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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Details of the release of Kent Records latest cd album. Detroit's Secret Soul by Little Ann... View full article
  2. The official release of Kent Records latest cd album. Detroit's Secret Soul by Little Ann A new Cd release from Kent Records. Detroit's Secret Soul is being billed as an 'extended' version of the vinyl lp album released last year. The previous vinyl release from Kent involved 13 tracks (full details of the lp version). This release ups the track count to 25 (alt versions, instrumentals and an a cappella version of a classic). Along with four rare Canadian sides appearing on cd for the first time, plus '19 of the 25 tracks are making their digital debuts', and if you then add to the
  3. Florence Alabama Music Enterprises, or simply FAME, the world-renowned recording studio and record label owned by Rick Hall in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It produced a wealth of hit records for many artists and was instrumental in creating the sound of Muscle Shoals. As well as the hits the studio and label also had an amazing amount of material that didn’t make the charts or was simply left in the can. However Ace Records struck a deal to go through the vaults and subsequently many tracks have been rescued and issued thus further preserving the legacy Rick Hall and the extremely talen
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Fame Records, world renowned recording studio and label is highlighted here with a best of type compilation by Dean Rudland spanning the years 1964 - 1968. 24 of the very best of the Sound of Muscle Shoals. View full article
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 30th October 2020 see's four Cds from Ace Records being released. A quick 'all in' summary of these albums follows below... View full article
  6. 30th October 2020 see's four Cds from Ace Records being released. A quick 'all in' summary of these albums follows below... This Is Fame 1964-1968 - Various Artists CDKEND 494 Release Date 30 Oct 2020 Between 1964 and 1968, Rick Hall’s Fame label became a southern soul powerhouse, as demonstrated on this compilation, which combines the very best of the released material with recordings that remained unissued at the time. Lofts & Garages - Spring Records And The Birth Of Dance Music - Various Artists CDBGPD 312 Release Date 30 Oct 2020 A
  7. VARIOUS ARTISTS - A CELLARFUL OF MOTOWN VOL 5 Caroline International What is it now? 10 years since volume 4? Well think it's fair to say that 'overdue' and 'long awaited' are deserved descriptions with this release, #5 in the series. Seeing that this double cd is already close to featuring in Amazons top 50 cd best sellers chart (currently #59) then it is living up to the blurb. No mp3s or streaming release seen yet or indeed audio previews, some of the tracks have been made available before both digitally and on other releases, an informative look at this release, listing s
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A Cellarful Of Motown Volume 5 - CD set Out Now. Details on this recent double cd release... View full article
  9. New Breed R&B - Saturday Night Special - Kent Records CDKEND 492 New Breed R&B Saturday Night Special is the latest addition to Kents ongoing New breed R&B series. Billed as featuring 'more great New Breed R&B dance exclusives' this release certainly looks and sounds like a worthy addition. Release Notes Preview 'New Breed is back with a historical bang. The opening track and title inspiration is Aaron Collins & the Teen Queens’ ‘Every Saturday Night’. Its R&B pedigree is inestimable; Collins was a member of Los Angeles vocal group the Flairs/Flare
  10. Out on Monday! Kents latest includes the much awaited Luther Ingram - Baby Dont you weep track! That floor filling track seeing the light of day for the first time is enough for a news item by itself, when you add that its rubbing shoulders with a large handfull of quality tracks as it breaks through the doors then it does look like this release from kent is one that goes straight on the must buy list. info from Ace Records tip top site The third of Kent’s ventures into the world of R&B dance music goes one step further into the world of musical categories by including tracks su
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: New Breed R&B Saturday Night Special is the latest addition to Kents ongoing New breed R&B series. Billed as featuring 'more great New Breed R&B dance exclusives' this release certainly looks and sounds like a worthy addition, listen & read... View full article
  12. Soul On The Real Side #11 New album out from Outta Sight/Real Side Records Details of a just released compilation album in Outta Sights Real Side records Soul On The Real Side series. Number 11 and here's the blurb and the previews... Real Side Records Presents Soul On The Real Side #11 OSCD061 £12.99 The architects of soul are back with a stunning new 20-track collection for 2020. Once again we uncover the building blocks of modern soul with a playlist of classics and rarities, and, incredibly, yet again, over a third are NEW-TO-CD! Simone Hutsch supplies our
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: New album out from Outta Sight/Real Side Records Details of a just released compilation, here's the blurb and the previews View full article
  14. Hayley Records - The Best of Hayley CD by Eddie Hubbard Hayley records is an independent record label from the Midlands UK , specialising in unearthing unreleased and rare 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Soul recordings , especially from Detroit . After over a decade of releasing quality CD compilations and limited edition ‘ 45’s they finally present “ The best of Hayley “ which contains 16 mouthwatering tracks plus one “ hidden “ bonus track !! The first two tracks are covers of old classics ,“ Show and tell “ [ the old Al Wilson side ] is given a more uptempo treatment , performed by Deep Soul
  15. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Details of a recent album release from Kent Records that since it's July release has been picking up great reviews... View full article
  16. Ready Or Not - Thom Bell's Philly Soul Arrangements & Productions 1965-1978 CDTOP 488 A recent album release from Kent Records that since it's July release has been picking up great reviews. Release notes Along with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Thom Bell was one of the three people responsible for The Sound Of Philadelphia, a lush, orchestrated take on soul music that dominated the charts in the early to mid-70s. Using the most unusual instrumentation – harpsichords, French horns, sitars – Bell’s arrangements built the careers of the Delfonics and the Stylistics, and reinvent
  17. Mike

    Texas Funk

    Here is an interesting story (from the Austin Chronicle) about how 60s TEXAS FUNK is making an improbable comeback: Texas funk comp release from London- based Jazzman Records featured in Austin Chronicle Clip below... Sometimes you have to cross an ocean to find something good in your own back yard. Such is the case with Texas Funk, released last fall on London- based Jazzman Records. Archiving 20 obscure Lone Star funk sides (and one from nearby Shreveport) from the late Sixties and early Seventies, Texas Funk unearths a largely unknown stratum of Texas music history. Funk sp
  18. The Complete Fame Singles. Vol 1 - 1964-1967 Three words synonymous with Southern Soul are Muscle Shoals and Fame. Florence Alabama Music Enterprises or simply FAME to all its fans, was founded by Rick Hall, Billy Sherrill and Tom Stafford in Florence, Alabama before moving to where it still stands in the small backwater town of Muscle Shoals when Hall split from the others. It went on to record many hits by many R&B, Rock and Pop superstars for many labels as well as it’s own. For the last few years Ace/Kent Records have been delving deep into the archives of FAME to bring some
  19. One In A Million: The Songs Of Sam Dees - Various Artists (Songwriter Series) CDKEND 411 Meet Samuel L Dees — A Song-writing Phenomenon As Tony Rounce clearly states in his opening gambit to the liner notes of the Kent offering: The Songs Of Sam Dees, “Few songwriters command the level of respect amongst soul fans that Sam Dees does. No single compilation could cover the whole career of a writer whose song list is a big as Sam’s”. As is usual with the Kent releases, you’d be hard pushed to find a better selection of Sam’s song-writing ability that highlights the selected time frame that
  20. Jack Ashford Just Productions - CDKEND 447 Personally I hate recycling! paper in this bin, garden waste in that bin etc etc ......but back in Detroit in the late sixties Jack Ashford was the top man when it came to the recycling of band tracks, many rescued from the recently defunct Pied Piper production set up. Backing tracks previously used for the likes of the Hesitations, September Jones & the incredibly talented Lorraine Chandler were sweetened, remixed & furnished with fresh lyrics before being shopped to the many Detroit independent labels such as Sepia, Premium Stuff
  21. Various Artists - Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups 1962-1977 – CDKEND 409 This is the fourth instalment of Kent’s “In Perfect Harmony” Series, which concentrates on the sweeter side of group soul spanning the length and breadth of America, highlighting lesser known artists as well as including higher profile acts like; The Pretenders, Brothers Of Soul, Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces and The Mad Lads. The CD contains 24 tracks of which, nine are previously unreleased (including two demo’s from the Stax vaults) and one which first saw the light of day on the Golden State Soul CD (CDKEND
  22. Ask any soulie, dancer, collector or dealer to name a city closely associated with the scene and I bet most would say Detroit. Ask them to name a label from Detroit and again I bet most would say LaBeat. Both are synonymous with the scene and deservedly so. This release from Grapevine is in the opinion of many long over due and rightly deserves a lasting tribute to the joy the label has brought to many soulies for over 30 years. One look at the people involved behind the scenes at LaBeat, its subsidiaries Mary Jane, Coolschool and Rambler and also Lou Be
  23. Kent Harris, well known to those who collect Rare Soul records because of his wife Ty Karim and his record label Romark. But there is more to the man than many will probably realise and this CD gives us an insight into just what an influence he was on the Los Angeles R&B music scene. A must have purchase for lovers of R&B. As Boogaloo & His Gallant Crew, Kent Harris cut the original version of Bo Diddley's `Cops and Robbers' and shot to prominence when it was proved that his version of `Shoppin' For Clothes' was the original one, purloined by Leiber and Stoller for th
  24. After having listened to this series that many times I thought i'd have a go at ranking them from 1-100. This is obviously just my favourites and not any attempt at an objective ranking or anything. Subject to change with time too, of course. Top 10 Jean Stanback - I Still Love You Timmy Willis - Easy As Saying 1-2-3 Barbara & The Browns - I Don't Want To Have To Wait Eddie Holman - Im Not Gonna Give Up The Knight Brothers - Tried So Hard To Please Her Dori Grayson - Try Love Eddie & Ernie - Hiding In The Shadows Zerben R.Hicks & Dynamic
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A popular spin for the best part of a decade or so on the Rare Soul Scene, it now sees a release via Soul junction. View full article

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