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  1. Marvin Gaye - Little Darling UK Motown demo white red Four Tops - i can't help myself UK Motown demo white red Jimmy Robins - I just can't please UK President Mary Love - You turned my bitter into sweet UK king any help ? PM me! Thanks in advance
  2. Sapphires gotta have your love on UK HMV demo or iusse please PM me!!! thanks in advance
  3. Sapphires-gotta gave your love UK HMW iusse or demo Incredibles-There's nothing else to say UK Stateside iusse or demo Jimmy Robins- Just can't please UK President
  4. Thanks but I'm after the HMV,thanks again
  5. Any help? Incredibles- theres nothing else to say (Stateside iusse or demo) Yvonne Baker- Didn't say a world (East coast) Mary Love- you tourned my bitter into sweet (Uk King)
  6. Hoagy Lands - The Next in line Stateside Demo or Iusse Tams - Hey Girl don't bother me MHV demo or iusse Thanks
  7. Hello, i looking for a UK iusse or demo of: Hoagy lands- the next in line PLEASE PM ME!
  8. any copy of : Hogy Lands Next in Line uk Stateside demo or iusse thanks
  9. hello, i looking for a copy of this record, original please mickey champion - what good i'm i PP arnold everything's gonna be alright ( UK demo) Herb Ward - strange change thanks in advance!!!!
  10. looking for UK's iusse or demo of: doris troy- i'll do anything cameo parkaway hoagy lands- the next in line stateside Albert Washington- I'm the man president jimmy Robins- i can't please you president Chubby checker- you just don't know cameo parkaway please PM me, Thanks in advance
  11. looking for a White promo of ; Casualeers dance dance dance Thanks in advance
  12. hi sorry i've now realized that the center is uncorrect it has 68 date. sorry but i leave it. if you want go down let me know anyway. thanks
  13. hi, i looking for it but with the center re-fixed ecc i can't pay that money for it. the last went for less, what do you think i can met you at 500... thanks a lot!
  14. any uk or demo? Hoagy lands the next in line please PM

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