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Jimmy Gresham Update


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Fax Cover and Content 4 Pages

TO: US Attorney Mr. Tom Kirwin c/o Paula (Hi Paula)

Copy To: US Attorney Mr. Benjamin Beard

Copy To: The Honorable Judge R. Vinson (Hello Val)

If we could get a few letters to this US Attorney on Jimmy's behalf,

it might tilt the scales and let him out. Rosey Grier sent a letter and

made a phone call. Just asking for Jimmy to get a fair "shake."

Come ON, Soulies, help an old northern Star to get out of the "slammer."

He was railroaded.

Write, call or fax this man. He's a good man, and is sympathetic to Jimmy

Say: "How about giving Jimmy a fair hearing"

US Attorney Tom Kirwin

111 North Adams Street

Fourth Floor

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Ph (850)942-8430

Fax 850-942-8448

Hello Gentlemen:

When I began this journey I had belief in my mind and heart that something must

have gone wrong in the Justice system for James H. Gresham (Jimmy) to be serving

a life sentence in Federal prison. In my naivety, I had concluded that I would discover

it and point it out to the proper authorities and they, who I have (had?) the upmost confidence in,

would do as necessary to correct it, and give Jimmy relief from his current incarceration.

It doesn't appear to work that way, as Jimmy is still in prison, and having started with

the belief that mistakes were made (as we have documented) - even more than simple mistakes,

many sinister elements have been discovered and presented, to no avail.

In the Pensacola Voice article of a couple of months ago https://saleomatic.com/News.html

I was quoted as saying this was a "southern lynching", today, right now, in a reasonable voice -

I repeat and stand by that claim. The treatment of James H. Gresham by the Justice system in

Northern Florida has been no better than the "traditional" treatment of Southern Black men

throughout the South's shameful past.

If I may remind you once again that Jimmy was a 1st time offender / non-violent / Awarded the

National Defense Medal and the China Service Medal during the Korean War, and Soul

Singer and writer - (found 22 records so far, none of which he ever told me about, humble? -

and still famous soul singer in England, which some of his records sell for $420.00, of which he

gets none. All at http://jimmygresham.com and https://saleomatic.com/Navy/

(official record there)

All of you must have seen, or heard tale of, "To Kill A Mockingbird", well that is exactly what

is transpiring here. Your system is killing the "Bird Man of Marianna"


So with all due respect: Let's get this straight.

1. July 1992 Jimmy's home was searched and some drugs were found in a closet, in

plain view. The closet was that of his two sons, one adopted. The room had no

lock on it, and was used as a hallway out to a veranda, that people would go out on.

Jimmy was not there. And none of his prints were found on the jug. His bedroom

had a deadbolt on it. Jimmy, to this very day as he said then, had NO knowledge

of these drugs, they were not his, and believes that they were planted there by

Angel Bustamante, (government informant) also a Marielito, who live at Jimmy's

home, off and on and was free to come and go.

2. Even though this was part of a Government Task Force, seems headed by the

DEA, no "control buys" were ever made from Jimmy, neither did he buy drugs.

All the Government used was the "word" of these Cuban rejects, or Castro

narco terrorist agents to convict Jimmy. - they took their word over his.

3. The cooler was one that Luis Roberto Marbot (former Cuban Soldier, who fought in

Angola, and came to America in 1980 in the Mariel Boat Lift. He testified later that

he had been supplier and enforcer for 4 different drug rings in the South.

Marbot became aquatinted with Jimmy through a FEMA program to settle in the "marielitos."

He sat foot right off the boat into criminal activity.

4. Jimmy was charged by Florida State, for having the drugs in his home, however: It doesn't

seem like they ever intended to prosecute. The neighborhood deputy, Chris Lahr (a white deputy

known throughout the Black Community as a "Cowboy" and later fired for DUI

(by Lt. Schniepp) would call Jimmy up ever now and then and ask him was he ready

to testify against Marbot.

5. Jimmy knew that the drugs were not his, and was afraid to turn on the FEMA / Castro /

Marbot, and didn't know much about his dealings anyway. It had been rumored

that he was a "dangerous man." And I myself, along with my wife, know that fear to be real.

I have to hide myself in my exposing of this "terrorist." A Federal Agent in Pensacola

suggested that would be a good idea.

6. February of 1993 - by Jimmy continuing to say NO to Lahr, the charges were dropped by the

State. And Jimmy's case became Federal. He was indicted for having the drugs in his home.

Jimmy still felt confident that he could prove that the drugs were not his.

7. March 1993 - He went to trial on this charge. In that trial, the Government "whipped" out

a convicted Marielito who was the Federal Pen to testify against him. It was a

Lazaro Aguilar, a person Jimmy had never met.

In the second trial against Jimmy, Mr. Beard would say that "Aguilar and

Marbot's testimony were in conflict so he was putting Aguilar back in prison with

no reduced time for him. - (The Snowball and Vengeance Begins)

8. The case agent, a Lt. Schniepp, Chris Lahr's superior, was the case agent for the entire

task force. - it seems like he was fed up with Jimmy's refusal, and had decided to get him,

to teach this "ol' _____*" a lesson. From Schniepp's behavior there on it is obvious he

was out to get him. Make rank, be a "big man", be the lead on a Federal Case, whatever?

"Barney and Andy?" https://saleomatic.com/Sneep/

9. One can assume this by the fact that he was caught "polling the jury" by a US Marshal, who

pointed it out to Mr. Beard, who immediately brought it to the court's attention. A Black man

who was there was accused of doing it, but after a correction by the US Marshall, it turned

out to be Schniepp. Who said he was just doing as Mr. Beard had instructed him. -

Nobody believes that. At any rate Mr. Beard withdrew his objection, while Jimmy's court

appointed lawyer said nothing, and it was back to the, as one University of Florida professor

put it, "back to the railroading." https://saleomatic.com/Sneep/ (pronunciation)

10. The trial was so ridiculous, that Jimmy's public defender, moved for aqquital.

11. Instead the charges were dropped, and now, Jimmy was "thrown in" the

case with Marbot, who was the original target, and rightfully so, of the Government

Marbot is no. 1 - (USA v. Marbot) - now down in the last

and final "slot" is James H. Gresham No.8. Yee-Haw. What started out as a "frame up"

just to get him to turn on Marbot has now become the vengeful "lynching" of Jimmy Gresham.

Yes now, Jimmy is drowning in a sea of Castro Imported "narco terrorist." -

and an over zealous local officer. - Schniepp (a deadly combination)

12. And here is the proof that Lt. Schniepp was out to get the "______*."

He sat right there behind Mr. Beard, and knowingly allowed Marbot, who

had made a deal with the Government to get Jimmy Gresham, and paint him

as the "kingpin" in the whole affair. - He sat right there behind Mr. Beard

(prosecuting attorney) and said nothing as Marbot spewed out the first of

his many lies against Jimmy. Right there, as Marbot said up until the time

he got involved with Jimmy Gresham he had never been arrested before.

Yes, Schniepp sat there, maybe thrilled at the known outcome, and the ego

boost to follow.

In your court Your Honor, to your jury, I wonder what they would think

of it now?

Marbot (cross) 1993 James H. Gresham trial - USA v. Marbot

Mr. Quinnell (Jimmy's lawyer, who hadn't consulted with Jimmy for 6 weeks

prior to the trial, yes, the Southern Lynching is complete.)

Q Have you ever been in jail?

A No.

Q Never been in jail?

A No.

Q Not even in Cuba?

A Not even in Cuba?

Q Don't have any significant prior criminal record?

A No.

We have presented the documentation that Lt. Schniepp (now Major, "railroading ______*" must

work), had run Marbot's record in October of 1992, a some 10 months before and found out

that Marbot had been arrested 3 times on 4 charges and had a "cocaine money" seizure

also. https://saleomatic.com/Marbot/ (to hide it from Marbot - ID 123 password 123.

It seems Schniepp was thinking that Jimmy was guilty of, if not anything else, guilt

by association. - Well he of all people should know about the criminal activity of the Marielitos

brought to this area by FEMA. If it's guilt by association, what role did the

Carter administration play in it?

13. Well for Marbot and the other Cubans (5) everything worked out pretty good.

They all served a little and are out now. Jimmy on the other hand, is sentenced

to die in prison. Yee-Haw!

14. Lt. Schniepp, used his input in the sentencing to make sure that Jimmy didn't get

even a little slack in the now perfect "Southern Railroading", - again UF Professor.

I prefer to call it what it is and was: --- "Southern Lynching."

The information about Marbot's priors, was also concealed by the Sheriff's

office, until 1998 when under the FOIA, he was able to get, the Sheriff had

changed. Throughout the case, Jimmy finds "this sealed, and that sealed,"

missing parts of transcripts, etc. By 1998 it was of no use to Jimmy in the

traditional path of Justice, that is why we are using it here.


15. What was done by the US Attorneys (unknowingly, trusting their case agent Schniepp)

can be undone by "good men", such as yourselves.

16. Jimmy, in a letter to Mr. Kirwin and Beard at https://saleomatic.com/Beard/

The following preference should be added

(When Jimmy says "participation in" in this letter, he is speaking about activity which

he had long since quit, in which he took phone calls and delivered messages to

certain individuals, which crossed the line. - but keep in mind, he is now

72 and has done 14 years - Justice has more than been served.)

17.. Having pointed out the "sinister" elements of the trial and conviction of James H. Gresham,

I am requesting, once again, that between the 3 of you "fair and just" men, that

this travesty of Justice be "corrected now" by bringing about the RELEASE.

of James H. Gresham.

Sincerely Yours,

* ______ word used with permission

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