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  1. Hi would you take a mint Willie Kendricks trade for the Judy Freeman plus a little cash let me no best regards ady-
  2. OK thanks for letting me no
  3. Can anyone help please PM ady
  4. OK thanks how much is that in English
  5. Hi the Eddie Holland in on the outside is that auction or just set sale
  6. Hi mint - classic from Willie Kendricks nice mint - demo £450. Plus post please PM ady
  7. Keith's gonna sell a record if I can to pay for it don't let it go yet are you holding it for me? Best ady
  8. Can you send some photos
  9. Mate if someone want it let it go because it might take me a while gonna try to sell something to get the money if not can you wait thanks ady
  10. Send some photos if you could all the best
  11. Hi would you do a trade for this record it is the original isn't it best regards ady
  12. Thanks mate
  13. Hi mate do I get hold of him have you got. His phone number I do no him best regards ady