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  1. Are these availible somewhere online? Thanks.
  2. Looking for the above 45 in at least ex condition. Pm`s only please. Thanks.
  3. Looking for the above 45 in clean condition. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  4. Looking for the above 45 in clean condition. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  5. For trade: Grey Imprint - Do you get the message - Clear Hill Condition is EX. Looking for one equally rare 70/80s soul/funk/disco/boogie 7-inch. Pm`s only please. Thanks.
  6. Looking for the above 45. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  7. George Smallwood - Lady disco/The best love of my life - Smallwood Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  8. Soul Mind & Body - I took your love (to be true) - Rocktown Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  9. Looking for this one: Pierce Bros and Co - Bi bi bi di bi di p/Say lady - Star Birth Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  10. Emerson - Sending all my love out/Why are you so cold - LAS Must be in VG++/EX condition. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  11. For sale: Vikings - Heartaches (don’t last forever) / Never seen a stranger - Voyage Condition vinyl is EX - label has some staining. £130 including shipping. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  12. Have the above 7 inch for sale in nm condition. Price is 100USD including shipping paid using Paypal. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  13. For sale: Benjamin and the right Direction - Light of my life/Dreamin’s for free - Palmetto Street £100 including shipping.Payment via Paypal only. Thanks.
  14. Have the above 45 in EX condition for trade.Looking for this one: Curtis Anderson - Hardest part - Brown Bag Will also consider trading for other 70s/80s of the same value one to one. Pm’s only please. Thanks.
  15. Looking for the original 7’’ of the above record.Must be in EX/VG++ or better condition.Pm’s only please. Thanks.
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  16. Bump
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  17. Prices include standard airmail to anywhere in the world. Payment is Paypal only using the gift/friends and family option. Pm’s only please. Benjamin and the Right Direction - Light of my life/Dreamin’s for free - Palmetto Mint 125USD Vikings - Never seen a stranger/Heartaches (Don’t last forever) - Voyage Vinyl EX/Label VG+ due to some staining 200USD Big Lee Dowell - What have I done Wrong - Cannonball records Mint 100USD Thanks.
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  18. For trade: Grey Imprint - Do you get the message - Clear Hill Record is in EX condition.Looking for 70s/80s modern soul/funk/boogie/disco. Pm's only please. Thanks.
  19. Looking for a clean copy of "Does anybody really know". Pm's only please. Thanks.
  20. Looking for a clean copy of the above 45.Pm's only please. Thanks.
  21. For trade: Charlene & The Soul Serenaders - Can you win/Love changes - Volt EX condition (comes in company sleeve) Looking for 70s/80s soul/funk/disco/boogie Pm's only please Thanks.
  22. Looking for this 45: Mary & Kirkland's - Our love/I never felt this way - Tuff-e-nuff Pm's only please. Thanks.
  23. Morris Lewis ‎– One Hundred Percent Of Your Love / The Enchzatress - C.J. Pm's only please. Thanks.
  24. Dee Edwards - Why can't there be love/Say it again with feeling - Bumpshop EX $200 Payment by Paypal gift which includes regular airmail. Pm's only please. Thanks.
  25. Sent you a pm.

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