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Found 134 results

  1. A recap news post of two recent artists passingon posted in the forum the last couple of days Posted in the forums by Dave Welding Sadly heard last night that legendary Detroit Drummer/Producer/Writer George McGregor passed away last Friday. He had been ill for some time, and had suffered a heart attack early last week before finally passing away on Friday. R.I..P George Dave Rob Moss recently posted an article on this legendary Detroit drummer, which can be read here By 1965 George McGregor was one of the busiest drummers in Detroit not to work for Motown. “I did a couple of sessions in the late 60s for them. That's me on 'Ain't no mountain high enough' and 'Ain't nothing like the real thing'for Marvin and Tammi, but I didn't need them 'cause I was so busy with everything else. I did most of Edwin Starr's things with Motown 'cause Edwin didn't like to record at their studio on Grand Boulevard – he liked Golden World and would record there. Back in '63 I was with Eddie 'Bongo' (Brown) when he introduced me to Mickey Stevenson. Eddie told him I was a drummer and that I could write good songs too. Chalky also posted this sad news in this thread https://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/topic/340865-big-frank-rip/ Just read that Big Frank Murphy (aka Frank Dell) passed away in July. So pleased to have seen him perform at Cleethorpes, thank you for the music. R.I.P. https://webapp1.meaningfulfunerals.net/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=3261252&fh_id=12745 Follow the link below for a page with a fuller bio http://badcatrecords.com/BadCat/DELLfrank.htm
  2. Kris Holmes

    Jack Hammer RIP

    2016 continues taking artists from us. Sad news. Below added by site confirmed by family on social media As often happens its not till the sad news that the full details of their life come into focus... Info below from a Black Cat a Dutch Rockabilly site Born Earl Solomon Burroughs, 16 September 1925, Fulton County, Georgia. Jack Hammer is probably best known as the co-writer of one of the immortal classics of rock n roll, "Great Balls Of Fire", Jerry Lee Lewis' # 2 hit from 1957. Born in New Orleans, he moved to California as a youngster and then, probably in the mid-1950s, to New York City, where he became the M.C. at the Baby Grand Theatre.Earl Burroughs (his real name) started writing songs in the 1950s Hammer is probably more important as a songwriter than as a singer. The story behind "Great Balls Of Fire" (as revealed by Stuart Colman) is as follows. Hammer wrote a song of that name and submitted it to New York songwriter Paul Case, who at that time also happened to be musical consultant for the forthcoming movie "Jamboree". Case was unimpressed with the contents but loved the title. He subsequently called Otis Blackwell, who had never met Jack, and commissioned him to write a new song around the title, to be used in "Jamboree". Hammer was in full agreement to this arrangement as the deal was to be split right down the middle. The album had a different title in every country where it came out ; in the UK it was called "Hammer + Beat = Twist" (Oriole PS 40020, 1963). Some of the more successful twist recordings were also recorded in German and/or Spanish for the local markets. By 1971 he was living in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he played the U.S. military bases. Apart from "Swim"/"Color Combination", there were no new releases in the 1970s. Hammer moved back to New York in order to play the part of Jimi Hendrix in a proposed film, but the plans for this movie foundered in the early to mid-1980s. more details can be read via the link below http://www.rockabilly.nl/references/messages/jack_hammer.htm Also a discography and more info can be read here http://www.rocky-52.net/chanteursh/hammer_jack.htm
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It has been reported by WWL-TV in New Orleans that Allan Toussaint passed away on Monday ......... View full article
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: So sad to have to report that Billy passed away 1am Chicago time this morning. View full article
  5. TheBigO

    Arthur Conley Dies @ 57

    Just found out via Ceefax that Arthur Conley died of a heart attack yesterday. Sweet Soul Music was the first soul record I can remember hearing as a mere lad of 13 and thinking what a blinding record it was. Feel as part of my youth has just gone. Sad news indeed.
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: James Wright founding member of the Spellbinders passed away this morning. A talented singer and writer James like most of his.. View full article
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Another genius passes away. Thanks for the memories - RIP Maurice View full article
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It seems that MS artist Gavin Christopher has passed. Don't know too many details yet but it has happened .......... View full article
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Sad news reported of the passing on of Peggy Jones at the age of 75. View full article
  10. Larry Semmins

    Ortheia Barnes RIP

    Saying on FB she has passed away. Here too http://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/music/brian-mccollum/2015/05/15/ortheia-barnes-kennerly-obituary/27409865/ added by site Veteran Detroit singer Ortheia Barnes, known for her rich alto voice, and also her ministry and work in Africa, died Friday in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands... Barnes-Kennerly, blessed with a powerful contralto voice, grew up singing gospel music in her church choir, moving into the R&B world in her teens after her older brother, J.J. Barnes, scored success... ...Rev. Robert Smith of New Bethel Baptist Church said people need to know she was more than a singer. "She was also a great missionary who planted water wells all over Africa. This was a great passion for her. A person with that kind of love — she could receive applause and accolades for her singing, but many people drinking water in Kenya have no idea that the well is there because she worked so hard. She was a great giver of life." http://www.detroitnews.com/story/obituaries/2015/05/15/ortheia-barnes-detroit-singer-minister-dies/27403563/
  11. Kris Holmes

    News: Jack Hammer RIP

    News/Article/Feature Highlight: 2016 continues taking artists from us. Sad news. View full article
  12. Roburt

    Leon Haywood R I P

    It has been reported on Facebook that Leon Haywood has passed away. Nothing more known at present. added by site LOS ANGELES (AP) — Leon Haywood, the silky smooth R&B singer-songwriter and producer whose 1975 single "I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You" was famously sampled by Dr. Dre and others, has died. He was 74. Haywood's godson Darnell "OG Cuicide" Price said he died in his sleep Tuesday in Los Angeles.
  13. WILLIAM “BILLY” MORRIS I have just received news that original member of The Invitations William “Billy” Morris died last week age 66 after a long battle with cancer. Born in Baltimore MD Billy moved to Brooklyn as a young child Where he was later to meet the other members of The Invitations. He sang baritone on the all the classic Invitations records including “What’s wrong with you baby” and “Skiing in the snow” and on the later Silver Blue recordings “They say the girls crazy” & “Look on the good side” Billy toured with the Invitations in the UK during the mid 1960’s and was at the forefront of U.S. Soul Groups making the trip across the Atlantic to appear at clubs like The Golden Torch and The Twisted Wheel. The funeral will take place today (Monday 15th Nov.) in Brooklyn N Y our thoughts are with Billy’s family especially his wife Zan. Any messages of condolence may be sent to Zan Morris 988,Eastern Parkway, Apt. D1, BROOKLYN, NY 11213 U S A Rob Wigley
  14. ady croasdell

    Sad News: Doris Troy

    DORIS TROY Doris passed away yesterday, 16th June 2004, in her Las Vegas home. I’m not sure of the causes but she had suffered from breathing problems for a long while. Born Doris Payne in New York City in 1937, she was a truly great soul singer and songwriter who shot to fame in 1963 with her top ten Atlantic smash ‘Just One Look’. She cut more soulful sides for the label; ‘He Don’t Belong To Me’ and ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ are personal favourites. By 1964 she had visited the UK and enjoyed the Swinging London scene so much that she stayed (she recorded here frequently over the next ten years). In that year her ‘Whatcha Gonna Do About It’ single was a hit in the UK only and that as well as ‘Just One Look’ were covered to great commercial success by the Hollies. She then moved on to Capitol records for a great double sider, ‘Face Up To The Truth’ / ‘He’s Qualified’, and then on to Calla for the Philly produced Northern Soul classic ‘I’ll Do Anything’. Lack of commercial success Stateside saw her return to the UK where she signed for the Beatles’ Apple label for whom she cut an album and several singles. Her signing was down to the group themselves who had been big fans of hers for years, in fact the whole of the UK pop scene seemed to be captivated by her talent and unaffected charm. After Apple she cut for the UK People label and staged concerts with gospel choirs that she had worked with throughout her music business career. In the early 90s she wrote and performed in an autobiographical play about her career called "Mama I Want To Sing". When the show came to the West End she acted her own mother’s role and Chaka Khan, Deniece Williams and Mica Paris acted her part at different times. The show ran for several months, and stars such as Prince and Stevie Wonder turned up to see it and meet the legend. At this time I was running my fourth Cleethorpes Northern Soul weekender and had been let down by an act I had booked for it. I rang Doris cold and asked her if she could come up and help me out with a PA at the event. She agreed to straight away (and very reasonably), even if it was on the only day she had off from the show. Her presence was tremendous and of course she was great with the fans. The meeting lead to me working as her agent, when she decided to stay on in London after her show closed. She performed many jazz and supper clubs and did a full soul show at the 100 Club where Van Morrison came down to see her as a fan, remembering her fondly from the 60s. She then appeared at another Cleethorpes weekender with full backing band and this was filmed by Channel 4 for a documentary they did about the event. Bad health forced her to return to the States where she lived in New York with her sister Vi, a top DJ over there. Eventually her health worries forced her to live in Las Vegas where the climate helped her breathing. Doris was one of the most understanding and kind hearted people you could ever wish to meet. Her approachability often made you forget what a talented artist she was. She would treat each fan as graciously as each megastar who came to see her. And when she referred to her friends as "Baby, Baby, Baby", they always felt very special. Ady Croasdell
  15. News/Article/Feature Highlight: C.P. Spencer, whose soaring tenor voice led the hit song “Baby I’m For Real,” by Motown group the Originals, died... View full article
  16. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Just a brief note to inform all that Ronald McCoys (the Topics) wife Yvonne McCoy died Monday, April 2. View full article
  17. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Just found out via Ceefax that Arthur Conley died of a heart attack yesterday. View full article
  18. apologies if posted else where http://www.bassplayer.com/artists/1171/the-crusaders-founder-and-motown-bassist-wilton-felder-dead-at-75/54214 added by site Houston Press has a fitting piece on this sad news Houston and the world lost a giant today with the passing of Wilton Felder, saxophonist for the fabled Crusaders. Mr. Felder was 75. Word of his passing reached the Internet via longtime collaborator Ray Parker, Jr.’s Facebook page around 2 p.m. today. Felder’s passing comes only a year after the death of his lifelong friend and fellow Crusader Joe Sample. Crusaders trombonist Wayne Henderson died in April, 2014, which now leaves drummer Nesbert “Stix” Hooper as the only living Crusader from the original four. read more at http://www.houstonpress.com/music/legendary-crusaders-sax-man-wilton-felder-passes-away-7800449 Wikipedia below He was born in Houston, Texas in 1940.Felder, Wayne Henderson, Joe Sample, and Stix Hooper founded the group while in high school in Houston. The Jazz Crusaders evolved from a straight-ahead jazz combo into a pioneering jazz-rock fusion group, with a definite soul music influence. Felder worked with the original group for over thirty years, and continued to work in its later versions, which often featured other founding members. Felder also worked as a West coast studio musician, mostly playing electric bass, for various soul and R&B musicians, and was one of the in-house bass players for Motown Records, when the record label opened up operations in Los Angeles, California, in the early 1970s. He played on recordings by the Jackson 5 such as "I Want You Back" and "The Love You Save," for Marvin Gaye and Grant Green. He also played bass for soft rock groups like America and Seals and Crofts. Also of note was his contribution to the John Cale album, Paris 1919, and Billy Joel's Piano Man and Streetlife Serenade albums. He was one of three bass players on Randy Newman's Sail Away (1972) and Joan Baez Diamonds & Rust. Felder also anchored albums from Joni Mitchell and Michael Franks. His solo album, Secrets, which prominently featured Bobby Womack on vocals, reached No. 77 in the UK Albums Chart in 1985.[2] This album featured the minor hit, "(No Matter How High I Get) I'll Still be Looking Up to You", sung by Womack and Alltrinna Grayson. Felder played a King Super 20 tenor sax with a metal 105/0 Berg Larsen mouthpiece. He also used Yamaha saxes. He played a Fender Precision bass, and also played Aria bass guitars. He died on September 27, 2015, aged 75 Street Life Solo time framed from extended version -see http://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2015/08/wilton-felders-street-life-solo-transcription/ for transcripts etc
  19. Source News

    News: Sad News Billy Paul RIP

    News/Article/Feature Highlight: Philadelphia soul singer Billy Paul died at the age of 81 this Sunday morning at his home in Blackwood, New Jersey, View full article
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Boogie Report web site is reporting that Mel Waiters passed earlier today. View full article
  21. Source News

    Sad News - Betty Everett

    Legendary Soul singer, Betty Everett, passed away in her home in Beloit Wisconsin over the weekend. Her body was found by her family on Sunday. Cause of death has yet to be determined. Born in Greenwood Mississippi on November 23, 1939, Betty Everett is remembered primarily for one huge hit in the 60s, but she was also one of the very best soul singers and actually recorded many songs. Starting at age nine she played the piano and sang in church. She continued to sing in gospel choirs, and eventually moved to Chicago in 1957. While there she continued to sing. She recorded songs on some of the local Chicago labels such as C.J., Cobra and OneDerful in the late 50s and early 60s, coming up with local hits such as Ill Be There and Ive Got A Claim On You. She signed a contract with VeeJay, a label that was issuing some hits by the Beatles at around the same time. Her release of "Youre No Good" just missed the top fifty late in 1963 and was covered in the UK by the Swinging Blue Jeans. Then she hit big. Betty Everett recorded "The Shoop Shoop Song [its In His Kiss]" in the Spring of 1964 and it soared to Billboards Top-10. Other records, such as "I Cant Hear You" and "Getting Mighty Crowded" extended her fan base. She then did a duet with another prominent Chicago-area singer, Jerry Butler, and their single, "Let It Be Me" also made the top ten that year. Other Betty Everett/Jerry Butler duets came along, such as their single "Smile" and their LP "Delicious Together." Betty Everett made a wildly successful tour of England in the mid-60s in support of these releases. After Vee Jay folded in 1967, Betty went to ABC without success before coming back on Uni in 1969 with "Therell Come A Time," her last top forty hit. This song was her first entry in the soul charts where it went to number two. Betty had five more entries in the soul charts on Uni and Fantasy by 1971. "Youre No Good" was covered by Linda Lewis in 1975 and went top ten in the UK, and went to number one in the United States in a version released by Linda Ronstadt. The song that Betty Everett is remembered for, however, is one that everybody knew in 1964, "The Shoop Shoop Song [its In His Kiss]." Betty most recently appeared on DOO WOP 51 (PBS) with Jerry Butler. It was her last public performance.
  22. As reported in the forums by member @Kris Holmes Clifford Curry passed on very recently. The Knoxville Mercury marked the sad news with an article about 'one of its great voices' Sweet Clifford: Remembering Knoxville Soul Legend Clifford Curry In Inside the Vault, Music Stories by Eric Dawson September 9, 20161 Knoxville lost one of its great voices when soul singer Clifford Curry died on Wednesday, Sept. 7, at the age of 79, after a stroke several days earlier. Curry never achieved widespread fame, but he had a solid, consistent career that it’s hard to imagine anyone replicating in today’s music world. His recording career stretched from his teenage years to 2015 and covered more than a dozen labels. He wrote songs for everyone from obscure Knoxville acts to the Oak Ridge Boys, found popularity in Europe, sang soul, gospel, and country, and experienced that rare thing in the entertainment business: a second act. The full article can be read via this link http://www.knoxmercury.com/2016/09/09/sweet-clifford-remembering-knoxville-soul-legend-clifford-curry/ forum thread
  23. DtheD

    Curtis Anderson - Sad News

    Came across this last night and don't remember it getting a mention on here last year. Apologies if it did, but thought it might be of some interest to those of a more 'modern' disposition... http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/obituaries/bs-md-ob-curtis-anderson-20150803-story.html
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: added by site Houston and the world lost a giant today with the passing of Wilton Felder, saxophonist for the fabled Crusaders. View full article
  25. mike

    Sad News: Homer Banks

    Homer Banks passed away last Friday Yet again more sad news concerning these artists that we all owe so much to. Details can be found on the below website http://www.gomemphis.com/mca/obituaries/article0,1426,MCA_443_1866652,00.html "Legendary Stax writer/producer Homer Banks died of cancer Friday at Saint Francis Hospital. He was 61. " photo credit By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40648495


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