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Soul Source - Video Comments

  1. In: Tales from the Tour Bus - Betty Davis Intro

    By mike, 21/01/19

    have you seen the full documentary film

    not online anymore but info may be of interest...


  2. In: Tales from the Tour Bus - Betty Davis Intro

    By marknorthwest, 21/01/19

    I enjoyed  the  entire  2nd season  of Tales from the  Tour Bus, and the  Betty Davis  segment  was  by far the  best  ever, as  it  shone a spotlight  on  a  talent  that  isn  rarely  acknowledged.  I am happy to hear she  is  still alive, but puzzled   by why  there  has not been  much known  about  her.  Hopefully this   segment  will  increase awareness  of  Betty' s unique   contribution  to   music  and  revive interest  in  her. 

  3. In: the blossoms - that's when the tears start (video footage 1965)

    By Casino76, 13/01/19


    Blossoms are an English indie pop band from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Formed in 2013, the band consists of Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan and Myles Kellock.

    By Okehdownsouth, 12/01/19

    I almost died of embarrassment the night that this appeared on Top of The Pops. My whole family gathered around the TV to find out what me and my mates had been getting up to at those strange all night clubs that we went to. They took the piss for months and months. It was crap then and it is even worse now and all of the posers who danced on this and who went to Wigan the night Granada turned up to make their crap program should be shot!. They were the people who trashed our scene in the late 70's, they brought the bus loads of stiffs into our clubs. These are the same people who ran to the stage at Wigan for the poxy dance competitions, while the rest of us ran for Mr M's!



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