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Luke LJ James

hello People !!

Not too sure What to say unless i say it with music lol .... Ive Dj'ed all over europe but secretly collected Soul for years ... Theres nothing else like it .    

check these out i finished Processing and trying to filter/repair a load more songs beefing up the frequencies and trying to repair some old harsh sounding ones (mic repair - smooth distortion - bounce the L n R channels to mono then add Stereo imaging in the studio and maximising the so they rich warm and powerful as can be & make em beefy .  took me 2 weeks to do 200 tracks my eyes are so sore and the studio chair has crippled my back :D:D:D

had a mix up this morning though to test thru some normal speakers instead of monitors ..... was jumping aroung singing happy , Till i realised id been dancing round for 2 hours 20mins haha .. Time flys with these tracks my god...  Any comments , memories , stories you got about any of these tracks or anything id love to hear and chat about .  If any of you need anything , just ask its always np's ......  . Its all free non profit and just for the love of the music what i do ...its always a pleasure to help anyone i can :D . here goes memory lane time ..... i mastered it up Real quick but ya should really feel the low end and nice richer vocals througout .... except the couple of tracks that cost me £1000 :*(   still sound wicked though haha <3 thx people

nice to meet you all



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