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    anykind of black music which has this little soulful thing that makes me happy...
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    too manies....from 50's R&B to 80's boogie...

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  1. Looking for Marva Whitney - Don’t let our love fade away (excello) Thanks Tof
  2. Vinyl only please (no styrene) thanks Tof
  3. 2 garage soul wants: - Little Rock Coachmen - I've Had Enough (MY)I - First Garrison - Mama say Blue (Damion) Tx
  4. Looking for a copy of: The Sensational Skylarks - Soon Ah Will Be Done thanks
  5. tof

    Five to go...

    Still 4 to go now...
  6. Tito Ramirez - Lonely Man/ Be my Girl (Antifaz) M SOLD Brothers by Choice - Last Love / Stay with Me (Very Wrong) M 30euros Ray Pettis - If I found Love / Question & Answer (Salem) VG++ 25euros Lovelettes -Don't Forget Poor Me / I Can't Forget about You (Capcity) VG+ 50euros Bobby Jones - Talkin' 'bout Jone's /You Gotta have Love (Expo WD) VG 20euros Paypal. Shipping from Spain
  7. Cavalier - Time (Totem Pole) EX 220 REDUCED 160 Paypal, shipping from Spain
  8. looking for a nice copy of Knight Bros. - (Can't you hear me) Love on Checker Cheers Tof
  9. Looking for a clean playable copy (I mean not necessary a minter)
  10. tof


  11. Someone can help with this one? thanks Tof

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