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Vinyl Or Cd


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I am sure this topic must have been discussed before, but why do many soulies and most DJ's insist on original vinyl only tunes not even reissues

I for one could not give a hoot what the media is.

I am 51 and been to most of the old places ( originaly from noyttingham) still out every weekend at one venue or another

my point is I want to here the great tunes..problem is they cost far to much money

tunes such as

Narbay-belive it or not

magnetics- I have a girl

dellarks-job opening

classics- so glad that I found you

the list is endless..but you get the idea

So if the DJ does not already have these tunes, and pobably had them for 30 years ...he will never have them

that means I will never hear them played at local'ish Venues why should I and the rest of the punters have to go without hearing them because of ths snobery

if the Cd is "legit" then the artist gets royalties....no problem

and I get to here all the great tunes...


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Yes this subject has been discussed many times on here, I suggest you use the sites search facility to find those threads.

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