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  1. Looking for marcia hines jumping jack flash /you gotta let go .on dig it international Cheers
  2. Still looking for ozz and his spearlings daddy rollin stone ,/ can I qualify please
  3. Looking for daddy rolling stone by ozz & his spearlings cheers
  4. Hi paul how much you looking for Cheers mark
  5. Anyone got one they want to part with the lovations I don't want you on cap city cheers
  6. Hi everyone looking for a copy of the lovations I don't want you any help is appreciated cheers
  7. Looking for afro azul by joey pastarana if anyone has a copy cheers
  8. Looking for special girl & what good is a castle part 2 cheers
  9. Looking for what good is a castle part 1 & 2 by Joe bataan cheers
  10. Looking for Pete terrace no no no /at the party cheers
  11. Hi looking for Vibrating vibrations party for my baby cheers for looking
  12. Looking for the hawk or hawg by Eddie kirk cheers
  13. Looking for Latin dimension Mr mod this was a mousetrap anniversary release cheers
  14. Looking for our love will grow any help cheers
  15. Looking for a copy of temo del lupo by ivano fossati had an accident with cheers for any help
  16. Looking for Bobby bland shoes cheers
  17. This time I'm loving you anybody got a cheap one ;-)
  18. Looking for Bobby garrett my little girl , mickey lee lane he say lo ney, dee dee sharp deep dark secret & what kind of lady for the right price cheers
  19. Northern soul southern heart A night of top northern soul with Eddie piller & Dean Rudland & local djs 13th August 7.30 till 2 Dunstable leisure centre See flyer for info
  20. Looking for deep dark secret & what kind of lady but not too expensive cheers
  21. Looking for little Richard get down with it on Colombia cheers
  22. Their was one on discgos it may still be their as went on their to check the price as got one @ a carboot very cheap
  23. Chris morgan who am I wanted cheers
  24. Looking for kings go forth one day cheers
  25. Looking for Chris morgan who am I cheers for any help mark

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