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  1. US originals in mint, ex or ex- condition, please. JEANIE TRACY - Making new friends TONY TROUTMAN - what’s the use immediate PayPal available Courier from outside UK or special delivery from inside UK, please thanks
  2. US originals in mint, ex or ex- condition, please Making new friends & what’s the use immediate oaypal available uk postage special delivery please thanks
  3. Big bucks waiting via PayPal for anybody willing to let go of this impossible killer. not the reissue. mint/ex/ex- preferred. UK postage.
  4. After Mint, Ex or Ex- copies of these, for immediate PayPal payment. please include UK special delivery shipping costs in your prices. ernie Washington - lonesome shack - chattahoochee shirley lawson - one more chance - back beat many thanks
  5. Bugger. I'm after the VENT issue
  6. Must be a strong copy - VG+ a minimum
  7. Would love to own one - ultra cool record. Got the reissue but wanna save and pay for an original
  8. Do 'not off-centre' copies of I KNOW WHAT TO DO (TO SATISFY YOU) really exist on TINA? Do originals of SO MUCH IN LOVE really exist? Lol
  9. Label condition not too important, but sound quality must be as good as possible for this ancient killer
  10. Ex condition or better please

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