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Found 67 results

  1. Gangland Shocker: Francis T Posted by lloydee, 15 June 2009 · I could'nt believe it: there I was round at me Mum & Dads for Sunday tea, sat there with abeer reading the local rag; The Stourport News and Kidderminster Times. Thereon page 14 was the big story of the week that even The Express & Starseemed to have missed. Below is an extract from last week's paper: Reports are coming in that a local Gangland or Mafia style'hit' was carried out on a local business man last Tuesday. Francis T, full name has not released byPolice, was involved in a 'hit and stop' incident in Church Road,Kidderminster. Mr T was hit by aspeeding car, believed to be travelling well above the limit, 38mph andsustained serious damage to not only himself but the road surface and thevehicle in question. The vehicle, a Vauxhall Viva purchased some months before froma Ludlow man was found to be driven with no Road Tax and steering wheel, thedriver has not been named. Church Streetwas closed for over 90mins as firemen and ambulance crews battled to free Mr Tfrom the front of said Viva. Mr T hassince been reported as being in a comfortable position in hospital on Wednesdaynight and Sunday afternoon, staff at the Worcesterhospital have offered more pillows. A local friend, Shel B, has commented that this incidentcould have a serious effect on the local economy; "Mr T's Shop is a centre ofactivity in these parts and if Mr T carn't open up we may have to walk anextra 500yards to get similar goods and service, weÃÆ’¢âÅ¡¬âž¢re thinking of starting acampaign! yam yam yam ......" Insiders within the Kidderminster and Stourport area haveexpressed some concerns recently and this Reporter has been supplied with interestingfacts that may lead to some mis-conclusions and wrong reporting: It is believed that a local 'vinyl pressing' war may have spilled out onto the streets of Kidderminster. Francis T, who co-owns and runs a verylucrative 'vinyl recording' company with world wide distribution, was taken 'out' by local reveals. Names in theframe so far but not currently available for comment (mainly cos I can't be ar'edto phone them and the bacon butty has just arrived and I've a deadline to workto you know..) are John "Johnny The Concrete" Barker, Michael "Mr Mow Town" Bennett and an un-named third party, believed to be supplying the money (petrolmoney only) from the Malvern area in South Worcestershire. Currently Mr T is being held on a secret wardat a Worcester Hospital, next to the Hawks Ward, security has been organisedand supplied by Farrell & Hurcomb Vinyl Security Services but where notavailable for comment today; their out of office message said something aboutgetting back to you once "they'd done Cleethorpes"; this firm it would seemcover more than just the Worcester Area! Now to say I was shocked is a understatement, to say it's all made up, well nearly!; Get Well Soon Francis, we'll miss your sales box and company over the next few months while you recover. Worcester Soul nights, including this Fridays SoulfulSessions will be a little bit quieter Catriona Posted:Jun 18 2009 05:46 PM Thanks for sharing a full and fair version of this terrible tale. I heard it was a cake related injury with no mention made to forces of evil or crime. Would you please pass on my very best wishes to Francis for a full and speedy recovery. Catriona lloydee Posted:Jun 23 2009 05:07 PM Catriona There was no mention about cakes in the article but I've done some asking around and it appears that's Francis's route on that fatal days was; out of the shop and turn left, through the underpass, stopped to look in the newsagents windows at the free Ad's, into Greggs the bakers for a current iced bun, into the chemist for his bum cream and then 'BANG'......... This information was supplied by one eyed jack with the walking stick shop upon returning from his visit to AA As to whether Francis got to eat said cake, I'll ask him when I see him
  2. On The Soul Side - Loft Bar@bournemouth Uni - 16th Feb 08 Posted by Dave Morris, 25 February 2008 · Well time certainly does fly.It seemed only like yesterday that we were at the December do.Lots of usual things to do.All flyers have been put out at venues visited.Sorted out when I could get in to set up.All dj's confirmed they'd be there.Only difference was new venue at same place but different way in. So,on a bitterly cold saturday evening got to venue around 6'ish.James,bar manager was there albeit a bit down as his beloved Arsenal were getting tubbed by Man Ure.All furniture had been moved off dancefloor so only decks to set up.Eventually got them sorted and god did it sound good through the new system installed. Put up notices outside for directions to get in.My partner Viv turned up about 7.45 and we were ready to go.As is the norm slow build up which does get you wondering if its all been in vain but soon picked up and we had yet another healthy attendance although some local soulies still missing.Hope to see you at next one. All dj's turned up and big thanks to Simon Bridger for coming from Brighton,Chris Thorley from Farnborough,Danny North from Chessington and last but not least Ian Burt from Taunton. Some great stuff played early doors then Chris finally dragged them onto floor.Next up was Danny,a much underrated dj with some quality tunes in his box.Ian carried on from Danny with some monster tunes.Simon played some quality tunes then Chris carried it on.It was left to me to finish off so slowed tempo down a notch or two. Everyone was very complimentary and will hopefully be back on April 19th. Would also like to say thanks to Mike for complimenting Danny on his 2nd set.I know how taken aback he was and it meant a lot. Hopefully we'll go from strength to strength and enjoy many more nights. Dave. Sat 15th December Bournemouth Uni Northern Night Posted by Dave Morris, 17 December 2007 After taking over running the soul nights at Bournemouth Uni from Karen (soulgirl) I wondered what I'd let myself in for.Had flyers done well in advance and got out and about in the 3 months leading up to it flyering as many local do's as possible. Got dj's booked well in advance. Had a few comments on the basis its the 3rd saturday of month and loads going on,looked about on various messageboards/forums couldn't find anything locally so all ok there then. The week before was when I started to get nervous about things.Went out & bought spare stylus's and couple of other things I thought I may need. Saturday arrived so went off christmas shopping to take my mind off things.Afternoon came,couple of calls asking if night still on,too right was the reply.Then one of my dj's Moldie phoned about Chris Thorley,one of my other dj's,he was still in hospital so Danny North was on his way down to stand in ( Top Man). Got to Uni at 6.30pm to set up and found out builders had moved in that morning and way was blocked to venue meaning a long walk round to get in.Fortunately security decided to open up doors as another do on as well that night. 7.00pm venue set up as Moldie arrives and 30 mins later he's on the decks spinning his new stuff. 8.00pm my partner Viv arrives to help on door and I must say what a superb job she did as well so a massive thank you to her. Now am starting to worry about people turning up but, a steady stream of soulies through the evening means I had 55+ in. Well happy with that.All the dj's - Moldie,Ian Spittle,Danny North & Paul McKay all played blinding sets.Dancefloor busy throughout. Big thanks to everyone that came especially the couple from near Plymouth who could've gone to Weston but came across to Bournemouth on a bitterly cold night. Next one is Sat 16th Feb 2008 and I can't wait.We've got the smaller venue (The Loft) but newly refurbished and new dancefloor all is looking up for soul on the south coast. Dave. Soul Shoes @ Southampton Sat.10th Nov. Posted by Dave Morris, 12 November 2007 · Saturday night went along to Soul Shoes @ The Riverside Club in St.Denys Southampton.Run for the past 25 years very successfully by Gary Todd & his missus Ann.Parked up outside the club which is normally very unusual as parking is at a premium around there.Up the stairs,paid our money and in. Now this is not a club if you're into your soul rare.This is just a small club playing tried and tested oldies with the odd gem thrown in for a crowd that are friendly and like to have a dance and a good time. They also like to throw in the odd ska tune or two which is not to some peoples taste but the crowd love it. I for one have been going to these nights for the past 15 years and have never had a bad one.I always try to support Gary even at his other venue (Bishopstoke) as he knows what people want and supplies it. So in closing a big congratulations to Toddy for 25 years and long may it continue. Dave. Car Parking At Royal Bournemouth Hospital Posted by Dave Morris, 05 November 2007 · Am going to start my blog with a moan.Went to physio at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital today.Got there about 15 mins early with a view to getting parking slot.Drove round three pay & displays everywhere full.Asked security/car park attendant if anywhere else.Just keep driving round he said.Obviously got loads of money considering price of petrol these days. Double parked outside physio while I told them would be late due to no parking spaces.Same guy comes along and tells me to move car.Would've knocked him over if given chance.Eventually parked in Tesco about 500 yards away.Still that was free. Just as I got to physio reception I was called in.Don't know if my backs any better after all the prodding,bending over I had to do. Off to back strengthening class on friday,that should be good for a laugh.Hopefully will have a job then as well as have interview on thursday. Just wish when they built the place and had loads of space they'd put more spaces there instead of a hotel. Rant over Dave. Note to the person who as a guest added two unsavoury comments which I've now deleted,if you haven't got anything decent to post THEN DON'T!!!
  3. Clefthorses 2007 Posted by Rugby Soul Club, 12 June 2007 · I was trying to think what to post in the thread but there was so much to say after a whole weekend, that a blog was needed. I didn't think I was going to be able to get to Cleethorpes this year, trying to sort out someone to look after my two youngest children from Friday after school until Monday late afternoon is not an easy task. A few months back the daughter-in-law anounced they were going to Thorpe Park from Mon 5th - 8th June..... The brain started ticking. If I pay the extra few days til the 11th, can we come up, stay with you and you look after my youngest two..... Oh and can Denise come too coz it's her birthday... Perfect, the scene was set. We arrived Friday at noon, chilled til 3pm, picked up tickets, then spent a bit of time with the family. 6pm we had to endure an "eat all you can" meal, then we were let loose. I'd sorta hoped Friday would just be soul nite hours, then you are forced to rest up a bit ready for the blow out on Sat and don't burn out too wasn't. I found myself being drawn to the quality music being put out in the modern room and with only a short distance between the two rooms, it was perfect for me. I would have loved to try out the upstairs room but with no lift I wasn't wasting any dance energy on climbing stairs. Being the sensible person I am, I left at 1pm and went back to the caravan for some rest, obviously Ganche couldn't leave and she assured me she would be fine. She arrived home at 5.30am and went straight to bed. I was then in mother mode again and found myself being forced to go to Ingoldmells for the day... Arrived back at the caravan by 5pm, Ganche was still asleep, I did check her breathing. With a desperate need for soulie company, I went to find Jo on the site, with grandson in toe. She smiled as I walked in, said to my grandson "oo, you're a lovely little monkey, would you like a banana"?.... It's a lack of sleep thing, I said a lot more embarrassing things over the weekend but as it's my blog, I don't have to spill the beans. I dragged her back to our caravan to get ready for the full on, go for it, Sat nite session. We waited patiently for Ganche to wake up, by 11pm I couldn't wait anymore and woke her......16+ hours she had slept!!!! We were in silly mood by this time, everyone else was in bed, so we had to get ready very quietly. There was no door between us and the bedrooms, so when we put on the hairdryers, we had to stand with a quilt against the doorway to muffle the sound. We got a good picture of me and Ganche being surgeons... At 1am we got a txt from the bedroom asking when we were leaving and to be a bit more quiet. We arrived at the venue at 2am and after being in mother mode for far too long, I was ready to burst. I was a little OTT and some of the things I said and did should not be posted on here but to sum up, I had a bloody great time. Sorry to Colin Wood (rider) who had to put up with my insane ramblings. Also to Chris & Carlos for bouncing in front of them to show how strong my legs were and saying "I always wanted to be a punk". To Donna, James and Jenny, you were very polite as I talked at you. To anyone else I may have harrassed... After feeling so poorly at Rugby last week I needed to let off steam and I did it big style... Ganche was still recovering from the nite before and saving herself for Sunday... We had intended leaving about 6am but I was on too much of a high to go back to the caravan and we would have got told off again for being too loud, so we stayed till 8am. When the music finished, I clapped, yes, I was the only one but I'd had such a ball I didn't care. Got back to the caravan to all children awake and my daughter-in-law laughing at me nervously. Grabbed a few hours sleep while they were still there and able to watch the childrem. They had to leave Sunday afernoon because the eldest son had his grading for his second dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do (and he passed). I had intended to get to the Sunday afternoon session and take the children but for some reason, I didn't feel too good. I realised I'd left my shoes in the venue, so had to venture over at 3pm, managed to hear some of Kenny's stuff.... Chantelle took my shoes off me, tied the laces together and proceeded to play footy on the dance floor with my children. I'd given them a lecture on dance floor etiquette that just flew out the door. And I was too fragile to fight back. I rested all afternoon ready for the Sunday night party. Not having been to Cleethorpes before (yes, I was a virgin), I thought the Sunday nite thing would be quiet, subdued, chilled. So with kids in toe, in we went. I hid them round the corner in what had been the record room. I should have known that nothing is quiet and subdued on the northern scene, where everyone got the energy after a very long weekend, I'll never know... Big thank you at this point for Ady allowing me to drag them along, it was Ganche's birthday at midnight and I so wanted to be there. Come midnight, we did the cake and candles bit, gave her her pressys and off I went and left her to it. I would have loved to have stayed till the "small wee hours" but we can't all lock the kids away and go and have fun... I was still buzzing from the whole weekend, so I packed everything up before I got a few hours kip. I got a txt from Chris Morgan to say, he'd got Ganche and would bring her back later. At 7am, I said I would pick her up later, got one back saying pick her up now, so I bundled the kids in the car, thinking she must be ill. He opened the door and said "I was joking". Don't you just love the sence of humour of a soulie... We manged to get out of the caravan for 10am and headed to town for a birthday brekky for Denise. The plan was for whoever was still there or still alive, to meet up with us. The Rimmer party were still in their caravan tidying up!!!! Cat's group haven't surfaced yet!!!! I missed the call from Chris & Carlos, so by the time I realised, they'd left!!! Never mind, Lionel and Marie managed to find us as it was the cafe next to their B & B. We left Cleethorpes at 11.30am and I was back in bed by 3pm. I haven't had so much fun in a long time, good music, great friends, I will be back..... comment Dave Rimmer DJ Prostitute ! Taking Bookings Now. Posted:Jun 13 2007 09:55 AM So where is the photo of you and Denise as Surgeons ??????
  4. Still On A Record Buying Ban Posted by Kirsty, 24 February 2007 Well as a few others are doing this, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and list the odds and sods I've bought since January 1st when my ban officially started.... In order that they've arrived Brothers of Soul - Dreams/Candy - Shock Sly, Slick and Wicked - Ready For You/Sho Nuff -People Eddie Billups - Shake Off That Dream - Garpax Gene Chandler - Without You Here - Curtom Donny Burks - You Never Know What You've Got - Metromedia Allnite Band - Lovely Ladies - Contact Tomorrows Men - Whose That Lady - Congress Basic Black and Pearl - There'll Come A Time -Polydor Tony Drake - Suddenly - Brunswick Joe King - Speak On Up - Prix Softtouch - After You Give Your All/Say That You Love Me Boy - Prodigal am trying really hard not to buy, but something I REALLY need is currently up for auction.... any ideas on how I can raise some fund
  5. Roots Of Rhythm Blog Posted by NASHEE, 30 June 2007 ROOTS OF RHYTHM....23rd June 2007 The Roots of Rhythm event, was billed, rightly so, as UNMISSABLE....and bugger me...thats exactly what it was. The Journey to the event for us started at 9am on Saturday morning. Bob Morrris picked us up and whisked us off via the m6...m5, to Merv's home. As per usual the hospitality offered by Merv & Shell was second to none. Jodie and Micky were already there, records were spinning, and we were made very much at home. The mini bus was soon loaded...and the second leg of our journey began. We arrived at The Market House, Western Super Mare around 1pm, and the party was soon in full swing. The small back room, set aside for the afternoon bash (record fair & vinyl fest) was soon rockin' as dj's played their tunes, and plied their wares....Double decking seemed to be the name of the game during the afternoon sesh..Merv and Leon, Paul & Jason, Ted, Bob, Jodie & Kev all took their turn and I had the honour of doing a spot alongside Roger Banks. There was a feeling in the air, I can't put into words...but we all smiled knowingly at each other...this was going to be a very special time for us. More and more people arrived as the day turned to night, the back room closed its doors and we started the party proper in the front room....with its clean lines and walls decked out with musical memorobillia..we couldn't in our wildest dreams have hoped for better. The Dj's waited patiently for their allotted spot...All 13 of them. No snobbery or one upmanship here, each one bravely experimenting with new sounds, styles and genres...only possible because of the truly open minded punters that were in great were there numbers at one point, that the back room reopened...such was the volume of folk. The place was absolutely rocking. The one aspect of the night that will always stick in my mind...In the whole 16hrs...Not one negative comment was uttered...NOT ONE !!!! A special thank you must go to Martin...the Landlord extrordinaire...He wined us...dined us and gave us a bed to recover in....and all the time...he kept thanking US....What a guy !! I bow to all those involved...This night will live in my memory till the day I die. Linda. comment kid mohair Getting spins again Posted:Jun 30 2007 07:27 PM Totally Agree, it was a long way and well worth it, i was really looking forward to it.Like Andrew said Merv had collected top rnb dj's "to deliver the goods". Everyone was so friendly, fantastic atmosphere, Jenny smoked a pipe! and roger had a shirt on with Clyde mcphatter on it! also i made lots of new friends. Gina xx
  6. From: Lifeline Bank Holiday Weekend Bonanza Posted by chalky, 16 August 2010 · After our recent foray into Mace Land, Bidds and Stoke that is, we are pleased to be getting back to the Stables. Many thanks to Mace and Chris for the help last time out. Anyway we have a fantastic all-nighter planned (well I think so). Along side the resident rascals of Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Soul Sam, Cliff Steele and myself (Chalky for those who need reminding ) we have Karl Heard, one of the Countries most popular DJ's right now. If thats not enough we have Kev Murphy spinning his wares to kick off proceedings, probably playing stuff he rarely gets the chance to will all be good stuff And as usual to send you home hopefully wanting more is Nottingham's Legendary Rob Smith. So hopefully we will see you all there on a balmy (or should that be barmy?) hot summer night to hear some of the finest in Rare Soul Music. If you can't wait that long I've started a podcast to highlight the DJ's and the records you are likely to have heard or hear at Lifeline. The first one is courtesy of Lifeline main man Andy Dyson (hopefully his co promoter Mick H next). The Podcast can be found >>>>HERE<<<< THE LIFELINE SOUL CLUB presents The Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter At The Brookfields Club (The Stables), Cannock Road, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ. (Directions: Just off the M6 junction 11, A460 towards Wolverhampton then 400 yards on your left). August 28th 2010 9pm till 7.00am, a tenner gets you in! Resident rascals are the Countries TOP Rare Soul DJS Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Cliff Steele, Soul Sam & Chalky This month's special guest KARL HEARD In addition, this months Collector opening the night will be KEV MURPHY and as usual closing proceedings Nottingham's ROB SMITH As for the music, the emphasis will be on the 60's but as usual Lifeline will feature the very best in 70's and crossover plus the odd track from across the Soul years. In short the very best DJ's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music from a fiver to £15000!!! In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For further information Andy Dyson @ or telephone 01302 744927 Mick H @ or telephone 07968 030464 Chalky @ or telephone 07743 863 523 Lifeline Soul Club Rare Soul All-Nighter October 31St 2009 Posted by chalky, 04 October 2009 · THE LIFELINE SOUL CLUB presents The Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter At The Brookfields Club (The Stables), Cannock Road, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ. (Directions: Just off the M6 junction 11, A460 towards Wolverhampton then 400 yards on your left). October 31st 2009. 8pm till 7.00am, a tenner gets you in! Resident rascals are the Countries TOP Rare Soul DJS Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Cliff Steele, Soul Sam & Chalky With this month's special guest gracing the Lifeline decks for the first time The One and Only Dave Greet After the success of our early opening with two collectors Lifeline will once again be opening its doors two hours early Guests TBC and as usual closing proceedings Nottingham's ROB SMITH As for the music, the emphasis will be on the 60's but as usual Lifeline will feature the very best in 70's and crossover. In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For further information Andy Dyson @ or telephone 01302 744927 Mick H @ or telephone 07968 030464 Chalky @ or telephone 07743 863 523 Lifeline Rare Soul All-nighter...summer Madness! Posted by chalky, 23 June 2009 · The next instalment of Lifeline is this coming Saturday, 27th June. Along with the usual crew of Butch, Andy, Mick, Sam, Cliff and Chalky......Kitch will be making a long awaited return to the Lifeline decks to treat our lug 'oles to mighty fine music Hopefuly we will see you all down there nice and early THE LIFELINE SOUL CLUB present The Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter At The Brookfields Club (The Stables), Cannock Road, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ. (Directions: Just off the M6 junction 11, A460 towards Wolverhampton then 400 yards on your left). 10.00pm till 6.00am, a tenner gets you in! Saturday 27th June 2009 Resident rascals are the Countries TOP Rare Soul DJS Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Cliff Steele, Soul Sam & Chalky This month's special guest Kitch!! As for the music the emphasis will be on the 60's but as usual Lifeline will feature the very best in 70's and crossover. In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For further information Andy Dyson @ or telephone 01302 744927 Mick H @ or telephone 07968 030464 Chalky @ or telephone 07743 863 523 Lifeline Rare Soul All-nighter...the Next Installment! Posted by chalky, 29 March 2009 THE LIFELINE SOUL CLUB presents The Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter At The Brookfields Club (The Stables), Cannock Road, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ. (Directions: Just off the M6 junction 11, A460 towards Wolverhampton then 400 yards on your left). April 25th 2009. 10.00pm till 7.00am, a tenner gets you in! Resident rascals are the Countries TOP Rare Soul DJS Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Cliff Steele, Soul Sam & Chalky With this month's special guest digging deep into his collection The North East's Steve "Hoss" Watson As for the music, the emphasis will be on the 60's but as usual Lifeline will feature the very best in 70's and crossover. In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For further information Andy Dyson @ or telephone 01302 744927 Mick H @ or telephone 07968 030464 Chalky @ or telephone 07743 863 523 Lifeline Soul Club 5th Anniversary. Posted by chalky, 29 December 2008 · After a longer than planned break due to dates being unavailable and just too much on other nights Lifeline is back!! February the 28th 2009 see's the return with the Lifeline team celebrating 5 years of "The Real Deal Rare Soul All-nighter". To help celebrate 5 soulful years the resident rascals, Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Soul Sam, Cliff Steele and Chalky will be joined by Lifelines very 1st guest 5 years ago "Marco". Joining Marco behind the decks for his first time will be Flanny!! Along with the residents, Marco and Flanny will be providing the very best 60's soul music, along with the best in 70's and crossover. In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For any further info contact Andy, Mick or myself. We hope you can join us to celebrate 5 years of what we consider quality soul music!! THE LIFELINE SOUL CLUB presents The Real Deal Rare Soul All-Nighter 5th Anniversary Special At The Brookfields Club (The Stables), Cannock Road, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, WV10 7LZ. (Directions: Just off the M6 junction 11, A460 towards Wolverhampton then 400 yards on your left). February 28th 2009. 10.00pm till 7.00am, a tenner gets you in! Resident rascals are the Countries TOP Rare Soul DJS Butch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Cliff Steele, Soul Sam & Chalky With this month's special guest digging deep into his collection See's the return of our very first guest "MARCO" And making his debut behind the Lifeline decks "FLANNY" As for the music, the emphasis will be on the 60's but as usual Lifeline will feature the very best in 70's and crossover. In short all Dj's playing the very best in the rare, obscure, forgotten and underplayed soul music!! For further information Andy Dyson @ or telephone 01302 744927 Mick H @ or telephone 07968 030464 Chalky @ or telephone 07743 863 523 Ralph "soul" Jackson Posted by chalky, 02 November 2008 A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine Andy Dyson, through his friendship with John Ciba agreed to bring Ralph over to perform, John Ciba is Ralph's manager. A few last minute hitches kept Ralph away. Hopefully Ralph may yet make it to these shores in the future. Anyway John sent over a bit of a biography about Ralph and I can't remember if we ever used it so here it is...... Ralph Soul Jackson A biography & discography by John Ciba. Legends from the golden age of soul music haven't always achieved their status through gold records, flamboyant lifestyles, or appearances on cable television. Many cut one or two 45s for small, independent record labels with little to no distribution and only regional radio play. But they still became popular to an international audience when England's Northern soul DJs sought out obscure American soul records to keep their dance floors full. These tracks, relatively unknown in the United States, gained traction in foreign markets, where buyers considered demand for esoteric soul proof of their music savvy. Ralph Soul Jackson, with six rare Southern soul 45s ranging in price from $50.00 to $1500.00, is no exception to this anomaly. Forty years ago, Jackson got a call from Rick Hall at FAME Studios who wanted to record Ralph's Don't Tear Yourself Down with Hank William's Jambalaya and leased the single to AMY/BELL Records. It was this soul-drenched first session in Muscle Shoals that led Hall to give Ralph the moniker he uses to this day. Hall chose to use the Hank Williams song as the A-side and tried to market the single to an unreceptive Black audience. During these sessions Jackson befriended A-list songwriter and session man Spooner Oldham who wanted to record Ralph singing Creams Sunshine of Your Love backed with a Penn/Oldham number Cause I Love You. Atlantic Records released the single in 1967 but it quickly faded while competing with Otis and Aretha for promotional support. In the early 70s local DJ Eddie Dr. Jive Mendell brought Ralph to Birmingham, Alabama, to play his songs for producer Neal Hemphill. They paired Ralph with Oldham again in Muscle Shoals and cut a driving version of Carl Perkins Matchbox and Let Your Sweet Love Surround Me for Hemphill's legendary Sound of Birmingham label. Once again, poor radio and distribution drove the single into obscurity. After two poor experiences with the industry, Jackson walked away from music. In 1975 Ralph came to Neal's new Hemphill Studios and wrote, played all instruments, and sang the soon-to-be Northern soul classic Set Me Free backed with Take Me Back for Hemphill's Black Kat Records. The record, along with others from the label, suffered from a poorly structured, crooked distribution deal. While Jackson was performing on a circuit of U.S. Air Force bases he stopped off in Nashville in 1980 to record three modern soul rarities over two 45s for his own RAJAC label. These highly sought after records had no distribution or radio play and all sales were made during the military base shows. Ralph Soul Jackson is a native of Southern Alabama where he still lives and has never stopped writing, performing and recording music, whether its in his home studio, as the music minister in his church, or at his cousin Jo Jo Bensons club. Soul fans can look forward to the reissue of the classic tracks mentioned above; some newly discovered unreleased gems, as well as the first full length album of new material by Jackson, recorded between anticipated live dates. Jambalaya b/w Don't Tear Yourself Down - Amy/Bell Records1965 Sunshine of Your Love b/w Cause I Love You - Atlantic Records1967 Matchbox b/w Let Your Sweet Love Surround Me - SOB1971 Set Me Free b/w Take Me Back - Black Kat Records 1975 Ill Be a Real True Man b/w This Is My Prayer - Rajac/Black Stallion1981 I Can't Leave You Alone b/w Instrumental - Rajac Records 1981 More about Ralph can be read at his Myspace page.... http://www.myspace.c...lphsouljackson�
  7. Conversations That Bring A Smile To Your Face. Posted by sandi, 05 October 2009 · There is only 1 Smokey I think that many of us on the soul scene know the name Smokey from Wolverhampton, he never fails to disappoint, he's larger than life, and a real character, up and down the country Smokey has entertained and enlightened many of us, he's had us rolling around in stitches, he has been known to hold court with many a captive audience. His tales/stories are that far fetched that they have to be true, because l swear to god even the best novelist could'nt invent them. I, like many others over the years have actually witnessed first hand some of these adventures. The latest one being lastnight while outside Stokes Kings Hall, actually some others may of had their own encounter with Smokey lastnight or sometime over the years, please post your stories on here if you have a funny tale to tell involving Smokey. I'm not exactlly sure what time it was when l was outside having a ciggie and a chat to a lovely lady who l'd met for the first time last week at Bishops Wood, l reckon the time was about 4 am, anyway there we were just chatting away about music and along comes Smokey, in his usually style he joins in the conversation which quickly turns from music to Scotland , England and Ireland (but not Wales for some reason), he's explaining to this lovely, very attractive and petite lady (l'm witholding her name for a reason but all will make sense .....l think in the end) some sort of political stuff to do with Scotland and mentions some gezzers name, at which my friend quickly pulls Smokey up on, saying he should'nt be talking about things like that because there could be some poor Scottish soulie who may over hear and take offence, she also asked him how he could say such things, and he simply replyed "cus it's true", he then started going on about Hadrians Wall, he said it was,nt built for nothing, this time l'd already started to get a fit of the giggles because l know Smokey and how he winds people up, anyway my new found friend still was'nt having any of it, She asked him what his views were about the irish, and again he made a simple reply , he said "they make a lovely thick stew". She then says to him "are'nt you loud! your just brash loud rude and a neanderthal, and anyway you have just insulted me because l'm named after a Scottish flower". At which Smokey replied "What !!!!! THISTLE !!!!" (very loudly), by this time l was absolutely howling, and l said "No Smokey her name is Heather" By now all three of us were laughing about it, Heather started to walk off saying " he's doing my F****in head in , but walked back and said to me " I bet he's hardly ever left his cave in years ". Smokey then goes on to torment poor Heather even more, by asking her what part of the country she live in because she kept saying "Me Duck", so she then turns the question on him ...his reply "I'm a citizen of the world", "thats it she say's he's done my F****in head " and off she headed for the car park, and there as only Smokey can he starts shouting after her "Hey THISTLE come back", I know she took it as just a bit l've fun, because she could'nt stop laughing......and all day l've had flash backs of the whole incident, which has kept a smile firmly planted on my face and even made me titter quite a few times. Smokey even came round this evening to visit, and the first thing he said to me was "Hows THISTLE", and that was it rolling around in fits of laughter again He asked me what Heather had called him and l told him Neanderthal, a very clever Smokey then said "Well she got that wrong, because it Troglodite's that are cave dwellers". Oh dear he did say next time he sees her he's gonna have to let her know that he's a Troggy and not a thal. Think there may be a part 2 to follow. Harpo's Unpaid Secretary Posted by sandi, 20 September 2009 Been asked to post his lastest at home playlist......."yes master" Dramatics "No rebate on love". Southside Movement "Do it to me". Enchantment "Hold on". Vernon Burch "Frame of mind". Lou Edwards & To-days People "Taiking about poor folks". Black Nasty "Cut your motor off". Lenny Williams "Choosing you". Crystal Motion "You're my main squeeze". Mandrill "Never die". Marboo "What about love". Vessie Simmon "I cant make it on my own". Double Exposure "Ten percent". Al Hudson & Soul Partners "Spread love". Philly Devotions "Just can't say goodbye" (inst). Eddie Kendricks "Going up in smoke". Originals "Down to love town". Skip Mahoney & The Casuals " Running away from love". Earth Wind & fire "Happy feeling". Aquarian dream "Phoenix". G.Q. "This happy feeling". Ronnie McNeir "She's gone". Fantastic Four "I got to have your love". Tyrone Davis "What goes up". Montclairs "I need you more than ever". Voices Of East Harlem "I like having you around". Impressions "I'll always be here". Leroy Hutson "Ella Weez". Persuaders "Two Women". Imagination "Love diet". Walter Jackson "Let me come back". Garland Green "Just loving you". Randolph Brown "It aint like it used to be". That all for Harpo for now folks. Time For An Update On My Blag Posted by sandi, 13 September 2009 While at Maxims lastnight l was approached by a few people who asked me why l had'nt made an entry on my blog for a while..............the truth is l've been a victim of hateful text messages from a very vindictive female on the scene, l could have posted an entry about this unsavoury insignificate, but my reaction would of been based on anger had l posted a entry sooner, it's been a while now and l'm calm about the issue, my head is clear and my plans of how to deal with her are simple. She is expecting me to kick off at a soul venue, but l'm affraid if she is waiting for that , she'll be waiting a very long time. I have too much respect for the scene, the music l love and the people who attend the venues, we pay our money to enjoy a night of music and dance, the last thing anybody wants to see is a brawl. I could quote some of the nasty messages l've recieved from her, but l'm not going to waste my time or energy, it's a clear and shut case of pure jealousy. So what am l gonna tell you all about!! 1stly the past few weekends have been some of the best, musically speaking IMHO. Lifeline allnighter and lastnight Maxims. They obviously have got something right, keep it up lads your doing a grand job. My circle of friends just keeps growing, it's great meeting likeminded soulies who don't focus all their attention on slagging off any genre they don't like, both these nighters are structured to every taste and those who attend as far as l can gather don't harp on about the polotics of it all. I think l can honestly say we all have a mutual respect for each others musical tastes. I'm not saying maybe there's isnt any of it going on at these venues, it's just that l have'nt witnessed any evidence of it. If anyones personal experiences differ from mine please feel free to leave an entry on my blog, l'm sure the promoters would only be too happy to hear you comments, good or bad. After all they are just mere mortals like you and l, and don't have the power to read minds (well l don't think they do). What else to tell you ! oh yeah it's my 50th birthday on October 10th, yet l will be holding my birthday bash on fri 9th, this is because of the Prestatyn weekender clashing, but can l just state "l had the date booked 1st 50 years ago" . Everyone is welcome to come and join in on the 9th......except for you know who . Just e-mail me or Harpo for details, or visit the "people with soul" forum. Finally in true Harpo and Sandi fashion, we are still up, and still playing, l did a 2 hour spot downstairs while Paul (Harpo) was tap tap tapping away on SS forum. Here's what l played for those of you who are interested. Sandy Mercer "Now That Your In (What C'ha Gonna Do About It)". Inner Life "I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)". T-Empo "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning". Delegation "Back Door Love". Thelma Houston "No Ones Gonna Be A Fool Forever". Frederick Knight "When It Aint Right With My Baby". Daybreak "I Need Love". Wee "Try Me". O.C.Smith "Nothing But The Best". Baby Washington "I've Got To Breakaway". We The People "Making My Daydream Real". C.B.Overton "Superstar Lady". John Gary Williams "The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy". Oscar Perry "Main String". Garland Green "Come Through Me". Bobby Moore "(Call Me Your) Anything Man". Major Lance "You're Everything I Need". Marboo "What About Love". Herbert Hunter "My Life". 100% Pure Poison "You Keep Coming Back". Bloodstone "Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It". Sister Sledge "Love Don't Go Through No Changes On Me". Change "The Glow Of Love". A Way Of Life "Trippin On Your Love". Main Ingredient "Everything Man". William Bell "The Man In the Street". Bill Brandon "We Fell in love While Dancing". Joe Arnold "More Today Then Yesterday" (Instumental). Street People "Never Get Enough Of Your Love". Garland Green "Just Loving You". Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes "Tell The World How I Feel About C'ha baby". John Valenti "Anything You Want". Bobby Sheen "Something New To do". D.J.Rogers "Love Bought Me Back" Stanley Clarke "Straight To the Top". Double Exposure "My Love Is Free". Carol Smith "What A man". The Dells "Your Song". The Joneses "Hey Baby(Is The Gettin Still Good?)" Prt 1. Mike Jemison "I want Some Satisfaction". Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Too Late To Turn Back Now". Lew Kirton "Come On with It". Thats all folks for now. The nasty one said my blog was nothing but BLAG, ain't everything just a load of old BLAG ? Well maybe she's right, yet all my BLAGGING is based only on fact, not fiction. All the records listed are real, made of real, genuine vinyl, plastic or whatever, they are played on top of the range decks which are also real, using up real electric to play them.........cus we get a REAL LECKY BILL to prove it. Then l might be talking a load of old BLAGOX. So to the female...she knows who she is 15Th August, Poma's Birthday, Poma's Tribute. Posted by sandi, 16 August 2009 · Robert Pomroy, what a character,larger than life and a true friend. It's over a year now since we lost Rob yet not one day goes by without a thought or two for him.My life for as long as l can remember has revolved around the music that l love and the people that l have encountered within this big soulful family, forming friendships with certain ones that have made an impact on me,for all sorts of reasons. Rob was one of these people, he was a loveable rouge, a Jack the lad and sometimes a bloody pain in the arse, but l, like many others who have embrassed 'Poma' can't help but love the guy. Rob left behind one hell of an impression on the Soul Scene, a legacy that lives on in my heart, and as long as it keeps beating Rob will always live on. Rob's family had approached Sean and asked if he would mind organising a tribute night on 15th August (Rob's Birthday). Sean took on the task willingly and it was many months in the planning, and lastnight all that planning and effort payed off, it was a great night everyone there to celebrate a much missed soul brother. I was so proud to have been asked to be part of the d.j. line up and play a few records l know Rob loved to dance to. Repect to all of Rob's family especially his mom and dad. Also a big thankyou to them for allowing us to celebrate Rob's Birthday with them. OUR PLAYLIST FOR THE NIGHT. Whispers 'Remember'. Magnificents 'My Heart Is Calling'. Capitols 'Don't Say Maybe Baby'. Jerry Naylor 'City Lights'. Milton Wright 'I Belong To You'. Jodi Mathis 'Don't You Care Anymore'. Darrell Bank's 'I'm The One Who Loves You'. Richard Temple 'That Beating Rythm'. Duke Browner 'Crying Over You'. RPM Generation 'Rona's Theme'. The Younghearts 'A Little Togethernesss'. Bobby Hebb 'Love,Love,Love'. Spyder Turner 'I Can't Make It Anymore'. Doug Parkinson 'I'll Be Around'. Franki valli 'The Night', Requested by Rob's family to be played last. Now That Harpo's 50th Birthday Is Over...... Posted by sandi, 14 June 2009 · All the preparation and planning over, you'd think l could relax a bit and just enjoy looking forward to Paul's Birthday Party...........WRONG. I was still hard at it with the organising and making sure everything would be just right, not a minute to myself and everyone wanting a piece of me.....pooow l only had 20 mins to be ready, that being showered,hair washed,dressed, and makeup on. People to be picked up, dropped off and delivered safe and sound in the correct room at the Bushbury Arm's, Records to be plonked on the stage.....Stressful dose'nt come close to explaining it all. Helen and Martin, arrived at about 7.20 pm as promised with the D.J. equipment, and it's all systems go, some of the guests also start to arrive.........GREAT, looking good for Harpo, all the hard work is stating to pay off. Decorations and Banners etc had already been put up by myself, Tim Toad and Benko earlier in the day, and at one point l really did'nt think l would be ready as everyone when l got home was calling for my assistance, Sian and Keeley her friend were in demand mode "Mom, Get This, Mom Get That, Mom Can I Have , Mom Will You Do", then my oldest Daughter "Mom Can You Get Me Some Fags, Pick Me Up".......When was l gonna get some time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....No bloody chance, along came Harpo, "Sandi where's the iron, where's my trousers, where's my shirt". When you think it's safe.....they all ask me "Why Aint You Ready ? ", Bloody Hell Why Indeed, derr can't think why. Yet all's well that end's well.....or even starts well, it kicked off just before 8.00 pm, Helen and Martin kindly giving up their time to start the night off, they played some really cracking stuff and did Harpo proud. Timmy Toad supplied us with a class spot, then we knew he would be good, if not better than good. I know he was really looking forward to this day and had planned for it, he did'nt disappoint us, his spot paid tribute to Paul and everything Paul stood for as one of this country's most able D.J.'s . John Pugh was equally as good playing a set of totally across the board gem's, something for everyone. My spot was some what different, as many of you must know by now both Harpo and myself are progressive and forward thinking in our attitude towards soulful music, and my spot reflected that. I started with Soulful House...................l only planned on playing three and then blending the rest of my spot with a choice of 80's,70's, and sixties. It seem's that if there is going to be a attack about the choice of music we pick then l am the target. I'm not saying that everyone complained but it was made clear by just a few , that l should be playing SOUL music. I was in the opinion that l did play SOUL MUSIC, Frankie Knuckles,Panevino,Soularis(Can l just point out the clue is in the Artists name), Fatback Band, Benny Troy, Micky Moonshine,Harold Melvin & The Blue notes, Eddie Holman, l do believe these are all soul artists . Correct me if l'm wrong please. I did point out to these individuals that it was a party and not a venue and as it was Paul's 50th party, and as he is into the soulful house genre along with the 60's,70's,80's and beyond then l played it for him and his friends who have also embraced the movement of soul music, on the whole l did my best for Paul and the one's who appreciated it, l have no room for apologies on this subject. I don't want to get into the policies of what is soul, but l will just say that both Harpo and myself have over the years supported many venue's in our local area and not once gone up to a D.J. and diliberately disrespected any one of them. We have always been respectful of others genre's. We are well aware of the driving beat in the midlands is mainly centred around the 60's tunes, and we like the other "Soulies" appreciate and dance to these, because we still have the passion and the love for the music that has lead us to where we are to-day. This was Harpo's day and he had a great turn out which in it's self was testiment to a great guy. On the night Harpo's closest and dearest friends where there and that is what matters most, everyone there were there for Paul and he was moved by it. It's just a shame that it was tainted slighty by one or two people , but then it would'nt be a party if there was'nt a bit of bovva. Thankyou to all those that came and where part of these celebrations. Harpo's 50th Birthday Posted by sandi, 27 May 2009 By now many of you will know that we are celebrating Paul's (Harpo) 50th Birthday on fri 12th June, his birthday is actually on the 11th and originally we were going to combine it with the Cavendish revival at Broad Lane, unfortunately that all went tit's up and we are hoping to put the Cavendish on at a later date, however we were lucky enough to book another venue to hold a birthday bash. We have had a good response from friends who have confirmed they will be coming along, however it's not possible to contact everyone in person before the 12th, so everyone's welcome. We will be starting the celebrations earlier at my house,a bit of a pre venue warm up,let me know if you would like to come to that first and l can give you details. Looking forward to seeing you all. Sandi x Celebrating Dave's Birthday Left Us In The Party Mood: Then We Don't Need Any Excuses. Posted by sandi, 02 May 2009 Tom me ode mukka, if you happen to read this, then you're right, l never sleep,been up all night playing records and seeing you lot need your rest l thought it's about time l put a play list down in my blog, just to let you know what you've been missing.......................or not as the case may be . And many of you who know me, then you will know my motto is "we will sleep plenty when we is dead", lots of records to be played so it's best done now while l have time!!!!! We went along to Dave Rimmers Suprise Birthday Bash and had a fantastic night, great music,great friends, what more could we wish for !. Arriving home we were up for a night of record playing and l've got quite a list , and l enjoyed playing every last one. Pauls took over on the decks now so l dare say you'll be getting his play list also. I started off pretty mellow, then cranked it up a notch or two, then had to abandon the decks to go to the little girlies room, Paul then suggested that maybe l let him have a go.......well l suppose it was only fair, l must of been playing non stop for over two hours, yet it only seemed like half hour . Time fly's and all that. Sandi's Night Owl Treats With Beats.......or Tweets, you decide. "You & I" Joe Anderson. "Show & Tell" Al Wilson. "You & Me" Solaris. "Let Me Do It" Oscar Perry. "We're Not Getting Any Younger" Kaleidoscope. "I Dig Everything About You" The Mob. "Love Diet" The Imagination. "Do It To Me" Southside Movement. "Cold Game" Myron & E with The Soul Investigators. "Loves So Wonderful" Natural Four. "Everything Man" Main Ingredient. "A Stone Good Lover" Jo Armstead. "Was That All It Was" Jean Carn. "Loving You Is All I Wanna Do" Dee Edwards. "The More I Get The More I Want" Lorraine Johnson. "This Thing Called Love" Marc Evans. "Another Star" Stevie Wonder. "Trippin On Your Love" A Way Of Life. "Slipping Into Something New" 5th Dimension. "Heaven In The Afternoon" Lou Curtan Revue ....on PAD P-120A "Me & You & Love" Milt Matthews. Pt 1 "I'm At The Crossroad" Vernon Garrett. "Daylight" Bobby Womack. "Come On With It" Lew Kirton. "Get The Cream Off The Top" Eddie Kendricks. "Rising To The Top(Give It All You Got)" Keni Burke. "I Wanna Thank The Lord Above"(Higher Blessings) C/U Beres Hammond. "I Need Love" Daybreak. "I've Got To Break Away" Baby Washington. "Mighty Hard Man" Weapons Of Peace. "We The People" General Johnson. "Find My Way" Cameo. "Bare Back" The Temptations. "Sho' Bout To Drive Me Wild" Al Robinson. "Life & Death In G & A" Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band. "Your Autumn Of To-morrow" The Crow. "The Bottle" (Drunken Mix) Gill Scott-Heron. "Life's A Song Worth Singing" Mistura ft Lloyd Michels (Trumpet). "Shake It Up" Dazz Band. "I would'nt Give You Up" Ecstasy,Passion and Pain. "The Moment Of Truth" Dunn & Bruce Street. "Turn The Beat Around" Vicki Sue Robinson. "You're My One Weakness Girl" Street People. "Witchunt" The Dezro Orchestra. "God Knows" Mike McDonald. Well thats it folks, hope there is something in the list that appeals to your taste. Please feel free to leave a comment, or even share some of your favorites with me. THANKYOU FOR LOOKING. I'm Getting Too Old For All This ! Never. Posted by sandi, 18 April 2009 We got back from Bishops Wood at around 2.30 am, and yes we are still up, been playing records as per usual, l played 5th Dimentions "Slipping into something new" l'd forgotten how good that is......bloody great record in my humble opinion. Anyway l've been also up to my old tricks scanning the forums,making the odd comment, and also hold back replying to certain threads, as l dare say we all do at one time or another . l've also developed a fit of the titters, mainly due to remembering recent, conversations, misheard comments, and generally the silliness we get up to and encounter with some really nutty friends whilst on our travels. Every time l see John Weston now l can't help but comment on his "arse being tickled with a feather" Bad case of Mishearing . Then there was a comment made about Soul Sam when he was dj'in in the bar at Prestatyn , Someone said he looked like a Jockey, the way he jigs about behind the decks,.......of course he does says l " he's a disc jockey" Paul (Harpo) came out with a gem, while having a nonsensical conversation ( and being totally straight and sober), about Steptoe and Son!!, he said he'd even get me some mittens to keep my hands warm, and so that l could still have use of my fingers he'd cut the fingers off !!! Derrrrrrr, There are no fingers in mittens . Last Bank Holiday Sunday(Easter), fookin hell, if you think we are mad, then you obviously dont know Lionel,.... and Luci comes a very close 2nd.Before going to the Marr's Bar Allnighter we went and spent some time with them, when we arrived Lionel was dressed up like some sort of Nora Batty-ish- Carmen Miranda, l wished l'd got my camera, bloody hilarious....what was even funnier was that he'd painted big white circles around his eye's, well thats not funny l hear you, but after trying to wash it off his face he asked us how he could get it off as it was'nt budging, l asked him if it was face paint, to which he replied "No it's Tippex" God love him yet some mothers do have em. There was the Banner l made for Molly to take along and wave infront of him when he did his spot at the Marr's read "Molly's Dolly's, Official Fan Club", with all 4 members signitures on the bottom, and a playlist, which warned him "play these or we are going over to the Rimmer side". John Weston got our gift for his birthday, an L.P. "Sing It Lofty" Winsor Davis & Don Estelle, customised and Track Listing up-dated by us, Winsor Davis being renamed as Dave Rimmer and Don Estelle as John Weston. Anyway my heads hurting now trying to remember all the laughs we've had in just a few short weeks, and everyone of them made that extra special by the many fantastic friends l can truely say it's a privilage to know. Can't wait to find out what's gonna happen next. Alan Gittas' Birthday Bash. Posted by sandi, 12 April 2009 · Just got back from Alan's 50th Birthday Bash that was held at Goodyears Pavillion, and l can honestly say l had a very enjoyable night. We arrived just after 9pm and the place was packed with people wanting to wish Alan all the best on his Birthday. ( l vaguely remember some soul nights that used to pull a crowd like this did tonight........dim memory ). Although not all there were "Soulies", everyone had a great time, the dance floor was packed all night and Wilko played something for everyones taste. (Even Modern....oooohh Swore there ). He hired a seven piece soul band called Solid Soul and they entertained the masses, and on the whole the majority enjoyed the live performance. For me the night was made all the better by seeing people l have'nt seen in a long time, Bev (poma's girlfriend),Andy,Angie,Linda,Billy,Bev and Ben, Ginny and Ray, Kim and Colin,Bev and Shane,Tess and Lee.....the list is endless, so if l've not mentioned you, you know l was very happy to see you all and you know who you are. Please feel free to leave your comments on the night, l'm sure Alan and his good lady wife Jenny would love to hear your feedback. Sandi x Wigan Charity Allnighter Posted by sandi, 30 March 2009 God knows how long now it was that Anton asked us if we would D.J in the 70's ,80's room, it must be at least 8 months ago, he explained what the night would be all about and we had no hesitation in accepting his invitation and offer our time free of charge for such a worthy cause. So the day arrived after much preparation and planning, we had a very good feeling about how it would pan out,and we were'nt wrong, after setting out at approx 6pm, we arrived at Wigan by about 7.30, that was the easy bit. Anton had contacted us earlier in the week asking if we knew of anyone who would be willing to loan out some decks for the modern room, of course we, .....Anton however was another kettle of fish, Ludwig his surname, l reckon he should change it to Houdini,or the scarlet pimple," we seek him here,we seek him there", where the fook is he when u want him most ????, l swear it's a mystery, eventually he answers his phone and came to meet us outside Maxims (which is now W N 1, apparently). We are allowed to go into the venue and set up the decks in the modern room, sorted......not quite....technical problems arise,although only minor one's, headphones not picking up any sound(not broken cus they work perfect at my home), just gremlins in the works, then the mic decided to join ranks with the headphones , nothing that was'nt eventually sorted. The Modern room kicked off at 9 pm officially, even though unofficially it did get record play time from 8.30ish,when Jimmy B took charge of the decks with our blessing to warm up and set the atmoshpere, he played some right cracking tunes,a man who truely knows what a soulful record is, now thats what l call music. D.J.'s in order of play times. Steve Clegg Sarah Evison Paul Gould Larry Sandi Dolly Harpo Jimmy B Jimmy B/Harpo Steve Clegg, he was introduce to me by Anton, who asked me to look after him and show him how the equipment worked. This was the first time l and Harpo had met the guy, and found him easy going although a little nervous, this l'm sure was only due to not knowing what type of music the punters were expecting to hear.We all have that dreaded feeling sometimes,so l knew how he felt, so l tried to reassure him, "if you know what you like, and like what you know" then it's easy,relax and appear confident,that always prepares you to settle down and enjoy the experience,and before you know it the nerves are gone. He went on to play a fantastic set, very impressive, l liked his style and taste in music, however later in the evening he did have a conversation with Harpo,and say that the styles and range of music played in the modern room had opened his eyes. To me the soul scene is a progressive ongoing forward thinking and adapting to new soulful trends, it is if you like in effect a school of music developing in all styles and accommodating every taste..........Unfortunately there are just a minority who fail to recognise the wealth and importance of this gradual evolution. Sarah, what can one say about Sarah, god love her, she's as nutty as a fruit loaf.....With NUTS, Big un's, she is truely a breath of fresh air, and really has fun along the way, she seems to take life as it comes and grabs every opportunity to just be herself, l personally would'nt want her any other way and l'm sure Dave will agree that she is perfect in every way, even her imperfect ways.Full of energy(no wonder she's so slim),she really enjoyed her spot behind the decks, donning a fine afro pink wig, spangled waistcoat, and something hanging near to her never reigions,that looked like next doors dead moggy, time to have that waxed Sarah!!!. What a STAR, entertaining and funny, her spot was'nt half bad either, Sarah made me smile throughout her spot.....maybe it was her womanly plan to slip a couple of 60's into her set, without us noticing, IT DID'NT WORK, but we loved your spot and no-one gave a hoot about the dates on the labels, it was the music quality that mattered, well done Sarah, I know you were nervous but you looked very composed and settled within the first few minutes. P.S. You owe me a tenner for the shoulder rub . Larry and Paul made the decision to double up behind the decks, l asked Paul why !, he said cus we work well together, l did take the mick a bit and qouted the advert..."We wanna be togther", soz l could'nt resist, Paul found that amusing...Not that l have any gripe about double decking, if it works for them, and they do seem to make a good team, then why not, the emphysis is on enjoying the experience and delivering the goods, they seemed to do both adequately well, see you both soon guys. Sandi...ooohh Thats me, not gonna blow my own trumpet,just gonna give a little insight to who l am and where l'm from musically. I dont consider myself to be better than the next person,but l do appreciate what comes my way no matter what it may be,be it good or bad, when things are good l very often find myself thinking this is too good to be true,and l wait with bated breath for the bad...sometimes the bad is not too bad after all and sometimes its chronic,but l deal with it head on, l'm a survivour,always ready with a smile,l try not to rock the boat with anyone,yet sometimes l do have to voice my opinion,recently l voice it quite alot , sometimes it gets me into trouble,but l beleive in "what you see is what you get", l cant pretent to be someone l'm not,if that offends certain people then l'm sorry,it's never a deliberate action on my part,and at times l have found myself thinking"oops, did l really think that out loud".....Thats just me. It's all the trappings of life that has made me the person that l am, and an extented portion, rather a long one, has taught me to love,embrase,respect,and cherish every record l consider soulful, l have grown with the music and evolved with it,and it's this progressive movement that has shaped the range that l hold dear to me,it's at time's been uplifting,spiritual,encouraging,and in my darkest hours my best friend,so those who know me,will now understand the importance and the passion l have that burns inside me as bright,or even brighter than when l first heard a soulful tune, because when l did it awakened a appreciation for the words and melody,the both are a marriage of perfection and harmony,evoking all human emotion, l like to think that sets me higher than any other living animal on the planet......but that is just my heartfelt opinion. I play records when l'm asked to D.J. that l consider have helped me mature into the soul loving person that l am to-day,Spots on my bum and all. In some way l feel it's like giving something back to reach other receptive soul lovers,in the hope that the music is embraced also and loved the way l love it. Enough about me Dolly followed me: I'd never met the lady before,and she came up to me shook my hand and introduced herself, she is a very refined lady ,friendly and it was a pleasure to meet her...all that showed through her taste in what she considers to be soulful, diversity however small can speak volumes, that is why my signature in my personal proflie states" the world has music for those that hear", she and all the other D.J.s in the modern room have moved with the times, not forgetting the fundimental roots of the origins of all soul music and the passion for it that drew them to this elitist scene. It's true about that quote, hear the music that this world has to offer in abundance, first we have to listen, there is a great difference between, hearing and listening,in listening we are forced in a way to make a conscience effort to examine everything about the piece of music/song, that includes the rhythm,beat,backbeat,harmony,and WORDS, l cant believe that some people actually have said to me, "l never listen to the words"..unbelievable, it's the words that make the song,they evoke emotions from sadness to joy, how can you not listen to the words?. Dolly dilivered all this and much more,she put her stamp on the venue. My Paul (Harpo), he always delivers the goods and with his excellent range of knowlege about everything that is soulful,he can afford to extend his range and supply a bountyful array of soulful records that will cater for anyones and everyones taste in 70's and 80's. Paul has been my guiding light,my mentor and my biggest fan,he believes that the passion that motivates him also motives me, he is forever seaching for records he considers to be treasures(musically) and never ignores the possibilities of the records he has'nt heard , willing to give them a hearing, most of them obtained by hours of diligent searching/listening to if they are not know,or not familiar, by your's truely ME, l very often turn up with a bundle that have appealed to my taste,which is similar if not in most cases the same as Pauls, he will give them a play and usually 99% he'll like and thats the way we work, Paul however is still trying to build up his original collection that he once owned,he's realistic about it and knows he'll never get the complete set back,yet he lives in hope. This is Pauls driving force and it gives him the determination to keep on playing one great crossover/modern/house/garage...over and over again, what ever, sometimes he doubts his ability, but l know that he is charged by soul music,he feels every emotion that a true from the heart soul record can deliver. He has been a inspiration to me and many others including Johnny Fingers,Shute,Tony Foster,Neil Rushton,Dave Weston,Dave Evison,Brian Rea,Butch,And many many more d.j's, oh l must not forget to mention a lady d.j he has inspired, our very own Jumping Joan. To me thats one hell of a tribute to the wealth of his sensational love and knowlege for the music. His spot was as ever a selection of creme de' la creme from the 70's and 80's the man has earned total respect for the contibution he has made to develope the soul scene we have to-day, and l must mention without him being involved with the cavendish and discovering certain records that are loved by many even today on the scene,then there would be no soul scene in wolverhampton. Pioneers like him are rare,most give up due to lack of support, l for one am right by his side we aim to give it our best shot at putting soul music back where it belongs..on the soul scene. Sorry if you think l have diversed from the main topic, but it needs to be said,respect please where it's due. Jimmy B, he's quite a character, hard on the outside with a soft heart and good ear for soulful music,anyone who left the room and missed his spot will be gutted they did'nt have the faith to stay, what a banquet to savour.Jimmy you really know what is what when it come to choosing a set, it would put most "D.J.'s to shame that they dont reachout and embrace what is right under their noses. You played a blinder. Well l think thats that,if l've upset anyone then l'm sorry,it's not intentional, l've only spoken the truth as l see ,ear , and feel it, l've got true soul in my veins,if l did'nt have a respect and a passion for the music l love then l would'nt be on the scene,but l do, and l have the drive in me to express openly what many other soulful bro's and sis' have said over recent years. If all spoke out more freely then it would make for a better way of soulful life now and in the future to come. Anton thanks again and love to Nikki and the kids Sandi MY PLAYLIST Brainstorm/ Wake up and be somebody(inc prelude). Stevie Wonder/Another Star. Street People/ I wanna spend my whole life with you. The Nights/ When you drop your guard(Love knocks you down). Melba Moore/Pick me up l'll dance 12". Jackie Moore/This time baby 12". O'Jay's/ I love music 12". Lloyd Price/ Love music. Crystal Motion/ You're my main squeeze. Curtis/ How can l tell her. 5th Dimention/ Slippin into something new. Jean Carn/Was that all it was. Silvetti/ Spring Rain. A Way Of Life/ Trippin on your love. Main Ingredient/ Everything Man. John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy. We The People/Making my daydream real. Keni Burke/ Let somebody love you 12". Bobby Thirston/ The very last drop. 4 Below Zero/ My baby's got E.S.P. Lou Curtan/ Heaven in the afternoon (Extended version). Walter Jackson/ Touching in the dark 12". This Is Gonna Be My Last Entry About Backstabbers,and Just For Once It Aint Me They Is Chat Shit About....damn Posted by sandi, 29 March 2009 · Right l know it's getting a little bit boring, but please forgive me if l feel the heartfelt and caring need to just .....just...and only a tadish bit to vindicate their names and some dignity . We all have been subject to gossip and truely we should rise over it all, although there are times when it's not fair when judgement as be passed on other while only one side of the story is heard, l know cus l've been or rather we (me & Harpo) have been in the exact same position. Ask our selves 1sty is it any of our business, and 2ndly do we have the right to interfer and then without a "trial" be sentenced for a "crime" that the poor victims have be accussed short answer NO. Now to the point in question, certain stuff has been happening to very good friends of ours, who we think the world of and will do anything we can to help out, Primarily because circumstance dictates we are concerned about 2 of these close friends,although initially there are more than 4 involved. Right just to name our 2 friends they are and many of you will know them , Luci and Lionel, and as you will also know they were a merry bunch of nutters just going out to venues to enjoy the soulfulness of it all and be mental..............and why not ,it's better than being a boring moaning pow faced git, more people should just be crazy, As kenny Thomas says"It's a crazy world". Now it's not my intention to take sides, because unlike some l kept my nose out,tho some did try to tell us " a version of the story", l made it clear that all those involved are friends and as far as l was concerned then if these wanted to tell us, then it would be up to them, rather that than chinese wispers, and we all know how they work eeeehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We did'nt see any of them for quite a while, then Paul got a visit from 2 of these completely out of the blue, they put their side to him, and planted the seed, however with me and also Harpo it failed to germinate, it truely fell on stoney ground. My response was to just step aside and wait for either, Luci,Lionel,Mick,Mandy,Marie, any one of them or all of them with their side of the story. Now no matter what certain people on our wonderful caring scene think of me and believe me They think l'm great, well lets face it my name is hotter than J'Lo's ass......and l am aint l !!!!! Now dont get all upset and start looking at something in me saying l'm great ,because for years l really believed that l was nowt but shit, if you hear it enough times it now not only do l love Harpo ,but l love myself also..........any comments , Friends have just ditto'ed that fact. I'm not going to explain the details and the in's and out' of who did what,when and how, or even for how long, like l said it's not my business, and both Harpo and l reserve the right as true friend to all concern not to listen to gossip and hearsay ,mostly unfounded, because l'm judge of character, most thing that been mentioned to us are not true to Luci's or Lionel's character. My advice to them is put it to bed, and then forget it, start afresh. I did ask Luci and Lionel if they wanted to add a comment on my blogg and lm happy to say they declined..........good all my advice and reasoning all day paid off . If Mick and Marie read this, please be assured that we also think the world of you and our advice would be the same, you are equal to us, you've done nowt to us and we respect your feeling too, if you hear any bullshit, it did'nt come from us. I wish you all luck and best regards. Shock Revelation Posted by sandi, 17 March 2009 · They are at it again, the gossips are out in force and YET AGAIN got it all wrong. Apparently Harpo and I spent the entire sat night in the car at Prestatyn......why? well l dont know,because as far as l know we spent most of it in one or the other modern rooms. I did however develop a really bad headache and to be honest got really annoyed with the guys who kept banging away on the bloody bongo's in the Soul Intent room, so much so that l thought it best l took myself off into the other modern room before l committed "death my bongo bongo". Now there was a little incident that happened earlier in the day when Paul left me in the chalet to catch up with a bit of sleep ( which never happened due to one thing or another ), he said he'd be an hour.......this actually turned out to be three and a half hours, so as you can imagine l was a little bit pissed off with him, as any woman would be and rightly so. Yet going back to the nights activities, just to put the record straight, because of my thumping head and lack of sleep, l did eventually take myself off to the car at about 4.30 am, which was parked really near to the rear of the building and get my head down, l was zonked and away with the fairies in no time. Is that what the gossips mean by all night !!!!!. This credit crunch thing is even cutting down on hours in the day BLOODY HELL. I know who the gossips are, and they know l know. At this time l will just this once not name and shame them, but dont by any means think that when l see you in the flesh next time l wont approach you and if you have anything to say then say it, but please be brave enough to say to mine and Pauls face's. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE AND TO SAVE YOUR OWN EMBARASSMENT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE FACTS RIGHT. THANKYOU
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  14. Prestatyn Starts Here, Well It Does For Me And Harpo Anyway Posted by sandi, 11 March 2009 · Endless mountains of ironing now eventually come to an end,and all this in preparation for Prestatyn weekender. We are really looking forward to the weekend and having a great time with our many ,many friends, and hope to make many more. Paul started to get all excited on tuesday,god knows why !!!!,we still have 2 days to go yet before we set out on friday morning, so all being well we should arrive at Prestatyn by about 12 noon,unpack ,then make our way to where ever the music takes us. See you all there. PT 1 of the Prestatyn report over and out. Sandi x Pre-niter Invite Posted by sandi, 28 February 2009 To all that it may be of interest, we are having a bit of a get together at my new home as a warm up for tonights lifeline allnighter at Brookfields riding stables, all you need to bring is a bottle/can and yourselves. Those of you who need my address/ phone number, please e-mail me and l'll send you the details. Sandi xx LIFELINE ALLNIGHTER : OH WHAT A NIGHT. Well we had a few responses to our invitation for the warm up prior to the allnighter, good friends of ours who came to wish us well in the new house:Jane,Phil,Johnny,Gary and Smokey, we had a bloody good laugh which set us up to enjoy the rest of the night. So off we set for Brookfields Lifeline's venue and found it extremely busy,and thats how it stayed all night. I'm usually a avid dancer,but due to feeling really knackered from all the unpacking etc that is all part and parcel of a house move, l did'nt do much dancing, yet l really enjoyed the atmosphere,company and fantastic soul music. Tricky Vicky was as always in fine feckle and very good company, we exchanged bollocks verbal shite during fag breaks throughout the night, l did poor Willy's head in as l do to most folk when l've got my silly head on, but l know he forgave me as he came back to my house after the allnighter had finished,as did,Johnny,jane, and two lads,who l'm sorry but l did'nt get their names(promise to ask them next time l see them), then l always tend to forget names anyhow,but l never forget a face, and they are regulars on the scene, they were stuck for transport so we offered to take them back to mine and give them cups of tea,played them some records,and l think they enjoyed their time with us load of nutters, Harpo (Paul) then kindly gave them a lift to Wednesbury bus Station,and saw them safely on their way, another visitor to the house was Smokey(3 times), we always enjoy his company,he truely is a great friend who provides a laugh every minute,and also he never ceases to amaze me with his wealth of knowlege, be it soul records,artists or even more serious topics. So all in all l think l can say with real confidence that l had a fantastically enjoyable evening/night/day................and l still have'nt been to bed yet No rest for the wicked, which in that case l think qualifies me as truely evil. I would'nt have it any other way. Sandi House Moving Is Stressful. Posted by sandi, 26 February 2009 It's been a few weeks now since l put anything on my blog, this being due to l've been busy moving into a new house. I'm getting to old for all this shit so l think l'll have to settle in this house...........for now anyway. Hoping to be at the Lifeline Allnighter on sat, and might even be having a bit of a house warming before hand and carrying on afterwards, so anyone who knows me is more than welcome. See you all soon, Love Sandi x Assembly Of Soul. Posted by sandi, 01 February 2009 As l've already stated in my post on the "Events look back" section, this was a fantastic night, and you always know it's good when you check the time and find it's nearing the end, the night just fled by, l suppose that was due mainly to the friendly happy crowd letting their hair down and having a bloody good time. This is a very classy venue, the interior being designed by Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen (very posh), Large function room with big dance floor, and a top quality sound system. I was very pleasantly suprised by the amount of younger people who were there, god it's about time we had an influx of new blood,it's what's needed on the scene and has been for a long time. In my opinion going on what l saw lastnight this venue can only go from strength to strength and become one of the scenes success stories, just like "Lifeline" is setting a presidence so it seems is "Assembly Of Soul". It's not easy these days to promote a venue and keep it healthy, so l take my hat off to the promoters.....Well done guy's. Chalkie............what can l say about this guy!! he's such an entertainer, he gets up on that stage and he really goes for it, he's got so much passion,enthusiasm,and pure love for the music he believes in, he's just a STAR . My Play List Deon Jackson/Love makes the world go round. Eddie Kendricks/Keep on truckin. Four Tops/Something about you. Jamo Thomas/I spy(for the FBI). 21st Creation/Tailgate. Dezro Orchestra/Witchunt. Silvetti/Spring rain. Epitome Of Sound/You dont love me. Bobby Hebb/ Love,love,love. Lloyd Price/Love music. Isaac Hayes/Disco connection. O'Jays/I love music. Benny Troy/I wanna give you tomorrow. Steve Karman's Big Band ft Jimmy Ratcliffe/Breakaway. Mike McDonald/God knows. Frankie Valli/The night. Harpo's Play List Bob Relf/My little girl. The Furys/I'm satisfied with you. The Belles/Dont pretend. The Younghearts/A little togetherness. N.F.Porter/Keep on keeping on. David And The Giants/Ten miles high. The Isley Brothers/My love is your love. The Detroit Spinners/I'll always love you. Marvin Gaye/Come get to this. Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes/The love l lost. The Trammps/Hold back the night. O'Jay's/Love Train. Luther Vandross/Never too much. Dobie Gray/The in crowd. Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers/Sock it to em J.B. Robert Parker/Barefootin. Oscar Toney Jr/Ain't that true love. Frankie Valli/The night( request ). A Final Farewell To Dougie. Posted by sandi, 30 January 2009 · We attended Dougie's funeral this morning,arriving at about 9.25 am to join the many,many friends and family to say our final goodbyes. The attendance must of been 400 plus, apart from Harpo and myself representing his love of soul music were,Max,Kenny Onions,Pardo,Dawn and John Pugh,Micky Devey and l'm sure there were more,but these are the ones we saw and spoke to. As funerals go,it was a lovely service, not just a mourning to a dear departed friend but a celebration to his life, and although sad it was that Dougie lost his fight for life aged just 47, the people and the memories Dougie left behind are a fitting testimony to the man himself. His sister Hazel was invited to say a few words about her brother,she had us laughing and she had us also crying, she spoke with love and tenderness about Dougie but above all with pride. Dougie was indeed a larger than life character,who made friends where ever he went in all the aspects of his life. Paul(Harpo) and I very proud to have known him. Sleep well Dougie Sandi xx Good Times At Bushbury Posted by sandi, 26 January 2009 This was my very first time in the Bushbury Working Mens Club, all these years of passing it by in the car and never really giving it a sideways glance, so l was very suprised at how classy the place is,very nice. Max had a couple of days earlier prior to the Sat night event posted me a question on the events forum, asking if l could mix 10 12" modern records in half hour, l thought he was pulling my leg,so l went to visit him the next day and ask if he was serious!!!, and apparently he was...........mind you l had been a tad cheeky earlier in the week and e-mailed him telling him how much l was looking forward to Pauls (Harpo) D.J. spot that Max had booked him for on that sat night, adding............"so when you putting me on then" Just goes to prove if you dont ask you dont get eh!! The night turned out to be great fun,everyone in attendance just really let their hair down and enjoyed themselves, so many smiling faces at one venue, well , maybe it could become a regular sight at venues all over the country, soulies actually enjoying every minute, laughing,joking ,dancing (even to , god dare l say it!!!! some modern music ) and SMILING, l aint saying everyones like that, on the whole most are pleasant enough, but l think there will be one's reading this blog who will know exactly what l'm on about, please dont shoot me, l'm just expressing a generalised opinion . Max and Gary have chosen a lovely venue that deserves a visit, so come on what you waiting for ?,especially the local soul crowds, give it a try , you got nothing to lose and everything to gain......and if you dont like it then you dont have to come again, but l'd love to see some of my old mates who l dont see very often at any venue any where any more, and l'm sure their are other people who attend this and other venues ,will feel the same. Open Invite Posted by sandi, 18 January 2009 Anyone out there reading this who wants to hear some great soulful music from now until whenever we decide to call it a day is very welcome to come and join us, we have'nt planned a party but we have'nt been out in weeks due to lack of funds (xmas blues). We have already started, and are well and truely up for it, so come on what you waiting for ????? "Please make up your mind" and "accept our invitation" dont be "shy Guy's" we will be "Dancing in the street" "bare footin" with our "happy feet" this could be your "Salvation", it's a "one night affair" yes "this l swear" it's a "one nighter", so "come on down" and we will play"your song" or "the next best thing". Sandi and Harpo P.M us or Phone if you have either of our numbers, alternatively if you know where Harpo lives just turn up. Demons Itv Posted by sandi, 14 January 2009 · Soul on TV Occasionally during the week when one is relaxing and just watching the T.V. trying not to think too much about anything soulful,because most of us store that energy up for fun packed weekends and then ....................woosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tonight while watching the re-run of Demons on ITV 2 they go and play a classic soul track/ Billy Butler-The Right Track(vocal)" Okeh Okeh Okeh "!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else got a story to tell ?? Oakley Cancelled. Posted by sandi, 14 January 2009 Unfortunately The Oakley has been cancelled until further notice. Can't go into the reasons why, l'm sure if anyone want's to know they can ask Swoz, or refer to the thread in events talk. At this difficult time our best wishes are with him and Rona. Sandi and Paul (Harpo) D.j. Dates For Jan 009 Posted by sandi, 11 January 2009 · Where to find us when weI DJ Two dates are now in our diary for Jan where we are to be D.J,ing. 1, 24th/Jan....The Oakley Country Club,Brewood,South Staffs. 2, 31st/Jan....The Assembly Rooms,Leamington Spa. Hope to see you there. Sandi and Harpo. Another Year Older. Posted by sandi, 01 January 2009 · 2009 is here....Happy new year to you all, with best regards, Sandi and Harpo Good Times @ Brookfields Wolverhampton Posted by sandi, 28 December 2008 Harpos Play Listings Deon Jackson/Thats what you do to me. Darrow Fletcher/What good am l without you. Sidra/Sidra's theme. Robert Thomas/Salvation. Tempests/Someday. Bobby Bland/Yumyum tree. Marvin Smith/Who will do your running now. Belles/Dont pretend. Bobby Gerret/My little girl. Fury's/l'm satisfied with you. James Fountain/Seven day lover. Lou Edwards and Today's People/Talkin'bout poor folks Chris Jackson/l'll never forget you. Incredibles/There's nothing else to say. Oscar Toney Jr/Aint that true love. Tony Middleton/To the ends of the earth. Taj Mahal/A lot of love. Lou Courtney/Trying to find my woman. Darrell Banks/l'm the one who loves you. Backstabbers...and I Aint Talking The O'jays Posted by sandi, 28 December 2008 lm very well aware that there are some people on the soul scene who can't find anything better to do than slag off fellow soul lover and in most cases without due cause or even sound foundation. l am pleased to announce that it is my time to shine as the twat of the soul scene, l have been informed by a very close and dear friend this weekend that some weeks ago my name was mentioned at a allnighter and some person (female) made a negative comment about me and made it known her feelings, l dont know the identity of this female, but l assume she's a tittle tattling backstabber with self worth and jealousy issues, thats her problem.....good luck love. Apparently she seemed to know the exact number of the people who came through the doors at the last Oakley.....15 in total she confirmed to my friend, which l can now put the record straight is untrue, there were more than that in attendance. Anyway it does'nt matter if there was just 1 or 1001, it was none of her business to pass any comment on something which is obvious she knew sweet F all about,as by her inaccurate comment,clearly proved she was'nt 1 of the people who did actually turn up,how can anyone possibly make stupid remarks and put themselves forward for a response from someone who was there.....derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yeah she also stated with complete confidence that l and Harpo are the promoters of the Oakley venue,again this is untrue, some people should stop with the guessing games and get a life, if they did maybe they could interact with like minded people like me,who's sole purpose is to go out on the weekend after working hard all week just to unwind,dance to the music that we love and have association with friends and aquaintences, nothing more and nothing less, and what if l do D.J. at some venues, whats the big problem with that ??, all l can assume is it's bourne out of pure jealousy, simple as that. She remarked that l was a "silly cow".......the way l have chosen to deal with this unsavory individual is by breaking the insulting comment down into 2 parts and turn it into something possitive. Pt 1.........Silly, yeah maybe l'm a bit silly at times at venues because there are too many serious soulies,and l believe life is what we make of it, the soul scene is all about enjoying what we have.........or have l got it wrong all these years???.....Oh silly me, of course it's all about the politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT. However if she is meaning silly in a stupid sense, then please indentify yourself by me and l can forward you solicitors papers, because l'm very sorry to inform this female that stupid l'm not and l can prove it, hope she has the proof ready to discredit me. Or is it a case of yellow back fever ??? Pt 2..........Cow, No l look nowt like a cow, a cow is a four legged animal,and at my last count l have only 2 legs and l look very much like a female of the homo sapien species, so sorry untrue yet again. Yet to turn it right round on it's head, the way l look at it is in India cows are worshipped and revered, they are seen as being holy and sacred, so whoever you are my fine feckle friend thanks for holding me in such high esteem , but honestly lm just a mere mortal!!!! It is evident that you don't know one thing about me so should not be so loose with your tongue, my advice to you is stop to think before you make nasty comments that can come back to bite you hard on the arse............... Because what ever you think about me l can put you right, now, l'm far worse than me,and l should know, so carry on, l was gonna put a negative comment about this female, then l thought why bother !!! she is'nt worth it because as far as l'm concerned she is a non consequential, of no substance or importance, and just to round it off nicely can l just make my comment: for every 1 person on the scene who dose'nt like me, there are 100 who do. THE'RE TALKING ABOUT ME, WORDS OF JOHNNY BRAGG. Hey take note: l really don't give a fook, just wish that if you can't help but backstab then at least please get your information correct for gods sake, or it's always gonna be a case of egg on your face . Sandi comments posted at time of orig post very well said sandi ! Illya Tape swappers fav Posted:Dec 28 2008 09:26 PM Good For you there's a lot of it about, "Simple Minds" that listen too the "O'jays" and become Back Stabbers and come up with being "The Young Halt Trio"Wack Wack all over there face. What they need is a bit of James Fountian77 day lover and be William BellHAPPY not be a Al WilsonSnake in the grass. I know of two simmilar back stabbings goings on that could end in Lee Roye Tears(Nothing but tears) and a possible third on the horizon. Your Dean Parish Determination is a credit to you, and from reading your blog you have passion for the music we and others love "O'jays"I Love the Music It is a shame this happens,it is not rare soul music thing it happens in work, boxing, off road cycling, you organise events and people would rather do another clubs event in stead of the one you spent time Junior Walker Money doing for them, and then you find out they have been bad mouthing me, it must be a crap event ect if no one is entering it and you had got the entry forms out before the other events on the same weekend. In the end I had to cancel the event due to lack of intrest and they had asked the event organise to arange it, my position as membership secretary and event organiser I eventually gave up, and the club folded shortly after. Guy Darrel I've been hurt by Judy Street Whathappened but don't trust people,I was going to a bash for 50th a Soul night for the Parkinson's charity, but I have not got the Gil Scot Heron The Bottle to do it. What I have done is to get people to think when reading this by thinking of song titles by the artits then you edit by getting rid of the title or if you think it is not suitable just get rid, The Lovelites Get it off my Conscience Regards Andy sandi Tape swappers fav Posted:Jan 02 2009 06:59 AM Thankyou for your comments of support, l would normally of ignored such a comment and treated it with the contempt it deserves, but unfortunately 2 lies where told and l needed to nip it in the bud before it got out of hand.......Chinese whispers can cause so much damage and l can do without that. Backstabbing remarks were still filtering through on new years eve when l and my partner Harpo were at the Oakley getting ready to d.j. at the allnighter, apparently it was a waste of time anybody turning up to the venue because according to certain ones (they know who they are) said we would only get 12 people turn up.......what l really want to know is that including the d.j.s !!!!!!! OOOOpppps, like l said these one's have been left well and truely with egg on their faces, Over 250 turned up from all over the country and we had a fantastic night, some of those who came along to celebrate new year with us were, Chris Waterman,Marcelle,Vicky,Mick,Dave and Marg Rimmer, Dave and Sarah Evison, Katrina,Rick and weasle from nuneaton, paul had'nt seen him for years so it was nice for them to catch up. Sorry if we have dissappointed our backstabbing friends, but inadvertantly your negative remarks cemented at least half a dozen more people deciding to come to the Oakley ( do you think it had something to do with them wanting fun and not be subjected to politics ??). Friendship and loyalty forged over many years still proves to be as stong as ever, think before you speak, can you really be sure of the person your speaking to !!!!!!!!!!!! harpo1 Tape swappers fav Posted:Jan 02 2009 07:54 AM Hi, its Harpo here, thought i would tell you my thoughts on what Sandi has heard Well guess what, i don't give a toss, i have been in the frame for all sorts of things in the past, some of 'em ain't even been true, thats the price you pay for having been a zealous participant in the "scene" over many years, in many ways!! I'm sure there are quite a lot of people out there who can't stand me, and thats what anyone who choses to put themselves in the public domain(with dj'ing and other acts of enjoyment and high spirits) must accept, you must expect both good and bad reaction, But then it must be seen as a worthwhile action, if it is capable of such responses. However to then use this to try to scupper a persons choice of where to go is for want of a better word" twatish!" Especially when the venue is nothing to do with us, other than as just two of the line up of 15 dj's in two rooms on the night. It is i'm glad to say a growing trend amongst the hard core to refuse to listen to all the bleating and sniping that has been a blight on the scene, you pay your money, you makes your choice. So to those who i and my lady have ro upset, or maybe left with feelings of jealousy or anger, let me reassure you 2009 will be "service as normal", as i'm sure our 100's of good friends would expect. Resolution for the carry on living the scene to the max, with lots of excess even more fun, and enjoyment, and playing what we see as great soul music. Just use yur feelings in a more responsible way, or better still live with it, we aint going away wev'e put in 70+ years of work to get this far Happy new year....Harpo Seasons Greetings Posted by sandi, 25 December 2008 A very merry Christmas to all our readers, friends old and new, and also to all the friends we are yet to meet. With best wishes and regards, Sandi and Harpo xxx Out Of The Ash'es Maybe A Phoenix Rises ! Posted by sandi, 11 December 2008 A Little Birdie Told Me As Shute closes the doors on Stafford,it appears that Mr John Fisher is set to open the doors once again from Jan in the new year. I wish him good luck. Where To Hear The Records You Love- @ Home! Posted by sandi, 07 December 2008 · Behind the decks at home While Paul was in the forums wreaking havoc, l was playing with the decks, l decided to start this category to share some things both me and paul play at home,which many either get over looked or are just dissmissed for whatever reason.......but not all. This is'nt in any particular order as l'm just trying to remember in the main what l played and not in the order of play. Something new to do/ Bobby Sheen. You keep coming back/100% Poison. How can l go on without you/ Corey Blake. Everything man/Main Ingredient.....For my old mucker Shute. Trippin on your love/ A Way Of Life. The whole damn world is going crazy/ John Gary Williams. A song for the children/ Lonnie Liston Smith. l belong to you/Milton Wright. Thats loving you/ Percy Wiggins. Superstar Lady/ C.B. Overton. Mother of shame/ Loletta Holloway. Only the strong survive/ Jerry Butler. Like taking candy from a baby/ J.T.Brown. Dont you care/ Jodi Mathis. Loving you is all l wanna do/ Dee Edwards. Love takes a long time growing/ Deon Jackson. All on a sunny day/ Deon Jackson. Cracking up over you/ Roy Hamilton. It'll never be over for me/ Baby Washington. l'll always love you/ Dean Courtney. Love dont come no stronger/ Jeff Perry. It takes heart/ Gregg Perry. Man without a woman/ Michael and Raymond. Show and tell/ Al Wilson. l can't help loving you/ Paul Anka. Sweet Sherry/ J.J.Barnes. The moment of truth/ Dunn and Bruce Street. God Knows/Mike McDonald. March/ Shirelles. Last minute miracle/ Shirelles. If l had my way/ Walter Jackson. Touching in the dark/ Walter Jackson. l dig everything about you/ The Mob. All over the world/ Chuck Jackson. Walk away from love/ David Ruffin. Dont let love slip away/ Freddie Jackson. Final Night For Stafford Rangers Posted by sandi, 07 December 2008 After five years Shute & Gary lastlight decided to call it a day and close the doors on Stafford Rangers, and l fully understand and support that decision,after all how long can anyone be expected to "cast their pearls before swine"!!!!! thats not an insult on anyone,just a quote from the bible, if the support aint there ,it aint there ,simple as that. I'm a dedicated follow of soul,yet as the years slip by sadly it also seems so do the masses, what was once a thriving scene is now a pitiful sight espescially in the west mids, is it just a west midlands thing or is it nation wide, please do tell. I'm really at a loss these days to even try and understand "what's going on", soul music to me is a passion,and perhaps thats why l get so upset,not just for me but also for the promoters that put so much time and effort...not to mention money into trying to make a venue succeed,only for it to fold because of the lack of support. Can somebody,anybody, please explain it all to me ! Or is it just me!!!!! The Strange World Of "northern Soul" Posted by sandi, 30 November 2008 · Aint it funny what some folks say Over the years l have met a wide range of people on this elitist scene of ours,and it never fails to amaze me what comes out of some peoples mouths..................most of which l'm glad to say has had me in fits of laughter, the most recent came from my own daughter Sian, she and her friend Paige came along with us on friday night 28th Nov to the J2 Oldbury/Mike Terry tribute, anyway during the evening Paige asked me why everyone calls me Sandi as my name is Alexandra !, l told her it was a long story from my young and wild days at Wigan Casino, encountering the scottish lot, it was they that started calling me Sandi.........anyway to cut a long story short, l said that was from way back then when l was just "knee high to a whipper snapper" daughter then pipes up "what! you used to pull your skirt up to your thigh,and you was a wigan slapper", l said l didnt say that,yet she was convinced that l had, after repeating what l had said, she laughed and said, "OOOOpppps sorry mom". Anyone who wants to share their funny experiences with me please feel free to leave a post, l look forward to hearing them. Mike Terry Tribute : J2 Oldbury Posted by sandi, 29 November 2008 · We had a choice of two events to go to tonight,Ilkeston and Oldbury.We chose Oldbury because it was a special tribute night organised by Hitsville Chalky for a great guy sadly no longer with us who brought so much pleasure to the soul scene, not only was he a fantastic saxaphone player,he arranged and produced some of the best soul music ever to come out of Detroit,amongst some of the artists he worked with were Darryll Banks, Mary Wells,Moses Smith, JJ Barnes,Donnie burdick,The Precisions,Luther Ingram,Dena Barnes,Stanley Mitchell,Jimmy Mack,Appreciations,Fred Hughs,Fantastic Four,Lorraine Chandler,Edwin Starr,Deon Jackson........The list is endless. Yet although the night musically was absolutely outstanding ,the attendance was pretty tell the truth, and l can because it's my blog l was really disgusted that just a handful turned up to pay respect to this incredible MAN who gave so much for our benefit and was repayed in such a pathetic way...........he recieved as little in respect as he did in payment when he was alive..........yet without his contributions,can we honestly say we did'nt gain a great deal of musical wealth,just by looking at the few artists listed he worked with that gave us & continue to give us classics such as Moses Smith/Girl Across The Street,Jack Montgomery/Dearly Beloved, Deon Jackson/Ooh Baby,Dena Barnes/If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life. To me Chalky did a excellent job of putting this night together, it is the best oldies night l have attendended for god knows how many years,so refreshing to hear good classic soul music that is'nt over played,and also credit to all D.J.'s for their part in making it a fantastic night, dont worry that the "Soulies" were'nt there , the 25 or so that were enjoyed it, NOW THATS WHAT I CALL KEEPING THE FAITH.........It's us few against the rest. Can l just also mention that this night was about raising money for Mike Terry's daughter to help her out finacially with cost's towards funeral expenses etc, like l said Mike gave so much freely,it seemed only fitting that we gave something in return..............lastnight we managed to raise £140, l only wish it could of been more. 25/30 people lastnight were of the same opinion...............sometimes l really feel that l'm banging my head up against a brick wall There's a saying is'nt there that goes " you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink"......Come on guy's something has to give here, or is it a case that most have just given up, if so why!!!! tell us what it is that will motivate you to KTF. Sandi signing off........but not for long xxx Time To Party With Sandi And Harpo Posted by sandi, 12 November 2008 Where to find us when weI DJ Due to all the controversy that blights our elite scene, l have now decided that l shall post all forthcoming venues and dates that myself and Paul will be asked to D.J. at on this blog. This Sat 15th Nov we are both playing in the modern room @ The Oakley Country Club , Brewood , Nr Wolverhampton. For more info contact Swoz. This venue is being run by the Owers of the club Maria and Ray who have no dealings with any other promoters on the soul scene, their motivation is purely to provide a venue which will bring beneifits to their business only. Anyway l ain't getting into all the in's and out's of it , l'll just give a brief description of the place, as the name suggests it's setting is in the country a short drive away from the village's of Brewood and Coven, the building itself is very quaint wood panalling on the walls etc, olde worlde type interior, it has the two main dance rooms plus other little rooms with comfortable furnishings for chilling out,chatting to mates etc. Outside the gardens are fantastic,with loads of patios and undercover area's for the smokers among us,it also has the added feature of it's own lake with island accessible by a bridge ( very Pretty)................thats enough, if you want to know more you'll have to come along and see it for yourselves . The night kicks off at 8.30pm and finishes at 5.00 am. D.J. Line up............ Main Oldies Room. 8.30......Jamie Carr. 9.40......Ron Garrett. 10.50....Keith Minshull. 12.00....Shute. 1.10......Hitsville Chalky. 2.20......Paul Gould. 3.40......Swoz. Modern Room. 9.00......Tim Fletcher(Toad). 10.10....Micky J. 11.20....Kev John. 12.30....Sandi. 1.40......DJ Graham(Greyman). 2.50......Harpo. 4/5.......Tbc. We look forward to seeing you there. Sandi xx THE OAKLEY COUNTRY CLUB PLAY LISTS. 15th Nov 2008. Sandi's Play List. Wahoo/Dont Take It Personal. Ron Carroll/Im In Love. Terry Hunter ft Terisa Griffin/Wonderful. Dionne Warwick & Detroit Spinners/I Dont Need Another Love. Drizabone Remix,Lulu/There Has Got To Be A Way. Jazmina/Let The Rain Come Down. Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie/Tears (Full Intention Remix) Groove Junkies ft TC Moses/So Damn Crazy. Dennis Ferrer/Church Lady. Marquito ft Duane Harden/Face It Now. Panevino/Freeze The Frame. M.A.S. Collective ft Su Su Bobien/Joy. Harpo's Play List. Wilton Felder/Inherit The Wind. Al Hudson & Soul Partners/Spread Love. Michael Wycoff/Looking Up To You. Oliver Cheetham/Something About You. Shazz ft Ken Norris/Innerside. Kenny Bobien/Justifiable. Mark Grant ft Russoul/Guessing Again. Jaheim/Never. Sunburst Band/Everyday. E-Smoove/Deja Vu. Tow A Tei ft Joi Cardwell/Luv Connection. Luther Vandross/Can I Take U. Dennis Taylor/Enough Is Enough. Johnnie Taylor/What About My Love. Request played for Pardo, Prince Phillip Mitchell/One On One. The Oakley New Years Eve Party. My playlist for the modern room. A Way Of Life/ Trippin' on your love. Main Ingredient/ Everything Man. John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy. Silvetti/ Spring rain. Loleatta Holloway/ Mother of shame. Lonnie Liston Smith/ A song for the children. Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band/ I'll be around. Double Exposure/ Everyman. Fire Island ft Loleatta Holloway/ Shout to the top. Mousse T/ Brother on the run. Cerrone ft Jocelyn Brown/ Hooked on you. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz/ The way you love me. Deep Swing ft Xavior/ Shelter. M.A.S. Collective/ Joy. Panevino/ Freeze the frame. Groove Junkies ft tc Moses/So damn crazy. Dennis Ferrer/ Church lady. Lenny Fontana presents Byron Stingily/Light my fire. Loleatta Holloway/ Dreaming(Satoshi shell shock reconstruction mix) Shazz/Fallin' in love. mixed with Splinterpella(Accapella). Heather Headley/I wish l was'nt. Terry Hunter ft Terisa Griffin/Wonderful. Jazmina/Let the rain come down. Lulu(Drizabone remix)/There has got to be a way. Crue-L Grand Orchestra ft Philip Ramirez/Spend the day without you. Harpo's playlist Shazz/Innerside. joi Caldwell/Let him go. Jaheim/Never. Kenny Bobien/Justifiable. Marc Evans/Reachout. UBP ft Michael Proctor/Love don't live. Tears/Frankie Knuckles. Sunshine Band/Everyday. E-Smoove/Deja`vu. UBP ft Bobby Pruitt/We are one. Johnnie Taylor/What about my love. Bobby Womack/Daylight. Michael Wycoff/Looking up to you. Joe Anderson/You & l. Al Wilson/You did it for me. Mixed Feeling/Sha la la Martha Hicks/Looking over my shoulder. Dells/Your song. Webster Lewis/Let me be the one. Truth/Coming home. Walter Jackson/Touching in the dark. Zingara/Haunted house. Lenny Williams/Chosing you. Brainstorm/Wake up and be somebody. Jean Carn/If you wanna go back. Oscar Perry/l got what you need. Benny Troy/l wanna give you tomorrow. Jeff Perry/Love don't come no stronger. Eloise Laws/Love Factory. Leroy Hudson/Ella weez. Keni Burke/Let somebody love you. Patrice Rushen/Have'nt you heard. Jackie Moore/This time baby. Timmy Toads Playlist. William Bell/Trying to love two. Pioneers/My friend James. Marc Sadane/One minute. Fourth Day/You turn me on. Bliss/Move it. Patrick Henry/Lovin you. Billy Cole/Extra careful. A.J.Brown/Making love. Su Hightower/I wonder why. Emanuel Laskey/Put your name in the hall of fame. Dee Dee Warwick/Funny how we changed places. Midnight/Keep on walking by. Bileo/You can win. Roy Dawson/Over the top. Ambelique/Talk like that. Teddy Pendegrass/Do me. HARPO'S WARM UP SPOT : OLDIES ROOM. Deon Jackson/You gotta love. Darrow Fletcher/What good am l without you. O'Jay's/Hold on. Robert Thomas/Solvation. Bobby Bland/Yum yum tree. Tempests/l just don't want to lose you. Jimmy Soul Clark/Tell her. Magnificent 7/Never will l make my baby cry. Kenneth and Delroy/Let me hold you close (pt 1). Deon Jackson/Thats what you do to me. Baby Washington/l've got to breakaway. Prince Philip Mitchell/One on one. Marvin Smith/Who will do your running now. Natural Four/Your love is wonderful. Darrell Banks/l'm the one who loves you. Double Decking Play Lists... Me And Him. Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008 Play list from Co-Op Club, Nuneaton H.Overture/The Miracles. S.You're My Main Squeeze/Crystal Motion. H.Dont Be Affraid/Creative Source. S.Keep On Running Away/Bit's & Piece's. H.Hung Up On Your Love/The Montclairs. S.Life & Death In G&A/Love Child Afro Cuban Blues Band. H.Tailgate/21st Creation. S.When You Drop Your Guard(love knocks you down)/ The Nights. H.I Got What You Need/Oscar Perry. S.Making My Daydream Real/We The People. H.Seven Day Lover/James Fountain. S.Dont Depend On Me/The Fantastic Johnny C. H.Lend A Hand/Bobby Hutton. S.Love Factory/Eloise Laws. H.House For Sale/Millie Jackson. S.Turn The Beat Around/Vicki Sue Robinson. H.If You And I Had Never Met/Magic Night. S.Spring Rain/Silvetti. H.Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)/Brass Construction. S.Mother Of Shame/Loleatta Holloway. H.It Really Hurts Me Girl/The Carstairs. S.Everything Man/Main Ingredient. Stafford Rangers 1st Nov 2008 Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008 · Harpos Play Listings Martha Hicks/Looking Over My Shoulder. Johnny Bristol/Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me. Truth/Im Coming Home. Darryl Fletcher/What Good Am I Without You. Prince Phillip Mitchell/One On One. The Promatics/Sugar Pie Honey. Tempests/Someday. Magnificent 7/Never Will I Make My Baby Cry. Kenneth & Delroy/Let Me Hold You Close Pt1. Deon Jackson/Love Takes A Long Time Growing. Marvin Smith/Who Will Do Your Running Now. Oscar Perry/I Got What You Need. Bit's & Pieces/Keep On Running Away. Crystal Motion/You're My Main Squeeze. Benny Troy/I Wanna Give You Tomorrow. Jean Carn/If You Wanna Go Back. Dutch Robinson/Cant Get Along Without You. Urban Blues Project feat Bobby Pruitt/We Are One. Wahoo/Dont Take It Personal. Shazz/ Innerside. Bobby Hutton/Lend A Hand. The Carstairs/It Really Hurts Me Girl. Update On The Past Few Popular Request. Lol Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008 While out and about tonight a few people approached me and asked why l had'nt put a blog on about my poor little car breaking down outside The Kings Hall !!, Ok rub it in why dont ya . It was funny though,after getting soaked every time l went for a ciggie it did'nt seem that bad..........after trying to coax my male friends to come and help out by pushing the car to get it kick started failed with very feeble excuses, l said l'd name them and shame them,but they were many and time is precious and so are my fingers !!! ANYWAY THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, just wait till they need assistance. However we did get some help off some true gents, Johnny Metcalfe, Telford Dave, Dave from Anglesey,Johnny Fingers, Andy who came to the rescue with jump leads, and Tim from Leicester. This was no flat battery, so about 2 hours later Colin The lovely AA man came to the rescue. Needless to say all this took it's toll on my health not to mention bank balance , anyway all's well that ends well, both myself and Henrietta are doing fine now. Stoke was yet again a fantastic night, esp in the Modern room, the dance floor being a vast improvement on the time before, this time it did'nt make a mad dash for the exit. The music was outstanding, Barry Maleady,Bob Hinsley and Colin Curtis were fantastic, but then l knew they would be.Sorry we missed Soul Sam but that was only because we were elsewhere, Paul always says we dont have to be there to know Sam will be Good if not better than good. Previous to Stoke, Paul (Harpo) and myself had D.J.ed at Mark Freemans Venue the Co-Op club in Nuneaton, and what a great venue this is. 1st time for us there but wont be the last, really enjoyed our time behind the decks (playlist to follow later). Bang up to date now, we started off lastnight at Stafford Rangers, always support Shute and Gary at their venue,and it's a great little venue only wish more people would come along and support it. I will be posting Harpos playlist later. We then headed off to Bishops Wood allnighter, we really enjoyed it for me it was more social then anything else, l dont mean that in a disrespectful way just that it was nice to see all our old mates at one venue and lovely to meet new people all having a great laugh and just really having a good time,nowt serious on the agenda like that rude P word (politics). Anyway Col ,Larry,Gaye and Elaine deserve a good pat on the back for perseverance because it looks like its paying off, Well done to all. It's All Fun And Games ! Posted by sandi, 04 October 2008 I've been having a look around the forum esp on events talk and catching up on the latest news and gossip, bloody hell l have a few days out due to suffering from this nasty virus thats going round and god all mighty world war three's broken out !!! again Oh well all l can say is , it was'nt me l did'nt start it ....this time I'm for all my sins one of the DJ's thats been booked for The Oakley Club next sat 11th Oct, and l need to say l'm really looking forward to it, mainly because it's my birthday the day before ( 10th ), and cant think of a nicer present than to play the records l love in a public setting, the Oakley is a lovely venue, l'm being realistic and expect to be playing to a empty room...( or should that be pessimistic ), whichever l'm used to it, however it will be great if people prove me wrong and actually turn up and dance . Forget about the politics and remember the music, is'nt that whats important !!!!!!!! Just to mention the other tue's when l was invited along to Stoke and played a set at The Foxley in Milton, what a great night that was, no politics anywhere raising it's ugly head, just good soulful music, nowt like the over played stuff most of us get P'ed off with hearing , just great records one after the other, perhaps thats why there was a good turn out, and apparently so l was informed that was a quiet night due to Stoke playing at home uuummm, if that was a quiet night l'd love to be asked to play on a normal one. See like minded soulies tonight at Stafford Rangers. Calamity Jane Is My Middle Name Posted by sandi, 21 September 2008 · After paying out for car repairs on both cars this month has left us a little strapped for cash, so yesterday when we had a phone call off our dear friend John Metcalf who we had'nt seen in months asking us if we were going to The Oakley we had to tell him no. He was'nt having any of that and told us to be ready by 8 and he would treat us to the night out, we were really grateful for his kind offer but had to refuse, John bless him insisted we join him for the night, and so we humbly accepted. Right all that sorted out off we headed to the Oakley only to find it empty of anyone looking vaguely like a soulie, l made a quick inspection and found it to be like a ghost ship, no staff to be found anywhere, but did find a hand full of diners.... so then we made our way over to Rugeley only to find it had been on the weekend before................mock if you like, we can take it, as you will find out shortly as this sorry little tale unfolds. Remembering our little janey had mentioned that the Butter Market was on we decided to head northish, in the mean time l texted our little Scotty to ask if anything else was on, after he replyed with a couple of alternatives we all agreed the Butter Market it would be. So from Lincoln ( thats where John Lives ), to Wednesfield, then to Brewood near wolverhampton, onto Rugeley Cannock, then all the way back again to the motorway to Shrewsbury.......and this historic town being so quaint, we could'nt just pass through it, so we did a site seeing tour, twice l think . Ok so now we are safely at the venue, it was my 1st visit to the Butter Market and l liked it straight away, it's atmosphere, class soul music,fantastic friends, dance floors everywhere ( good ones at that ) and something we dont see very often these days : people actually dancing, my kinda place to be so will deffinately be going there again. Everyone enjoying themselves.........then at approx 4.30 am, my lovely husband to be Mr Paul Harpo Harpin came outside to the smokers area and said to me " This guy thinks l gay", l look at him and think oh he's having a para again!, so l said " What guy?, and what did you say!!", after repeating his statement he nods towards this young man stood behind him, " him he thinks l'm gay and that John is my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!! " trying to make light of it l say " do you mean he thinks you look happy " . Paul is clearly offended, so l ask the guy to tell me if he had said that to Paul, he admitted that he had..............Well that got my f**kin back up, so l told him that Paul was'nt gay and that he was my husband and l could verifiy from 1st hand experience that he was very much a man in every sense of the word ......The cheeky prat and thats putting it mildly. This gezza then said to me " He is gay aint he!! he looks gay anyway" telling him for the last time that Paul was my husband and NO he aint GAY, god talk about thick as a brick..........going back inside to have a dance, the guy follows us and starts dancing next to Paul, Paul comes over to me and l can tell by just looking at him, he did'nt have to say anything his eyes did the pleading(help me Sandi) , l made a joke about it and said"Paul get your coat you've pulled", but really l was fuming to the point of decking the prat. l'm not sure if he sensed it,but he suddenly focused his attention on two female of them being Sue a very good friend of ours..........l was on watch alert by now , l thought to myself, the barstool comes grabbing me while l'm dancing and he's hitting the ground...fortunately someone complained to the door staff about his behaviour, and then he was gone, thank god. He did say other stuff to us,but it's too offensive to put on this post, he also grabbed me in front of Paul and tried to snog me, forward for a boy just out of nappies eh. Friends of ours if you want to know the full details we will be happy to fill you in.....oh err mrs! please pardon the pun.. . Harpo's Hit's Lists Posted by sandi, 07 September 2008 Harpos Play Listings After experiencing twice now on the trot while booked to D.J. at two seperate venues a reduction in his spots by half hour each, we are now pleased to announce that Harpo has been given a new name, so from to-day he will officially be known as Half Hour Harpo He's asked me to start a category so that he can post when and as he gets bookings , at this rate he will qualify as a resident at Double Deckers: I've been a dutiful little woman and done as he asked and just like a typical bloke,he's mislaid the bloody list he wanted me to put on here, maybe we should call him Hopeless Harpin Harpo........................he's still looking so he can come on here later and post it himself,while l play the records for a change. Stafford Rangers Posted by sandi, 07 September 2008 · Life in the fast lane for a busy soulgirl takes it's toll you know, just when you think it's safe to raise your head above water someone comes along to push you under again, both mine and Pauls cars are in the sick bay awaiting attention, would'nt of been a problem on any other weekend but it had to be this one.....sods law, l swear if l fell into a bucket full of rose petals l'd come out smelling of shite, so there we were no car and Paul at Stafford , after loads of fone calls we got a lift assured by Mr Phil Jordan, really greatful to the big man. The night was going great as usual at Stafford,cus we get to catch up with some fantastic friends, Kev (Shute), Mr and Mrs Foster, Gaz, Jane and Ade who very kindly came to give Harpo their support, Tracey and Johnny, Marie ,steven(Planky),Jackie,Swoz ,Eddie and Mr and Mrs Little Scotty, thanks to all for their support..........Got to mention it was Lyns birthday yesterday and l dont think she will mind me telling you it was her 50th, So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYN, so here we are enjoying the night and it's half hour before Pauls due to go and do his spot when................Shit happens all over again, due to a mix up with D.J. times Paul is asked if he will do just Half Hour instead of the full hour, talk about feeling like a deflated balloon, l was really upset for him because l knew how much he was looking forward to this night. Ok a minor hurdle, and like the true professional he his,he accomplished in half hour to captivate the dance floor with which can only be described as a set of excellent soulful dance music, maybe l'm biased because he's my man and l love him to bits....those of you who were there feel free to make your comments on this matter please. Paul(Harpo's) play list Marvin Smith/ Who will do your running now. Natural Four/ Love is so wonderful. Prince Phillip Mitchell/ One on one. Oscar Perry/ I got what you need. Webster Lewis/ Let me be the one. Truth/ Im coming home. Jimmy Soul Clarke/ Tell her. Bobby Bland/ Yum yum tree. Darrell Banks/ I'm the one who loves you. Shazz feat Ken Norris/ Innerside. Other D.J.s offered up some really fantastic bits, Doody Spot on as per usual he did a great set, Shute played a couple of requests for me, Black Nasty/ Cut your motor off, and Whaoo/ Dont take it personal, thanks Kev. Mart and Helen Did a good set also, with the exception of just one, that was'nt to my prefered taste, but l would'nt knock anyones taste, obviously Helen and Mart like it so stood by their belief in it and gave it a airing, fair play to them they did what some D.J.'s fear doing and thats to take a chance, l commend them for that, although after saying that l know there were peeps there that made positive comments about the track, so there you have it play it they may just like it, and just to add the old saying, "you cant please all the people all of the time" and it would be a boring world would it not if we all liked the same thing.Paul was on after Martin and Helen, and when Mart was informed by Paul that his time had been cut to half hour he said he wished he'd of know earlier because he would of let Paul gone on for the last 20 mins of their spot. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Martin for making such a kind offer, and bless them they did finish a few minutes early when they heard the news to give Paul a bit more time.Paul was very touched by this considerate gesture on Martins part.Paul was also humbled by the many nice comments he recieved after his spot. Johnny Fingers and Tony ( are you talking or dancing) Foster,finished the night off with some really nice stuff, some l had never heard and some l had'nt heard in a very long time. Johnny Fingers what a great guy he is, very eager to listen and learn about every aspect of soulful music, l for one value his opinion and like wise, l have the greatest respect for this man,because he's constantly searching for and taking in knowlege, and thats how is should be, we all should be willing to learn and progress,it's no good becoming stagnant. He is our kinda guy. Tony Foster is also a guy l respect and learn from,and he does from both Harpo and myself.......l still aint giving him my secret source details tho . All in all Stafford is a great little venue, with a massive dance floor l'd like to see packed with people who are on our wave length dancing to great soul music across the board, and not have "Soulie tunnel Minded Biggots" standing around the dance floor slagging everything off that they consider crap...why! because it is'nt overplayed oldies! or they dont know it so it must be crap! or "l need to say it's crap(even if l like it secretly)because my other dinosoulielivalotinthepastusandboreus mates dont like it", Sad sack soulies ,if only they would listen,and yet most comments lve had thrown my way " Modern Krapp", when asked if they have ever been into the modern rooms the typical answer is , "no way, you would'nt get me in there if l were dead, they play disco crap,...............well Derrrrr so do'es the oldies room, check your american soul history, were'nt most of what we adopted as -to coin a fraze-"Northern Soul" popular black american disco beats??and were'nt these oldies newies once?? of course they were,all records started life in the same way did'nt they! no matter what your genre and if your chosen genre for instance was say (swear word coming up now ) Rock music, does that mean if you live in the south it's called Southern Rock and in the north Northern Rock, silly me Northern Rock was a bank that folded and Southern Rock you buy in stick form when you visit Southport, l know,l know l'm extracting the urine,but it's only because l see Soul music as simply that Soul music,if l like it then l like it,l dont care what year it was released,l just thank god it was released for my benefit to enjoy listening to , l'm glad there is soul music in the world because it can pull on all of your emotions,and in that way it reminds me l'm human,warts and all, Enough said,and l started so well, there l go again whooosh off on a tangent. Soulful Sandi signing off,l look forward to any comments good or bad...if it's gonna be bad can you please be kind ,,,,,Thankyou. Help For The Frustrated Posted by harpo1, 31 August 2008 · Harpo here as a designated contributer to Sandi's blog, i thought i might offer some help to members, my idea is to offer to act as an independant mediator for those constant fall outs and cat fights arising on Soul Source......thought i'd call it.... Harpo fixing in the blog !!!! Lifeline Niter Posted by sandi, 31 August 2008 · Yet another great night put on by the promoters, lifeline is exactly that,it offers such a different approach to giving the scene a wake up call thats what it has needed for a long time. So l suppose the title is apt, all is left to do on our part is to grab that line, if like me you are concerned about whats going to happen to the scene then grab onto that line, because it is a start on the right track back to healthy venues. Lifeline is setting a presidence with it's music policy being totally across the board, yet with the D.J.'s putting forethought into what should be played......... in a nut shell they did'nt play overplayed records,many soulies are fed up of hearing now, nothing played at lifeline is predictable, now in my opinion that is a refreshing change, something l've been hoping for for years now. When we stop to think about it,there are thousands,if not millions of records available to us that never get aired, and l dont mean particularally rear expensive records, but good soulful records that deserve to be heard. Lifeline in a way went out on a limb to bring new life into what is/was a declining sickly looking soul scene, l think the promoters have actually found the key to turning it all around and making venues come to life again. Maybe the promoters have listened to what we have to say about what we want from a venue, l know what l want, and lifeline have provided just that. I hope others follow suit, l'm not slating any promoters ,quite the opposite,l admire anyone who takes on the job, l know it's not easy yet it could be made a bit easier if they listened to what the paying punters want and keep an open mind which would allow for flexability, and not be swayed by sentiment or proverbial backscrathing, in other words taking to task putting on a successful venue is only as good as the tools you use and how you use them to maximise potential.....1st rule of thumb in any business is " there is no room for sentiment", if you are'nt prepared to be ruthless no matter how much you try and make it work,it will most definately fail sooner or later, this is just an intelligent point of view and mere observation based on a 38year apprentiship on the soul scene..................Please let me know your thoughts on this. All thats left for me to say is a great big thankyou to everyone who made lastnight for both me and Harpo (Paul) so enjoyable......Promoters,D.J.'s, but most of all and most importantly the paying punters,cus lets face it,if it was'nt for you there would be no venue. Introduction: L Welcome Comments Regarding Your Thoughts And Opinions On How You Feel About The Soul Scene On A Whole, With It's Many Facets Posted by sandi, 30 August 2008 · l thought it was about time l actually started my own blog, to express how l feel about the soul scene as it is today. l'm a bit fed up with trawling the forum and finding that people just go round in cirles, and lots of the threads that are started (if the topic is interesting enough) actually after god knows how many entries and pages finish up lost altogether, and what started off as a thread obviously that had meaning to the topic starter (in some genuine cases) mostly finish up with comments off a few members using the forum to personally contact buddies to discuss what they are gonna cook hubby for tea( l say hubbie because women are mainly responsible for this) l tried my hardest on many occassions to work out what curry and chips actually had to do with soul music.......unless that is what these people think soulsource means............... . There you go thats it for now, l'm off to get ready for Lifeline allnighter @ Brookfields riding stables......should be good if the last one is anything to go by, if not you will be in for a treat when l share my antics with you. Sandi
  15. Soul For Heroes A Soul Sisters Thank You Posted by sister dawn, 09 May 2009 · Well seeing as it's nearly a week ago now since that the inaugural event happened its time to hit the keyboard and offer my personal take on the events leading up to, during and after the first dayer. Soul for Heroes was the brainchild of ex forces personnel Pete Watkins who in December last year decided to help those in the forces whom many felt had been let down by the government, highlighted and reported in a national newspaper that many of those whom served Queen and country were now struggling to comes to terms with injuries both physical and psychological, received whilst in combat zones, were being sent home and left to cope with what they had experienced alone. Military hospitals across the UK had been forced into closure, with only the odd one or two still functioning often under stress due to lack of much needed facilities and an ever increasing work load. The Government responded by stating that the NHS would provide for those in need, again a service already over subscribed, and undertrained(at the present time) to provide expert care necessary for the our brave lads and lasses in order for them to have some chance of 'normality' in civvy street.. Pete made the call to me and asked if I would come onboard with the dayer initially and then asked if I would be able to contribute on the soul for heroes crew on a permanent basis, which after reading some of the stories and personal accounts of those affected, many reduced me to tears, and others hanging my head in shame on how we as a country can let this situation go unnoticed for so long, and let those who regularly fight and protect our right to freedom and the freedom of others be treated so disgracefully. I more than gladly volunteered and felt honoured and humbled. Being a Lincolnshire Lass the area has a long and proud history with the forces particularly the RAF with many bases being near to my home town and having always being brought up to respect those in a uniform, then maybe I could help make just a little difference to someone who needed help or assistance. I would just like to state that that at this moment in time, I know that the health service in my area is currently training many good psychiatric nurses and psychologists in the treatment and care of those that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for a centre in Grantham and I know quite a few of the individuals that are going to be working there, and they are brilliant people who already have the life skills and knowledge to be giving the best possible care there is to give as they have had previous experience working within the forces, but in the meantime ... This was December, and May seemed a long way off, The Djay's stand up thread was then started asking for help, support, anything that could provide a means of raising money for the cause. I think none of the 'crew' expected the reaction it got, non more so than myself, it soon became evident that nearly each and everyone of us knew of, or were related too, or had been one of the brave who had served or currently served in the forces and wanted to, like us, be able to give something back to say 'we care'. One of the first to contribute sent me a pm asking what contribution they could make, to which I replied anything at all, no matter how big or how small, what ideas have you got? The next thing I knew a few days later, is a cheque had been sent for £750.00 ... I was absolutely stunned and would like to thank Paul Donnelly and the 'Famous Five' for the fantastic sum donated, which allowed us to get the Soul For Heroes all dayer firmly off the ground. I know Paul is not one to revel in the lime light on issues of charity, but he's never let me or anyone down when the 'cause' is highlighted and is genuinely a fantastic person with a massive heart, So once again Paul thank you so very much x. Next on my list of thank you's has to go to the lads at the Grovsner Rooms aka Mark and Rob, who very kindly agreed to let us 'borrow' their home venue for the day. Mark I know, has invested a lot of time and money into the set up they have in there, and with the banners etc it really contributes to the great atmosphere of the place, this was one of my worries that the dayer wouldn't be able to match up to a 'normal' night at the Grovsner, but I guess I was wrong on that one.. .. As soon as the Lincoln posse got there after getting an 'early' check in of 1pm! At the hotel, the fantastic atmosphere hit ya right between the eyes, and bear in mind it was daylight, still early doors, and the place was buzzing. So thanks guys for all your hard work, setting the scene and for coming good on the 2nd rig in the modern room and for clearing it all away afterwards (something that we as promoters forgot!!) and your generous donations of raffle prizes, Again we couldn't have done it without you, and thanks Mark for looking after me vinyl x Whilst I'm on about the Grovsner a massive thank you to the bar staff there, who did an absolute blinding job of not only keeping my glass full of vodka but for keeping the bar queue free and for contributing to the atmosphere of the day with big cheery smiles and warm welcomes for thirsty travellers. I hope that the chap (sorry crap with names) who gave us a lift back to the hotel, is enjoying his new baby son or daughter now (his wife was due on the Monday) and that you are all are well and things went Ok. The food outlet in the courtyard was a resounding success too, although I didn't partake of 'Babe' she smelt good and those that did said it was yummy. I managed to get a burger eventually as my first one was scoffed! The staff that manned this too, was getting into the good vibe of it all and said they had never met such a great bunch of folk before and enjoyed their day as much as we had. Have to say Our Kez managed to taste or should that be blag, all of which they had to offer on the day as 'official taster' for Soul for Heroes as qualified chef Kez wanted to make sure she had a nibble of everything, to make sure it was fit for the brothers and sisters. To all those that had events booked already on May 3rd many thanks all of you for your contributions To Carl and the crew at Kingsway for your £50.00 donation towards the dance comp and also for taking my bucket to the spire on the Sunday, to all at the Metro dome in Barnsley for the great donation of £250.00 from your raffle a massive thank you. To all the crews in the Notts area who had an event before the main dayer a massive thanks for putting Soul for Heroes firmly on the soul map. To the owner of the square peg, and to Dave and Donna Raistrick for the generous donations, and trophies for the dance comp. For everyone that donated a raffle prize and bought a ticket Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I hope that gorgeous Teddy went to a loving home in his combats, and that the lovely vinyl is going to be spun out for everyone to enjoy. Me and Kez enjoyed our hour on the door and think we have missed our true vocation in life, and are available to hire at a modest cost. To everyone that allowed us to take a bucket to their venues thank you, and a massive thank you to Jelly Bean a true sunshine girl, who collected nearly £500.00 with her bucket and travels, I don't know how you did it hun, but you did, and that amount is fantastic. You're my hero. xx To everyone that has contributed a CD already for my auction; more is needed especially from your local nights/scene to give a truly reflective account of the UK's current scene so please keep sending them to me. The collection will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder; I have been sent some stunners so far, so to actually own them all will be a complete collection for some lucky person in the not too distant future. There are one or two 'rare' compilations in there already, so already a must have for someone. To all the wonderful D jays from across the UK, giving up your time, money and effort, what fantastic sets you all did each and everyone of you, I think we managed to keep it all flowing nicely, something which initially concerned me, especially in the northern room with there being so many of us and only having 35 mins each, but we did it, brilliantly I thought, not gonna single one name or individual out as each and everyone looking at those playlists played a blinder. I'm just so sad I didn't really leave my comfort zone and sample the other two rooms, but every time I wanted too someone would play one I had to dance, so never got the choice, but feedback from those that did was fantastic, so hopefully you all had a ball as much as we did in the northern room. A massive thanks to Mick Donnelly for producing not one but two fantastic videos for the soul for heroes cause, expertly done and in the words of his lovely wife Lucy is wasted in the job he does now. Keep em coming Mick, you help weave that special magic. x To the three winners of the dance comp and all of those leading up to the final three, absolute joy to watch you all, I saw it from two angles from up on the stage and then on the sidelines, your all winners too me, but I have to gloat a bit and say top banana to Colin from LINCOLN yes LINCOLN and of course, soul for heroes couldn't have a better male winner as he's ex forces too. Big love to Mandy and Carol too and big respect for giving all that lovely dosh back to the cause, I'm not going to harp on about who said what or why cos nothing's gonna spoil the days memories for me, its just nice to see that individuals can still be recognised for the love and passion they have for dancing regardless of the moves, like in the words of the song ''it takes heart to get up'' and nearly 200 of you had the heart to give it a bash and from where I was standing it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, what a fantastic sight it was, a real lump in the throat moment for me, and one that instigated memories from the halcyon days gone by. To everyone of you that came on the day, or put your trust in us by purchasing a ticket beforehand, or couldn't make it but still contributed in whatever way you could, thank you, this was a dayer put on initially to make money for our brave lads and lasses who need some care, but I think its more than that now, its something which has become close to my heart as it is now to yours, its something which isn't going to stop, so if your sick of the threads, the buckets, the asking of prizes etc, etc, then I apologise because we're not going to go away, in fact we've just upped the anti, so join us in Chatham in Kent, we the brave from 'oop north' will be travelling to see the soul south crew and giving em a taste of our northern brass, then its back up this way again for the Poppy Dayer at Newark later in the year. Remember if you can make a contribution, want to dedicate a night, or volunteer your services please get in touch with one of us, you know where we are. So that's my take on the greatest dayer this year so far, the sleepless nights, the worry, the sickening feeling in the stomach, that we could actually do this and not let anyone down, paid off. I hope we didn't let you down, if we did then please tell us, it can only help us improve our future days. This was the soul scene at its very best, with no big egos, with everyone wanting it to work for the right reasons and most of all wanting to let those who mean so much, to so many really know we care. Dawn Soul for Heroes 2009( You had to be there) A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 8 (what Already?) Posted by sister dawn, 13 April 2009 · Well time flys when your certainly having fun or not the later in my case, but needs must and work certainly comes first especially in a new job and role, followed closely by family, So once again a soul fix has been shortcoming. But despite not getting out and about much, I have been able to chuck myself into the soul for heroes all dayer (did I tell you it was on May the 3rd and was 12 hours of quality soul in three rooms all for the price of a tenner via ticket or £12.50 otd) all soul tastes catered for and delivered by one hell of a list of djays doing what they do best. And it goes from 12 midday to the witching hour .. what else are you going to be doing on a bank holiday weekend, anyway its shaping up to be like a proper traditional dayer and now with a cash prize dance comp too, with trophys awarded to best female and male dancers with £250.00 quid split between the winners ... So I have been limbering up and sticking to a rigid keep fit routine thanks to the marvellous invention called the wii fit, unfortunately I have the attention span of an ant and have digressed to kicking alien arse instead which if Im honest I have got pretty good it takes me back to the days of assignment writing, when I would do everything else except write! I had the cleanest cupboards in my neighbourhood at one anyway I have decided I work better under stress so when time is running out I produce some of my best work, So on the day and in need of a modern day miracle I shall be pulling backflips, handstands and the smartest stomp you've ever seen and if you believe that you'll believe anything.. but I have a secret weapon that is being 'proteined' up as we speak... ha ha ... the gauntlet has been dropped with a vague whisper that the Notts area is gonna steal the crown, but we'll see on the day. So today bank holiday Monday should have seen many of us heading towards the Palais at Nottingham for what promised to be a dream come true reunion for many of us, regretably this was not to be, so today I have a bit of a heavy heart, but I don't blame anyone for it, not like some, so quick to apportion blame and the accusing finger, I think once it had been announced that guest appearances were likely it was doomed, but Im forever the optomist, and hope that one day in the not too distant future the idea of the great Notts Palais reunion will become a reality and happen without the arty farty organisation of putting on big names and its just us and the djays.. a perfect chemistry that has withstood the sands of time. But big up to the lads and lasses who answered the call for someone in Notts to put something on today and I hope it all goes well for you and everyone has a great time. Kez and I had a great night at last months grovesnor rooms in sutton in ashfield, as always, the lads there make everyone feel welcome and it was great to meet up with Tommo from Notts a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor and winner of this years Prestatyn dance comp. And what a dance floor it is at the Grovesner rooms, I know I keep waxing lyrical about it but it really is the dogs nads and Mark says all the other rooms have the same standard so the dayer on the 3rd we will certainly be putting what he says to the test. We attended the A1 soul at the squash club in Grantham on Saturday night its a place I haven't visited before and was a little disappointed as my good mate Sam was off doing her paid job, it would have have been nice to catch up and have a good ole goss about music, but no doubt we will catch up soon. But Andy Jackson in my opinion played a cracking set he really knows his stuff does Jacko and is a modern soul genius and I had a good boogie. The surroundings of the modern functions seems to concentrate on comfort with big squashy chairs and swanky surroundings, I say get in old tea chests and sawdust then the buggers would dance more!... lol As I sit here typing I am listening to the first anniversary CD given to me on saturday and Im very impressed guys and Sam, some crackin sounds on it, am particularly liking the April Hill No more tears and the Tata Vega I need you now tracks, very very soulful and emotive. Well hot news I am bringing back the Grafton this is after speaking (or was I bullied into it) with The Caveman from Retford and officer in charge of Soul for Heroes, the conversation went a bit like this 'Hey Dawn been speaking to xy and z and they are wanting to know why theres no proper soul venue in Lincoln anymore, they want oldies and nowhere near is playing these etc etc etc, my reply was well they should have supported the fecker when it was here'' the conversation goes on, until I can actually hear myself convincing myself to bring it back and sounding expletives at the caveman for convincing me, well he didnt actually I did!!! (and Im still confused as to how it happened) whats the saying you can take the girl out the soul but ya cant take the soul out of the girl, so as from the 9th May the Grafton is back its an oldies music policy with a sprinkling of 7ts (god when will they be classed as oldies? So lets be hoping that shes supported by those whom have said they want it back else I will name and shame! So have a butchers at the flyer and as I get more details on whos gonna be guesting for us I'll post em up! So there we have it a wet easter bank holiday weekend here in the shires, no b and b's left at Scarborough to enable us to get up there as originally planned but hey life goes on ... as always there will be others. Well Im off now to get a b and b sorted for the Skeggy weekender later in the year. Hopefully see ya out and about, stay safe and enjoy life. Dawn x A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 7 Posted by sister dawn, 15 March 2009 · Well unfortunately have to start this weeks blog of with some disappointing news from the shires and thats with the devastating announcement that our jewel in the crown, favourably known by its regulars as Horny has closed its doors, or rather its doors were closed for us. Horncastle soul nights had been on the go for 6 years, admirably run by Nick Rennie assisted in the early days by Dave Raistrick from skegness, then in its later years Nick was ably assisted by Doug Hall. The latest of the nights was due to be held yesterday and Nick had gone down mid week to check that things were all ok, only to be informed at that point, that things were not ok and to cut a long story short, a new manager/promotor from the venue basically said they didnt want the soul nights there anymore and that was that!!!. I for one was gutted to say the least, as some of the best local nights were held here, and some of the best camping weekends ever with like minded folks. I'm certainly going to miss it as it was a family affair for many of us that attended. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Nick, in keeping the faith all this time, even in his darkest days when diagnosed with cancer, Horny was always his baby and he nurtured her well. Its a shame we couldn't have had just one last nite there to put her to bed in proper soul style, but at least all those that attended have some fantastic memories of the place which are safely stored away. It all seems total madness to me, especially in these so called days of recession, that nights such as ours that were put on, puts money behind the bar and the venue on the map. At first I thought it was a cruel hoax as on the previous event someone had sent text messages to people saying the nite had been cancelled at the last moment which meant the numbers were down dramatically, call me paranoid but I hope nothing sinister has or is taking place, and that someone else is trying to get in the back door, like another venue I had heard about just recently, ffs this is 2009 and not the heady days of the 7ts and 8ts, where the 'soul mafia' ruled the roost in some ares of the UK. So unfortunately that was my weekend spoilt again, so soulless in Lincoln again was I. Thankfully at times like that the net and its wonders kept me going between SS, facebook and youtube, it wasnt such a bad weekend at all, and thanks to the wonderful weather gave the garden some tlc, and I purchased some new tunes to console myself. The Soul for Heroes campaign is starting to shape up nicely for May 3rd, and constantly the list of Djays keeps being added too, but I have decided there is a definate lack of available RnB djays as I have been asking for weeks for ones able to contribute to the cause and apart from a couple no one else is up for it, oh well Im sure we'll manage, and will raise to the challenge. As mentioned previously about the recession, we are still desperate for raffle prizes, so if anyone can contribute a prize then please feel free to email me via these pages. Whilst we are on the Soul for Heroes theme, I would just like to say a massive thank you to all those wonderful people whom have sent me CDs from past promo nites at their local soul venue, I am really starting to gather an eclectic taste of the UK's soul scene which will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Looking at the playlists attached, I have come to realise, that I actually know feck all about soul, as there are many wonderful tracks from all over the UK that have yet to grace my lugholes, So thanks all once again, and if you haven't yet contributed your areas soul tastes then please feel free to send a CD to me, once again pm via these pages for my addy. 2009 seems to shaping up nicely now for some great soul events, non more so than the Palais reunion with non other than Little Anthony and the Imperials performing live, along with Ruby Andrews, I was up for the reunion prior to the acts being announced, so to have two top drawer acts appearing is just the cherry on the cake for me. Its going to definately be a trip down memory lane, as the palais next to cleethorpes was part of my old stomping ground, at least this time around we wont have to do the 5 minute mile from the train station to the palais,and leg it back again in time for the last train, thankfully things will be more sedate travel wise, So the hotel is booked for this one and I will savor every single moment. And of course coming up later in the year is the Torch reunion, another great in the northern soul hall of famous venues. I have been following the torch thread daily and I can honestly say it was indeed a forunner of its time, with some of THE best music being spun here in its day... its sounds of course is what many of us were weaned on 'back in the day' and of which is still described today as 'proper northern'. Im already quite excited about the prospect of this nite, and have me tickets booked. Well on a personal level I have at last got my new job and am loving it, and realistically should have done it years ago, but I guess we sometimes get in a rut, but I took a deep breath and took the plunge, and it seems to be paying off at last. Next year sees me getting my long service award for 30 years in the NHS, I recently found my last long service certificate for 20 years but the premium bonds they presented me with haven't won a bean!. I think they maybe better invested in vinyl ... as my wants lists continues to keep growing (do we ever get to complete a wants list?) The mosher princess is a tyke for want of a better word at the min, she is 15 in 3 months and is the A typical, kev and perry type teenager, grunts when it needs something and makes an awful sort of moaning noise when asked to do, used cups and plates are left outside the moshpit door as in hotel collection style!! She has a cold at the moment and it would seem it is about to turn into some sort of virus like in 28 days later!!! She is the only person on the planet that has ever been ill ya, and of course I know nothing being a registered nurse... Well thats all from me for now and am looking forward to reading the reviews from the prestatyn weekender as Im sure by now there are many weary souls whom have had a wonderful time. Til next time Dawn The Take On Life In 2009 Posted by sister dawn, 04 February 2009 Its been a long time since I last contributed to the blogs, lots of changes and challenges during these past few months both on a personal and professional level. Not as much live action either (well not as much as I like) on the soul front, due simply to work committments. But thats all about to change in 2009, thanks to my 4 years hard graft at uni finally paying off and me doing the job I was trained to do, so no more night duties for me thankfully, the only duties I want to be doing at night is dancing and spending time with wonderful friends. Well in December 08 saw me finally pull the plug on the monthly ELSC nites at the Grafton, I was gutted to say the very least, as we had been on the go for the past five years met some great people along the way and enjoyed some fantastic sounds provided by some excellant guest djays. It had always been a labour of love, but like everything else labour bears a price and things were suffering both on the home front and nationally, I have more respect for the scene and the music to be constantly apologising to those whom have travelled and played for us for the lack of support locally, even though dependant on numbers everyone who came always went away happy. So after makiing the decision (the day before after prolonging it for a few months) decided that the fifth anniversary would indeed be the last for the ELSC. But we had a ball and rather than a wake it was sent on its way in the party atmosphere in which it was started. But never say never and plans are afoot for something new and exciting(well I think it is) for 2009. Whats the old saying you can take the girl out of the soul, but you cant take the soul out of the girl, So I have been buying like a demon and am adding constantly to the collection yet again. Although venueless at the moment I had decided to keep up with the djaying,as once a vinyl whore always a vinyl whore . I see there are some great events being planned for 2009 with a wonderful reunion of a dayer at my old stomping ground Notts Palais ( I must get me bloody tickets still, note to self) and am really looking forward to this and the memories it will instigate. Of course too the great all dayer planned for the Grovesner rooms at sutton in ashfield with all funds going to the soul for heroes campaign, a cause that is close to my heart and I am proud on honoured to have been asked onboard for this one both as a D jay and officer in charge of the raffle.. so i will be harressing all those on here and the www net for donations, I know in the current economic climate things are hard for everyone, but its what us soulies do best when it comes to charity events. And of course later on in the year the 2nd weekender at Hunstanton now known as our official girls weekender of the year, the last one was a blinder and I would recommend it to anyone, it was a real friendly atmosphere and was great to meet like minded folk who had one thing on their minds and that was to have a good time. Well organised by Jamie and the crew, and sounds to die for. With first class digs to boot ya can't go wrong, and I apologise to the masses for my inpromtu spot on the saturday evening when I duetted with Kenny Bernard, I still cant remember what it was I sang (well he did the singing bit as I was off key, the accoustics are never right anywhere other than my bathroom) although Kez is convincing me daily it was build me up buttercup, but I only know one line of that sober. So am still awaiting the DVD to see what it actually was we Soul night wise we have travelled to see the crew at Kingsway, and am never ever disappointed with this venue, if ever you feel your soul is on the wane, come here and it will be restored. Dr Carl and Dr Gee have the antitidote for your soul needs. A new night for us and now deemed as one of our regular ones, has to be the night at the Grovesner rooms in sutton in ashfield, a git of a venue to find even with ozzies dulcet tones on the sat nav telling us we had gone the wrong fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff'ing way. But once there a dancefloor to die for, a music policy similar to that of the kingsway crews, an absolute dream of a night that will be the in place to be seen in 2009, Mark tells me thay have a modern/crossover room planned from April onwards so soul heaven for my tastes. Locally the scene is dire, with the exception of the Ad-Libs nites, where that wonderful gritty and dirty RnB is played, this is a place I find offers me total escapism, just me, the music, the vodka and the dancefloor and ya dont need anyone or anything else. So plans to travel further afield this year are well underway for us gals... lol and am looking forward to the first scooter rally of the season, and have packed me thermals already (yes I know its not til easter but hey!) So be warned we have nites in the planning, and may be at a venue near you, just make sure the bar is well stocked and the music hot. I recently received the DVD from the last cleethorpes all dayer (Thank You) and it was two years ago as of yesterday that we were there, so was curled up in my fav chair, with a glass of baileys toasted the memories and watched what a truly emotional day we had. The old place is still flattened and nothing built on it, so what was the bloody urgency to close her??? It Still sickens and saddens me. The mosher princess continues to do well at school and now attends collage weekly. she has a dream of a course and regularly brings home vids on her phone of the monkeys, lizards, snakes and those things with 8 legs that are big and hairy and makes my flesh creep... but shes lovin it and her target goals are set to a distinction level, lets hope she keeps away from the two legged bum fluffed variety that saw her mother go down the slippery slope many years ago at school, and concentrates on the exotic critters that she is studying. She is desperate at the moment for the collage to deliver the goods on the avairy that sold the whole course package to her as she wants to work with the feathered variety of owls eagles and hawks, and has a vast and extensive knowledge of them already due to self study, all thanks to a little furry owl that has a wigan casino badge stuck on his chest which belonged to me and was found in the loft several years ago. Its been a long hard slog of a winter that is tending to keep its cold clingy grip on us for as long as it can, and I really cant wait now to be out of the dark nites and dark mornings, working nites in the winter is horrendous, and its a rare thing to see daylight, so I look like I have two permanent black eyes and have been dug up out of some crypt (not my normal preferred look, before someone comments that it is ) I have been constantly cold for days as the heating in the main areas where I work go off ensuring that patients rooms are kept nice and warm, so my nighter bag consists of a blanket and extra jumper, a wheat bottle (to warm up in the microwave) and packets of boring soup!!! But like I said thats all about to change and I am moving on to pastures new, a new unit with daylight hours, so only two weeks left in my old place then Im out of there. But 16 years in one place is a very long time, and its time to move on... So a new challenge for me and one that has been over due for too long. So with new venues to go too, new jobs to be experienced and a new way of life it looks like 2009 is shaping up nicely. Til The next time D xxxxx A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 5 Posted by sister dawn, 22 June 2008 A blog of two halfs It been a while .... But just to catch up, the dark princesses party was a success, thankfully her friends kept their side of the bargain and never let the cat out of the bag, and added to the already intensifying paranoia of a 14 year old!, who by the time the end of school had arrived on the Friday was convinced that everyone was talking about her behind her back, which of course was true but for the right Some of her friends came round to ours on the day itself, even brought bowling shoes just to add to the effect, so we all piled into the minbus when it arrived and set off, half way down to the venue, the dark one was blindfolded ... and became unaware of her whereabouts, much to the delight of my nephew who likes sinister things Arriving at our destination, the minbus emptied rapidly leaving me to lead the dark one into the venue, its a place where our soulclub nites are held, so once in the doors the cheeky mare, whos senses apart from her eyesight are in over load says ''I can smell old'' ... from the mouth of babes and all that ... Next came total silence, a parent and teachers dream of a room full of teenagers quiet as mice, stood perfectly still and smiling, as the dark one was led into the middle of the room, now in hindsight I should have savored that moment just a minute or too more, as all hell was unleashed on the removal of said blindfold, and party poppers were expelled like gunfire..... The festivities were underway and first out of the speakers were Korns 'Lets get this party started' full on frontal attack to my earlobes that was..... Now I am quite proud of the fact that I managed not to do just one cd for this party but three, which is good going since I hadn't got a chuffing clue who was who, or what but I had a system, and that was to watch three solid days of kerrang and write down the ones which sounded vaguely like the stuff coming out of the moshpit, anyway to cut a long story short I got it right on the night, and boy, can them kids dance, well its a sort of jumping, headbanging, bobbing up and down sort of move, that looks strange when its just one person, but quite effective when its a group.... The band we had booked had every girl in the room heart beating at double the rate as they were a bunch of good looking lads the same ages as their audience, and they were absolutely fantastic, talented, dedicated and I am certain they will be destined for higher things, they write their own stuff, have just released a CD, and they made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when they began playing ... anyone whose kids are of a similar age and are into the dark stuff give this band a booking, Last Constellation http://profile.myspa...endid=114777200 As all good things time ran out for us, we were treated to skateboarders in the car park, and some parkour (think that how its spelt) Which is amzing stuff, as Lincoln has its own Parkour group and they too are extremely talented heres a clip of a lad who is truly exceptional at his sport from our neck of the woods and so we ended the night at 11pm which was respectable, and gave me time for me then throbbing headache to go before I started on the wine which had chilled nicely in my fridge back home, slip on me slippers and put on some soothing soul, the mosh pit had guests, all gossip about the nites events and the most fancieable boyz etc etc but a notch up on the stereo drowned out the chatter. Soul Talk Soul wise everything has been a little quiet for me, with having to do silly mixed shifts at work, mostly on a Friday and Saturday night and me sleep pattern has gone out of the window. So my attendance at other venues since my last night out has been minimal, So by the time last nite came I was up for not only a good nite out but had also been booked to Djay at the square peg in Skegness. Now this was a booking made some months ago by the promotors and last night two good venues in the same town clashed, unfortunately it was the 2nd of Dave Raistricks Upfront on the Sea Fronts weekenders, I attended the first one at the Grovsner and had a fantastic time with some brilliant sounds being spun by the multitude of excellant Djays that Dave gets to play at his weekenders, the only letdown last time was the numbers through the doors and unfortunately, So I am led to believe, the numbers let him down again this weekend too. It felt strange for me, when Djaying to know that a venue and a promotor whom I have always supported, just a matter of yards down the road, was hosting a weekender and I wasnt there enjoying it. The car full on the return journey home, all agreed that although musically it had been a good night at the peg, it had seemed a strange atmosphere, one you couldn't quite put your finger on, maybe people felt torn between the two venues Im not really sure what it was, but it was there. Anyhow before we left I popped in to see Dave at the suncastle, to speak to him firstly on a personal matter and secondly to explain my absence, not that I had too, but felt it neccessary out of curtesy and respect, like the brill promotor that he is we were invited in but due to work committments a couple of our group had to be at work by 6am, we had to decline his offer. Those that know, my own venue which is now in its 5th year, has been dormant for three months now, mainly due to work and family issues, but also for reflection on my own part, I also found that as a punter/Djay/promotor, I was getting to stressed over certain issues within the local and not so local scene, and needed to back away for a while in order to take stock (for want of a better word) take a breath, visit other venues and come back with a stupid grin on me face ... well thankfully feeling ready to take on the world again the ELSC returns on July 5th. It saddens me deeply when I read of established clubs/venues having to close down due to the recent upsurge of every dog and his djay putting on nites on a whim. It would seem it isnt just a local thing, its an all over plague that is affecting and depriving the scene. When all said and done people can only be in one place at any one time, When you read of long established venues such as most recently as an example, New Century Soul having to give up because of a 101 one other nites taking place on the same nites, it makes me wonder where this scene of ours is heading, are we in the not too distant future going to have to be satisfied with a group of mates just spinning a few sounds in the back room of a pub somewhere? Not travelling to other venues anymore because they too have fell victim to the plague of ''lets put on a soul nite''. We complain now about having to listen to the same old, same old, WTF is it going to be like maybe in twelve months time?? I have always been militant at heart, and I say we need to make a stand against this major influx, by voting with our feet and door taxes by going to those venues which have kept us fed on the soul food we have craved for so long and support them like they have supported us. Til Next Time Dawn x A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 4 Posted by sister dawn, 20 May 2008 Well its been a while since my last blog and despite the agony of a ripped cartiledge in the knee managed to make it to (thanks to painkillers and alcohol) The latest of this years bi annual events at Horncastle. This event has been going a tad longer than the ELSC and is one we have always supported since its conception, simply and purely because the music hits the spot. The venue itself is one that is nestled in the glorious Lincolnshire wolds in the middle of nowhere with a decent sized room and a well stocked bar and along with some of the best resident Djays and some top notch guest Djays, you don't really want anything else to be honest, its all there. But this time of year we do things a little differently, and have done so for a number of occasions now with the Cleethorpes and Lincoln crews being first to brave the elements by having a ''soul camp out'' I cant remember exactly how many times we have done this now, but its been a few, and gradually over the years others have taken our lead and joined us, this year was no exception. We always manage to nail the weather as well and so last weekend saw us baking in a field of glorious sunshine, and boy was it hot!!! there was no escaping it, pure relentless heat, so nothing to do but kick off the flip flops crack open the vino put up the soul city walk sign, and listen to the various tunes being played around the camp site. The Friday night was an absolute blast as it always is, with tales around the camp fire with like minded souls, who take us back in time and recall memories from the mighty casino and balcony jumps in order to hit the dance floor when a certain tune was played, and we laugh, as we drink just a little bit more (it would be rude not too) and we laugh alot more, on the decks tonight there became a point where we fancied a change from the northern so Ska was placed on the decks and there we all were singing and skanking along to the likes of some of the more well known ska sounds over the decades, til eventually the camps well loved and respected chef extroadinaire found his cleethorpes tunes and we were thrown back into the halcyon days of the pier and gardens... the rest of that Friday evening/saturday morning became a blur my sides hurt from laughing and my legs were swopped with someone elses, and the very dark journey back to the tent was a long one, but I did make it, as the next thing I remember was the dulcet tones of Brian Matthews sounds of the sixties blasting out (a saturday morning tradition at Horny) and the smell of bacon being sizzled, so there was nothing to do but get up and indulge. Saturday saw us with more glorious weather and more souls arriving to camp over for the Saturday nite shannigans, each one being greeted with the warmest of welcomes and ribbings. Saturday day times are for chilling and fishing rods dipped in the lake, full on sunbathing, yakking, football, golf and whatever takes your fancy, before its time to hit the showers and get your gladrags on for the saturday nite function. It was at this point I had all my fingers and toes crossed that tonight went really well attendance wise, as there was a 101 other events on that same night and tonight was special for the promotor, as he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and after receiving treatment and a set back he is hopefully on the mend now, he was wanting to give something back to the treatment and causes that had helped him fight against this awful illness by organising a raffle with all proceeds going to the cause, So I really wanted plenty of lovely soul folk through the door, and through the door they came 130+ of them, there was still room for plenty more too!! but we were happy and by the end of the night we had made £300+ pounds, so job done all that was left was to celebrate birthday wishes with our host, which of course we did. Whoops havent even maentioned the music have I?, waxing lyrical What can I say?? except all that was delivered by the resident list and with Dave Raistrick playing one of the best sets I have ever heard him play ever and a surprise spot by Tats Taylor my lovely weekend was complete. If you have never been to one of these nites at Horncastle you are seriously lacking in your soul quota and must get yourselves down there. We have another summer camp out again in July (the 11th for friday nite party) and the 12th for the actual in house nite. So pack up yer tents, hook up the caravan and come down, you seriously wont be disappointed I believe next guest listed is none other than Tony Deller. And again a raffle will be held so if you want to donate something soulful then please feel free its all for a good cause. I am hoping to have been seen by those in the know then at the local hospital (but wont hold my breath) and Ive a feeling op 2 will be forthcoming sometime in 2008 maybe 9,10, But we will cross that bridge when we come to it!. Well its just over a fortnight til the mosher princesses 14th birthday, she wanted to go bowling with the darkside crew, but yours truly has other ideas and is giving her a surprise I have even managed to get a localish darkside band to come and perform as well, after trawling through some weird and wonderful unsigned local bands on my space, some of which I have to say were very good but all on the too old side for a 14th birthday party (they were 20+lol) So the ones booked are of the 15/16 age group and do MCR covers as well as write their own stuff, and they are in tune which is a bonus! I have roped in a couple of her bessie mates to distribute invites to the year group at school, its all very secret squirrel So on the nite my mp4 will be well stocked up with soul sounds and at its max volume wise.... it'll be a busy week for the lass as she has her birthday day on the official day, she is going to have a look around the local agricultural college the day after with the hope of being accepted there for the next four or so years ... (she wants to work with environment issues etc she did tell me the proper name but I forgot!) In my infinate wisdom I have promised her a shopping day for new togs and the Saturday she is going bowling ( I seem to remember when I was at that age just me and a mate went to the pics, I got a recorder (never could play it) and a fish supper... ahhh how times change. Til the next time Dawn x A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 3 Posted by sister dawn, 06 May 2008 Well thats another weekend flown by in a haze of soulful tunes and good company, gone all too quickly once again. But what a good weekend it was, Friday night saw me armed with a couple of boxes of sacred vinyl to play at Retfords sisters of soul nite, although numbers were down, those of us that attended were privy to hear some great sounds being spun. I have to publish my playlist at a request from a couple of people that attended, so this evening I will be trying to remember just what I played as the record boxes were just left in my hallway in my haste to rush up the stairs to the bathroom when I arrived home, after hitting every pothole and speed bump on the return journey home. During my set I had the pleasure of playing some sounds for the dance competition and also judging it, it was a nice warmish evening so the tempo shot up, and I made the winner work for her badge of honor It gave me great pleasure to play out Holly St James's Thats not love, as a request, now anyone that knows me, knows this is one of my all time favorite sounds from 'back in the day' it was always known as the early morning call played at 6am at the infamous Drill Hall alnighters here in Lincoln, and I promised that the next time I played it I would say a few words of thanks to the soul crowd for something we have held dear to our hearts for so long from no other than Holly St James herself, whom I have been speaking to electronically now for some time, She is such a wonderful person and has a multitude of knowledge concerning the american music scene, her grandkids are still coming to terms that grandma is famous here in the UK. So in a nutshell that was basically my friday nite, The vino flowed well, the company was good, and the music flowed what more can you say. Saturday saw us travelling to Mansfield to the Attic club, it was the first time I had been to this venue as it co- incided with my own nites here in Lincoln, but having a few weeks rest from our own venue we said we would try places we hadnt been to before and this was on the list of to do's and how pleased am I that I did, totally blown away from the sounds the lads there played, this was the music I was lucky enough to have been weaned on thanks to some great role models I had in my youth, who took me to places that carried on the policies from the top all nighter/dayers in the land. The quality was 2nd to none from 10 quid tunes to the you just know its expensive tune, all original, all soul. I wrote a proper review on the night on the lookback thread. It got me wanting more though and made me think about some of the drivel we have to play out week in and week out, that sometimes isnt quality at all, it just fills the floor, losing the magic for what it was really intended. I have desisted from burning my records though and starting all over again, but when I have some time will be looking at those that have remained in the havent played boxes for a number of years. Sunday I was really wanting to go to the sheffield all dayer wanting more of the genre from the previous night, but guilt got the better of me and the garden won as it was resembling something like out of the adams family film, So a day in there has it back on par for the garden unlike myself who has ripped the cartiledge in my knee and is hobbling around like an old grannie!!!! We were going to go the all dayer at miners welfare yesterday so that went out the window. So its to the docs for me this afternoon, I cant pronounce his name, and no doubt will have difficulty in understanding what he has to say, but I will be polite and nod in the right places and hope I havent agreed to have an xray in aberdeen as the local hospital is to busy!!!! The poor old mosher princess has SATS this weeks! 13 years old and they are sitting exams!! poor kids, at 13 I was enjoying life, not stressing over exams, and stressed thay are! I havent put the pressure on her, just told her to do her best and that will be good enough for me, it might not be the governments but I dont really give a fig about their audit lists and numbers. So yesterday saw her and her bezzie mate having a day out at the coast for some sun and sea air, So by ten last night she was snoring blissfully in the mosh pit and has woke this morning ready to take on Mr Browns government and kick Ass! Today is Maths. Watch this space Friday at school in science they cut up Rats!! So I was treated to all the gory details, it took me back to a time when me and several others at school ''protested'' about the unlawful killing of lab mice for dissection. The mosher princess and I discussed these issues and how she felt about them, her reply that it was ''ok, as all the bits were sent to the falconary centre up the road to feed the owls and falcons''. (She has a thing about owls) and that was that, how times change!. Dawn x A Soul Sisters Take On Life Part 2 Posted by sister dawn, 23 April 2008 Here we are again , its Wednesday already! (Being sarky there cos it feels more like a week of ruddy mondays) and this week has been the week from hell, well work wise anyway, got a couple of days off now and am celebrating the fact that my ass is my own again for 48 hours anyway rather than the Called in at the off licence on the way home, and came out armed with a couple of nice bottles of red and doritos for the munchies Just come of the phone after having a yarn with one of me home girls, it always feels better when you have caught up on the gossip from the real world and goss we did... so much so the batteries nearly dead on me phone . Been making plans already for the weekend and also for later dates about where we were going northern wise, and the subject got around to ''the same old, same old''.. So in our infinate wisdom we have decided to go further afield this year on the northern circuit, and also to rekindle a long lost relationship with the scooter scene by attending a few rallies, I never really lost the taste for the scooter scene, but circumstances such as work, family life and not enough hours in the day tore me away from it in the first place, and I have had a secret yearning to return to the scene that prides itself on a weekend of scooters, fun and beer in that order.... so apologies now to any unfortunate scooter bods who are unlucky to have a tent pitched next to three mad women from the shires, one has a terrible habit of grinding teeth in her sleep the other snores and the other has wind problems!!!! not gonna tell ya who is who, but we apologise now in advance... The mosher has another sleep over tonight with her bessie mate who is also from the darkside, and I have just been subjected to 3 hours of kerrang and scuzz, all thanks to the ruddy teaching profession going on strike tomorrow, (PLEASE MR PM GIVE EM WHAT THEY WANT NOW) So my nite of tranquil getting slaughtered whilst catching up on the world of soaps went straight out of the window, so in order for self sanity I had to resort to getting slowly merry in my study, in front of the PC with its trusty soundfiles of relaible comfort music for me and a ban on anyone under the age of 15 with ruler straight hair on entering..... I have also issued a do not wake me before 10am ruling unless a. The house is starting to smell of burning..b.... one of you loses a digit and you cannot stem the bleeding...c.... If a man from the national lottery comes knocking on the door with a cheque ... oh and a ban on redying hair Black in my shiny white bathroom!! .... So Kerrang and Scuzz have now gone on standby as the moshpit upstairs is getting the 60 minute makeover via posters of the weird and wonderful being repositioned at all angles around the room ..... how anyone can get a good nights kip with some really scary people looking back at you is beyond anyway back to the stuff I have some sort of knowledge about me soundfiles.... I didnt realise but I have hundreds and hundreds of them, and my 'F' Drive is just about nearing capacity.... So I am well chilled listening to a few tunes I havent heard, played out on vinyl or clicked on for ages and ages, and each one is like a long lost friend and instigates some fantastic memories from where you first heard it, who you were with, and what you were doing .... I wonder if those into other genres of music feel the same sort of things for their music as us soulies? I am sure they do, but I guess if you were to strike up a conversation on the bus or at the local starbucks about the subject, they would move seats pdq thinking they had sat next to the local loonie.... . Somedays I am opened minded about my soul but at other times, such as this I do love the oldies, especially when you think you are in need of some TLC, as the other stuff doesnt sort of comfort you as much, as they are still relatively newish to the ear... (some of 'em are about 20 years old and still classed as but Im sure ya know what I mean What peeves me off though is my own laziness at not taking the time on occasions, of typing in the title and artist, and just numbering them cos I cant be arsed to do it at the time, and when you listen to them at some later date you havent got a ruddy clue who it is or the name of the track, and its always a good un... So I am thankful to those knowledgable folk on here, who end up naming em and providing the info for lazy gits like me . Right it seems as though the 60 minute makeover team has finished in the moshpit, as I can hear the dulcet tones of MSN mesengers iritating message alert, plus they must be on where there are obviously pics of black haired mosher boys cos i can hear the comments of ''he's gorgeous'' and ''no he's not my type he's a minger'' So its time for me to pour another glass for medicinal purposes, remove the dog (under protest from him) out of me fav chair, and watch a re run of sex in the city or if I am really lucky an episode of family guy maybe on..... So until next time..... Dawn x A Soul Sisters Take On Life Posted by sister dawn, 18 April 2008 · I really don't know whats happened to Global warming, but its bloody freezing out there tonight, and I have only been out to shut the garage door, the only thing warming is my heat providers bank account as opposed to mine, but hey this is my first blog, so what the hell should I talk about??? I suppose it should be something soul related, but then a blog can be about just anything!. I have been penned up within these four walls all week due to a bout of tonsillitus, now I have had this before, a few times, and they wont take the damn things out, say its not bad enough to do that yet!!!! So it doesnt matter if it incapcitates you for over bloody 5 days now, feeling like your throat is going to explode like something from a sigorney weaver movie and your tonsils making a break for it down the road.... the legal prescription painkillers are crap, and now I wouldnt know where to go to get any others In husked discussion with my very soon to be 14 year old daughter today about music, she discloses that she likes a bit of ska, now I used to take her on the rallies with me from an early age, but for the past year and a bit she has been into the darkside of popular music, with unmentionable band names (to me) but the likes of slipknot, marilyn manson MCR etc etc, the posters alone scare me, never mind the videos or the music!! So we never spoke about the ''old days'' until tonight when virgin were advertising their latest music promotion, which is ska, her ladyship sits there and says, I like Ska but you had to chose Northern Soul!!, what was that all about then???? Well already low on speech power due to the throat infection I was speechless!!, She hates all the love and stuff associated with soul, prefering instead cut em up and kill em music, but she asked if I could sort her old some 'old ska' just for listening to in her room when she has some ''me time'' in other words when the rest of her dark princess mates aint around for a sleep over or just to hang out in the mosh pit No doubt at these times the ska will be well hidden in the knicker draw!!! But like she requested, I will do her some 'old ska' and I will peep through the crack in the bedroom door when she is skanking in full mosher outfit in front of her mirror to it, and try and stifle my laughter as these teenagers aint half sensitive, I am sure I wasnt as bad at that age, but my mother assures me I was worse, she says though at 15 I settled down a bit, that was cos I was out at nighters and dayers around the UK I told her, and she replied Oh yes I forgot about that!! recalling some of the best weekends that her and me dad had while I was 'away' or sleeping!!. It makes me wonder if my 'little un' (shes taller than me already) will ever get to experience the things that I did, staying out alnight with her mates somewhere with like minded folks who were into the same sort of music with a general feeling of being a family , I somehow doubt they will experience the big venues where you stayed for 12 or more hours, no doubt hers will be all night parties in someones house, then I will worry terribly that she isnt drinking alcohol, taking drugs or having under aged sex, and I will stay up all night texting her and ringing to make sure she is ok ..... Somehow I am just so pleased that technology such as mobile phones weren't invented in the 7ts Anyway the dulcet tones of Nirvana have drifted into silence in the mosh pit, so it must be time for my useless painkillers to be swolled and for me try to get some sleep without coughing at 10 minute intervals, I got that bored last night I was even timing them!!! So this has been my first blog, I don't know what happens to it when I press the post entry button, no doubt it will go somewhere it wasnt ment too..... but hey theres a first time for everything...... til next time x
  16. All Danced Out Posted by Ganche, 16 June 2009 I knew by the glorious sunshine on the way to Cleethorpes that the weekend was gonna be a blinder. I wasnt wrong. Kylee and I had a pretty easy journey to Lincolnshire and in fact, chatted so much we were there before we knew it. After the usual shinnanigans of who was sleeping where we got to the venue about halfway through Sue Brick's and Amanda's set. That started us off in great style, fantastic set girls Friday night is great for "settling in" - meeting all those folks from various locations far and wide, getting a feel for the place, you know....but this year I was tempted early on onto the dancefloor (after you had infiltrated the wall of people packing the floor) I love to watch the dancers at Cleggy - its like all the best ones are there and when you stand back and look at em it looks fantastic...all that passion....great stuff. Simsy also presented Bearsy with his SSFFL winner's medal and his beaming face when he got it had me laughing. Classic tune after classic tune and about 10 pints later we fell giggling into the caravan about 4.00am - having decided to take it easy the first night! Karime nearly made it to bed...the top half of her body on the bed....her legs on the ladder of the bunk-bed!!! where she happily snoozed!! Saturdays hangover started about 10 and we managed to crawl round to the cafe (sunglasses firmly glued on), eat their excuse for a breakfast and fall back into bed again.. As usual I missed all the daytime offerings opting to save myself for the niter we chilled and swapped stories happily til it was time to go out again. Saturday night was even more buzzing, we were all dancing, and warming up ready for the performers to come on. Jesse Davis wowed us with a few numbers. I loved his version of Stormy and he sang Hang on in there girl (one of my faves) without one note out of place. He went down a treat. He was followed by the beaming smile that is Melvin Davis who equally wowed us with his offerings. It seemed the singers were on for no time at all because I was enjoying it so much. Afterwards all I remember is dancin me socks off and getting totally obliterated.....I think we left about 4.30 while we could still walk Sunday was chill out time, again, there was no way I was leaving my bed... so left the partying til the evening . Kylee and I got dressed up as the "soul police" complete with various tools of our trade...a tape measure to see if the djs had 7 inches or 12 and to check for "regulation" flares! talc for the floor, a beer towel to mop sweaty brows, a magnifying glass to check for boots, and of course, 6-inch stillettos!!and various other things....the boys seemed to favour the latex gloves and ky jelly the most - funnily enough When we came out of the ladies we walked slap bang into Melvin, Jesse and entourage who laughed with us (or maybe at us!) and were pleasantly surprised how many had taken up the fancy dress challenge. Even Ady who was dressed as a bear and little Sonny in matching outfit!! He was adorable - the baby that is....later saw the rest of the croasdell bear family dressed in pink. We did a bit of detective work as we were on duty, (although we were happy to be bribed with drinks!) checked out Dave and Rogers records with great care!! Measued flares and coshed various criminals with our pink squeaky trunchons!! Most blokes asked to be handcuffed but we preferred the "old style" of policing by giving them a clip round the ear. We had great fun all evening but found dancing in those shoes quite a hazardous task! By 12 oclock the magic fairy came and took away my magic dancing feet and gave me my bad back again so I retired for the evening. Many thanks to Ady for putting all this together (and every one else involved) Its like getting the whole soul family out together - fantastic. But my special thanks go to Karime, Kylee, Ian, Paul and Derek who made perfect trailer companions. Roll on next year!! Denise xx
  17. Various Ramblings & Playlists Posted by Pete Burton, 22 June 2008 · Enjoyed a great night at Rugby last night, met up with loads of friends I've not seen for a while, enjoyed playing my spot to an appreciative crowd and came home with a few nice new toons for the playbox...........what more could you want ! Playlist for my Spot in the Main Room 09:00 to 10:00 Hytones - Bigger & Better - A-Bet Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Donna Colman - Your Loves Too Strong - Avin Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - Ko Ko Demo Four Pro's - Just Another Girl - Carla Penetrations - Sweet, Sweet Baby - Teri De Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie - Genie Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Soul Shakers - You're Turnin' - Teri De Toni Washington - Good Times - Kon-Ti Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Soundmasters - Lonely, Lonely - Julet Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Lenny Williams - I Couldn't Find Nobody - Fantasy Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You - Vault Demo Tootsie Rollers - Give Me Love - Me-O Margaret Mandolph - Something Wonderful - Planetary Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Kettering Soul Society Posted by Pete Burton, 10 February 2008 · Kettering Soul Society - Cornmarket Hall - 9th February 2008. A really nice venue, easy to find with a large carpark just outside and with a great polished wooden floor. I Had been told by a few beforehand not to expect much music wise but we were pleasantly surprised by the good selection of 'Across The Board' music that was played by the residents throughout the evening with all of them playing great sets. Many thanks to Steve Towers & Trev Davison for inviting me to do the Guest Spot we had a great evening. The crowd was a bit low in numbers but with so much on and especially the Rugby Anniv. just down the road that was probably to be expected. Playlist For My Spot 10:45 to 11:45 Shirley Lawson - One More Chance - UK Soul City Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood Silky Hargraves - Keep Loving Me - Dearborn Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Billie Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma Demo Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Matta Baby - Do The Pearl, Girl (Part II) - Penny Christine Cooper - Heartaches Away My Boy - Parkway Demo Pat & The Blenders - Just Because - Fast Eddie Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Ascots - Another Day - Miradon Tobi Lark - Sweep It Out The Shed - Topper Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo Virgil Henry - You Ain't Sayin' Nothing New - Tamla Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit Desborough Ritz Playlist Posted by Pete Burton, 16 November 2007 · Desborough Ritz Playlist For My Spot 12:00 to 12:45 - 3rd November 2007 Victors - The Hurt - Phillips Demo Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Mary Love - Lay This Burden Down - UK Stateside Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood Joe Jama - My Life - Optimum Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Silky Hargraves - Keep Loving Me - Dearborn Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo Dkof Peterborough Playlist - 5th October 2007 Posted by Pete Burton, 06 October 2007 DKOF Peterborough - 5th October 2007 Another great night at DKOF last night, numbers were a bit down on usual but there was a great friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed up for hearing some different tunes and all I spoke with at the end said they'd really enjoyed the night. Mick, Ray and Neal all played some great stuff (hopefully they'll put some playlists up later) and Tony Parker excelled himself with a blinding spot. This is certainly now one of the best nights in the area for rare and underplayed soul............all credit to the DKOF Lads for making it happen.............Can't wait for the next one on December 22nd. Playlist for my Spot 10:30 to 11:30 Matta Baby - Do The Pearl, Girl (Part II) - Penny Joyce Harris - Baby, Baby, Baby - Fun Conquistadors - Sadness & Madness - Signett Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Informers - Baby, Set Me Free - Black Jack Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie - Genie Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - Ko Ko Demo Groovettes - Think It Over Baby - Reness Joe Jama - My Life - Optimum Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Lewis Clark - I Need Your Lovin' So Bad - Tigertown Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Joe Vandiver - You're Everything (They Said You'd Be) - Jade Soundmasters - Lonely, Lonely - Julet Silks, Wellingborough - 25th August 2007 Posted by Pete Burton, 26 August 2007 · SILKS, WELLINGBOROUGH - 25TH AUGUST 2007 Enjoyed a really good night at Silks, Wellingborough last night. A good turnout heard some great stuff from Lenny Dopson Roger Banks and Dave Thorley. I'm pleased this is now getting the support it deserves cos you can't find a better pair of soulies than Lenny and Nina. I Look forward to going to the next one as a paying punter on October 27th when Lenny has Soul Sam, Carl Fortnum and The Banbury Soul Twins on the guest list. I was booked for 2 Guest Spots but also did an extra half hour to fill-in when another DJ wasn't able to come...........Anyway my Playlists were as follows: 1st Spot 8:15 - 9:00 Richard Caiton - I See Love Girl In Your Eyes - Caibert Matta Baby - Do The Pearl, Girl (Part II) - Penny Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Joyce Harris - Baby, Baby, Baby - Fun Ster-Phonics - Don't Leave Me - Mas-Tok Billie Kennedy - This Is A Groovy Generation - Thelma Demo Groovettes - Think It Over Baby - Reness Royal Jesters - Use Your Head - Jester Informers - Baby, Set Me Free - Black Jack Lad Teens - Keep On Rollin' - Cadillac Robert Tanner - Tell Me Your Name - Megatone Kittens - Wait A Minute - Vick EJ & Echoes - You're Gonna Hurt - Diamond Jim The Mar-J's - Got To Find A Way Out - Magic Touch Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone Demo Kenny Smith - One More Day - Flo-Roe Sparkles - Try Love (One More Time) - Old Town Regents - What'cha Gonna Do - m.a.d. Conquistadors - Sadness & Madness - Signett Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven 2nd Spot 9:45 - 10:15 Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood TJ Williams - Baby I Need You - Josie Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo California Rock Choir - Whoever You Are - Cyclone Ed Simpson - Pinch Hitter - Gold Future Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On - Thelma Carletts - I'm Getting Tired - Capitol Spiedels - Dream Girl - Providence Demo Belita Woods - Magic Corner - Moira Demo Billy Hambric -She Said Goodbye - Drum Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven Tobi Lark - Sweep It Out The Shed - Topper 3rd Spot 11:15 - 12:00 Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Carletts - Lost Without Your Love - Capitol Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie - Genie Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - Ko Ko Demo Joe Jama - My Life - Optimum Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Soundmasters - Lonely, Lonely - Julet Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Joe Vandiver - You're Everything (They Said You'd Be) - Jade Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Soul Beat Rushden, John White's Golf Club - 28th July 2007 Posted by Pete Burton, 29 July 2007 · Playlist for my Spot 9:30 to 10:30 Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Carletts - Lost Without Your Love - Capitol Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie - Genie Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Phil Terrell - Love Has Passed Me By - Carnival Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Matta Baby - Do The Pearl, Girl (Part II) - Penny Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - Ko Ko Demo Joe Jama - My Life - Optimum Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Soundmasters - Lonely, Lonely - Julet Royal Jesters - Use Your Head - Jester Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Joe Vandiver - You're Everything (They Said You'd Be) - Jade Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven North Herts Irish Club, Letchworth - 18th May 2007 Posted by Pete Burton, 19 May 2007 · North Herts Irish Club, Letchworth - 18th May 2007 Playlist for my Spot at 9:45 to 10:30 Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Topics - Hey Girl (Where Are You Going) - Chadwick Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit EJ & Echoes - You're Gonna Hurt - Diamond Jim Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Royal Jesters - Use Your Head - Jester Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Joe Vandiver - You're Everything (They Said You'd Be) - Jade Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Tobi Lark - Sweep It Out The Shed - Topper Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo Gospel Classics - More Love(That's What We Need) - UK Chess Demo Current Playlist Posted by Pete Burton, 26 January 2007 · Some Of My Current Plays - The Records That Are Getting The Most Attention On My Decks At The Moment Matta Baby - Do The Pearl Girl (PartII) - Penny Lenny Willams - I Couldn't Find Nobody - Fantasy Penetrations - Sweet, Sweet Baby - Teri De Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen - Thelma Ellusions - You Didn't Have To Leave - Lamon Hytones - Bigger & Better - A-Bet Pinkertones - It's Not The Way You Walk - Queen-G Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You - Vault Demo Margaret Mandolph - Something Beautiful - Planetary Cheryl Williams - Everybody's Happy But Me - Bengee Demo Chi-Lites - She's Mine - Blue Rock Toni Washington - Good Times - Kon-Ti Tootsie Rollers - Give Me Love - Me-O Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories - Megatone Honey & The Bees - Dynamite Exploded - Arctic Homer Banks - Sweetie Pie - Genie Robert Tanner - Tell Me Your Name - Megatone Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command - Midas Tokays - Baby, Baby, Baby - Brute Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together - Garrison Demo Topics - Hey Girl (Where Are You Going) - Chadwick Trends - Thanks For A Little Lovin' - ABC Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Why Weren't You There - Big Hit Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - Ko Ko Demo Monique - If You Love Me (Show Me) - Maurci The Metrics - Wishes - Chadwick Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes - Big Wheel Donna Colman - Your Loves So Strong - Avin Soul Shakers - You're Turnin' - Teri De EJ & Echoes - You're Gonna Hurt - Diamond Jim Groovettes - Think It Over Baby - Reness Joe Jama - My Life - Optimum Cynthia & Imaginary 3 - That's What I Am (Without You) - Big Hit Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown Custom Royal Jesters - Use Your Head - Jester Regents - What'cha Gonna Do - m.a.d. Soundmasters - Lonely, Lonely - Julet Ster-Phonics - Don't Leave Me - Mas-Tok Lad Teens - Keep On Rollin' - Cadillac Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi-Me Joe Vandiver - You're Everything - Jade Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock Conquistadors - Sadness & Madness - Signett Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound Demo Kenny Smith - One More Day - Flo-Roe Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Pat & The Blenders - Just Because - Fast Eddie Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven Kenny Hamber - Anything You Want - Arctic Demo Melvin Davies - I Must Love You - Groovesville Tony Clarke - A Wrong Man - M-S Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone Demo Valiants - Tell Me, Tell Me What You Gonna Do - Destination Demo Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit Belita Woods - Magic Corner - Moira Demo
  18. The Glades Kidderminster - 10th February '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 06 February 2007 As expected Another great nite by the Kiddy Boys, although they messed up with the bar and venue times, so it finished at 12 rather than 12:30. Started off quite quiet then filled up quick. Boasting Northern Stompers, with the inclusion of well blended modern, the end of the night bought the fast pasers, with songs such as Bob Brady, Curtis Mayfield and ofcourse Human Beinz. Finishing off with Tobi Ledgend's - Time Will Pass you By, all brilliant sets by Francis, Baz and Steve Russell. If you missed this one then make a date for the Next one!! Check out for all local events in the West Midlands and your souly needs Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 3rd February '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 04 February 2007 Last nite a large amount of us attended the ever popular RSRE in malvern, well malvern link. It once again housed some of the best, motown, northern soul, and philly in the scene. A great atmosphere and cheap drinks For anyone who are interested the next is May 6th. For Pictures of this event and future events throughout the West Midland and Beyond take a look at: Coppertops Worcester - 3rd March '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 28 February 2007 Another cracking night from the Worcs Soul Crew, with John Barker also playing a great set too. Even though they were a DJ down they managed to keep the same high standard as usual, with Modern, Motown and Northern Soul played throughout, Didn't go this time? WELL BE THERE NEXT TIME!! Soul Starts from the Heart, Junction 11 Hednesford - 31st March '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 28 February 2007 First night at the aquarius and there were a few disapointments, the bar queue was WAY too long! However, the music was pretty good, a few too many slow ones and repeated ones, but on the whole it was a good night. They want to get it sorted for next month or they will loose their reputation! Next events 28th April be there! Soul Fusion Gloucester - 24th March 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 17 February 2007 · Yet another great nite for Modern and Northern Lovers, both rooms boasting great sounds, although the speakers did mess up a bit in the northern room for a while, But there were no other glitches. If you still haven't been well you don't have a clue what your missing, go to the following site and register your membership...NOW!! Bossa Nova Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 17 February 2007 This is a popular Worcester Bar, playing Motown, Jazz and a bit of Northern now and then. Local band usually perform every Friday, such as the Fantastic Midnight Movers. If your a local soul band this is the place to go and play. Soulfull Sessions Keystones Worcester - 16th February 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 16 February 2007 · A modern dancers nite. While it is good as a social event, meeting up with people and the music playing in the background. If your a fan of modern or in the mood for a drink. Another good attendance for the underground venue. Want to know next Soulfull Session Check out the Site, 4th Soultime Torquay Weekender Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 21 May 2007 First time I've ever been to Torquay and I have to say it was GREAT! The Hotel itself caters for the event very well, with a large amount of ammenities...and bars! The rooms are of high standard, although we moreless through our cases in and off we went . The two lounges, one northern one modern, played the best of genres, and the dancefloors allowed easy use....and easy feet. Breakfast was extended to 10:15am so that we could have at best three hours of sleep. All DJ's were at there best, listening to the dancers and slowing the pase when needed! The weekend finished on a high, although we wish we had booked till the give a better drive home and a good nights sleep!!! Definitley one the best weekenders goin.....Next is ofcourse octobers Prestatyn for me When Music Fills the Air.....DANCE DANCE DANCE!! Soulfull Sessions Keystones Worcester - 20th April 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 09 April 2007 · Well another nite to remember!!! The Music was playing and the drink was flowing!! A good turnout with people dancing throughout. Rob and Steve, joined by Mike Shawe kept the sounds playin till well past 1 nd if u didnt make it be there next time with Gavin Page and KGB Kevin Baynham, don't forget your dancing shoes!! When in Doubt.......DANCE The Glades Kidderminster - 28th April '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 03 April 2007 Another Great Night for the Kiddi Guys although the music slipped for a wile...But it was built back up and the stompers continued. The Times were sorted out this time and that extra half hour makes all the difference!!! Still one of the best venues and soundsystems, meaning loud and clear! If you haven't given the Glades a chance yet you SHOULD! When In Doubt.......DANCE Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 6th May '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 30 March 2007 Yet again the Worcester Boys did us proud! A great blend of motown, northern, philly and modern kept everyone dancing till the end! The music was great and the Drink was cheap...What more could you ask for? Pics will be up sooon Live your life from the SOUL Coppertops Worcester - 7th April '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 30 March 2007 Another great nite from the worcester soul crew, although quiter than usual, playing great sound over and over! Hippo Hipkiss gave a great stint playing true oldies and keeping the floor filled. Coppertops returns in June. See You there! Prestatyn Weekender 12th - 15th October 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 26 September 2007 Legends Returns! Sure to be another great weekend for everyone who knows northern, modern, motown (cheese) or soul! Some more great acts live, some of which who havent been "comfirmed." A tribute has been rumoured to the Late Great Marvin Gaye! For those who have been before they know why their goin! To those 1st timers, you'll never forget it!!!! WHEN IN DOUBT DANCE, SPIN, DANCE! Soulfusion - 15th September 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 26 September 2007 · Well a Brilliant night at Soulfusion again. The inclusion of a motown room was probably the best place idea in ages and it sure as hell paid off! Problems with the sound system in the Northern Room did play up the sounds just got better and better. Sean Chapman was the guest this month and filled the floor in the Northern Room, but in the modern wasn't so good. Soulfusion returns in November. Keep The Faith All Soul Fusion Gloucester - 21st July 07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 19 July 2007 Another great nite at soulfusion, although the northern room did seem to loose track for quite a while it ended brilliantly! Modern room was packed agen, actually finishing later than the northern room for a change! Some great sounds played through the nite. Soulfusion returns in a matter of weeks, 15th september with legendary DJ Sean Chapman taking a spin! As always Memberships are required so get one if dont have one! If Music Be The Food Of Life......Dance On! Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 7th July '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 05 July 2007 Another great Cheese filled nite from the Worc Soul Crew. The BBQ must have made a lot of money! The music kept people dancing throughout the nite, all Dj's playing a great set. No-Smoking ban didn't seem to bother people either. Thats it from the RSRE this year, but the Abbey's final nite EVER is sure to go out with a bang in November! Coppertops Worcester - 16th June 07' Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 03 June 2007 The Coppertop's Returns on the 16th with the Worcester Soul Crew and Guest DJ...Mr Sean Chapman, which ought to throw some things about!! Be there early to get a spot on the dancefloor and dont forget to have a drink ready for afterwards! When in doubt..........DANCE DANCE DANCE
  19. Graduation Day Posted by Madmandy, 14 September 2007 Oh Happy day Much Better News This Weekend Posted by Madmandy, 01 July 2007 My oldest lad has passed his degree He got a 2.1 ( what he had hoped for ) For those of you who dont understand the scoring (like me) Its like getting a silver medal at the olympics A 1st is like getting gold YIPPEEEEE So now he can go and get a job !!!!!! My Old Youth Leader Posted by Madmandy, 29 June 2007 · My old youth club leader Has been diagosed with brain cancer I went to visit her and shes still in good spirits altho we did cry together We did also have a right laugh when she was telling me about things she has done since the op due to some side effects. She has had an op to remove 70% of the tumour but 30% still remains and is inoperable It did bring back the vast majority of her speech which she had lost she does sometimes try to get ahead of herself and forgets the odd word or persons name ( a small price to pay ) which she then writes down She says she'll be lucky to see her 60th birthday in october this year She herself was a battered child and she did so much for the kids I grew up with who had bad upbringings I met another lady who Dee looked after and she says she wouldnt be here now if it werent for Dee and her husband Richard who helped her when she was litearlly in the gutter I told Dee this and also told her she made an impact and made a difference to peoples lives ...something to be very proud of How cruel she won't even see any grandchildren and be as supportive as she was to us when we were kids. Mand Dukeries Leisure Centre Saturday 23 June Posted by Madmandy, 25 June 2007 I would like to give special thanks to : Dennis Bradbury Ian Marriott Rob Smith Gaz ( the fez ) they did a sterling job at keeping everyone happy and dancing Also to Keith the badge man ( sorry I didnt get to say gnite) Also thank you to Sharon and Frank Lynne and Rob John ( rednose) and Carol Ray and Mary for travelling to attend and always supporting me as good friends do you're all one in a million! Also to anyone else reading this who attended a big thank you for making my second do a great success the numbers were just over 200 Also a thank you to Kingsway hall soul crew ( carl piper and friends) for attending Kindest regards Mandy Attention Photo Uploaders! Posted by Madmandy, 26 January 2007 Would it be too much to ask that when the good old folks on SS add their old/new/venue photos that they actually tell us who is in them I for one find it very frustrating looking the brill pics but not knowing who stars in them ? I love browsing thru them looking at the soul community having a great time celebrating birthdays anniversaries etc etc But not knowing who is celebrating what So a plea from me to all the piccy uploaders please state who is in your photos or the venue or the celebration Many many thanks Mand (nosey soulie) To Our Soul Friends And Aquaintances Posted by Madmandy, 18 January 2007 Also a quick Happy new year to all our new friends and aquaintances on the soul circuit We will see you all out and about.... thats when work commitments dont get in the way!!!! Cheers Mand Belated New Year Greetings Posted by Madmandy, 18 January 2007 To all dedicated Northern soul fans out there Since rejoining the soul community a few years back My husband and I have enjoyed the vast majority of nights we attend The venues visited have included Queensway suite mansfield (our starting point in our journey) Bentinck Pilsley Awsworth Clarendon club Hinckley The Fez Forest Town Welfare Kingsway hall Sweet soul newark The Attic club Bestwood underwood Ollerton Welfare (one off with Melvyn Davis live) Grosvenor house hotel Skegness (weekender) Annesley Welfare Masonic/town hall worksop east kirkby welfare No more Doggin Leics Riddings social club leabrooks social club 2 X Alfreton reunions @ the leisure centre I have enjoyed the scene much more this time round than the first when I only managed to visit a couple of venues ( parent power) Being more mature we can go where the helll we like !!! I would like to say that promoters do a good job having hosted my own "do" in december I have realised its not easy to please everyone all of the time and to get things right so I wont moan at any promoter ! So to all of the clubs we visit we hope you all keep up the good work and wish you every success for 2007 Mand The Happy Soulie See you all very soon at a venue near you !
  20. Been A Bit Quiet Round These Here Parts... Posted by pikeys dog, 17 December 2006 so during the run upto xmas I'll start adding entries. WOOF ➢ Steam June 4th Posted by , 10 June 2005 Black Eyed Peas - Smallest Man Alive - Ultra~City Larry Davis - I've Been Hurt So Many Times - Kent Minnie Epperson - Grab Your Clothes - Action Claude (Baby) Huey - Keep It To Myself - M.I.O.B. Little Ben & The Cheers - Baby You're Mine - Rush Johnny Moore - What More Can I Do - Larry~O Rosco & Barbara - Could This Be Love - Old Town Wade & Jamie - Don't Put Off 'Till Tomorrow - Palomar Robin Rice - I've Had It - Crackerjack Sparkels - Try Love One More Time - Old Town Ruby Sherry - Feminine Ingenuity - Take 6 La Reine La Mar - That's Not The Way To Love - Cloud Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart - American Arts Troy Dodds - Try My Love - El Camino Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac Teddy Mack - Hey Gypsy Woman - Monroe The Romeos - Mon Petit Chow - Loma Betti Lou & Bobby Adams - Dr Truelove - Tra~X Roy Brown - Baby It's Love - Gert Bessie Jones - No More Tears - Abet Betty Lavette - What I Don't Know - Calla Steam 4th June Posted by , 10 June 2005 With an as expected lower crowd in the two non-oldies rooms (Due to Winsford clashing with yet another Allnighter) Johnny Beggs decided to combine them for a better atmosphere. At first I thought this would be a bad idea, but it did seem to work pretty well considering the diverse tastes of the people attending. I know the R&B / Early Soul DJ's did hold back on some of the more obscure and gritty stuff, so's not to offend those who were into later sounding Soul, and it appeared Andy Whitmore and Dean Anderson tailored there sets accordingly (the sign of a customer orientated DJ, the way it should be). I stuck to a more 60s Soul set than usual, but enjoyed it no less. A good atmos in that room, but the oldies room was dead - a complete change from the previous month.... are the Dinosaurs finally dying out? All in all an enjoyable night, made so as much by the company, as the sounds. Playlist to follow. May 28th Hideaway And The Non-cis, Manchester. Posted by , 10 June 2005 · Was planning on going to the Hideaway for a couple of hours, then onto the CIS, but as everone is probably aware, events at CIS put the kybosh on this plan. People seemed genuinely angry at Chris the promoter, blaming him for 'ruining their weekend'.... my thoughts on this - get a fcuking life.... it's only a night out. Chris and the rest of his team obviously put loads of effort into providing quality events, and for people to call him for things beyond his control is well out of order. A bit of respect for a guy who is willing to stand outside the venue on the night and personally apologise to anyone arriving and point them in the direction of a free venue, is called for. So with the cancellation of CIS i was forced to stay at the Hideaway and witness Mace running around sweating and Karate chopping all and sundry (due to him seeing a book called 'Kung Fu Mace'). A good night, with some quality early soul and R&B played. Steam May 14th Posted by , 10 June 2005 Buddy Lamp - My Tears - Double L Millie Foster - What A Thrill - President Z Z Hill - One Way Love Affair - MH Ben E King - Teeny Weeny Little Bit - Atco Ray Agee - You Hit Me Where It Hurts - Shirley Sugar Boy Williams - Little Girl - Herald Eddie Burns - Mean & Evil (Baby) - Harvey Maxine Brown - A Man - ABC Lula Reed - Puddenantane - Federal Roy Brown - Baby It's Love - Gert Chino Feaster - Don't You Know Baby - Strakers Billy Guy - Here I Am - ABC Vernon Harrell - If This Ain't Love - Score Margie Hendrix - I Call You Lover - Mercury Earl King - Trick Bag - Imperial Percy Mayfield - My Love - Tangerine Tommy Ridgeley - I Want Some Money - Johen Larry Birdsong - Little School Girl - Home Of The Blues Fenton Robinson - I Believe - Palos Bobby Rush - Much To Much - Checker Sinner Strong - Don't Knock It - Serock Ricky Ricks - Chained & Bound - Sure Shot Mabel King - Go Back Home Young Fella - Amy Tyrone Davis - Bet You Win - ABC Nmd / Carms Alldayer Playlist. R&b All The Way! Posted by , 10 June 2005 wilson pickett call on me joe turner love you baby jackie ross dynamite lovin buddy lamp my tears five royals they don't know lenny johnson walk jinny walk harold betters tall girl lulu reed puddenantane ricky ricks chained and bound howlin wolf 300lbs of joy big mama thornton be my chauffeur chuck berry ramona say yes roy brown its love mighty joe young ladies man pearl woods don't tell it all millie foster what a thrill annie williams I got a man dorothy williams watchdog eddie bo our love will never falter Sscdt Alldayer Playlist - Party Tunes Posted by , 10 June 2005 Lavern Baker - Wrapped, Tied and Tangled - Brunswick Demo Annabelle Fox - Lonely Girl - Satin White Demo La Reine La Mar - That's Not the Way To Love - Cloud George Smith - I've Had It - Turntable White Demo J. Mae Matthews - Lonely You'll Be - Atco White Demo Larry Williams - You Ask For One Good Reason - Okeh White Demo Deon Jackson - That;s What You Do To Me - Carla Mamie Lee - I Can Feel Him Slipping Away - M.G.M. Anita Humes - What Did I Do - Roulette Ed Crook - That's Alright - TriSound Emmanuel Laskey - Peas Loving Man - Thelma Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover - Tec White Demo Linda Jones - My Heart Needs a Break - Loma White Demo The 'Q' - That's The Way - Hound Gordon Keith - Look Ahead - Calumet Rock Candy - Alone With No Love - Dontee Unique Blend - Yes I'm In Love - Eastbound White Demo Mandrill - Too Late - Arista Four Sonics - If It Wasn't For My Baby - JMC Al Mason - Good Lovin' - Fynal Vynal Samanthas May 21st Posted by , 10 June 2005 · With the late notice of cancellation of 'Back Beat' by the new owners of Sheridans, I was at a loose end for a change... Samanthas was on in Sheffield, so I thought I might as well give it a go. In some ways I'd wished I'd stayed at home... The extensive refurb turned out to be a load of sheets hung all over the walls and ceilings, making the place look like the decorators had left half way through the job, leaving their dust sheets in situ. Due to a lower than expected turn out, the two rooms were combined giving an oldies heavy balance in my opinion... and not very good ones at that. The record room was reasonably busy, but it was mainly a case of trades as there wasn't much cash changing hands. To my eyes (and ears) JV has got this place and the 'Sheffield' scene all wrong... He's trying to promote a more forward thinking venue in what is effectively a stinking oldies backwater. It just doesn't work... the 'punters' don't want it, and I can see them staying away in droves. If I were JV I'd promote the main room as Samanthas Oldies, then open the second room as 'current sounds' not vice versa. Mind you if I were him I'd also drop quite a few of the resident DJs as they don't do him any favours... there's Oldies, Mouldy Oldies and Jurassic Oldies... and unfortunately a lot of the plays fall into the latter category. Read Full Entry â ' 0 Comments Options The Big Un - Saturday 14th Of May Posted by , 10 June 2005 · 4 views Ever done something then regretted it afterwards? I have on far too many occasions. This time I accepted DJ bookings at the SSCDT Alldayer in Derby, the NMD annual Alldayer in Thringstone, and Steam allnighter in Crewe.... all on the same day... Never one to let anyone down when I've accepted a job, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and do all of the jobs regardless of logistics. First off was the SSCDT all dayer in Derby. Set off in plenty of time to get there well before my set, but roadworks and crap drivers put paid to this, so I was cutting it a little fine... Managed to get there about 15 minutes before my set, sink a pint of shandy then get on with the job at hand.... Playlist to follow. Played a pretty safe Northern set as I was one of the first on and wanted to create a bit of an atmosphere. Had one very drunken dancer throughout the majority of my set. Time for a quick natter with everyone, then off to NMD for a few hours. This time I managed to get there well before my spot so I was able to enjoy listenening to a full set, and chat with quite a few people. (Mainly putting faces to computer IDs) No More Doggin' is an excellent club run by Kev Connellan and Steve Johnson, that plays rare 60s Soul and R&B, but unfortunately this place does not seem to get the support it deserves, no worries today though as due to plenty of 'plugging' the place filled up nicely, with quite a few dancers as well. Went up and did my spot... a full on R&B set.... as that seemed to be doing the business. Playlist to follow. Time for a few more chats, a pint or two of lemonade and sell a few tunes before it was back to the SSCDT alldayer. Now 4 hours isn't really a long time in the scheme of things, but 4 hours of a bunch of loonies mixing with seriously high levels of alcohol, led to the place resembling a bomb-site inhabited by a troop of marauding chimpanzees. A great time was had by all, including Janine who had managed to pull off a double bluff and actually turn up. As the witching hour approached it was time for the final leg of the marathon soul session... so off to Crewe we went... Arrived at Steam to find it a little down on numbers, but a busy Oldies room. The R&B room was at about its usual level throughout the night, even during Mace's spot. Playlist to follow. Left Crewe at 5am feeling a little tired, and managed to get all the way back to Sheffield before seven thirty, despite being Kamikazee'd by a big fat Wood Pigeon. Soulsville May 6th Posted by , 10 June 2005 Great night out.... don't remember too much of it as Bladeforlife was designated driver (which was nice), so I managed to partake in the great Kronenberg Bier Blond that they have started serving down there. Usual high standard of tunes that get played at this venue... Shame it's quite so intimate! The late licence cock-up was a shame, but like true Troopers, we all decamped to a bar a few doors away for a couple more beers and lots more banter. A steady journey home via an Indian take-away was the order of the day. The feller taking the order did a little dance whn he saw Bladeforlife walk through the door, as he knew he was going to be quids in.... Comparison of meal prices: Pikeys Dog + Missus = £7.00 (just under) Bladeforlife + Missus = £22.00 Soultown - May 1st Posted by , 10 June 2005 Really enjoyed what turned out to be the last Allnighter at Sheridans. A packer, with everyone up for a great night out. Fantastic line up as usual, with the small room giving less experienced DJs a chance (including a certain Gypos Mutt). It was a pleasure to play to such an appreciative crowd without massive dancefloor pressure. Unfortunately no playlist as I forgot to jot them down. Had a couple of people deck clocking the Betty Lavette version of 'Stormy' (Shame it's so hard to find, could have sold mine five times over.) Sheridans will be missed, as I don't think there is another club with that small, intimate feeling that is still big enough to accomodate a decent sized crowd. Stafford Reunion. Posted by , 10 June 2005 Well, Stafford Reunion was a bit of a let down to be honest. Parking was atrocious due to a fun fair being plomked on what seemed the only decent sized carpark in the area. Lugged the heavy record boxes the 200 yds up to the front door to be held up by over zealous doorstaff..... checking for drugs? No. Checking for weapons? No. Checking for bottles of lemonade? Yes. Well you could spray it in someones eye, and depending upon the 'lemon to liquid' ratio, it could sting them quite badly. As a part time record dealer, I was pretty much pee'd off when I found out that the table I'd reserved was somewhere in 'Alsager' (felt like it after walking past the main room and up the stairs). The room was the most depressing I've ever had the misfortune to be put in.... a bit of a sweaty coffin, full of record dealers with nobody looking at records. Spent a couple of hours in there hoping things would get better, but alas they didn't so i packed up and took the records downstairs. Slipped my box onto a small patch of free table in the foyer and made a few sales within 30 minutes.... this compounded the feeling of having wasted my time going upstairs. Managed to catch Guy Hennigans spot in the main hall, which was excellent, but by the time this had passed the whole event had already been soured for me. I've already made these comments to the promoters and to be fair they have responded accordingly... Don't think i'll make the journey there again though. Sweet Tooth Posted by , 17 April 2005 Larry 'Chubby' Reynolds - Sweet Tooth - Tri Spin Was he really 12 when he recorded this? WOOF! ➢ What's Wrong With Promoters..... Posted by , 17 April 2005 · Why do promoters of sporadic events pick nights that clash with established confirmed events? Latest in a long line of these clashes involved the very irregular 'Winsford' clashing with the bi-monthly 'Lifeline'. I'm not suggesting that promoters aren't allowed to go up against other venues, but it smacks of sheer stupidity to put a night on up against one of the most popular current all nighters... At the end of the day it's not just the rival promoter who loses out, it's everyone. As a promoter and 'punter' it annoys me that I can't visit these other venues as I can't be in two places at once... so yet again I miss out on a decent night out. The ethic of 'more choice' isn't always a great thing, it divides the scene and makes for poorer attended nights all round. This has been a regular thing amongst the local Soul Nights, but it has now started creeping into the Allnighter scene. No matter how hard you argue that the scene is 'huge' and places like Prestatyn and Stoke Kings Hall are always rammed, the truth is that there is an hardcore week in, week out allnighter crowd of around 300 - 400 people, and everytime that events clash, this crowd is diluted.... Places like Prestatyn are always going to be busy, but the majority of the people there may only visit one or two Allnighters during the year (some won't even manage that), so it's no good using them as a barometer when starting to promote an Allnighter. I suggest that the promoters of these nights that clash, get themselves out and about, and work out exactly which nights they shouldn't clash with before booking their dates. If there isn't the option of alternative dates, then why not forget about promoting a clash, and schedule something in for later in the year? Or would that be too easy, and remove the opportunity for self-ego boosting Just a thought like...... WOOF! ➢ Lifeline April 16th Posted by , 17 April 2005 Made our way up the M1 to the best upfront Allnighter in the country at the moment... Arrived at about 9.45 and there was already a decent turn out, with dealers set up and Vinyl hounds sniffing through the boxes. Said our hellos, then set up the sales and struck camp for the night. Another busy night ensued, with the record bar getting crammed full, but not much in the way of sales... Roger Banks reported low vinyl sales, suggesting a general slow down in the market, fortunately for Roger he'd just taken delivery of the excellent new batch of Kent CDs, which he had sold out of most titles of in two nights... Not the busiest 'Lifeline' (probably due to the rumours about Sheridans flying around, and the clash with Winsford...see later comments) Musically, for me this was probably one of the better 'Lifelines', from what you could hear in the bar. (There were some volume problems, and sound cutting out in there on occasion). It was great to see Jamie and Rich from 'Soulsville' down there.... I was beginning to think that they went out less often than the Olympic Torch. There aren't many Allnighters that I would travel the length of the country to attend, but this is one of them, so it's quite fortunate that I only live 40 minutes down the road. A highly recommended night out, just what an Allnighter should be like. WOOF! ➢ Steam Playlist For April - R&b And Early Soul Posted by , 12 April 2005 Troy Dodds - Count Of Love - Daytona Gino - It's Only A Paper Moon - Golden Crest Donald Height - You Can't Trust Your Best Friend - Old Town WD Eddie Bo - Fence Of Love - Seven B Little Richie - One Bo-dillion Years - Sound Stage 7 Big Dee Irwin - I Wanna Stay Right Here With You - Rotate WD Fred Kibble - Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Copa Roscoe Robinson - What Makes A Man Do Wrong - Tuff Demo Betti Lou & Bobby Adams - Dr Truelove - Tra~x Sherri Taylor & Singin' Sammy Ward - Lover - Motown WD Lula Reed - Puddentane - Federal Little Richard - It Ain't Watcha Do - Vee Jay Oscar & Anita - What You Don't Know - USA Mary Johnson - These Tears - Queen No No Starr - Swing Your Love My Way - Midas Ray Pettis - Hello There Pretty Baby - Dee Dee Titus Turner - Last Of The Big Time Spenders - Glover WD Baby Jean - Oh Johnny - Stacy WD Willie Mae Thornton - My Man Called Me - Peacock Little Oscar - Empty Bottles - Palos Tommy Raye - You Don't Love Me - Pen Lee Rogers - Troubles - Mah's Buddy Ace - True Love, Money Can't Buy - Duke Demo Jimmy Ricks - Oh, What A Feeling - Festival Demo Steam , Crewe 9th April Posted by , 10 April 2005 Second time out for this venue, and a much improved one. Arrived around the midnight point after some deft driving from vault-of-souler..... a bit of a white knuckle ride around those country lanes near Alsager. Met the hirsute Mr Beggs at the door, who was looking rather chuffed with the turn-out. Place was filling up nicely with a fair split between the rooms, with the Oldies room being chokka. Continued up the 96 flights of stairs to the R&B room, having to stop at each landing to strike camp, have a cup of tea and a bit of bun, before venturing onwards and upwards. Now because I'm quite a lazy sort, and I love R&B, I didn't venture downstairs very much, but when I did I enjoyed the sounds I heard in the "Conny Sewers" room, but the Oldies room wasn't really my bag (7 days is too long stands out as the standard of oldie I heard), however the dancefloor was full so fair play to the DJs.... Anyway a swift run down of the upstairs room. Walked in to hear the back end of Horse's set... quality, uptempo R&B as usual... Said my hellos, handed out a few Back Beat flyers, delivered a few records to their new owners and listened to Mace's spot. 1.30 came around and it was my turn behind the decks. Tried to keep the tempo up, with a mixture of popular R&B and a smattering of lesser known tracks (Playlist to follow). The dancefloor was pretty busy throughout, so not too bad a set. Handed over to Kev Drage, who favours a slightly more midtempo style of track, but a great spot never the less. Pete Coulson put in a sterling effort for his hour between 3.30 and 4.30.... mixing it up with some storming tracks..... Last up was a double deck set from Roger and Horse, all great tunes ranging from Gritty uptempo R&B to slick midtempo Big City Soul. Quality music in a good venue... My only gripe is the lack of heating in the upstairs room, quite a few people came in the room spent ten to fifteen minutes in there, then went back downstairs for a warm up. Had one last walk around the venue just prior to closing and counted well over 150 peeps still in.... Not bad for only the second night, and sure to increase in the future. WOOF! ➢ Ponds Forge 8th April 2005 Posted by , 09 April 2005 Another good Ponds this month... Quite a few bemused Soul Sourcers in attendance - but were Bill, Ben and Weed there? Musically, this place is getting better (although I have heard the complaint that there are less oldies being played, but that suits me just fine). A good mixture of Oldies, Newies and inbetweenies..... plenty of 70s tracks if that's your bag, and a full dancefloor for the majority of the evening... Even a smattering of R&B tracks didn't put the dancers off... cue my favorite phrase of the moment.... "When is an R&B record not an R&B record?.... when it's a Northern/Stafford record!" (Delete as applicable). Always enjoy this venue as a seller - nice well lit room, that isn't too far away from the music, yet the volume is low enough so that you can chat/deal/joke around without having to shout.... Can't wait until next month, when Soul Sourcers Jamien and Rich from Soulsville, and John May are guests. Promises to be a bit of a packer, with the majority of the SSCDT showing as part of their SSCDT weekend...... No doubt the Four Horse(wo)men of the Soulpocalypse will be appearing. Ta Ta for now, oh, by the way..... WOOF! ➢ Grooving To....... Posted by , 06 April 2005 Currently making my tail wag: The Sherrell Brothers - The Price - Currison Jazzy piece of Soulful Crossover. WOOF! ➢ Welcome Posted by , 06 April 2005 · Thought it was about time that Rover shared his rovings with you all. I'll post a short revue up of any venue or event that I visit. WOOF! ➢
  21. News/Article/Feature Highlight: That's A Nice Hat Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 July 2008 · It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to Bishops Wood Soul night last night. You see it was also the Catacombs Revival at Soulvation the same night, and you know... View full article
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The End Of This Era: Promoting A Soul Event Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 March 2009 People used to ask us "how's it going?" There were many answers to that question. Sometimes at the core of the question was either "is it a success,... View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: End Of School Report ...part 2.... Posted by nubes, 14 August 2008 Well...a bit late with this...but i have had time to reflect on Naim's first year at Secondary school...last year this time...although elated by our success to get him into a s... View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Glades Kidderminster - 10th February '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 06 February 2007 As expected Another great nite by the Kiddy Boys, although they messed up with the bar and venue times, so it finished at 12 rather than 12:30. Started of... View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: On The Soul Side - Loft Bar@bournemouth Uni - 16th Feb 08 Posted by Dave Morris, 25 February 2008 · Well time certainly does fly.It seemed only like yesterday that we were at the December do.Lots of usual things to do.All flyers have been put... View full article

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