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  1. Selection of classic Soul fanzines - $5US each. Voices From The Shadows are $10US each Shipping is from Canada All in clean condition, no writing, no tears Voices From The Shadows - number 7 - 25. Voices From The Shadows - Christmas Hamper Grapevine - The Soul Essence newsletter - issue 2 - $5 Dave McCadden's Soul Galore - numbers 1 - 9 Soulful Kinda Music - Special Wigan 20th issue Detroit City Limits - Numbers 5 and 6 - 5 is Golden World/Ric Tic special There's That Beat - numbers 7 - 10 Shades Of Soul - 23, 27, 30, 31 and 32 Soul Up North - 64 Pete Smiths Beatin' Rhythm - 1 - 16 except number 13 for some reason. I will update if I find it Sweet Soul Music - number 7 Okeh Norhtern Soul - number 7 Joel Whitburn's Top LP's 1973 6 By 6 - April '94 - free with any purchase
  2. newer


    5 copies, make me an offer. Shipping will be from Canada. First pic was taken with the "big light" on so a bit of glare
  3. newer


    I have 3, I will dig them out
  4. newer

    BBC IPlayer - Reggae Fever: David Rodigan

    Anyone have a link so I can watch it in Canada? BBC iPlayer allowed me to register a Canadian email address and then blocks it?
  5. Sharon and her husband originally started the label. I was browsing there a few weeks ago and she had some ot the later releases. I was asking her about them. She couldn't remember how many they had put out. She used to run Martin's shop in Hamilton. There is a rumour Martin is looking to open a new shop in Hamilton.
  6. So I just received the Lorraine Chandler 45 and when I went to file it I could not find my Jackie Day/Larry Banks & Jaibi 45!?!?! I have looked in every conceivable place so can only assume I have lost it. Anyone got a spare?
  7. Most of the charity shops I visit in the area have all 45's un-sleeved. I firmly believe they throw the sleeves away to make it easier to hang on those stupid pegs they use
  8. newer

    Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Goodgroove was part of the Arc group so I assume they would have come in an ARC sleeve
  9. newer

    Boss Sounds 2

    Bit of a long shot here but does any one have a copy of this book for sale?
  10. newer

    WANTED: Beverly Copeland LP on CBC

    Got 2 other Beverly Glenn-Copeland records if you are interested?
  11. Johnny Nash - I'm So Glad You're My Baby/Stormy - UK MGM 1480 in near mint condition. Has a couple of marks on the Stormy side. $100US including shipping.
  12. newer

    Eugene Record - Overdose of Joy

    I have a mint- copy if you want to make me an offer.
  13. newer


  14. newer

    LOT OF 109 CLASSIC 45's

    A great lot of 109 Soul/R&B/Northern 45's, includes a bit of 70's, a bit of Funk but is mainly 60's Soul on US labels with a few UK and Canadian labels as well. Nothing is trashed and most would grade vg+ or better, all sleevedAsking $400US INCLUDING shipping.A sample of what is there - Mable John on Stax, Chubby Parkway - Discotheque on Parkway, Johnny Taylor - Friday Night on Stax, Don Bryant on HI, The Commotions on Blue Rock, Benny Gordon - Rca issue, Wilmer & The Dukes, Fantastic Johnny C on Canadian Phil La Of Soul, Bobby Hebb, Ray Charles - Sing The Blues, SN and the CT's, Shadow Mann, J Gardner on Blue Rock, Albert Washington on Eastbound, Lee Rogers on Diamond Jim, Short People, Paul Hampton, Mavis Staples, Funcadelic, Brainstorm, The Brothers Of Soul on Blue Rock, Jerry-O, Little Mac on Atlantic, 4 45's on UK Mojo, some UK TMG's, The Spinners, Ronnie Dyson, Bobby Freeman, Lloyd Price, Brothers Of Love on Intrepid, Symbol 8, The Dynamics, The Festivals, The Esquires, Tommy Vann, Mickey Murray, Clydie King, Al Greene, Betty Everett, Garnett Mimms, The Packers, Charles Smith, Pulse, Tenison Stephens, Travis Wammack, Gary Criss, The Platters, Percy and Them and lots more.
  15. Rufus Lumley - Stronger Than Me - RCA album, rarer Mono issue - $60US including shipping from CanadaVinyl is in excellent condition, just a few light marks. Cover has some edge wear and a little discolouration.Also, check out newer99 on discogs for some real bargains at $10US each
  16. newer

    Northern Soul Film hits North America

    It was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival a month or so ago. Unfortunately it was on the same night Sharon Jones was appearing in Hamilton.
  17. newer


    Been trying to get some $$ out all morning and keep getting an internal server error message? Any one else having issues?
  18. newer


    At home, still trying, still getting message and getting pissed off
  19. newer


    Thanks Bill Probably the same issue as I am at work and have just missed out on a nice 45!
  20. newer

    League Two.that Was Close

    Wilxy I fear the same fate for Cheltenham Town, club is run by muppet's unfortunately 4 managers in one season and then surprised it didn't work out?
  21. newer

    What's your favourite Motown Song?

    Four Tops - Ask The Lonely - play it at least twice a week. Pure class
  22. House call on the way home from work offered a box of 500 45's for $150. It was as it said, a box of 45's, most with no sleeves and mostly pop but amongst them were the following: Gene Chandler - Think Nothing About It - Constellation promo R Dean Taylor - Ghost in My House - VIP Ikettes - Beauty Is Just Skin Deep - Canadian Pompeii $10 for the 3 and I have to say I am loving The Ikettes - much more Northern than other versions?
  23. Bought a bunch of 45's at the record show including a bunch of psyche promo's at $2 each, this was amongst them, never heard it before
  24. newer

    Seattle - Record Stores? Events?

    Mal If you are anywhere near Toronto you are welcome to pop by, I always have stuff for sale. I am about 40 minutes out of the city


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