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  1. Cassius X: A Legend in the Making Kindle Edition A quick word just to let you all know that both versions of Stuart Cosgrove's latest book are now available (that's the hardback and kindle versions) which also means that we can now offer the opportunity to jump in and have yourself a preview read via the kindle version below. Release notes follow below and given the two main subjects I do have to say that I am most looking forward to reading this... Blurb Miami, 1963. A young boy from Louisville, Kentucky, is on the path to becoming the greatest sportsman of all time. Cassi
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Both versions of Stuart Cosgrove's latest book, are available now at last (hardback and kindle) follow the link below for full details and to read the kindle preview View full article
  3. By E. Mark Windle Texan Don Robey was an entrepreneur, community celebrity; and some report an individual who used threats and violence to get his way. But whether a man of stature, malevolence or elements of both, he followed many business avenues and was successful in most of them. Robey’s entertainment enterprises, including ownership of four of the biggest and most prolific R&B orientated labels in Texas – Peacock, Back Beat and Sure-Shot, has secured his place within web pages of the Texas State Historical Association’s hall of fame. A building carrying his family legacy, the L.
  4. By E. Mark Windle. In Memphis, there was a period when country and rockabilly prevailed at Hi records, before the label became synonymous with Willie Mitchell, and all things soulful and funky. Producers Quinton Claunch and Bill Cantrell had just left Sam Phillips’ Sun in 1957. They joined forces with country singer Ray Harris and some financial backers to set up Hi. Within a couple years, just before Claunch had left to set up Goldwax and prior to Willie Mitchell joining Hi (initially as a recording artist and then president), a young country / rockabilly singer called Tommy Ray Tucker a
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The dramatic tale of a white Memphis country boy and his unique twist on a classic song. View full article
  6. By Mark Windle (April 2020). “Looking back, I’m really proud of what we achieved in the 1960s” reflected the late Nelson Lemmond of The Tempests. “We made some great R&B. And played with some great talent too. We never performed with Otis or Wilson. But pretty much everybody else in between. At the end of the day though, things started to change. Otis had died, Martin Luther King had been assassinated. Civil unrest was everywhere and there was a militant atmosphere, even in the more progressive areas of the south. People ended up taking sides.” This feeling echoes previous commen
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From Arthur Freeman to Choice of Colour, a history of Reflection Sound Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. View full article
  8. I have some good news in these trying times. I managed to come to an amicable agreement out of court arrangement with a subsidiary company of Getty Images. They have taken all my images off their sites and no longer profit from my intellectual property. Financially there was no great return for me but it was a moral boost to stop huge monopolies profiteering from this illegal and insidious practice. I would like to send a big thank you to all those people supported my campaign when I first mentioned it here on Soul Source. I am personally grateful to Oscar Romp and friends that supported
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Update on the case against Getty Images by John Barrett - Author of the book 'Keeping the Faith' (2004) View full article
  10. E. Mark Windle, March 2020. Among other genres, Elvis Presley was informed by the blues. Even as a young teenager, the songs he heard on Beale Street were a source of significant musical inspiration. And it would not be unreasonable to suggest that his interpretation of Arthur Crudup’s blues number “That’s All Right” helped kick-start the teenage rock ‘n’ roll revolution. But if that’s true, then “Hound Dog” provided the pace. It was almost inevitable that Elvis’ take on the song, which sold ten million copies worldwide, would overshadow the original version and the story of the wo
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From juke joint to Peacock Records and beyond, a history of R&B artist Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. View full article
  12. There's a plethora of books readily available on the subject of "Northern Soul". I've ploughed through a good number of them....they're mainly (not all) personal memoirs of the Scene back in the 70's and most of them are poorly written, turgid affairs which rely on photographs to carry them. Most of them are fixated with Wigan Casino. There are exceptions, of course, but not many. 'The Truth About Northern Soul' is Stephen Riley's analysis of the Scene, warts and all, from it's early days and on to the beast it has become in the 2020's. It's a quite brilliant attempt at debunking the rose
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review. The book is a brilliantly written and well researched look at the Scene from the early days up to the present. It strips away some of the mythology and preconceptions surrounding the Scene. View full article
  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'. View full article
  15. Book Review. When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'. Everywhere that he went, Norman took his camera. The story goes that it was a present from an aunt or uncle and that it was a top quality job.... In fact it was his father who gave him it. Over the years he's taken thousands of pictures, many of which have subsequently turned up in various books, magazines and TV documentaries often without Norman getting any accreditation or acknowledgement. So this book is, if you like, Norman's own t
  16. SOUL SOURCE BOOKSHELF – FLORIDA SOUL When asked to name America’s main music producing cities or regions from a soul perspective, it would probably boil down to the stand out trio of Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago, in no particular order. Memphis would also get thrown into the mix, but few might suggest Florida, an area more associated as a holiday destination rather than one rich in soul music history. “Florida Soul”, written by John Capouya, a professor of journalism and writing at the University of Tampa, and published by University Press of Florida, convinces the reader that the
  17. The There's That Beat! Guide To The Philly Sound (Dave Moore and Jason Thornton) Review by Mark Windle Yes, this tome has been a long time coming. And in two ways. Not only reflected by the journey author Dave Moore and graphic designer Jason Thornton have had from book conception to publication, spanning over at least six-plus years I believe - although the precursors which got them there cross a lifetime of a love of soul music, and at that, on both sides of the Atlantic. A book like this has also been well overdue from a musical reference perspective. Thankfully for the soul musi
  18. The Generation By Mark Windle This Wilmington, North Carolina band was largely composed of high school students. Their sole 45 release was a very competent beach cover of The O’Jay’s Minit classic “Hold on” on a local Wilmington label in 1968. As The O’Jays version was already a northern soul classic, it was perhaps not surprising that The Generation’s take (Mockingbird MR 1010) would also find favour on the British soul scene. An up-tempo soul dancer, this track is not dissimilar to The O’Jays, other than the blue-eyed vocal presence and a short organ break characteristic of many beach ba
  19. Bob Meyer and the Rivieras By E. Mark Windle Bob Meyer and the Rivieras (not to be confused with the Indiana Rivieras) were from Charlotte, NC. They were one of the earlier beach groups, originally formed in 1958 by Nat Speir and Charles VanWagner. Bob Meyer joined as lead vocalist in 1963. A year later they released “Behold”, co-written by Bob and Nat. An up-tempo pop group vocal number, “Behold” was a very popular sound on the coastal areas and was ultimately released in 1964 on Lawn (L-238-Y) and Casino (103). The flipside “You’ve Got to Tell Me” was introduced to UK soul fans by Keb Da
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review of the book Florida Soul written by John Capouya View full article
  21. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The story behind the Texas singer and band who gave us "Rhythm Message". View full article
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Latest addition to the new review section... 'Kill 'Em and Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown by James McBride View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five from Greensboro, NC were a popular frat party booking throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Venues in the 1960s included the Polo Club (Winston, Salem), the Casino (Nags Head, NC) and the National Guard Armoury (Greenville, NC). View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From those early discussions the pair decided that Kenny’s long and diverse career was worthy of documenting properly and here, three and a half years later is the final project. View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A Google book preview of the book A House on Fire: the Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul By John A. Jackson View full article

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