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Soul Source has an inhouse banner system offering soul music fans an affordable way of spreading the word on their soul related projects while supporting the site

Example Banners





Soul Source Banners display positioning has been improved and the banners  are now shown at both the top and the bottom of every Soul Source page. (Look up and down on this page to see the positions )

This extra slot now allows us to increase the number of slots on offer to members while not affecting the max display ratio of 1 in 20 page views

Each banner slot booked will be shown to viewers at least once in every 20 page views (1:20 max ratio) either in the top or the bottom slot

The amount of exposures each banner gets does depend on the amount of slots booked , the max display ratio is 1 exposure every 20 page views

it is possible to book more than 1 slot per banner (so you can have double or triple exposures rates)
eg 2 slots booked will equates to a max 1 in 10 ratio page/view


Image Format

It is cheaper and quicker if you supply your own banner image in the format below

format: gif, jpg, png 

image size: 460x60

file size: max 75kb

Soul Source can supply a banner however it does cost extra and if its a busy time work wise then there may be delays to the completion of the banner



A new basic banner slot starts at £30 per month

Discount are available for block bookings

Current discount rates (July 2022)

3-6 months  = £10 discount

6-12 months = £20 discount

12+ month  = £25 discount

Can book more than 1 slot per banner (so have a double or a  triple exposures ratio)



Payment is normally done using the inhouse payment system or via paypal direct. 


Ordering Etc

Please use the contact us link ( banner section) below



Mint Member Subscription

Booking 3 or more  banners per month also includes a free Mint Members Subscription

Use of signatures and posting in ebay and sales forum (third party sales forum) for every month 3 or more banners are booked


Soul Source is an independent self-supporting website, as in it is supported by advertising such as these banners.

info as at 09 November 2023

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Unfortunately due to rising server costs, have had to raise our Source banner rates.

This is the first banner rates rise since 2018

Our monthly banner slot rate is now £30 (was £25) per month

All existing banner slots already booked will be on the old rate till Jan 2023

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