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  1. Reminder that these two are ending at 9 pm today (Jan 25th). Please PM any enquiries. Cheers, Lee
  2. As promised earlier this week, here’s a handful of good un’s up for set sale. Sound files available on request, PM any questions or to place an offer. Towanda Barnes – You don’t mean it – A&M 1141 Ex+ £500 SOLD Harlem’s own Gloria Barnes of course, and produced much in the likeness of the Flodavieur’s mentioned latterly, intentional off-key piano ivories and rasping horns, a hint of femme fatale menace over the sparse uncomplicated instrumentation, all guided by the astute Johnny Brantley. Delivered at an upbeat pace and just the most incredible vocals. With single
  3. Sound files available on request, PM any questions or to place an offer. Silhouettes – Not me baby – Goodway 101 Promo NM OFFERS / SOLD It’s a fact that this 45 wasn’t released to sell on the open market and was simply used to promote the reinvention of this Philly doo-wop group, known mainly for their 1958 chart topper “Get a job”. The album titled “The Original and New Silhouettes” featured previous recordings by original members, including lead Bill Horton of Kayden label fame, and 3 new recordings by a mix of old and new members, including a “John Bootsie Wilson” vocal lead on “N
  4. Nice selection of white demos and promos up for grabs. WATCH OUT for other listings this week, some rarer Northern coming. As ever sound files available on request, PM any questions or to reserve. Lovations – I can’t forget about you – Cap City 114 M- £80 (Femme crossover group, all their releases worth picking up, immaculate copy) Phil Terrell – Love has passed me by – Carnival 523 Promo Ex £225 HOLD (Fabulous oldie, instantly recognisable and catchy) Chevrons – Love, I love you – Independence 88 Promo M- £400 SOLD (Lovely mid tempo mal g
  5. A lovely example of Michigan quality up for grabs PM and questions or to reserve. Rose Battiste – I can’t leave you / Someday – Thelma 102 WD M- £180 One of the select Pied Piper artists who for everything her talent promised only released a small number of tracks on what we now recognise as the crème de la crème of Detroit’s recording labels, Golden World, Revilot, Ric-Tic and of course the source of this release – Thelma. Rose’s rich and flirty tones have been etched in Northern folklore by the likes of “Hit and Run”, “That’s what he told me”, “Come back in hurry”,
  6. Spare just a MINIT to consider this one! PM and questions or to reserve. Herman Hitson - Yes you did - Minit 32072 DJ M- £150 You won’t find a better copy of this Liberty subsidiary 45 this side of 1969! The playing surface is immaculate, fostering the best possible audio feedback of this classic Northern track, which is underpinned by a classic horn intro, unmistakable gruff vocals and an incessant piano and guitar beat. Condition, condition, condition. PayPal as friends or add 4% please, or I can send bank details. Postage: £3.00 – 1st Class
  7. Lovely stack of wax up for grabs, sound files available if you want, hopefully bring you some cheer on this dull day. PM and questions or to reserve. David Coleman – My foolish heart / Drown my heart – Barry 1013 WD Ex+ £250 SOLD (Rarer white demo of this Hector Rivera piloted Latin infused double sider. Just a couple of tiny marks away from M- visually) Chico Lamarr - What do you think I am / How about you - Fuller 1004 Ex £1500 SOLD (Fantastic LA double sider, with same backing as Penetrations – Sweet sweet baby on “How” side, but its “What” that’s the
  8. Seriously hard to find Amy-Mala-Bell rarity sat waitin’ for a new home….. Any questions or offers please PM. Hy-Tones – You don’t even know my name – Bell 627 Promo – £2000 My previous listing for OFFERS didn’t see this wonderful slab of Northern Soul sell, so here it is again for set sale, but I’ll listen to sensible under offers! This Bell 627 release is visually in very good condition, and whilst it has numerous light paper marks, there is nothing that can described as a scratch that impairs the audio feedback, so playback is at least excellent or better. There is a sin
  9. A very highly collectable Motown 45 up for grabs PM any questions or to reserve. Jackson 5 – ABC – 1163 WD Gold Vinyl Ex+ £400 It’s a nice tune to have on a regular stock copy, even better on a white demo, and even then - west is best (IHMO), but on gold vinyl its almost legendary amongst Hitsville aficionados and the wider soul fraternity. It may not be an early Motown release, they do attract most attention, but it did come at a time when the world was entranced by the newly emerging Jackson 5 and MJ hysteria was just beginning to hit the streets! Issued to recogni
  10. Very rare and obscure sweet soul infused Northern dancer up for grabs….. PM any questions or to reserve. SOLD - Nialations – Every time / I’ll take you just as you come – BRC 105 Ex £500 - SOLD A division of the Brunswick conglomerate BRC (Brunswick Record Corporation) was created to provide new artists with an opportunity to sell themselves and make it to the main label imprint. BRC covered the more productive Wales Wallace of Bashie and Dakar fame, and the lesser known Promises and the Eliminators amongst others who didn’t quite make it. It’s unfortunate that the Nialat
  11. Slab of soul up for grabs, simply Mar-V-Lus stuff….. Joseph Moore - I can’t get to you / I’m lost without you - Mar-V-Lus 6008 Ex OFFERS Can’t remember exactly, but years many ago, I got a regular paper magazine drop from a US dealer called Rookie Ricardo (still active now I think). His thick A4 sized pictorial sales list was packed cover to cover with 100’s of US Soul labels, listed A-Z with popular, lesser known, collectable and a spattering of rare 45s. In one edition I had to rub my eyes, because there before me was the legendary Joseph Moore on Mar-V-Lus, minty at $10. I must ha
  12. Up for grabs a DING DONG rarity from the Amy-Mala-Bell stable! Any questions or offers please PM. Hy-Tones – You don’t even know my name – Bell 627 Promo – Offers Nashville, the country music capital of the world, wasn’t renowned for its Soul and R&B output but the signs were there. Radio station WLAC could be heard in over 40 States at night, prime time for John R. (Richburg) on air playing vast swathes of the full inventory from Ernie’s Record Mart, picked daily by Ernie’s manager Jane Tabor. Ernie’s was an incredibly successful mail order company, with tunes being sold an
  13. Small stack of wax up for grabs, sound files provided to help in you are unfamiliar, hopefully bring you some cheer on this dull day. PM and questions or to reserve. Lee David – Gypsy woman – Bell 728 DJ M- Xol £40 (Semi-heavy soul from the “Temptations calling my name” man) Lee David - Gypsy woman.mp3 Lou Rawls – Dead end street – Capitol 5869 Ex+ £30 (Outstanding, lyrics to die for, bluesy feel, builds and builds before it crashes in on you. Monologue intro of course) Lou Rawls - Dead end street.mp3 Otis Bush & Crusader
  14. Half a dozen on white labels, all cracking tunes with sound files added in case you are unfamiliar. PM and questions or to reserve. Willie Williams – Have you ever been played for a fool – ABC 10860 WD M- £85 HOLD (Full on dancer, fabulous playing condition, light ring wear on label) Willie Williams - Have you ever been played for a fool2.mp3 Otis Leavill – Keep on loving / Right back in love – Columbia 43661 WD M- £40 HOLD (Another high quality 2 sider, hard to pick one over the other, but both superb mid-tempos) Otis leavill - Keep on loving.mp3 O

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