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  1. Bugger. I'm after the VENT issue
  2. Must be a strong copy - VG+ a minimum
  3. Top quality copy desired!
  4. Strong play out copy as a minimum thanks
  5. Would love to own one - ultra cool record. Got the reissue but wanna save and pay for an original
  6. Do 'not off-centre' copies of I KNOW WHAT TO DO (TO SATISFY YOU) really exist on TINA? Do originals of SO MUCH IN LOVE really exist? Lol
  7. Label condition not too important, but sound quality must be as good as possible for this ancient killer
  8. VG+ or better please thanks
  9. Ex condition or better please
  10. Excellent quality required. ain't gonna give you up. i'm away for a few days but can pay immediately when back on 24th April thanks
  11. Mixed bag of wants here: Rotations Dime on D9 Caesars Girl I Miss You Bobby Williams Only got myself to blame Caressors I Can't Stay Away
  12. Sold one a few years back and now feel like I need it in my box again (oo-er missus)
  13. Looking for a play out copy of the Caressors Still hunting for a £50 copy of the Embers - I want my baby back, and a not-off-centre copy of Roy Roberts - I know what to do (to satisfy you) Thanks pls pm me