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  1. suedehead

    Few Wants UK's

    looking for UK's iusse or demo of: doris troy- i'll do anything cameo parkaway hoagy lands- the next in line stateside Albert Washington- I'm the man president jimmy Robins- i can't please you president Chubby checker- you just don't know cameo parkaway please PM me, Thanks in advance
  2. suedehead


    looking for a White promo of ; Casualeers dance dance dance Thanks in advance
  3. suedehead

    Hoagy Lands

    hi sorry i've now realized that the center is uncorrect it has 68 date. sorry but i leave it. if you want go down let me know anyway. thanks
  4. suedehead

    Hoagy Lands

    hi, i looking for it but with the center re-fixed ecc i can't pay that money for it. the last went for less, what do you think i can met you at 500... thanks a lot!
  5. suedehead

    Hoagy Lands

    any uk or demo? Hoagy lands the next in line please PM
  6. suedehead


    any uk iusse or demo for sale??? Incredibles there's nothing else to say please PM
  7. suedehead

    few UK wants

    hello i looking for only UK iusse or demo of this record: PP Arnold- Everything's gonna be allright Albert Washington- i'm the man Incredibles- there's nothing else to say Herbie Goins - NO 1 in your heart please PM Thanks in advance!!!!
  8. suedehead

    Chubby Checker / Doris Troy

    Hello, i looking for a copy of: Chubby Checker you just don't know "Cameo Parkaway" Doris Troy- i'll do anything "Cameo Parkaway" Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. suedehead

    Few Wants UK's

    Any of them? Formations- at the top of the stairs UK mgm/ demo Albert Washington- i'm the man uk president jimmy robins- i can't please you uk Rufus Lumley_ I standing demo or iusse kim Weston- Helpless UK demo Pm Me please, thanks in advance!!!!
  10. Hello, i looking for a copy of Albert Washington- i'm the man onUK President . Thanks in advance
  11. suedehead

    2 wants

    Sam ward- Sister Lee Albert Washington- I'mk the man UK President thanks in advance!!!!
  12. suedehead

    few wants

    Hello i looking for a few records; Jimmy Robins - I can't please you UK President Albert Washington - I'm the man Uk president or Us James Carr- That's what i want to know UK stateside demo Thanks in advance!!!!!
  13. suedehead

    few wants

  14. suedehead

    wade flemons jeanette

    looking for an original copy of wade flemons Jeanette. pm. please thanks in advance!!!!
  15. suedehead

    few wants



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