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  1. scan of Mega Afro Funk Bac Foundation    Wonder Love Tabansi   Trl 172
  2. scan of Fuller Brothers - Time S A Wasting - Original
  3. scan of Lou Donaldson Quintet - Swing And Soul Blp 1566 47 West 63rd Nyc Rvg Ear Mono Dg
  4. scan of Very  By Lee Williams  Cymbals On The Rapda Label 0002
  5. scan of Harold Alexander - Sunshine Man Classic Spiritual Jazz Funk L P Open Gatefold
  6. scan of John E Paul I Wanna Know
  7. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul By The Exsaveyons On The Smoke Lab 600
  8. scan of Fantastic Northern  Sweet Soul The Compliments On The Midas Label 304
  9. scan of Monster Sweet Crossover  Northern The Illusions On Freedom Lab 4881
  10. scan of Lot Of 20 Reggae 7 Vinyl Impact Gaylads Doctor Bird Halifax Soul Beat Scotty
  11. scan of Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Classic Soul Funk L P Open Gatefold Curtom
  12. scan of Chicago Northern  Sweet Soul By The Summits On The La Salle Lab 504
  13. scan of Box Of 64 Soul Disco Reggae  Singles Listed
  14. scan of Jimmy Raney - A Modern Jazz 57 Prestige 446 W 50th St Mono First Press Rvg
  15. scan of Azar Lawrence - Shadow Dancing Jazz Funk Boogie Riza Leo Nocentelli Of Meters
  16. scan of Azar Lawrence - People Moving Original Prestige Paul Jackson Jazz Funk Fusion
  17. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul By  San Francisco Tko S L K Listen
  18. scan of Afro Funk William Onyeabor    Atomic Bomb Wilfilms Records    Wrlp 1002
  19. scan of Jackie Paine - No Puppy Love Promo - Original
  20. scan of Eddie Foster  I Never Knew  In Records Demo Re-issue Northern Listen
  21. scan of Benny Y Su Grupo - Regue Mexican Soul Funk L P Rca Camden 1973
  22. scan of Sweet Soul   The Superlatives On The Dynamics Label 1011
  23. scan of Jesse Davis - Hollywood Gypsies Modern Soul Private L P Essence
  24. scan of Great Sweet Soul By The Third Guitar On The Rojac Label 120
  25. scan of Joe Murphy - It S A Weakness  So Blue - Original
  26. scan of 400 Soul    Funk Motown Disco Joblot 7 Vinyl Singles Records
  27. scan of Lou Pride  I M Com Un Home In The Morn Un  Suemi Re-issue Northern Listen
  28. scan of Yvonne Baker  You Didn T Say A Word  Parkway Demo Re-issue Northern Listen
  29. scan of 25cm  10 Soul  Jazz Ray Charles Le Grand Concert De 1961 French
  30. scan of Mega Afro Funk Mansany Eboni Records   Er-00004
  31. scan of Great Northern  Sweet Promo By The Master Four On The Tayster Label 6024
  32. scan of Johnny Adams - Heart  Soul Classic Soul L P
  33. scan of Great Sweet   The Visions Virtue 27 Look Listen
  34. scan of Don Varner  Tear Stained Face  Quinvy Re-issue Northern Listen
  35. scan of Funk By The Imperial Wonders On Day-wood Lab 6901
  36. scan of Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Live Classic Soul Funk Album 2 X L P Curtom
  37. scan of Tony Talent - Gotta Tell Somebody - Original
  38. scan of New Holidays - My Baby Ain T No Play Thing - Original
  39. scan of Afro Funk Abou Smith  Saya Ti M G To Courte Maladie -
  40. scan of 78  Blue Note 1626-art Blakey-sabu-message From Kenya Nothing But The Soul
  41. scan of Promo Northern  Sweet  Funk The Fidels Maverick Lab 1008
  42. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul By Freddy And The Sounds Of Soul Pearl 8001
  43. scan of Great Sweet Soul By The Chymes On The Down To Earth Label 101
  44. scan of Detroit  By Little Carl Carlton On The Lando Label 843
  45. scan of Brenda Holloway When Im Gone Tamla     G
  46. scan of Old Soul R B Pop Lot Of 58 Vinyl Rpm 7 Singles 1950s 1960s 1970s
  47. scan of Great Sweet Soul  Funk By The Topics On The Token Lab 5112
  48. scan of 2 Sided Sweet Soul By The Sevilles On The Galaxy Label 727
  49. scan of Pharaohs 7 45rpm Love Happiness  Freedom Road Scarab Records Soul Funk 1972
  50. scan of Charlie S Angels Jaclyn Smith Cover Sylvester 1979 Mexico 7 Disco Funk
  51. scan of Jazz Guitar Funk Grant Green Sookie Sookie Blue Note M- Stock Don Covay Song
  52. scan of 2 Sider By The Herbs On The Great Smoke Label 602
  53. scan of Great Sweet Soul By The Herbs On The Great Smoke Label 612
  54. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul Vito  The Salutations On The Sandbag Label 103
  55. scan of History Of Modern By Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Record 2011 19 Vinyl
  56. scan of Sweet Funk Soul Lee Williams  The Cymbals Rapda Lab 1022
  57. scan of The Jarvis Brothers In Concert God Strengthens Us African Spirituals Modern L P
  58. scan of Huge Lot Over 350 Records All Genres Lots Of Pics Pop Soul Rock 1950s-90s
  59. scan of Mystic That S The Kind Of Love A R T Private Modern Soul Mint- Hear 250 Made
  60. scan of Killer 2 Sided Northern  Sweet By The Variations Bob-joy 1001
  61. scan of Great Northern  Doo Wop By Donald Richards  Group Chex 1003
  62. scan of Great Sweet Soul By The Four Grand On The Long Distance Label 2001
  63. scan of Modern Soul - Chet Davenport Can  T Get Over You Toeholt Traffic Jam Ace Tune
  64. scan of James Brown - Say It Loud  I M Black And I M Proud Classic Funk L P
  65. scan of The Last Poets Classic Poetry Soul Funky L P Open Gatefold Douglas 3
  66. scan of Bruce Cloud - California Soul Classic Soul L P
  67. scan of Mckinley Sandifer - Get Up Sweet Little Woman - Usa Records Record Funk Soul
  68. scan of Sp Soul  Rhythm  Blues The Miracles Come On Do The Jerk 1964 Usa
  69. scan of B B King Rpm 78 Boogie Woogie Woman 374 Story From My Heart And Soul
  70. scan of Soul Brothers Six  Vinyl  White Atlantic What Can You Do  You Better
  71. scan of Eddie Ray Glad I Found You - Alternative Mix C W You Got Me
  72. scan of Killer Sweet Soul By The Final Seconds On The Boo-kou Label 422
  73. scan of Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Same On Rca Label Soul Original
  74. scan of Rolando Al  The Soul Bros Dr Ring A Ding 1966 Uk Doctor Bird Label 7 Single
  75. scan of Record
  76. scan of Barry Craig - To Be Loved West Coast Modern Soul L P
  77. scan of Orange Lake Drive Jazz Pop Rock Soul One Night Stand Bw Something New Tempo
  78. scan of Larry Saunders Prophet Of Soul This World Love I Havent Found Sound Of Soul M-
  79. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul By The Spidells On The Monza Label 1122
  80. scan of Great Sweet Soul By The Chicago Gangsters On The Heat Lab 2012
  81. scan of Darrell Banks 7  Our Love  Open The Door To Your Heart Revilot 201 R B Soul
  82. scan of Larry Saunders 7 Stranger  Fly Away Love Bird Soul International Promo R B
  83. scan of The Fascinations E     Girls Are Out To Get You - 1971  7
  84. scan of Canada  Psych The Lords - There Ain T No Doubt About Hear It
  85. scan of Sp Promo Soul Len Barry Christopher Colombus 1968 Usa
  86. scan of By Carl Carlton On Back Beat 610 Listen
  87. scan of Killer Northern  Sweet Soul By The Ringleaders On M-pac 7238
  88. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul Informers On A Dark Blue Wax Black Jack Lab 1412
  89. scan of Northern  Sweet Soul Eddie Holland On The Great Motown Label 1052
  90. scan of Burson Enterprise Mr Soul Got To Be A Reason 4pm - Seattle Garage
  91. scan of Otis Redding  Sittin On The Dock  Orig 1968 Funk Soul 7  45rpm Volt Vg
  92. scan of Latimore Let S Straighten It Orig 1974 Funk Soul R B 7  45rpm Glades 1722 M-
  93. scan of Nick Forrest Let Me Be  Music Maestro Please Teen Rock Soul Barry Gordy Jr 45
  94. scan of Soul R B  Eartha Kitt   45rpm - There Comes A Time  Anyway You Want It 45rpm
  95. scan of Funk Soul Disco Vinyl Lot 16 70  S Music Supremes Gladys Knight Herb Alpert
  96. scan of Inspirational Soul Voices Of East Harlem Giving Love Just Sunshine M- Stock 73
  97. scan of Larry Saunders Prophet Of Soul Stranger  Fly Away Love Bird Soul Intl Mint 75
  98. scan of Len Barry Somewhere - 7 Single - 1966 - Soul - Niederl Pressung
  99. scan of R B Soul - Debonairs - Life Is Full Of Hang Ups Harmon 101
  100. scan of Great Northern  Sweet Soul Promo Killer By The Spidells Coral Lab 62531

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