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Hi all

I have a copy of The Hy-tones You Don't Even Know My Name on Southern Artists for offers.

This is Pat Brady's old Lee Otis Valentine cover-up, massive for Pat and after that for Ian Clark who from memory played it at the 100 Club and elsewhere during the 80s.

It's a brilliant, mid-tempo northern record that oozes atmosphere.

It is also a very rare record. In all the time ebay has been going, only one copy of this has ever surfaced on there - that was a copy in shit condition which went for about $800.

I've never seen one on any lists (though I haven't seen all the lists put out over the last 25 years obviously).

I have two copies and will sell either (I'm keeping the other).

I got it from the last surviving member of The Hy-tones and he has no more copies (I paid him very well for this one and he tried really hard to find more, believe me). None of the surviving relatives of the other band members have copies either.

My own copy has a perfectly good label and vinyl is vg+/ex.

The new copy has a worn label and similar vinyl to the other ie vg+/ex.

Sound files and scans attached.

Pls email any offers to dancollins@tiscali.co.uk if interested.

I should say a soul-sourcer who has been after my copy for a long time has first dibs so if you match him he will get it.

I'll pay post and packing; insurance is up to winner.

cheers all




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had loads of emails all asking basically the same two questions (well, three actually)

1) yes they are both for sale but i'm only going to sell one, so if someone buys the one with the worn label i'm keeping the other and vice versa. i don't mind really - would rather keep the better label copy but the other is obviously worth more

which leads nicely to question number...

2) yes, obviously i don't expect to be offered as much for the worn label copy as the better label copy

question 3 has been along the lines of 'what sort of offers are you looking for?' but i'm not answering that yet, on the bvasis that this gets sold so rarely i don't know what the market is. make me an offer and i'll let you know if you're close.

also, one person said would i do trades - as it says above, would consider cash and trades (but not trades only)



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had several enquiries re closing time and current bids

will close tomorrow night (sunday) about 6pm uk time

top bids so far:

900 on the worn label copy

equivalent of 2100 on the good label copy (part cash, part trades...i'd prefer cash)



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had an amazing amount of interest - obviously a lot of demand for this record, wonder how many djs have a copy??? i haven't heard it played anywhere for a long time?

thanks to everyone who got in touch one way or the other :(

deal now concluded, have PMd winner.



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