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lesser grade singles

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P. and P. extra.

The following list of records all play well.

Variations - Yesterday is gone - Okeh demo vg+  12 pounds.

Amazers - Without a warning - Thomas(red scorp) - ex   10 pounds.

Maxine Brown - One in a million - Wand demo vg-  20 pounds.

Joe Murphy - So blue - Vivid demo vg-  10 pounds.

Dejah Ahres -Real jive guy (instr) - Verve demo  vg-  10 pounds.

Serenaders - If your heart says yes - Vip.-   vg  25 pounds.

Bobby Peyton - Keep calling me - Hilton - vg  65 pounds.

Butch and the Newports - Out of my hands/I'm only a man - Black Rock - vg-  50 pounds.

Graded conservatively,I think.


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