pub. We were four mates and regular gig goers, moaning about the prospect of yet another music venue being forced to close. And then it came to us. Two of us - Darren Russell and Kingsley Davis are regular photographers at the 100 Club. Stephen Dowling is a music writer, and Neil Pond is a publishing project manager. That meant we had an archive of photographs taken at London's most iconic venue, spanning four decades, and writing and design experience as well. The 100 Club's 75th anniversary was approaching, so we saw the opportunity to create a high-quality photographic book that would not only celebrate this wonderful venue, but also include the voices of the people who help make the 100 Club what it is. more info/words on it all via https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/575723516/100-nights-at-the-100-club?ref=discovery Video info Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
  3. Betty Lavette live at London's 100 Club on Oxford Street and some footage of the Yarmouth Motown and Northern Soul Weekender of the same year, Oct 1990. Ian Levine Djing featured mostly.
  4. At The Foot Of The Stairs Theres Darkness The mighty 100 Club, saturday night, was fun........... I've regularly descended these stairs for over 30 years and still it's a great place to be. It's oh so easy to take places for granted and then they are suddenly gone. I've done that with many places over the years. But saturday night in Old London Town made me realise just how special this small 4,000 sqft odd of the capitol city really is. Many that go treat it as something special and arrive during the day meeting at many points round the city for pre-nighter shenanigans and in this age of technology the airways are full of texts and PM's of 'We are at ...', Where are you', 'Landed......' etc. So to our little jaunt, we arrive early evening in North London for a little supper with Butch & Naoko at their flat. She had cooked up a Japanese, Spanish fusion that hit the spot. Conversation between Butch & I soon got round to current 45's, old record finding stories and dealers in the U.S. we have both known, trying to identify possible record hunting targets for the future. Then heading out with the drive down through North London, to arrive at a respectable time. When did 20mph zones appear? think I got flashed somewhere around Islington, I mean 20mph, that means driving in second gear!!!. Anyway parking round the back, as we rounded the last corner and coming onto Oxford Street, we see the usual gaggle of people outside smoking furiously. The air is thick with that machine gun fast conversation fuelled by excitement and ....... The door staff are new faces to me, gone are the dependable guys, who used to let you pass with a knowing nod and entry as if a member of a secret society. All a little too brusk in their manner and full of their importance, but hey, they get the job done. Descending those well worn stairs, now masked by the new entrance lobby, 'let the games begin'. Immediately welcomed by familiar faces, Tony Smith, who counts them in and counts them out, like a sentinel on duty. The room is packed to the gunnels, dance floor pulsating in one with the booming sound system. The first pass through the room over to the end wall, where for years high valued pieces of plastic have been traded over, is a slow process. Greetings from familiar faces, shouted welcomes over the sound system, all with that genuine look of being pleased to see you, Eddie Hubbard, Leona & Adi, Soulful Crisï, Jon Buck, Mick Heffernan, and homeboy Leon Brown, the list is a long one, it gives you a feeling of comfort and that 'I'm glad I came'. OK now down to the serious business of talking bollocks, with occasional trips to the dance floor, I am getting older, so need to pace myself. Now this was an anniversary, so not completely typical of current 100 club nights. Early hours entertainment came in the shape of Ady Croasdell, mastermind behind the last 35 years of this club, playing a selection of his new finds from the Kent endeavours and old guard stalwarts Mick Smith and Roger, sadly no room for newer young gun Joel Maslin tonight on the rosta. Both of these played a selection of tried and tested bangers to a happy frenetic dance floor, with whirling dervishes in the shape of Yann Vatise, Ali Wollaston, Malayka and the rare ‘lesser spotted’ James Trouble mastering the floor. They in turn were followed by The Butchmister who unleashed his ‘weapons of mass destruction’ on the room. Energy levels hit maximum, the whole room is suddenly in the grip of ‘Marco Time’ as he bounces round the stage, urging on the whole room with woops, hollers and wolf whistles, at any moment now The Santochi is going to explode. Jax Transit Authority, Sag Warfare, the room is in hyper drive, oh what fun !!! Keith Money then takes to the stage and delivers his dependable set of high quality supa rarities and so these first few hours demonstrates why The 100 Club is special and held its place as the club that it is in the UK for so many years. 60’s, 70’s supa rare, classic bangers, the latest new discoveries, all played in one room, bringing people from all parts of the country together for a manic few hours. No promoters dictating the play list, no punters none tolerant of other peoples musical tastes. Other places have come and gone, had their moment in the limelight, but The 100 Club marches on, fun-bloody-tastic.
  5. mojo mag has the below news A place for live music since 1942, last September's announcement that West End rock'n'roll omphalos the 100 Club was closing was grave indeed. And in December, it seemed the game really was up when a public campaign to buy it fell short of the £500,000 required. Even pleas by Macca, Mick Jagger and Beady Eye fell on deaf ears. But the Converse shoe company - which, it should be remembered, has made special edition plimsolls featuring The Ramones, AC/DC, The Clash and Nirvana - has stepped up to keep it open, meaning that stretching ahead once more is a full programme of rock, jazz, punk and more (Sick On The Bus and Drongos For Europe play a double-header there on Marc full article ... http://www.mojo4musi...y_converse.html
  6. must have took a lot of effort with this mix of venue and track focus which works well 100 Club 35th Anniversary 2014 HARVEY AVERNE DOZEN - "Never Learned To Dance" UPTITE record label 45 or Fania record label album track "The Harvey Averne Dozen" NYC.
  7. 4am at the Legendary All Nighter on Oxford Street, London,W1 . Tracks featured are Cressa Watson & Rhonda Davis
  8. Yet another great nite in London, 100 club niter was the place, regular crew were on (apart from Shifty) and with guests being Dave Rimmer and Russ Vickers, just knew it was going to be a varied nite of soul. Yet again my ears told me that your man Butch is the master, with a cracking second set proving it. Too many highlights to mention though was bowled over with one 45 by Andy Campbell, annouced as deep soul with a beat, missed title but it is quality. Mick Smith pushed out some great sounds, and enjoyed his quality crossover phase. Adey was up to speed, with stuff like nancy wilcox, diplomats and all.Guest wise, the return of Russ Vicker had him showing how to blend 60/70s, with a classy selection of 60s rarities, and some 70s killers. They didnt always crank up the dancefloor but gotta say my ears had a feast, quality soul. Dave Rimmer, you always know what your getting with Dave and thats enjoyment, his spots were spot on. Played a lot of requests, and the way his sets just flow from hard r+b to maniac uptempo to smooth midtempo is as it should be. Crowd wise, well not a packer and not a frantic up for it edge, which to tell truth was thankfull for due to the heat, just a quality nite at a quality event. And best of all my ears had a quality rare soul feast. No one does it better Of course, as always these are just my own rushed thoughts, be great to hear your views on this or other recent events, just hit that submit link and pass them on. Or use the comments link below Here's a brief selection of some of the plays pushed out Russ Vickers kindly passed on his top 3: Blues Groove - I believe in you - Verve Lance Ellis - Taking a chance - Landlord Clarence Carter - Can I make it with you - Future Stars Also threw at us the likes of George Jackson - anthemic -I dont have the time to love you Clarence Townsend - Found a true love, Rocky Roberts - I love my baby - cover , Brown Sugar, Big Daddy Rogers, Little Dooley-If Ever I Needed You, Frankie And Damons-Man From Soul. Plus a few first hear (to me) 60s which sounded like would be killers after a few more hears and a whole heap of classy 70s Dave Rimmer Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding Joanne Courcy - I've Got The Power Gordon Keith - Look Ahead Magnetics - I Have A Girl Della Reese - A Clock That's Got No Hands Patience Valentine - If You Don't Come Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed Boogaloo with Your Baby - Don Gardender to name a few butch/ady/mick s (running outta time so brief) little love affair- patrinell staten, volcanos, sounds of philadelpia instru, andy campbell, bobby rich, unique blend, constellations, true image, johnnie mae matthews,chuck cockherham, sonnotas, gloria scott, 2 x nancy wilcox uniss, archie bell, and lots more stuff, just a selection, as always - lot brain didnt register Weekend Bits Stockport - brief word that this was a winner, even with early shutting seems it was a sell out with that man again Butch doing the stuff Had word that the event at Desboro on saturday was "tremendous" with a great atmosphere,
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The 100 Club.... 40 years on takes and words (and some pics) on the last 40 years of the longest running Allnighter View full article
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Review - 100 Club Saturday by Irish Greg View full article
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 6Ts @ The 100 Club: 12 April 2003 View full article
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It was a pilgrimage ! Down to worship our religion at the 32nd Anniversary of the 100 Club allnighters. On board we had Gospel Bob, Dave the Bishop Of Banbury, the Reverend Rimmer, Sister Sharon the dancing Nun, and Verger John. . View full article
  13. A selection of photos and comments marking the weekends 40 year landmark from Ady c aka @ady croasdell The Spirit of 6TS My favourite shot of 6TS at West Hampstead with the very recently departed Russ "Woofer" Taylor acclaiming all: surrounded by his and our great friends from Market Harborough. It's 40 years since the first night at Henri's in Covent Garden and it should never be forgotten what outrageously enjoyable nights those early evening events were. They formed the mould of great music from exceptional DJs but with fun and friendship being the most important part of the event. If that hadn't have happened it would have been knocked on the head decades ago and the legend that is the 100 Club all-nighters would never have developed. For Russ Randy, Dawn and half of me admiring Randy's caricature of Woofer. Randy was of course my original partner in the 6TS Rhythm 'N' Soul Society and hugely influenced our music policy and style. We remained best friends for his long - but not long enough - colourful life. He was one of the most influential figures in London's rare soul scene that the 6TS helped take off. We'll miss his presence on Saturday. Two of the earliest 6TS DJs who are still at it today. Unfortunately Mick had to have a routine but important operation last weekend so he can't make it tomorrow - despite trying his darnedest. His big shoes will be filled by his oppo Pete Hulat who will fill his set with Mick's classic Northern sounds. Roger on the other hand is in strict DJ training and has promised to make this one a memorable return. I tried for many months to get this legendary 6TS DJ down for the night but yet more bad luck meant just as he was about to agree to return for one last shebang, his partner was booked into hospital for an operation - those hospitals have a lot of work on! Hopefully when things have improved we can tempt him back to his and our spiritual home. Too many people to include them all but here are more influential movers and groovers from the early years. Never forgetting Sylv who was such a large part of the club for so many years Original 6TS DJ Tony Rounce who span the first record at Covent Garden and can still be found beavering away on CD compilations in the office next to me at Ace / Kent And Tony Ellis an original London Northern DJ from before my time in the Smoke and an ever-present in the first few years. Gracing us with his presence tomorrow.
  14. --------------------------100 Club Last Nite-------------------------------- Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club. Wasn't that sure what it would be like Got into town early had a nice Sheppard's Pie made by the fair hands of Butch and then in the car for a quick nip down from north London to the club. Had Malayka and Raphi Gruenig in the car with me, was Raphi's first visit. Arrived, no queue, but Butch tells me that does happen any more, bit phased by the marble lined entrance, but as soon as I descended the stairs it's full glorious shabbiness revealed itself. A fair few in for early doors, still no idea what to expect. But as we hit the bottom of the stairs, there stood Tony Smith on duty where I had left him some 10 years ago, accompanied by Roddie, both with beaming smiles and a slight look of shock at my arrival. Within in 30mins shed loads of old friends revealed themselves out of the reassuring gloom, no disco lights yet for this great club, Adi & Leonaï Karenï James, Eddie Hubbard James Pogsonï Backdoor Kenny, Russ Vickers Ady Pearce and many more. So into full talking bollocks mode, an art form in it's own right here, so much fun. DJ's for the night were Butch, Steve Cato, Billy Wizz, Trickster & Ady Croasdell, which offered an interesting night. The double act of Trickster and Billy didn't disappoint, pure comedy genius along with some nice selections (You had to be there). Steve Cato who was so eager, had his box open 1/2 hour before his set, pulling his usual mix of soulful 60's with a pinch of latin. Ady hit the wheels of steel pulling out his NY & Detroit exclusives and ending his first set with a Bettye Swann classic to rapturous applause. Then Butch and he was on it, gem after gem, including the stunning Vessie Simmons & Major Heartbreaks cover ups. So, don't know what I was so worried about, the old place still looked the same, major talking bollocks still the order of the day, toilets still stink and the dancefloor is still the focal point. Long may it live, won't be so long before I visit again, good on ya Ady Croasdell
  15. 6t's northern soul all-nighter at the 100 club
  16. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Music video just added to our in house soul video feature .... Name: nightlife in london - 100 club Category: Events Live Date Added: 18/09/19 Submitter: Mike Video Description: 6t's northern soul all-nighter at the 100 club watch now... PLAY VIDEO: nightlife in london - 100 club Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature
  17. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Well, for me it was "the most beautiful nightmare" ever...why that I hear you ask ? Well, of course the night down at the 100 Club was great if not awesome (to me anyway). It always has been sth special for me (especially as a guy from the c... View full article
  18. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Music video just added to our in house soul video feature .... Name: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters Category: Events Live Date Added: 18/09/19 Submitter: Mike Video Description: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters 100 Club London 2018 watch now... PLAY VIDEO: Show Me What You've Got - Niteshifters Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature
  19. A very hot night in London, in more ways than one. And the air conditioning in the club didn't seem to be working. Everyone was saying how hot they felt, and many including myself went up to Oxford Street to take a break for some air. I did wonder if the weather would affect the numbers attending but my concerns were needless. A good crowd in, and some new faces. I arrived as usual at 11.15, dropped off my bag at the back of the stage and bought a much needed drink. Ady was doing the first set, but passed the baton on to Keith who, in the event, did three sets during the night. Keith is a most consistent DJ, always playing good records, many lesser known, ideal for the club. James Pogson was on next for 45 minutes, playing an interesting set, most of which were new to me, but I did recognise the Sacred Four's Somebody's Watching You. Next on was the other guest Ted Massey, a man with an enviable record collection. I'd had a chat with Ted at Lifeline, he'd asked if I had any requests so I asked for three of my favourite tunes. He played all three of them in this set, kept me happy, and I think many others. Among others he played were I Saw You There and the Profs' There's A Woman. Ady was on again next, playing some of his Pied Piper tracks, more dance floor action. Joel was on next, but at this point I was so hot I had to take a break and go upstairs for some fresh air, or as fresh as it could be in central London. When I went back down the dance floor was busy so he had done the business. Then Keith again, thanks for playing Ask My Heart, a friend had asked for it. He included some Crossover records in this set including Clydene Jackson' I Need Your Love. James took over from Keith and included in his set current “biggies” the Superbs' Wind In My Sail and Ishola Muhammad's Open Up Your Heart. He played some funk influenced tunes as well. Ted then did his second set keeping things going with tunes like I'm Gone, Look At You, and Charles Johnson's I Made A Mistake, a record that to me sounds very much in the Bobby Bland mode. He ended his set with George Pep's The Feeling Is Real and George Lemon's Fascinating Girl. Joel came on for his second set and included the instrumental version of Make My Love A Hurting Thing and Billy Byrd's Lost In A Crowd. For the third time Keith took the stage, playing a nice set including Karmello Brooks' Tell Me Baby, Bob & Fred's I'm On My Way and Mel Britt's classic She'll Come Running Back. This took us up to the last 30 minutes where Ady bring things to a conclusion. He played a mix of tempos, I Can Change keeping the pace up, slowing it a bit with Sweet Temptation and Don't Bring Me Down, slowing it more with Annabelle Fox's Lonely Girl and a version of I Just Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face, can't remember who it was by, not the usual ones though, and ended the nighter with Jimmy Radcliffe's Long After Tonight Is All Over, one of the greatest enders in my opinion, and a record that has a certain meaning for me. Then the lights came on, and we began to pack up to the strains of That's What Mama Say and say farewell. I made a quick getaway as I needed to get to King's Cross to catch an early train, got me indoors at 7.30. The only criticism of the night, and it's not the fault of Ady, was that the dance floor was not in a great state, in fact it was pretty sticky. It hadn't been polished, so some talc was dropped, but not in an obtrusive way. Apart from that no worries at all. As usual nice to see so many friends there, Billy, Mark, Gary and Rolly, Paul, Yann and Kym, Trickster, Alan Edge, Liam, and many others. No doubt I'll see you at the next one, if not before. Once again thanks to Ady and the DJs and the 100 Club staff. Now for a rest.
  20. At the risk of being accused of being boring (moi?) I must say the 100 Club was excellent last night. Ady had announced that the five resident DJs would be in action together on the same night for the first time. The night was notable for the return of Mick Smith after several months away. I guess Mick is an oldies DJ, hope he doesn't mind me saying that, but to use Pete Smith's expression, he's a thinking man's oldies DJ. He certainly played quite a few records that I didn't know, not that that means anything, what do I know? Towards the end of his third set he played the Magnetics' Count The Days, a hypnotic record that always gets me up dancing. Keith Money did three sets, and as usual, kept the floor busy, playing some of my favourites including She Doesn't Love Me, Job Opening and Ask My Heart, what a beautiful love song that is! Joel did two sets and kept the action going with tunes like Lost In A Crowd, instrumental version of Make My Love A Hurting Thing and The Price by the Sherrell Brothers. Butch did his two sets as usual. Not much you can say, he's had all the accolades. But I was very pleased that he played more of my favourites, Just Like The Weather, Sha La La, Shake Cheri and the great United Sounds' It's All Over Baby. Great to hear his Chuck Jackson cover up, as he said proper Northern Soul. And of course there was Ady, doing one set in the middle of the night and his usual ending piece. One that he played was the Gerri Grainger acetate Why Can't It Be Tonight, heard that played at Prestatyn by Carl and Maria Willingham. And he played the Demures' unreleased I Wanna Be Good To You, I do hope that will be issued eventually. In his last set he included If You And I Had Never Met by Magic Night and Charlie Rich's Don't Tear Me Down and the San Francisco TKOs' Make Up Your Mind; ending of course with Baby I Need Your Loving. Next year it will be 50 years since that was originally issued, still sounds as good today. At first I found the dance floor incredibly slippery, almost went over, did anyone else have any problems with it? Might have been my leather soled shoes I suppose. Got less slippy as more danced. There were some tourists, one must be tolerant, buy why do they always seem to "dance" next to me, lol? I did notice the bouncer requesting people not to take drinks on the dance floor, and they all obeyed straight away. It began to thin out around 2.30ish, leaving the old stagers to carry on. The silver lining to that is that there was more space on the dance floor. As per normal it was good to see so many of my friends, only a week since I saw some of you at Prestatyn. It was nice of Liz to come over and introduce herself to me, hope we meet up again soon. Thanks to all the DJs and to the 100 Club staff, once again you have triumphed.
  21. The 100 Club is back! I hope I am putting this into the right place, my first thoughts where to add to the look backs section but in the light of the 100 Club thread some time ago with Ady having concerns at numbers dropping and the real fear of the club closing down, I thought it appropriate to let people know what it's the real state of play as far as this wonderful and very important club. We got a car full from the South Yorkshire Soul Searchers, great way to split the fuel costs and company is always good on a long journey from Sheffield to the Smoke. We arrived, found free and easy parking and strolled around the corner to Oxford Street and The 100 Club. There was a crowd outside, great sight and one of the taken for granted sights of yester year! The mood was infectious with smiles and warm handshakes and none of the perceived London standoffishness, a real Allnighter with the real deal in the house! Clambering down those famous stairs and bang! The place is rammed and quite simply vibrant!! Is this really The 100 Club that was struggling last summer?? I promise you al faithfully that I am neither exaggerating nor am I on any agenda, The 100 Club is back! The healthy mix of young and old and the complete crossing over from genre to genre that represents the best of what was and is British youth culture is finely represented and celebrated by The 100 Club but that is just the backdrop, the real fabric that holds all this together like some kind of funky glue is the music and it is here that the magic happens! I am a regular Allnighter goer and most Allnightrers have their own flavour, The 100 Club if I am to be honest with myself, lost a bit of "Shine" for a while, or was it that the competition woke up? I am not sure but I am sure as eggs are eggs, The 100 Club is back with a beautiful vengeance! My tip for this year is, get off yer bottoms and get to the oldest running Allnighter in the world, go to The 100 Club, you will not be disappointed I promise.
  22. 100 club northern soul 1989 up in ten parts - use the links under the video for all
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Saturday night in Old London Town made me realise just how special this small 4,000 sqft odd of the capitol city really is. View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: At the risk of being accused of being boring (moi?) I must say the 100 Club was excellent last night. Ady had announced that the five resident DJs would be in action together on the same night for the first .... View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A very hot night in London, in more ways than one.<br />I did wonder if the weather would affect the numbers attending but my concerns were needless. A good crowd in, and some new faces... View full article

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