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Baker, Johmmy   Operator, Operator   Acccept Me As I Am   Cisco 1000 Mint-  £25.00 


Betters, Harold   All Alone Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Gateway 737 Mint £8


Big Maybelle   96 Tears  That`s A Life  Rojac 112 Mint  £50


Bimbo Jet   El Bimbo - Disco Version  El Bimbo  Dcepter 12406 Mint  £6 


Booker T. & MG`s   Hang `Em High  Over Easy  Stax 0013 VG++  £8.00 


Booker T. & MG`s   Groovin`  Slim Jenkin`s Place  Stax 224 Mint-/VG++ (drill Hole)  £10.00 


Bouquets   Welcome To My Heart   Ain`t That Love (Promo)  Blue Cat 115 Mint- (Date Stamp on label) £80


Brenda & The Big Dudes    Weekend Special  `same` (Promo)  Capitol 5555 Mint £6.00 


Brooks, Hadda   Old Man River  Close Your Eyes  Modern 1008 VG++ (Sticker On label) £10.00 


Brown, James & Famous Flames   This Old Heart  Wonder When You`re Coming Home  Federal 12378 VG  £12


Brown,James   Get Up Offa That Thing  Release The Pressure  Polydor 14326 VG++  £8.00 


Burke, Solomon   I Got To Tell It  Love`s Street And Fool`s Road  MGM 14353 Mint- £8.00 


Butler, Jerry   I Forgot To Remember  Got To See If I Can`t Get Mommy (To Come Back Home)  Mercury 73015 Mint- (b side label wear)  £8.00 


Butler, Jerry   You Can Fly  Where Are You Going  Mercury 73101 Mint  £10.00 


Butler, Jerry   Beside You    Never Give You Up   Mercury 72798 Mint-  £10.00 


C, Roy   From The Outside Looking In (He Used To Be My Friend)   After Loving You  Mercury 73981 Mint- £12


Cameo    Freaky Dancin`  Better Days   Chocolate City 3225 Mint-/VG+ £5.00 


Cameo  Attack Me With Your Love  Love You Anyway  Atlanta Artists 880 774-7 Mint £6.00 


Carlton, Little Carl   Don`t You Need A Boy Like Me   I`ll Love You Forever  Mint  £50.00 


Castor Bunch, Jimmy    The Return Of Leroy Pt. 1  `same` (Promo)  Atlantic 3424 Mint  £6.00 


Chuck & Joe   Harlem Shuffle  I Wish You Didn`t Treat Me So Well  Decca 31871 VG+/VG  £8.00 


Citations    That Girl Of Mine   Down Went The Curtain (Promo)  MGM 13373 VG++/Mint (Date Stamp "B" Side) £60.00 


Cliff, Jimmy   Waterfall  Wonderful World, Beautiful People  A&M 1148 VG+/VG++ £8.00 


Commodores    I Feel Sanctified  It Is As Good As You Make It  Motown 1319 VG+/VG++ £3.00 


Conley, Arthur   (Your Love Has Brought Me) A Mighty Long Way  God Bless  Atco 6747 Mint- £10.00 


Cornell`s Trio, Butch   Goose Pimples  Here `Tis Now (Promo)  Ru-Jac 09 VG+  £10.00 


Covay, Don   Take The Hurt Off Me   Please Don`t Let Me Know  Rosemart 802 Mint (W.O.L.) £12.00 


Crawford, James   Much Too Much  Strung Out  Mercury 72347 Mint-  £15.00 


Crusaders   Don`t Let It Get You Down  Journey From Within  Blue Thumb 225 VG++/VG+ £5.00 


curtis, King    Green Onions  You Don`t Miss Your Water  Atco 6496 Mint  £10.00 


Delcos   Just Ask   Still Miss You So (Promo)  SS7 2515 VG  £50.00 


All Original 45's

Items are dispatched from USA


Payment by Paypal please as a gift

Shipping to UK is First class 1-3 records (£8.42) 4-5 records(£9.74)

Shipping to US is First Class 1 record $3.50 2-3 records $4 4-5 records $4.50



Please message me for more details......

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