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Looking for these


Looking for these, ask for price, let me know condition in label and quality. Please and thank you 


Royal Jesters - we go together (on jester) 

Royal Jesters - girl I can't forget (on clown) 

Dimas III - I won't love you again (on clown)

Dimas III - you've succeeded (on clown) 

Sweet Breeze - slow change up (on willpower)

Sunday - where did he come from (on alteen)

Thee midniters - it'll never be over for me (on whittier) 

The Spyers - looking for a place (on vix)

Kal's kids - long lonely broken hearted (on vernon)

Barbara stant - you know i love you (on shiptown)

Black soul express - when i left you (on black soul express)

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  1. DELORIS EALY - I've Been Looking - Velvet Rec.
    Record Wants by Redstripe on Sun 16 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 108
    • Redstripe on 16 Feb 2020
  2. Still looking for a Kenny Gamble orig in ex or better
    Record Wants by Pk 22dj on Mon 03 Feb 2020
    • 2 / 249
    • Pk 22dj on 15 Feb 2020
  3. Bargain Week folks Great prices on these 45s +pics+sound
    Record Sales by Baz Atkinson on Mon 10 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 349
    • Baz Atkinson on 10 Feb 2020
  4. looking for 2 tickets for Prestatyn
    General Sales & Wants by janet murphy on Mon 03 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 295
    • janet murphy on 03 Feb 2020
  5. Final Reductions on these
    Record Sales by Chris Turnbull on Sun 26 Jan 2020
    • 3 / 502
    • Chris Turnbull on 27 Jan 2020

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