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  1. Soul from Blighty

    Stay at home day, mainly UK labels, all known floor fillers, with some neat foreign chucked in….. Sound files on request Message any questions or to reserve Bobby Sheen – Dr. Love / Sweet, sweet love Capitol 1...
  2. Scorchers

    27 degrees here and the temperatures rising with this scorching set of 45’s, not a bad tune or double sider amongst them, be quick….. Sound files on request Message any questions or to reserve Willie Williams - Have you ...
  3. Rubin

  4. White Label Stack

    WHITE DEMO fest, for many the only way to collect is demo, disc-jockey, promo, advance copy....call it what you will. Nearly always the earliest releas e format other than issue only 45s Sound files on request Message any q...
  5. Nice Mix Across the Board

    A very nice across the board selection up for grabs Will try to post images later, but failing that please ask if interested Sound files on request Message any questions or to reserve Jackie Wilson - The who who song - Bru...
  6. Eddie Holland - Just ain't enough love

    Eddie was backed by the fabulous Andantes, beautiful luxurious tones, they never got their just desserts, backing many other Motown acts, I have 2 map design demos
  7. Detroit Rarity

    Hi, Just a reminder that OFFERS taken for this beauty close tonight (Thu 22 Mar) at 9 PM Cheers, Lee
  8. Detroit Rarity

    Just the one VERY elusive label filler….. Message any questions or to make an offer Tony Hestor – Watch yourself / Just can’t leave you – Giant 707 NM OFFERS Don’t need to wax lyrical about this piece, the credits speak volumes and...
  9. Dublin Soul

    Any recommendations for decent OVO Soul events in Dublin, no specific dates yet just want an idea of venues. Please include main contact and phone number if you have it. Cheers, Lee
  10. Rare RCA Stocker

    Just the one RCA stocker up for grabs today Sound file on request Message any questions or to reserve Willie Kendrick – Change your ways / What’s that on your finger – RCA 9212 Ex £750...
  11. Vanguards

    Just the one lovely group dancer up for grabs today Message any questions or to reserve Vanguards – Gott’A have love – Lamp 92 Ex+ £300 HOLD Sits in the shadow of their biggie “Good times, bad times...
  12. Clutch from Chicago

    Whilst the Artists are pretty special, let’s not forget the unsung hero’s in the studio, Nat Tarnopol, Carl Davis, Eugene Record, Sonny Sanders, Gerald Sims, to name a few stalwarts from Chicago’s Brunswick empire, even a guest appearance for Van McCoy as the...
  13. Chavez - Offers Close at 9PM Tonight

    Just a reminder that offers for Freddie Chavez - They'll never know why - Look end tonight (Thu 08 Mar 18) at 2100 GMT. The minimum offer stands at £2000 Cheers, Lee
  14. Big Apple Monster

    Up for grabs, a fine example of a soulful craftsmen at his best Sound file on request PM and questions or to reserve Spider Turner – I’ve got to get myself together / When I see you ba...

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