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Help with some dates


I was hoping some of you old 'uns could help me with a few dates from the Stoke days, as my memory seems to be failing me.  Was the 16 hour marathon at the Top Rank, Hanley the time when Major Lance didn't show for some reason? The crowd was whipped up with his records playing only to be told that he couldnt make it. December 73? Or have I got it mixed up with an all-dayer/nighter at the same venue? What date was the Torch Revival at Top Rank? I went to most and seen JJ Barnes there as well.....I think. Big Daddy Rucker was either down to play at the Torch or Top Rank but that was cancelled. Dates are lost on me now lol. Keep the faith . Thanks to all

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Hello, I think you are right with the 16 hour All Dayer at the Top Rank, Hanley. It was Sunday 23rd December 1973. Me and my mate Paul ran a bus to it from the Goole/Selby area. I can't remember if Major Lance should have been on Live though. I remember going into work on Christmas Eve straight from the Dayer and having the p*ss taken out of me because of my attire. F*cking Divs !!

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Hi Dolphin

Thanks for the message. Appreciated. My memory isn't what it was lol. Major Lance might have been another dayer/nighter. I did see him at the Leicester Palais around that time. Me and a mate blagged our way into his "changing room"...the manager's office. He signed the cover of my pressing of "You don't want me no more" and a photo, and my mate's Kenny Carlton on Blue Rock. He said "wtf is that?". LOL. I still have them. Maybe Ebay them with my original Torch badge one day. Good times though eh ktf



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