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Found 22 results

  1. Hope it's okay to post this here.. I received a 45 today that arrived with a crack from centre to edge (owing to woefully inadequate packaging by the seller). It's not a record that turns up all that often and I might be able to salvage something from this disaster as the record still plays (albeit with a click on each turn...) So what's the best way of strengthening / repairing that? I've seen a John Manship video on YouTube that involves applying a thin layer of superglue to paper and then gently rolling the damaged part of the edge in the superglue. Is superglue ok to use with styrene? Also feels a bit 'one shot' and I'm a bit worried about the crack moving while I'm doing that and the repair not being flat... ...Any tips? Or any other methods? Apols if this has been covered before. Thanks.
  2. Like all record collectors there will be some records that do have warps, hopefully not affecting play but some that cause jumps and skips making them unplayable. Saw this today, a record flattening machine, has anyone ever used one ? Do they work ? Chris
  3. Hello all I've a couple of vinyl 45's that have warps. Nothing sharp - just slow ups and downs. I've seen all the DIY suggestions but I wondered if anyone has used/has feedback one (of the several) people who offer a flattening and cleaning service? I'd say it was 4-5mm across each disc. Lynn Johnson -Wicked Woman and June Bateman - Possum Belly Overalls, not mega valuable but worth a go? Any thoughts welcomed. MikeHump
  4. The storage warp seems to be an ever increasing problem to aged 45,s/Lps ,followed by the optimistic NAP? Finally after buying a Jimmy Elledge " Cant stop a Man"with a 10cm warp from horizontal Nap,, ,actually played with double tone arm weight increase on friends deck ,not mine ,decided to follow the multitude of Ebay vids ,and go for the "Bake Off Method"' As per vids try it on Cheapo disc first ,Had a Ashford Simpson Wb " Handkerchief " .Preheat Elec oven to 175 f ,insert disc between 2 sheets of Glass for 3 minutes,remove apply massive wait an allow to cool ,result Nada . !! As per Paul Hollywood increase baking time ,tried it with Green ,Oz Stateside 4Tops " Lonely",{ value £6.50 } after 4 minutes, a perfect piecrust edge warp around 360 degrees, Sandy Toksvig and Prue would have loved ,disaster! Not having any sense of Thermo Dynamic Heat ,had learned a lesson ,different thickness /dimensions of plastic {vinyl is a No ,No }, different plastics behave without uniformity ! Stick with the bucking Bronco cartridge effect, If it aint broke ,Leave it alone ,Ps ,Jimmy is unmolested ,the kind dealer agreed a refund cost me £20 ,Soundbird lable is adorable despite the Quasimodo Effect LOL Cheers ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  5. Anyone got any ideas how to rectify a warped record. All ideas wecolmed
  6. Just received record in post with edge chip extending to first groove on run in. Any advice for carrying out a repair? Have fixed smaller chips with araldite/black paint mix in the past, but can't see it working this time due to size of chip and length of time it takes for araldite to go off.
  7. Hi people recently bought a copy of Martha Reeves no one there but its in VG conditon does anybody know of anyone who does Record skimming I have heard tho that it can make sound of the record dull any truth in this ? or I might just frame it up thanks Al.
  8. Hi everyone Need some tips on curing skips and sticks on a 45 please. Bought a record and it's pretty obscure so I'm keen to keep it. It's pressed on vinyl, not styrene. Played it a few times and it has either skipped, or more normally gets stuck and keep repeating. There are a few marks, most of them just surface scuffs and not really feelable. In the vicinity of the stick/skip there is a scratch about 2mm across the grooves. I can't say if this is the cause or not. I'm maybe thinking it's debris caught in the scratch rather than the scratch itself Cleaned it a couple of times and it hasn't cured it. However, I did manage to get it to play through without fault to record it. But then the next time I played it the record stuck What can I feasibly do to cure this please without wrecking it and so it does not sound when fixed? If anyone has got any tried and tested methods please I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers Richard
  9. been reading about damaged and broken records so................i have an unknown unissued acetate which i have heard before i got damaged and is good 2 my ears anyway, it has a flake of vinyl come cleanly off the metal plate,on the run in edge, its intact .any chance of re attaching it long enough to record it to cd??? your best advice please[chuck it away i expect!!!!!!!!] ezzie l
  10. Following on from the advice on how to clean records , what is the best way to remove a warp from a record. I have heard various remedies but what really works? I heard if you put a warped record in the microwave for a couple of minutes it would become pliable and you could bend it back into shape. Tried this with a warped Doris Day 45 to see if it worked and it bent back into shape as flat as a pancake. Then tried it with a mint but slightly warped Eddies my name on Parkway , bent it gently and it snapped in two. Does anything actually work to remove warps?
  11. Can anyone recommend any individual(s) who specialise in restoring records? I have a few 45s that are affected in different ways; clicks, skips, warps however these don't bother me so much it's more the audio than the visual I'm concerned with. Your help is appreciated, thanks in advance
  12. Hi , After recieving yet another warped 45 in the post today , i have been looking all over for methods of flattening / anti warping just so i could do something about it , i have heard about the method with 2 peices of glass in the oven , but it just sounds too risky ! however after searching i have found a device called vinyl flat , it looks the part , but does it really work and is it safe ? this device also needs to be heated up in the oven , so its not without its dangers . i was wondering if anyone on here has actually got one of these and can give any feedback as to how things worked out after using it , did it do the trick and flatten out the vinyl ? or did you destroy many in the process ? Any info would be great Cheers :o) http://vinylflat.com/vinylflatinstructions.html
  13. I recently bought a record on ebay. It ended up having a nasty sharp warp not in the description (not a heat warp though) that makes the needle bounce off the record and it will only play at 2.5 grams or higher. I won it at a decent price and it is clean otherwise so I would like to avoid sending it back if possible. I have heard of people who have record flattening machines and I was wondering if anyone (like a record store somewhere) offered the use of these machines as a service. From my understanding, these machines are mostly designed for LPs and don't work well on 45s. Someone told me that there is one specific machine that works on 45s that heats and cools the record over a 24 hour period that can remove the warp (and that the other machine that doesn't work only does it over a 2 hour period). Does anyone know any more details and know if anyone offers a service (ideally in the US but anywhere I guess) that gives access to one of these machines to de-warp a 45? I'm not looking for someone to stick a 45 between two sheets of glass and stick it in the sun or the oven or blow dryer or any other home grown technique, or for some home advice either. Thanks.
  14. Hi , i know there are already several topics on this ! but i need to know if there is a really safe and 100% effective way of flattening a warped 45 ? i have recently purchased a 45 with a big warp , and its in great condition , so i wouldnt want to return it to the seller ! so i was wondering if there is anyone out there , that has a specialist machine to do the job properly ? i know that people say you can do it with an iron , or between two peices of heated glass , or with weights etc ! but i really dont want to try one of these methods and f**k a perfectly good record up , the 45 actually plays fine , but its just annoying that it makes the tone arm jump so much , and it would just make me feel a whole lot better if i could correct the problem ! any advice would be great cheers
  15. Hi all, Saw the thread on cracked 45's and it made me think... Is there anything you can do to fix or improve records which have a dish warp? In addition, what do you guys use to clean your precious 45's? Should a different method be used for cleaning styrene records rather than vinyl? Cheers for your help, Rich.
  16. What do you find is the best way to "restore" noisy vinyl? I have a couple of singles that would benefit from a good clean/restoration of some kind, but have never been sure of the best way to go about it. What's the best way to clean/get rid of surface noise on those 45s you've managed to find in junk shops/warehouses/attics etc that are in a bit of a state? Cheers
  17. Just had a cheap copy of James Fountain - Seven Day Lover - Peachtree delivered I now fully understand why it was cheap I'd never dream of polishing a playable record but this is so bad I don't want to put it near my decks. Does record polishing work? Hows it done? Will it prevent major damage to my cartridge? Will it improve the sound? other wise anyone want a nice framed copy of Seven Day Lover
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/034-The-Velvelettes-034-034-Lonely-Lonely-Girl-Am-i-034-034-Tamla-Motown-034-034-W-L-Promo-0-gt-/292397004077?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=0AFv7DeuMn0lF6oE%2FUsvHDSsJ0o%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc just bought this long long time want even though it has chip in run out groove - hope you can see the photo. many of you probably saw it and avoided it - only 5 bids maybe im daft but couldnt resist as its so rare i have a stock copy noc ill be selling on soon and thats rare too. anyway just thought I would ask as there is so much knowledge at SS whether any of you have repaired a chip? i doubt its possible but you never know. It would be nice for the stylus to get to the start on its own without having to lift over... any advice welcome thanks. any views on paying 20% of what it would be worth in Ex con without the chip also may be interesting if printable! cheers Paul temple
  19. hi there, if i remember right there was a discussion aout repairing skips on here not long ago and someone said that he would repair it if someone sends the record to him. i have a record that i would love to get repaired. does anyone remember who it was? thanks in advance henning
  20. Just had a record arrive which is in beautiful condition except for one small thing - the label has come off completely Its not damaged in any way its just come off in one piece! What type of glue will stick paper to styrene/ any tips? dont do's etc Cheers
  21. got a nice record that jumps I've tried everything else, would skimming maybe work and who can do it ?
  22. Guest


    Mate of mine's Sam Williams developed a skip about 3/4 of the way through after playing through without a problem for a couple of months. I tested it on both my Technics decks and couldn't repeat the problem, however I replaced both styli today then re-tested and it skipped on both decks. This seems to suggests that a more worn stylus can handle the obstruction in the groove but a sharper one can't. The defect is just about visible to the naked eye otherwise its a beaut original. Question is - can this be repaired? It can't be such a massive defect if a micron or two between styli makes a difference. Any help appreciated - he's gutted. Cheers Pete

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