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  1. A few for sale here ... would consider trades against Nate Evans. All conditions stated, postage £1.50 plus 50p each additional after that. Have a good look, the 1st one for example is a cracking dancer. Too cheap so most dj's unfortunately wouldn't play it. PM me if interested in anything 1 The Fascinations - I'm so lucky/Say it isn't so (UK MOJO APPEARS UNPLAYED IN COMPANY SLEEVE) £10 Top double sider 2 Nate Evans - Main squeeze (TWINIGHT DJ IN VERY STRONG EX CONDITION) £300 3 Jackie Wilson - Chain Gang/ Since you showed me how to be happy (UK MCA M- in beautiful c
  2. Try Ian Clark Baz .... good luck! Phil Rains
  3. Joe Tex ... I wanna be free was one I rated 12 yrs ago. Heard it on a Manship supposed LP only tracks tape and then stumbled on some white demos from Anglo American, so still thought maybe never issued! Bought all 5 copies off him at £3.50 each thinkin I could get £15-£25 for these, then it took four months to shift one. They all went for around £12-£15 max...but it took forever!! I have a couple of others,but that would be telling....
  4. Bought mine off u dylan at £200 .... bout 3 yrs ago was it , maybe more? Wouldn't have thought price would be less than that now. Not seen 4 sale much
  5. Nearly forgot.... Jerry Butler - I don't want to hear it anymore (Veejay) .......Gut wrenchingly good. Up there in Big Maybelle - Oh Lord country!
  6. My suggestions are ;- Deena Johnson -- Breaking Point Judy Clay - My arms aren't strong enough ( plus an equally good B-side which is the original (?)of Johnny Taylor's unissued track - That's All) B-side of Marie Knight - You lie so well ..... forgotten title! Definately NOT slow and boring as others think!! Absolutely phenomenal ender type beat ballads....
  7. Had a couple of these off John Manship and they were stone mint in mint sleeves. Recommended it to loads of people and they were £15 then (10 -12 months ago). Some mates couldn't be bothered and missed a reasonable price for a great d/sider!!
  8. Hi all .. have the following to sell, duplicates that I need to flog to pay some bills ... would rather have traded but needs must. £1.60 post then add 30p per single (1st class rec). Add £5 for special delivery. All ex at least unless stated :- Benny Latimore - Girl I got news (Dade W/d West Cost press I believe) £35 Bunny Sigler - Sunny Sunday (Parkway) £15 Big Jay Bush - Dynamite (Redbug...unplayed copy) £100 Great,great r'n'b dancer Bobby Adams - Better days ahead (Battle) Vg+ label, vinyl strong ex. Label tears on label that have been coloured in with black felt t
  9. Had a really great weekend like everyone else. Nice to have everyone I know there too Bridget, Brian, Helen,Des, Alan, Julie, Baz and Sharon amongst others from Cambridgeshire. Also met people from ages ago Fudge n Tina, The Laws from Norwich, John, The Sherriff and Anne Marie from Dewsbury.Loads of others ...you know who you are!! Really nice to meet you Nicki...hope to make a Sussex Soul Event soon,probably the next one?. And have to say say didn't spend much time in the main hall as the rare, modern and hipster rooms ALL had a great atmosphere going on. The marathon dj's on sunday from Yo
  10. Joan .....Once yr sorted let me know if you find another .. I'd love a copy.
  11. Looking forward to seeing you russ .... I'll be looking out for you
  12. Not long now ..... 8pm tonite. And two days holiday to recover !!! Think it ends at 2am....
  13. Got a Uk issue of ebay last year for a tenner .... thought it was a steal!! If I dj'd i'd def play it!!
  14. Reckon this one is gonna top the last one .... let's make it happen. Don't forget for those who like their r'n'b it's upstairs at the back. Kickin off in there from 9pm. Roger Banks, Big Jon etc etc are behind the decks!! Plus the magical main room and the modern room...something for everyone!
  15. Off to visit family just a few miles north of central Lisbon this Thurs and wondered if anyone knew of any interesting record shops, markets etc where I could record hunt while I'm there. Would love to find the guy who's posted on e-bay at various times, although he (?) seems very expensive, Also, if there are any soul,r'n'b type nights on over the weekend that would be a bonus too. Don't know how much family I can take for one week!! I've been before but not found anything of note but will hunt a bit harder this time maybe, if I can get my arse of the beach!! Replies would be great... In

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