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  1. Artist of the Week - The Genius of Van McCoy The man behind so many of our much loved records. Van McCoy Biography (Wikipedia) Van Allen Clinton McCoy (January 6, 1940 – July 6, 1979) was an American musician, record producer, arranger, songwriter, singer and orchestra conductor. He is known best for his 1975 internationally successful song "The Hustle". He has approximately 700 song copyrights to his credit, and is also noted for producing songs for such recording artists as Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Stylistics, Aretha Franklin, Brenda & the Tabulations, David Ruffi
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Artist of the Week - The Genius of Van McCoy The man behind so many of our much loved records. View full article
  3. The current forum topic called Stax Dancers reminded me that had once 'ocr' scanned the sleeve notes of my copy of this old 70s lp comp titles Stax Northern Disco Sounds. While the cover has to be one of the worse northern comp covers around, the actual sleeve notes written back then by @Ian Dewhirst may now make interesting reading as they do provide a snapshot in time of attitudes and such and as have not seen them in easy to read text format thought they may be worth a pass on... I did buy this lp back when it was released in 1975 and it was quite a memorable purchase. Memorable as it
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The current forum topic called Stax Dancers - reminded me that somewhere had the ocr scanned sleeve notes of... View full article
  5. Leeds Central Soul Club Remembered The Coronavirus lockdown has given me much time to reminisce and I have decided to put into words a bit about my early days as a 'soulie' in Leeds. I first went to The Central in 1975 I think, when I was 19 years old - I was certainly a member by then, as I still have my membership card which was valid until 31-Aug-1976. I lived in Leeds at that time as it was where I grew up - although, I haven't lived there since 1982. I remember in the early to mid-seventies buying reggae records at Jumbo Records in the County Arcade upstairs - tunes
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: My journey into being a Northern Soul lover for 45 years..... View full article
  7. Being a relative newcomer to what would become a lifelong obsession. I was a wide eyed kid in 1976/77. And the whole excitement of the Northern soul scene consumed my life, the old adage of living for the weekend was never more true in those days. New friends, new outlook, new life. Every weekend was a new adventure to me. Of course the first place I attended was the legendary Wigan casino, and from the moment I walked through those doors, I breathed in the sound and the atmosphere of Northern soul. Soon we would be visiting other venues, people would tell you of other venues, on the train or
  8. Northern Soul DJ 'Farmer' Carl Dene will be back behind the decks rejoining the wave of enthusiasm for sounds which first hit the North and Midlands in the 1960s. He will be guest DJ at the booming Newhampton Soul Club (a sampler of what has been offer at the club can be found here at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, on Friday May 11, 2012. Carl (aka Carl Woodroffe - here being interviewed in 1999 by Bill Brewster - http://www.djhistory.com/interviews/farmer-carl-dene) - DJ'd at the The Catacombs, Temple Street, Wolverhampton, (represented here in a
  9. It was a very bad time for the conservative anarchist but nevertheless, Martin, Aubrey and I (and a few occasional 'also rans') formed into a gang of nocturnal amphetamine road-beasts. As the WSF (Wagnerian Soul Fraternity)... Reverbstorm: Savoy, Soul and Suicide b y P a u l T e m p l e A clip of an article from Headpress mag issue 7, can read in full on Savoy website (link at end) Headpress magazine, No 7, 1993 It was a very bad time for the conservative anarchist but nevertheless, Martin, Aubrey and I (and a few occasional 'also rans') formed into a gang of nocturnal
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Things are looking healthy for this old lady of northern soul in Yorkshire. View full article
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order list of SoulBowl (proprietor, John Anderson) ... View full article
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It was a very bad time for the conservative anarchist but nevertheless, Martin, Aubrey and I (and a few occasional 'also rans') formed into a gang of nocturnal amphetamine road-beasts. View full article
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Further to the two articles I've previously posted about the early Blues & Soul Magazine I've dug out my copy of the Jazz Scene Magazine from August 1962, I was a sprightly 15 year old at that time. It cost me one shilling and sixpence!<br /><br />[attachment=140237:scan0027.jpg] View full article
  14. A look at the 'Popcorn Scene' could be read in the Guardian yesterday and while its a mainstream take it read quite well to me. A few preview clips... Belgium's 'Popcorn': the last underground music scene in Europe Antwerp's answer to northern soul has a drowsy, decadent vibe and its DJs favour eclecticism, jive music and playing records at the wrong speed. Bob Stanley gets into its strange groove ... DJ plays Eartha Kitt, the Skatalites, something that sounds like a northern soul record at the wrong speed. The atmosphere is friendly but exclusive, and the musical mood dark
  15. Here is a very old review of Wigan Casino I did. We'd stopped going in 1978, and having heard one of Sam's spot's at Bedford, I decided to venture north once more recording the visit in Blackbeat. Usual health warning - please remember I was very young when I wrote this, but I wonder how many cover up's can be uncovered from this article. From Blackbeat Issue 4 Wigan Casino May 1980 Review My first visit to Wigan for over a year (it costs over 25 on the train for us). Firstly we sussed MP Cyril Smith on the train scoffing sandwiches (is this the Liberals solution to the p
  16. An old article from the late 70s. Originally in a fanzine called North Wales Soul Review in late 70s and republished in Soul Notes Fanzine 20 or so years later on North Wales Soul Review The following are extracts taken from issue No. 1 of the North Wales Soul Review which dates from January 1979. We think that this is the only issue that was produced, but if anyone has any other issues or can give us some background information on this fanzine please let us know. Thanks to Brian Rae for bringing this publication to our attention. What Happened In 78 (Author Unknown)
  17. The Twisted Wheel- Blues and Soul - by Dave Godin A trip back to the far off past, back to that legendary club "The Twisted Wheel" The Twisted Wheel- Blues and Soul - 50 Written by Dave Godin and published in Blues and Soul issue number 50, this is an account of his visit on the "last night" read on for yet another piece of history. Thanks go out to chris for supplying original scan of this, cheers site note - orig up in Dec 99 LAND OF A THOUSAND DANCES BY some miracle I managed to catch the train on time at Euston. Anyone who knows me will gladly confirm t
  18. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Northern Soul - The Casino Loyals - 1975 Record Mirror A Wigans Chosen Few related feature from the Feb 1975 issue View full article
  19. News/Article/Feature Highlight: What follows is not a scholarly review of the political struggle facing the Black Panther Party. It is merely to highlight some of the musical association of those times with that Party. If not all, then some people who search out the history of Soul/Funk View full article
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Another scanned sleeve notes found, this time the scan is from the Charly Comp Rare Soul Uncovered by Dave Evision View full article
  21. News/Article/Feature Highlight: This Soul Map of Scotland View full article
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From Blues and Soul - 1971 - Dave Godin Article on his visit to the Blackpool Mecca. A lot has been said and written about the history of northern soul in the UK, normally it mentions the Wheel as the start, the Torch then Wigan and so on View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: GOING BACK Memories of a Soul Boy - NEW BOOK To all Northern Soul/Wigan Casino fans: About 20 years ago I attempted to write a short book It could have been the first out there-but is wasnt! Now my mate Stuart Raith has helped finally get i... View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: a recent news article on here about the availability of "Soul Or Nothing" a eBook by Kimasi L. Browne via Amazon View full article
  25. Another scan added to our reference feature. This one features a fairly lengthy look at the Northern Soul Scene from the Melody Maker music paper, the 25th January 1975 Issue, with the main focus on Blackpool Mecca and Wigan Casino. "Keep The Scene Alive" Inside the ballrooms that are the citadel of the NORTHERN SOUL scene. Great music. Athletic dancing.Later, breakfast and a swim."The scene is here as long as the punters want it" says one DJ. "Its essence is rarity and it's up to us to keep that rarity".

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