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    • Fantastic Piccies from a Great Night!
    • Very late reply - sorry, I didn't realise there'd been any comments on the photos! I was living in Woolwich and Deptford between 1981 and 1984, and I think this would have been around '83 but I'm not certain.
      I used to really like the venue at Notre Dame and helped out with playing some records at the very start before most people arrived. I didn't get to La Beat Route more than once or twice though I think. 
    • Excellent collection of photo's Derek, thank you for posting.   
    • just moved all your images into this category 'sacans'
      as you had posted them in  the event flyers section
      just so aware 
    • Sorry when I started the post I should have said mid 60s.
      Building is the same as 70s but obviously different branding . We never went then but I would imagine that apart from a smattering of Motown it would play a lot chart music of the day.
      But to be far so would Mecca on Saturday night in the 60s. Sunday nights were soul nights playing Motown, Stax, Atlantic, Direction and Bell, just to name a few labels.
      The nearest thing these days is 'today's Wheel in Manchester where Pete Roberts still captures the atmosphere of the day and still plays this incredible music.
      I love Northern but if anyone out there can point me in the direction of clubs still playing the this 60s soul, I would be very interested to hear.
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