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P. and P. extra.

Joe Matthews - Sorry ain't good enough/Mend your ways - Thelma  M-  35 pounds.

Noah - Got to get away - Candy-stix M-  22 pounds.

Herbs - Put a hurtin on my heart / Must be an answer Smoke  EX  20 pounds.

Rick Nichols - I know the feeling / Infatuation - Sound  Ex  70 pounds.

Jimmy Bee - Wanting you - Kimberly  M-  15 pounds.

Lionel Robinson - Warning / Baby let me do my thing - Knight  Ex  20 pounds.

Moody Scott - Y'all come to the grand soul opera tonight / Darlin' - Kapp demo  Ex  50 pounds.

Hesitations - You can't by pass love - Kapp demo M-  75 pounds.

Al Castana - I need and love you - Garu  M-  60 pounds.

Hymes Sisters - Walking around the town- -Jer Jim Han - Ex  25 pounds.

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