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  1. Looks like rogue seller has removed his listings from Discogs or he has been reported by buyer.
  2. Hi all, Just a heads up to let you know there appears to be a dodgy Discogs seller from Spain (Vicente12345678) listing expensive rare soul records graded NM for around 300 GBP. Examples include: The Parisians ‎– Twinkle Little Star / The Cockroach (Demmon Hot) Little Nicky Soul ‎– I Wanted To Tell You / You Said (Shee) Sam Williams ‎– Let's Talk It Over / Love Slipped Through My Fingers (Tower) I'm sure most folks here will know better but thought it was worth sharing.
  3. Hi, Looking for clean copy. Please pm if you can help... Kind regards
  4. There are a number of independent bottlings covering the full spectrum of whisky. Independent bottlers can provide good quality whiskies at good value. It can be hit and miss but its also a unique way of experiencing whisky, many are single casks so cant be replicated. Some well kent and lesser known, from traditional to newer boutique indy bottlers include: Cadenheads Signatory Berry Bros & Rudd Scotch Malt Whisky Society (Membership only) North Star Compass Box The Bottlers Gordon & McPhail James Eadie Weymss Malts
  5. Some nice drams in that list. Worth trying private bottlings too.
  6. 'BIGGEST MODERN SOUL DANCER EVER!!!' Just listened to this, hyperbole aside, what a massive pile of dogs jobbies!
  7. Anyone know the track @1min 20sec Perhaps misleading but lyrics contain 'I'm going to make you love me...' Not the Temptations or any other version I'm aware of. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Looking for clean copy of: Richard McDonald ‎– I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby (Tobin) Please PM me if you can help Regards Gav
  9. Hi, Looking for a nice clean copy of Marvelous Ray - Tears / Whirlpool (Abner) Please pm me with condition and price. Kind regards
  10. Hi, Looking for clean copy of Down Beats ‎– Why Do You Love Another? / You're The One (The One For Me) (Dawn Records) If you can help please send price and condition via PM. Thanks
  11. Hi, Looking for original clean copy preferably vinyl pressing. Please pm with condition and offer Cheers

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