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  1. So, the dance floor was a little packed last time. So, you had to take it in turns to get on the floor. Well its bigger this time! And, I'll tell you what...........If you dont have a good time Stuart will personally refund every body there admission fee. Can't say fairer than that, can we?
  2. Oh, dont be put off by the poster. We're really just a bunch of southern softies.
  3. So just what did you do with the baton when you got it home? I hope it will be in usable condition for Chalfont on 11.12.04 Remember you are just the carrier not the owner! Nobody can own the baton - it has a life of its own.
  4. The question was 'what' not 'who'........but as you seem to be a bit of a wit and all round good egg, I'll give ground on that one! Changing tack completely any body know what ever happened to Les McCutcheon. He was the guy behind the Colin Bee pressings & Destiny Records with Kev Roberts. I know he left the scene & went off to manage Shakatak during the Jazz Funk era. Wondered if he'd ever surfaced?
  5. Yes, I'd like to know 'whats behind it'? Go with me on this one......
  6. Aha! I can see where I've been going wrong. Another one that I had trouble with was Native New Yorker: "He dropped me off at East Eighty Third" ......which I heard as "He dropped me off & he stayed in third!" Undaunted, here's another one for you: "When she'll touch down Memphis - I'll be There"
  7. Well here's some lyrics you don't hear everyday: "When I found that love of mine, I found the fruit bats on the vine!" Should be easy to guess the record - but does anyone have an explanation?
  8. Hi Jo - really good to meet you Saturday. Look forward to the next one! Mischief, what can I say? - that was some truly inspired dancing! Did you keep the 'baton of soul' - will your dancing ever be the same without it? For anybody who can't wait until 11.12.04 here is a few other local do's Ascot - Club One (Northern Soul Oldies) Sunday 31.10.04 The following I'm sorta involved in helping to promote & will be posting details on shortly: Farnborough 20.11.04 - Moldies new do. Bisley 27.11.04 - new boys Tim Brown & Col The Soul - ooh that me! Lightwater 4.12.04 - that'll do nicely as a warm up for the 100 club! ciao 4 now
  9. Hi Karen, thanks for good report on Chalfont. I think we chatted on the nite. Most people seemed to have a really good time. There was a very mixed group of people & it was quite difficult catering for everybody. The Across The Board policy seemed to work, with the emphasis on playing quality uptempo soul & just having some fun. We are booking it again for Sat 11.12.04, so it will be a Xmas style party nite - with the emphasis on Northern & Modern Soul. It will be free again. I don't think its going to be a regular event, but thats really Stuart's decision. Ref Supercosas comments, yes there was a sound problem early on. I wasn't aware of it until a couple of girls complained. It turns out the master controls for the mixer are located behind the bar. Once we were aware of the problem it was quick & easy to resolve. regards Col.
  10. Morden is closing. The penultimate nite is this Fri 2.4.04 Make the most of it! Upbeat Soul Club presents A Night of quality NORTHERN SOUL Friday april 2nd 8pm-2am £5 OTD Resident DJ's: ADRIAN - MOLDIE (Lightwater) - MISCHIEF - MIKE RITSON (Manifesto & Bee Cool) Guests: MOLLY ( SOLENT SOUL CLUB,DETROIT), DAVE "THE LEGEND" RIVERS At the Escape Nightclub above the Crown Pub Morden South London (Corner of A24 London Road & Crown Road) nearest tube: Morden (Northern Line) email:upbeatsoulclub@blueyonder.co.uk web: www.upbeatsoulclub.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk Any one know of a replacement venue? Col.
  11. Soulsmith


    Just read through the Bisley comments and yep, pretty much most of its true. People do, however, lose sight of the fact that Bisley pulls in 400+ everytime and as far as I can see everybody seems to be having a good time. Brilliant venue (once you've found it), top dance floor & friendly people. Its marketed as an oldies nite as thats what the area needs. A lot of local people went to Bisley in the 70's, dropped out of the scene & only now do Bisley. Quite frankly they're not gonna get their heads around a lot of the new stuff. People vote with their feet! The second room was billed as 'Decades Of Soul'. It was across the board, the djs were given a free hand in what they played. Personally I thought some of the modern stuff played was excellent. If you're looking for a broader cross-section of northern soul, get down to Morden this Friday nite 2.4.04. Hope to post some more details on Morden tomorrow. Col.

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