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To reserve/buy/enquire about records: PM, phone or email - soul45collector@ntlworld.com

or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm).

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct

also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra 

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:- 
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates. 


Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.


Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections

I buy worldwide!

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45collector.com/monthly.htm 


Northern / 60's / R&B Soul

Lewis, Debra A million tears M-/w/demo/recommended Valiant 25
Lewis, Debra You stole him EX+/w/demo/ink stamp ol-flip Valiant 15
Radiations Shaking up the nation/Love be not a stranger M-/great group   Valise 15
Emotions Do this for me/Love of a girl EX-/EX/superb/stunning group flip Vardan 85
Brenda Lee Jones You're the love of my life/Thread your needle(stol) M-/Italy/Inc EX- Colour pic slv-2 cellotaped seams/stoc-back/superb Variety 75
Chandler, Gene Check yourself (sm ink stamp ol) M-/w/demo/superb Vee-Jay 30
Everett, Betty Trouble over the weekend/The shoe won't fit M-/w/demo/2 great sides Vee-Jay 15
Flemons, Wade Watch over her M-/recommended Vee-Jay 25
Flemons, Wade Watch over her (2 x's ol) M-/w/demo/recommended Vee-Jay 30
Hughes, Fred You can't take it away EX+/great Vee-Jay 8
Hughes, Fred You can't take it away (2 x's ol) M-/w/demo/great Vee-Jay 15
Jackson, Barbara Second best EX+/w/demo/recommended Vee-Jay 30
Jones, Bobby A certain feeling M-/great Vee-Jay 20
Jones, Bobby A certain feeling M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recmnded Vee-Jay 25
Rubies A Spanish Boy M-/recommended Vee-Jay 15
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on M-/sm wol/stmol/great Vee-Jay 35
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on M-/xol-flip/great Vee-Jay 40
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on EX+/w/demo/great Vee-Jay 50
Boyd, Bobby My type of dancin' EX/w/demo/great Veep 20
Little Anthony And The Imperials Better use your head EX/WOL/all time classic Veep 30
Soul Sisters A thousand mountains/ You got 'em beat M-/recommended Veep 15
T-birds Nobody but you/Have you ever been in love M-/up-tempo/deep Vegas 15
T-birds Nobody but you/Have you ever been in love M-/w/demo/up-tempo/deep Vegas 20
Ballads My baby knows how to love her man EX+/recommended Venture 15
People's Choice You're mine M-/recommended Veroneeca 20
Chantels You're welcome to my heart VG++/VG- flip/demo/great Verve 12
Chantels You're welcome to my heart EX-/great Verve 15
Chantels You're welcome to my heart M-/demo/great Verve 20
Chantels You're welcome to my heart EX+/great Verve 20
Fitzgerald, Ella You're driving me crazy M-/great Verve 3
Pickett, Wilson Let me be your boy EX/superb Verve 75
Prince Harold Born to please EX-/great Verve 15
Prince Harold Born to please M-/black issue/great Verve 20
Stridell, Gene Let her go EX/recommended Verve 60
Thomas, Pat I can't wait until I see my baby's face/The long long night M-/black label/superb version/great flip too Verve 75
Webs I Want You Back/we Belong Together EX-/classic/superb flip/rare black label Verve 35
Webs I Want You Back/we Belong Together M-/classic/superb flip/rare black label Verve 40
Bossmen Take it easy EX+/w/demo/recommended Vim 75
Clark, Chris Love's gone bad/Put yourself in my place VG++/sl label ring wear/superb/great version on flip VIP 45
Clark, Chris Love's gone bad/Same M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb VIP 85
Monitors Since I lost you girl/Don't put off til tomorrow…… EX/2 fantastic sides VIP 20
Rick, Robin & Him Cause You Know Me EX-/lite lbl ring/recommended VIP 40
Spinners It's a shame M-/great VIP 8
Spinners My whole world ended (the moment you left me) EX+/great VIP 6
Storm,Billy Push over EX-/sm lbl tear/great Vista 15
Dino & Doc A Woman Can`t Do (what A Man Do) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Volt 30
Jeanne & The Darlings Hang me now EX-/xol-flip/great Volt 6
Mad Lads I don't want to lose your love M-/mid-tempo Volt 15
Brown, Maxine If you gotta make a fool of somebody M-/w/demo/great Wand 10
Brown, Maxine One in a million (xol) M-/red print/Inc Co slv/classic/beautiful voice & lady!!! Wand 40
Diplomats Love ain't what t used to be EX-/sm stol-flip/superb Wand 15
Diplomats There's still a tomorrow EX+/sm xol/superb Wand 25
Dodds, Nella Finders keepers, losers weepers/A girl's life M-/great Wand 15
Esquires Part angel/I don't know  M-/recommended Wand 10
Hughes, Freddie Send my baby back M-/superb Wand 12
Inspirations Kiss and make up EX-/v sm lbl tear/great Wand 10
Jackson, Chuck I don't want to cry EX+/great Wand 10
Jackson, Chuck I don't want to cry M-/blue label/great Wand 15
John Steele & Del-Mates Tha fat man M-/great R&B Wand 15
Moore, Johnny Haven't I been good to you (sm wol)/A dollar ninety eight M-/demo/2 superb sides Wand 25
Preyer, Marvin It's coming to me M-/demo/R&B/great Wand 50
Robinson, Roscoe That's Enough EX+/classic Wand 15
Robinson, Roscoe That's Enough EX/demo/wol/classic Wand 15
Tabs Two stupid feet M-/Inc Co slv/great Wand 25
Dickens, Charles In the city/That's the way love goes M-/w/demo/2 great sides Warner Bros 30
Little Tony I'm comin home M-/w/demo/sl label stain/superb Warner Bros 25
Little Tony I'm comin home M-/w/demo/superb Warner Bros 30
The Big Guys Hang my head and cry EX/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/superb Warner Bros 50
Turley Freedom mountain M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Warner Bros 6
Wade, Adam Old devil moon EX-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recommended Warner Bros 20
Sensations Too shy/Please baby please M-/VG++ flip/2 great sides Way Out 15
Springers I know my baby loves me so vg+/w/demo Way Out 8
Debanairs Feel all right M-/recommended W-BS 20
Hughes, Freddie Send my baby back/Where's my baby M-/first label/great Wee 20
Del-vons All I did was cry EX-/great group slowie Wells 8
Magictones Happy days/Trying real hard M-/superb/great flip too Westbound 25
Lamp, Buddy I wanna go home/You've got the loving touch EX-/2 great sides Wheelsville 35
Magictones Me and my baby/Got to get a little closer EX-/smwol/2 great sides Wheelsville 30
Experts You're bein' brainwashed baby M-/great Whirl World 15
Powell, Bobby I'm gonna leave you/Hold my hand M-/great Whit 15
Powell, Bobby Thank you  EX-/w/demo/wol-flip/great mid-tempo R&B/rare Whit 5
Powell, Bobby What Are You Trying To Do To Me EX+/nice mid paced R&B Whit 10
Liz Damon's Orient Express You're falling in love M-/feint stmol-flip/Inc Co slv/great White Whale 8
Scott, Walter Silly girl/Just you wait M-/demo/v. sl. warp-nap/great White Whale 12
Vanguards I can't use you girl M-/highly recommended Whiz 15
Sharon Soul How can I get to you? / Don't say goodbye love EX-/red-white label/2 great sides Wild Deuce 40
Honeycut, Johnny I'm tired M-/w/demo/recommended Willow 30
Dubs Just you EX+/great Wilshire 15
Dubs Just you M-/demo/great Wilshire 20
Tymes This time it's love M-/classic Winchester 15
Tymes This Time It's Love EX/w/demo/wol/recommended Winchester 15
Tymes This time it's love EX+/w/demo/sol/classic Winchester 20
Five Stairsteps Playgirl's love M-/superb Windy C 12
Five Stairsteps You can't see/Ain't gonna rest M-/great Windy C 12
Quaite, Christine In the middle of the floor EX+/recommended World Artists 15
Church, Eugene Dollar bill EX/demo/great World Pacific 25
Intrigues To make a world/Same M-/w/demo/great Yew 10
Cortez & Entertainers Life/I sent her back (to to the home she loves) M-/recommended Your Town 25
Johnson, Syl Surrounded/straight Love No Chaser M-/superb R&B Zachron 15
Larry & Rexettes / Larry Johnson That ain't all/Mercy EX+/R&B/great inst. Flip Zorro 20
Cormier, Myra G O 2 & the rest of it/Pleasant dreams M-/demo/2 good sides ZZZ 20
Peterman, Pat Love the way you do your thing M-/demo/highly recommended 123 30
Fashions A lover's stand M-/Inc Co slv/recommended 20th Century 15
Lancelot, Rick That's my bag VG+/w/demo 20th Century 8
Renay, Diane Unbelievable guy EX/sm sol-flip/great 20th Century 5
Buck Rodgers Movement Take it from me girl EX-/wol/sol-flip/recommended 21st Century 85
Grayson,  Art Bad dreams EX+/demo/recommended 4 Corners 40
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on EX-/great 4J 35
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on M-/great 4J 40
Chester St. Anthony Without you/Together VG+/w/demo/2 great sides A&M 60
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax Sister James EX+/Inc Co slv/2 x's ol/great A&M 12
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax Sister James M-/w/demo/great/rare demo A&M 25
Pieces Of Eight Lonely drifter M-/highly recommended A&M 8
Dotson, Jimmy Gone, gone, gone/To be your lover M-/2 great sides Aar O Dot 15
Ballard, Flo Florence Love ain't love/Forever faithful EX+/great ABC 20
Ballard, Flo Florence Love ain't love/Forever faithful EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides ABC 25
Barnes, Orthea Your Picture On The Wall/Same As Before M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides ABC 50
Charels, Ray I don't need no doctor EX/classic ABC 25
Charles, Ray Hide 'nor hair EX+/sm ink stamp  ol-flip/good version ABC 10
Charles, Ray I don't need no doctor M-/Inc Co slv/classic ABC 25
Charles, Ray Something inside me M-/recommended ABC 15
Cotillions Sometimes I get lonely M-/Inc Co slv/great ABC 20
Dorsey, Jackie Sweetheart baby EX/w/demo/great ABC 15
Earls It's Been A Long Time Coming/My Lonely Lonely Room M-/wol/superb ABC 20
Earls It's been a long time coming/My lonely lonely room M-/w/demo/ink stamp-date ol/superb ABC 30
Elites You'll break two hearts/Tree of love M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too ABC 40
Holman, Eddie I surrender EX-/w/demo/sm wol/Inc Co slv/superb ABC 60
Keyes,Troy Love explosion M-/Inc Co slv/great ABC 15
Lockettes I Love The Boy Who Lives Next Door EX-/w/demo/Inc Co Slv/superb ABC 135
Marvelows I Do M-/superb ABC 10
Mer-lyn Promise EX-/recomnded ABC 40
Mighty Marvelows Talkin' bout ya baby M-/superb ABC 25
Sapphires Thank you for loving me / Our love is everywhere  M-/great ABC 10
Sapphires The slow fizz M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classic ABC 125
Tams Trouble maker/Laugh at the world M-/2 great sides ABC 10
Tandy, Sharon I've found love M-/w/demo/great ABC 25
Taylor, Rosemary I really got it bad for my baby M-/w/demo/great ABC 15
The M-3's Funny café M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recommended ABC 30
Trends You sure know how to hurt a guy(sol)/Not another day EX-/sm ink spot ol/2 great sides ABC 25
Van Harris & The Vanguards Hey, hey(feel alright Pt. I/Pt. II EX+/recommended ABC 10
We Two Way down deep inside EX-/w/demo/wol/great ABC 25
White, Danny One little lie M-/w/demo/xol-flip/recommended ABC 30
Mathis, Lucille Somewhere out there/same M-/demo/nice mid-tempo A-bet 10
Swann, Bettye The heartache is gone M-/Inc Co slv/superb A-bet 15
Masqueraders I ain't gonna stop/I'm just an avetage guy VG/2 great sides AGP 12
Hines, Sonny Nothing like your love M-/great R&B Airtown 10
Jackson, Chuck Never let me go/Come on and love me  M-/his first record ? Alcar 15
Emanons Look in the want ads/One heart M-/dancer/group-flip/Inc pic slv All Brothers 10
Phillips, Susan Key in the mailbox M-/superb All Platinum 35
Harper, Willie Power of love/Your gonna pay M-/w/demo/wol Alon 12
Holmes, Eldridge Emperor Jones/A time for everything VG++/w/demo/wol/2 superb mid-tempo sides/rare Alon 75
Wright, Betty Sweet Lovin' Daddy/girls Can't Do What The Guys Do M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Alston 8
Hervey, Pat Can't get you out of my mind M-/Canada/highly recommended/rare AME  75
Jerome, Patti No more tears/Baby let me be your baby EX-/red/w/demo/lbl tear & stain/2 great sides American Arts 25
Jerome, Patti No more tears/Baby let me be your baby EX+/red/w/demo/2 great sides American Arts 40
Carl, Carolyn Spend my whole life/same-mono EX+/w/demo/highly recommended Ampex 10
Anna Walker & Crownettes You don't know/Ode to Billy Joe EX+/demo/R&B/2 great sides Amy 30
McPhatter, Clyde I belong to you VG+/nice mid-tempo Amy 5
Clark, Delores Livin' to please M-/recommended Antares 60
Hamilton, Bobby How come VG++/w/demo/recommended Apt 50
Love, Candace Never in a million years M-/nice Aquarius 15
Love, Candace Wonderful night M-/superb version Aquarius 20
Williams, Ken Anytime you want me M-/w/demo?/blue-eyed ARA 15
Honey & The Bees Baby, do that thing (sm wol) / Sunday kind of love EX-/w/demo/great funk/dreamy girl group flip Arctic 50
Mason, Barbara Ain't got nobody EX-/stmol-flip/great Arctic 20
Mason, Barbara Ain't got nobody M-/recommended Arctic 25
Mason, Barbara Ain't got nobody M-/"D-J" stamp on flip/great Arctic 25
Mason, Barbara Half a love EX/w/demo/fantastic Arctic 25
Mason, Barbara Half a love M-/w/demo/fantastic Arctic 30
Dells Good-bye Mary Ann(demo) M-/DEMO/great Argo 25
Lockets Don't cha know/Little boy EX-/demo/2 up-tempo girl group sides/great Argo 8
Nash, Johnny Strange Feeling M-/great Argo 15
Northern, Tony Covered with money M-/lite wol/superb Ariel 40
Fisher, Shelley Big city lights M-/great Aries 15
Burks, Gene Shirley Jean M-/tiny wol/great R&B Arock 25
Vee, Vicki  Say it again/You were only fooling EX-/sl wol/2 great sides/rare Assault 50
Aesops Fables Girl Ive Got News For You M-/w/demo/superb Atco 30
Andriani, Bobby I've got to find a way/To be in love with you M-/w/demo/2 great sides Atco 75
Ben E. King Amor M-/great Atco 8
Ben E. King I can't break the news to myself VG++/great Atco 40
Ben E. King I can't break the news to myself EX/great Atco 50
Ben E. King The record EX/superb mid-tempo Atco 15
Ben E. King The record EX/superb mid-tempo Atco 15
Ben E. King The record EX+/w/demo/superb mid-tempo Atco 25
Ben E. King What can a man do EX/superb mid-tempo Atco 25
Chapman, Andy Double your satisfaction/Happy is the man M-/w/demo Atco 20
Lee, Marva Lover boy M-/warp-nap/great Atco 12
Lee, Marva Lover boy M-/tiny warp-nap/great Atco 15
Les Cooper & Soulrockers Gonna have a lot of fun M-/recommended Atco 25
Mockabee, Rudy Think about it M-/w/demo/superb deep soul Atco 15
O'Henry, Lenny Sweet young love M-/great newy Atco 15
O'Henry, Lenny Sweet young love M-/w/demo/great newy Atco 20
Parker, Winfield Sweet little girl M-/w/demo/superb Atco 35
Precisions New York City M-/great Atco 15
Sharp, Dee Dee Bye Bye Baby/my Best Friend's Man M-/2 superb sides/Inc Co slv/recommended Atco 15
Taylor, Ted River's invitation EX-/great Atco 10
Taylor, Ted River's invitation M-/great Atco 12
Moore, Henry She's a lover M-/recommended Athens 15
Drifters The outside world/Follow me EX/2 great sides Atlantic 12
Drifters The outside world/Follow me M-/w/demo/2 great sides Atlantic 20
Greenwood, Johnny I'm crawling back M-/Inc Co slv/w/demo/great Atlantic 15
Hughes, Jimmy It ain't what you got EX-/Inc Co slv/great R&B Atlantic 30
Jackson, Deon You said you love me M-/great Atlantic 30
Jackson, Deon You said you love me EX-/w/demo/great Atlantic 35
Jackson, Deon You said you love me EX/w/demo/great Atlantic 40
Jimmy Hughes It ain't what you got EX-/w/demo/sm wol-flip/great Atlantic 35
Jo Ann & Troy Who Do You Love M-/Inc Co slv/R&B/recommended Atlantic 10
Lewis, Barbara Don't forget about me M-/great Atlantic 12
Lewis, Barbara Don't forget about me M-/w/demo/wol/great Atlantic 15
Lewis, Barbara I say love M-/great Atlantic 10
Lewis, Barbara If you love her/Straighten up your heart(sm wol) M-/Canadian/2 great sides Atlantic 20
Lewis, Barbara Sho-nuff/Thankful for what I got M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Atlantic 15
Matthews, Shirley You can count on that/Big-town boy  EX/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Atlantic 15
Matthews, Shirley You can count on that/Big-town boy (label wear) M-/2 great sides Atlantic 12
Patti La Belle & Blue Belles Wonderful M-/great Atlantic 10
Phillips, Esther Just say goodbye VG+/tiny slight edge chip-nap/light ring wear/superb Atlantic 75
Soul Brothers Six I'll be loving you (smwol) / Some kind of wonderful M-/CANADA/Inc Co slv/2 classics/rare Canadian release Atlantic 40
Thomas, Carla For you M-/recommended Atlantic 10
Thomas, Carla The puppet EX-/w/demo/wol/nice Atlantic 15
Torme, Mel Comin' home baby VG++/superb mid-tempo Atlantic 20
Torme, Mel Comin home baby (WOL) EX-/classic Atlantic 20
Washington, Ella Bye, Bye Baby M-/w/demo/recommended Atlantic 40
Incredibles Crying heart/I'll make it easy M-/w/demo/superb/rare demo Audio Arts 30
Incredibles Without a word/Standing here crying M-/w/demo/great Audio Arts 20
Velons That's all right/That's what love can do EX-/superb/great group slowie on flip B.J.M. 150
Carlton, Carl Sure miss loving you M-/demo/great Back Beat 8
Commands No time for you (wol) / Hey it's love (v sl lbl ring wear) EX/2 superb mid-tempo sides Back Beat 50
Hinton, Joe Got You On My Mind M-/demo/light wol/superb Back Beat 50
Little Carl Carlton Competition ain't nothin' VG+/light lbl ring/classic Back Beat 15
Little Carl Carlton Competition ain't nothin' EX-/sl lbl ring/classic Back Beat 20
Little Carl Carlton Competition ain't nothin' M-/classic Back Beat 25
Little Carl Carlton Why don't they leave us alone M-/#627/great Back Beat 12
Williams, Tommy Going crazy over you/From me VG++/2 great sides Back Beat 25
Imaginations I love you more than anyone/I want a girl (xol) VG+/2 great sides Bacon Fat 12
Imaginations Wait a little longer son (sol) EX-/w/demo/great Ballad 30
Lovelites I found a lover / Stop it M-/rarer blue lbl/2 great sides Bandera 20
Beaumont, Jimmy I Feel Like i'm Falling In Love EX-/great Bang 8
Rose Colored Glass Can't find the time M-/nice Bang 10
Vic & The Catalinas Talkin about my girl M-/recommended Bar Clay 60
Hysong, Don Baby here's my heart EX-/great Bard 10
Martin Sisters Only seventeen M-/w/demo/nice Barry 15
Rivera, Hector At the party/Do it to me EX+/2 greats sides Barry! 20
Chaumonts All of my life/When you love someone VG+/2 superb sides/plays decent/clean labels Bay Sound 40
Hunt, Clay Your love's gone bad M-/wol-flip/superb Bay Sound 75
Brenda And The Sentrees Don't make me lie (wol) EX/highly recommended Bee 60
Jenkins, Earl Duke Misusin' Me M-/recommended Bee 20
Jenkins, Earl Duke Misusin' Me EX-/w/demo/recommended Bee 25
Jenkins, Earl Duke Misusin' Me M-/w/demo/recommended Bee 30
Attractions That girl is mine VG+/light lbl ring dirt/superb Bell 20

Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections

I buy worldwide!

Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul

Jackson, Maurice Step by step/inst. M-/demo/sl label stain/superb Plum 25
Brown, Pep I am the one who needs you/Same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Polydor 85
Brown, James For goodness sakes, look at those cakes(Part 1)/Same(Part 2) M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Polydor 5
Brown, James I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons) M-/superb/Inc Co sleeve Polydor 15
Downing, Al I'm Just Nobody M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Polydor 30
Duprees Check yourself M-/UK/Inc Co slv/superb Polydor 40
Gaynor, Gloria Let's make a deal EX-/great Polydor 6
Gaynor, Gloria Let's make a deal M-/w/demo/great Polydor 15
Gaynor, Gloria Let's mend what's been broken/same M-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Polydor 15
Gaynor, Gloria This love affair/Same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classic Polydor 50
Hayes, Isaac Love has been good to us M-/a tip !! Polydor 15
Invitations Love has to grow EX-/UK/great Polydor 30
Neville, Ivan Not just another girl/same  M-/demo/Canadian/modern dancer Polydor 10
Richmond Extension Let's get into something/same EX/demo/great Polydor 12
Steeplechase Never coming back M-/Inc Co slv/recommended/rare issue-stock copy Polydor 60
Stratavarious feat. Lady I got your love-part 1/part 2 M-/Canadian/Inc Co slv/great Polydor 15
Vaneese & Carolyn Let me in/I'm losing you M-/Inc Co slv/funky/slowie-flip Polydor 20
Serious Intention Serious M-/UK Pow Wow 5
Byers, Ann This man is rated-X M-/demo/UK/sl lbl damage Power Exchange 12
Main Ingredient Everything man M-/great version Power Exchange 20
Main Ingredient Everything man EX+/UK/great version Power Exchange 25
Glenn, Gary I need you in my life/Cause I love you M-/great PPL 15
Beck, Floyd What about me M-/superb Precision 20
Adams, Gayle Baby I Need Your Loving M-/superb version Prelude 25
Adams, Gayle Baby I Need Your Loving/long Version M-/w/demo/superb version Prelude 30
Inner Life I'm caught up (in a one night love affair) M-Canadian/great dancer Prelude 15
Inner Life I'm caught up (in a one night love affair)/same M-/w/demo/great dancer Prelude 20
Silk Ain't no need of crying M-/w/demo/recommended Prelude 15
Lloyd, Hetti If you can't satisfy (I've gotta say goodbye) EX+/nice Pride 25
New Censation I've got nothin' to hide M-/recommended Pride 6
Innervision Honey baby (be mine) EX+/superb Private Stock 25
Innervision Honey baby (be mine/same) EX+/demo/superb Private Stock 25
Warwick, Dede Funny how we change places    M-/Inc Co slv/superb Private Stock 40
Black, Marion I'm Gonna Get Loaded M-/great Prix 15
Mcneir, Ronnie Saggitarian affair M-/great Prodigal 8
Mcneir, Ronnie Saggitarian affair/same M-/w/demo/great Prodigal 8
Mcneir, Ronnie Wendy Is Gone/same-mono M-/w/demo/recommended Prodigal 12
Brown, Sharon I specailize in love M-/nice Profile 8
Jackson Sisters Why can't we be more than just friends/same EX+/demo/nice Prophesy 15
Philosophers The law of love M-/funk PS 20
Moses Sweetest love M-/nice Pure Silk 10
Helms, Jimmy Don't pull your love/same M-/demo/wol/great Pye 8
James, Jimmy Want you so much VG+/UK/superb Pye 8
James, Jimmy Want you so much M-/CANADIAN/sm wol-flip/superb Pye 15
James, Jimmy Want you so much M-/demo/UK/sm lbl tear-flip Pye 15
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds Hey girl EX+/UK/Inc Co slv/superb Pye 75
Dyson, Clifton I'm giving up M-/highly recommended QS 40
Dyson, Clifton/Gwen Matthews I'm giving up M-/wol/highly recommended QS 40
Banks, Bessie Baby you sure know how to get to me/Same-mono M-/EX flip/w/demo/great Quality 20
Armstrong, Chuck Give Me All Your Sweet Lovin M-/great R&R 8
Williams, Bobby You Need Love Like I Do/Everybody Needs Love Somtime M-/2 great sides R&R 8
Merritt, Richie You got problems/inst. M-/nice R.A.M. 8
Brothers Are you ready for this M-/UK/DEMO/Inc Co slv/superb inst/rare demo RCA 40
Brothers & Others Now is the time of the season M-/demo/recommended RCA 20
Darcus It's got to be love/Same-mono EX-/demo/great RCA 5
Darcus Who's gonna love you/same-moono M-/demo/nice RCA 5
David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick I Couldn't Believe It M-/recommended RCA 15
David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick I Couldn't Believe It/same M-/demo/recommended RCA 15
Douglas & Lonero Don't let yourself get carried away  / Same-mono M-/demo/highly recommended RCA 60
Edwards, Dee All we need is a miracle EX/EX- flip/demo/recommended RCA 8
Edwards, Dee All we need is a miracle EX+/demo/great RCA 15
Everett 'Blood' Heaven must have known/same M-/demo/recommended RCA 20
Everett 'Blood' Hollins Heaven must have known M-/recommended RCA 20
Franklin, Carolyn You really didn't mean it M-/great RCA 6
Graham, Ralph Changing up my life M-/demo/highly recommended RCA 8
Graham, Ralph Changing up my life/Same-mono VG+/demo/highly recommended RCA 5
Green, Darren Checkin' on you M-/stmol-flip/recommended RCA 15
Green, Garland Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us EX/demo/superb RCA 50
Green, Garland Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us M-/demo/superb RCA 60
Hit Parade Kisses never die M-/demo/great RCA 15
Hit Parade Stand by me baby EX/y/demo/stmol-flip/superb RCA 20
Hudson County Heaven's here on earth M-/recommended RCA 15
Hutch, Willie Love games M-/demo/great RCA 20
Hutch, Willie The magic of love M-/demo/great RCA 15
Inception Everybody loves a winner/same-long version M-/demo/recommended RCA 15
Main Ingredient Happiness is just around the bend M-/great RCA 5
Main Ingredient Rolling down a mountainside M-/xol/recommended RCA 10
Marcel, Vic Won't you come and fly with me M-/fantastic x-over RCA 15
Purple Reign You gave me somebody to love/same-mono M-/demo/recommended RCA 15
Richard 'Dimples' Fields Woman (let me into your life) M-/nice RCA 5
Satyr Free and easy/Pity for a fool M-/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too RCA 25
Satyr Free and easy/Same-mono M-/wol/Inc Co slv/superb RCA 20
Simone,Nina Do what you gotta do M-/Gold Standard label/great RCA 5
Swiss Movement This moment...../Bring back your love EX+/demo/2 great sides RCA 10
Til, Sonny You're all I need M-/great RCA 6
Til, Sonny You're all I need M-/demo/great RCA 8
Trumains Ripe for the pickin/Same-mono EX+/demo/Inc Co slv/superb RCA 200
Tymes It's cool EX-/recommended RCA 8
Tymes It's cool M-/recommended RCA 10
Tymes It's cool M-/demo/recommended RCA 10
Tymes Only your love M-/UK/sl lbl damage/great RCA 15
Tymes Only your love EX+/UK/great RCA 15
Waymon, Sam Hey love M-/sl warp-nap/great RCA 12
Waymon, Sam It be's that way sometimes M-/great RCA 15
Wycoff, Michael Looking up to you EX-/Inc Co slv/superb RCA 60
Waters, Fred Singing A New Song/I Love You, I Love You, I Love You M-/recommended Ref-o-ree 20
Waters, Freddie This is the life M-/great x-over Ref-o-ree 10
Wade, Adam My time for love/Half the world EX+/w/demo/sol/great Remember 25
Wade, Adam My time for love/Half the world M-/w/demo/great Remember 30
Smith, OC Nothing but the best M-/great Rendezvous 20
Hypnotics Beware of the stranger/Memories M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Reprise 20
King, Bobby Loving you is sweeter than ever/same M-/demo/ballad/SOUL!! Reprise 10
Wells, Mary I found what I wanted/I see a future in you EX-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Reprise 12
Fiestas Sometimes storm M-/highly recommended Respect 15
Bernard, Chris Mother M-/nice x-over Revue 15
Chi-lites Um, um my baby loves me M-/Inc Co slv/great Revue 10
Chi-lites Um, um my baby loves me/same M-/demo/Inc Co slv/great Revue 10
Vance, Frankie Somewhere in your life/You are my solution M-/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Revue 15
9th Creation Falling in love/part II M-/nice RiteTrack 10
Enchantment Anyway you want it EX-/great Roadshow 12
Bee, Walter Angel Man M-/great x-over Robot 10
Contours I'm A Winner/same M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/top tip!!! Rocket Record Co 30
Allen, Na Everytime it rains M-/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/superb Ronn 30
Taylor,Ted How do you walk away from fear EX+/great Ronn 10
Baker, Betty Do it to me/same M-/w/demo/funk Roulette 15
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain Ask me M-/demo/recommended Roulette 12
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain Good things don't last forever M-/great Roulette 15
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain I wouldn't give you up M-/recommended Roulette 15
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain There's so much love all around me/long vers. M-/great Roulette 10
Four Below Zero My baby's got E.S.P. - Part 1 (lite wol)/ Same - Part 2 M-/Italy/Inc EX+ colour pic slv-sm woc/classic Roulette 100
Ghetto Children It`s Not Easy To Say Goodbye/don`t Take Your Sweet Lovin` Away M-/demo/2 superb sides Roulette 85
Hill, Roni I wouldn't give you up M-wol/recommended Roulette 20
Hill, Roni I wouldn't give you up M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Roulette 25
Hill, Roni I wouldn't give you up recommended Roulette 25
London To Rome Let's not wait/Ask me no questions M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Roulette 20
Magic Touch Baby you belong to me/Lost and lonely boy EX-/2 great sides Roulette 6
Nobles, Cliff This Feeling Of Loneliness/same M-/w/demo/nice  Roulette 10
Wayne Miran & Rush Release Oh baby/long version M-/recommended Roulette 10
Wayne Miran & Rush Release Oh baby/long version M-/demo/recommended Roulette 10
Whirlwind Full Time Thing (between Dusk And Dawn)/same-long Version M-/demo/Inc Co slv/recommended Roulette 10
Whirlwind Full time thing between dusk and dawn/Don't let him get the best of you M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Roulette 10
Weaver, Jerry I'm in love M-/orig. label/great S.O.B. 20
Plummer, Betty Jean Baby I want you back M-/great x-over Salem 15
Bataan The Bottle/when Youre Down (funky Mambo) EX-/w/demo/great version Salsoul 10
Holman, Eddie This Will Be A Night To Remember/time Will Tell EX-/2 great sides Salsoul 8
Holman, Eddie This Will Be A Night To Remember/time Will Tell EX/great sides Salsoul 10
Washington, John Daddy Teddybear/burn The Calendar M-/2 great sides Sandwash 25
Out-Of-Sights My woman's love (wol) VG++/superb Saru 50
Samson & Delilah I can feel your love slippin away M-/nice Saturn 8
Love, Katie It hurts so good M-/w/demo/superb Scepter 30
Love, Katie It hurts so good M-/w/demo/2 xol/superb Scepter 30
Chuck Corby & Quiet Storm See you when I get there M-/superb version Sceptre 15
David I'd be a millionaire M-/great x-over Scorpio 15
Ross, Jackie Man is born M-/nice Sedgrick 15
Morrow, Teddie What's your sign M-/nice Seibu 20
Right Combination How can your heart be free recommended Select-O-Hit 20
Butch Martin & Sepia One I believe in miracles/Same-inst EX+/virtual unknown/superb Sepia One 60
Mcneir, Ronnie Wendy Is Gone/Give Me A Sign M-/recommended Setting Sun 15
Ronnie Mcneir & Instant Groove My baby (3 sm x's ol)  EX+/recommended Setting Sun 60
Beavers, Jackie I never found a girl (to love me like you do) M-/great version Seventy 7 10
Billups, Eddie Shake of that dream EX+/w/demo/xol/superb Seventy 7 150
Sexton, Ann You're gonna miss me/same EX-/w/demo Seventy 7 12
Sexton, Ann You're losing me M-/great Seventy 7 15
Sweet Cream You brought joy M-/great Shady Brook 15
Williams, Lee Shot I hurt myself/I like your style EX+/2 great sides/#101 Shama 8
Special Delivery This kind of love M-/Inc Co slv/superb Shield 50
Overton, CB Superstar lady M-/recommended Shock 12
Asterix Dreams M-/w/demo/great Sho-Pro 10
George Torrence & Naturals So long goodbye EX-/w/demo/2x'sol/stol-flip Shout 15
Naturals Color him father/Crystal blue persuasion M-/2 great versions Shout 15
Naturals Crystal blue persuasion/same M-/great Shout 10
Seymour, Kenny I've got the rest of my life/inst EX+/nice Shout 8
Don Nero & Full Flavour Get up and dance M-/great Show Biz 15
Bingo We can't get enough/Same M-/demo/great Silver Blue 40
Invitations They say the girl's crazy EX-/recommended Silver Blue 15
Invitations They say the girl's crazy(wol)/same-mono M-/w/demo/recommended Silver Blue 25
Murphy, Merv It's Growing M-/superb Simmons 150
Shock Footsteps across your mind M-/classic x-over Sirocco 25
Shock Footsteps across your mind EX/demo/classic x-over/rare demo Sirocco 30
Rock Gazers Feat. Gordon Grody I Believe In Love/same-mono M-/demo/superb Sixth Avenue 25
State Department I'm Counting On You/long Version M-/demo/great Sixth Avenue 12
Family Circle I hope you really love me M-/great x-over Sky Disc 12
Family Circle I hope you really love me/same M-/demo/great x-over Sky Disc 15
Clayton, Willie Livin' with you, but my heart is somewhere else M-/nice Sky Hero 12
Noble, Ike We got to hold on to ourselves/She's all I love M-/2 great sides Smoke 40
Constellations In love forever M-/w/demo/nice Sonday 15
Sheppard, Rick I fall deeper in love/Just you and me M-/2 great sides Sonia 25
Jerry Hilton & Gentle Rain Complete opposites M-/great version Sonic 30
Taylor, Robert Good times M-/recommended Sonic 15
Maddox, Walt I've got my own thing going M-/recommended Sonnet 25
Soop & Co. feat. Patrice Moncell Just because you're a lover/Take me to the M-/2 great sides Soops 30
Originals I'm someone who cares M-/recommended Soul 15
McCrae, George Take it all off M-/superb Soul City 20
Neal,CC All I want from you is your love M-/recommended Soul Craft 30
King, Ramona I choose you EX-/xol/recommended Soul Set 20
King, Ramona I choose you M-/recommended Soul Set 25
Whispers In Love Forever EX-/recommended Soultrain 20
Whispers In Love Forever M-/recommended Soultrain 25
Whispers I've got a feeling EX+/recommended Soultrain 12
Wilson, Flora Dancing on a daydream/Same-Inst EX-/light label ring dirt/highly recommended Soulvation Army 40
Al Brown Rhythm Band I wanna dance/same-mono M-/w/demo Sound Gems 6
Electrifying Cashmeres What does it take to win your love/Ooh I love you M-/demo/superb version & flip/stunning condition Sound Stage 7 75
Everett, Betty Prophecy M-/great Sound Stage 7 12
Brown, Norman Everybody likes it/Sugar M-/2 great sides Sound Town 50
Greene, Laura Manhattan/let Me Blow Your Whistle M-/2 great sides Sound Trek 15
Original Drifters Just let your heart be your guide M-/superb Sounds South 60
Leaders feat. JD Cash Strollin on the boardwalk M-/nice mid-tempo South Star 8
Mitchell, McKinley When it rains it pours EX+/nice Southern Biscuit 10
Fields, Lily I`ll Get Along Somehow M-/deep Spectrum 10
Fields, Lily Lover M-/recommended Spectrum 30
Lands, Hoagy Do you know what life is all about EX-/sl lbl ring/maroon label/recommended Spectrum 30
Grier, Sonja Right Here, Right Now M-/fantastic modern Spirit 6
Godfrey, Ray I gotta get away/Sherry Washington EX/great/Inc Co slv Spring 15
Green, Garland Just Loving You M-/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Spring 20
Jones, Busta Just A Little Misunderstanding/same M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great version Spring 15
Joneses Love contest/Baby (there's nothing you can do) M-/superb/sweet ballad-flip/Inc Co slv Spring 50
Martin, Daltry Everybody dance/same M-/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/great Spring 15
Martin, Daltry Everybody dance/Stay with me M-/recommended Spring 20
Parker, Winfield I'm on my way/S.O.S. (Stop her on sight) M-/w/demo/2 great sides Spring 20
Randolph, Leroy Good to the last drop EX-/sm wol-flip/recommended Spring 6
Randolph, Leroy Good to the last drop EX+/recommended Spring 8
Street People I wanna get over/same M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 30
Adams, Johnny Something worth leaving for M-/nice SSS International 6
Moments Nine times M-/classic Stang 10
Moments Rain in my backyard M-/at their best Stang 15
El-Roy I crave your love/For every action there's a reaction M-/stunning ballad Star Crest 10
Smith, Timmy I'm willing to love you M-/recommended Starville 15
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby EX-/sol-flip/recommended Star-vue 25
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby M-/recommended Star-vue 30
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon I don't know why/Honey bee  EX/UK/superb x-over/dancer flip Stateside 15
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon I don't know why/Honey bee  M-/UK/superb x-over/dancer flip Stateside 20
Bell, William Happy M-/great Stax 15
Crutchers, Bettye Sugar Daddy M-/UK/great Stax (pye) 25
Impalas When you dance (sm wol) / I can't see me without you M-/demo/swol Steady 20
Lee, Lois One Night Stand/same EX-/demo/great Steady 20
Lee, Lois One Night Stand/same M-/demo/great Steady 25
Entertains Love will turn it around M-/superb Steel Town 15
Erroll Gaye & The Imaginations Love and affection M-/superb Steel Town 15
Keith, Gordon Don't take my kindness for weakness/Tell the story M-/2 great sides Steeltown 15
Different Shades I like it/inst. EX-/sl warp-nap/funk Stone Lady 12
Sheffield, David I should have listened/What's done in the dark M-/x-over/great Stone Lady 20
Hollins, Blood Don't give it up/Inst. M-/recommended Strange Fruit 30
Franky & Spindles Crazy about your love/Inst. M-/wol/great 2 step Strawberry 15
Hunt, William Would you believe EX-/w/demo/superb Streamside 55
Hunt, William Would you believe EX-/superb Streamside 45
Hunt, William Would you believe (sm wol) M-/superb Streamside 50
Sue, Carletta You keep holding back on love M-/superb x-over String 20
Mokie, J.J. & R.O.B. Come together in love/You're so real M-/2 great sides Sun, Moon & Stars 20
Fields, Lily Love has so many meanings/inst. M-/nice Sunburst 8
Bradley, Marvin Everybody's dancing M-/great Sundance 15
Mercy Love (can make you happy) M-/swol Sundi 8
Velvet, Jimmy A woman EX/demo/ballad Sundi 15
Blacklove People keep changing/PT. 2 VG/funk Super M 15
Buchana, OB Back Up Lover/It's Over M-/2 great sides Susie Q 20
Buchana, OB Bedroom Eyes/Back Door Tipper M-/2 great sides Susie Q 20
Hazelhurst, James I won't die M-/rev. labels/superb Swar 15
Hazelhurst, James I won't die M-/superb Swar 20
Stringer, Bobby You've got too many miles M-/sl warp-nap/nice Swar 8
La Flavour Only The Lonely M-/super 2 step Sweet City 12
Inner Space Make it hard on him/same-mono M-/demo/great Sweet Fortune 15
Troutman, Tony Your man is home tonight EX/great T. Main 8
Five Flights Up After the feeling is gone M-/sol/x-over TA 10

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