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  1. ex copy of this , one song per side unlike to poor sounding EP 7 inch Ex condition , this release does not come with a cover 350 euro delivered
  2. Vg+ copy of this German press of this killer track No cover. 70 Euro delivered pp as gift
  3. Vg+ upwards please pm if you have any queries Deal to be done on multiple purchases
  4. looking for a clean copy with clean labels please pm with price and condition ,no offers please
  5. Morroco muzik makers 160 Euro delivered NOW Reduced 150 Euro delivered pm as gift Plays ex. Listen to the soundclip ( reference only) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vl_jFuL5Eeg
  6. https://www.discogs.com/seller/a2df/profile
  7. recordlurv

    A few sales .prices include delivery

    apologies ,wrong forum ,can admins move please
  8. Morocco Muzak makers pig knuckles Motown .rare instro .not your normal Motown sound .ex copy drill hole 200 euro (see clip for reference) z z hill one way love affair ex copy slight label wear ex 120 euro baby Washington move on ex 45 euro seeburg spotlight band twine time 45 euro ex (see clip below for reference ) ALL PRICES include delivery. PayPal as gift .
  9. recordlurv

    Jimmy Rogers - What Have I Done (CHESS)

    its on chess ??
  10. ex copy of this indemander , very slight label wear , 130 euro delivered pp as gift
  11. Ex copy of this modern soul mover 40 Euro delivered pp as gift
  12. recordlurv

    Some Wants: Merle, Ed, Randolph, Titus ...

  13. Ex copy of this. Clean as a whistle 90 Euro delivered pp as gift
  14. recordlurv

    Sister Rosetta Thorpe Jericho

    Ex copy of this gospel classic 125 Euro delivered pp as gift Sister Rosetta Tharpe Jericho
  15. New bits added approx 350 items 100 % feedback https://www.discogs.com/seller/a2df/profile


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