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It’s a glorious day on the south coast, perfect for dabbling in vinyl, so here’s a bright and bubbly selection of Northern sales for your delectation!

Sound files and additional images available if you want. PM and questions or to reserve.


Barbara Mason – Bobby, is my baby – Arctic 120 Ex £50 SOLD

(Same backing as the Rotations – Dime on D-9, and why not share amongst friends in the same Philly stable)


Bobby Black – Right on – Axis 117 M- £275

(Lovely piano intro to this finger popping, girly backed dancer out of New Jersey, owned and operated by Artus Sutterfield)


Lorraine & Delights – Baby I need you – Barry 1002 WD M- £125 SOLD

(Always been one of the picks from this big city catalogue, but to be honest there’s great Northern all over the label. Pulsating girl group dancer on a lush white demo. Flip label has a tiny mark over title)


Youth Opportunity Program – Of hopes, dreams and tombstones – Columbia 43407 WD M- £800 SOLD

(Vocals by Jimmy Fraser, all played out on the back of a rampant beat with occasional catch your breath pauses that will allow just enough time to regather your dance floor composure. A classic example of a Northern stomper that's in great shape and never out of sorts)


Jimmy Bailey – Pains of love / Keep on running – Columbia 43530 WD Ex £20

(Solid vocals, catchy beat and full on backing on “Pains”, and the flip is a tidy cover of Jackie Edwards glorious “Keep on running”, which as a musical entity was of course probably made more famous by the Spencer Davis Group. Nice cheap double sider. Top side is Ex, but the flip has some scuffs, it pops at the start but settles until it trails off, so Vg+, it’s a tune built for woofer speakers so plays loud and proud 2 x on flip label)


Exits – Under the street lamp / Got to have money – Gemini 1004 Ex £125 SOLD

(A sprinkling of Jimmy Conwell, Godoy & Charles Colbert, Esko Wallace and Louis Hendricks, add a little dash of Leonard Jewell-Smith at the helm and all of a sudden it’s a masterclass, and all names linked to the highest quality of Soul output that surely any 60s group put together. You couldn’t have 2 more differing ends of the Northern spectrum on one 45, street lamp corner harmonies on one and mean and menacing mohair on the other, bang for your buck)


Fabulettes – The bigger they are – Monument 901 DJ M-

(Much in the vein of Loz and Delights, lovely girly dancer, almost dreamy, but a finger popper)


Herb Ward – Honest to goodness – RCA 9688 YDJ M- £300 SOLD

(More fantastic classic northern from the RCA stable. Very subtle edge lift, has no effect on play whatsoever. Lovely copy)


Sequins – A case of love – Renfro 112 Ex+ £200 SOLD

(I remember my first import by these girls, “He’s a flirt” which was and still is relatively hard to find, I was transfixed by that starry spinning disc logo, and deep rouge label, the sort of added extra that keeps me tickin’ above and beyond the music itself. “Case of love” always played second fiddle but still a stunner in my eyes and ears)


Diamond Joe – Wait a minute baby / How to pick a winner – Sansu 454 WD Ex+ £40

(They’re all good, BUT this is the jewel on this list, a fabulous pair of palatable R&B tunes. For mains we have “Wait”, a piercing church choir style backing intro, shimmering tambourines, deep moaning guitar and belting horn fanfares, absolutely brilliant, but that’s not it, oh no, flip it over for dessert, “Winner” a lowdown bluesy smoozer, trumpet nipping in and out of short piano riffs, all following that mazy vocal journey, winding its way through this smokey R&B cabaret…. superb)


Renaldo Domino – Don’t go away – Smash 2127 WD M- £30

(Sweet, punchy and undulating vocal, backed by superb harmonies and horns. Pre-Twi-night recording from this Chicagoan soulster. Great copy)



PayPal as friends or add 4% please or I can send bank details

Postage (Latest 2021 Prices for up to 250g):

£1.85 – 1st Class (covers to £50)

£3.25 - 1st Class Signed For (covers to £50)

£7.65 - Special Delivery (Fully insured up to £500)

Overseas on Request


Cheers, Lee

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