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  1. wanted nichelle nichols epic

    Hi Have you this for sale Nichelle nichols why don't do you right on epic Thank for contact me Salvosoul@libero.it
  2. Hi I offre 120 £ for a mint copy of clarence raid anythink that good to you on nuria 119 Contact salvosoul@libero.it
  3. For sale yiddish soul Brothers amnon in chess

    Tony One copy of yiddish gone in eBay for 2000 dollars ? Look on popsike never see another to sale i think that this Record are very rare
  4. Hi I have a mint copy of Yiddish soul Brothers amnon on chess Only girl i had / in New York city For sale 1500 euro or trade with Georges lemon on gold soul Johnny rogers on amon Cleveland Robinson on nosnibor Troy dodd...
  5. obscure 45 soul records wanted

    Hi joesoul Look on eBay One copy of lucille mathis vg+ gone for 280 dollar and another in buy It now for 260 dollars nothing buy this record ? You valued this for 320 pounds ???? . I wait another three month for buy this on eBay for 200 dollars
  6. Wanted obscure soul 45

    Hi I search this Records Please contact me salvosoul@libero.it Thank
  7. Hi I search this Record Billy Sha rae cat walkin bay uke 5 Please contact me salvosoul@libero.it Thank
  8. Can you help me find a copy of this record thank
  9. RARE POPCORN NORTHERN SOUL yiddish soul brother amnon on chess label price 1499 dollars http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-POPCORN-NORTHERN-SOUL-yiddish-soul-brother-amnon-on-chess-label-/122265831047?hash=item1c779c8687:g:p4oAAOSwYIxX67Ro
  10. Hi I offer 100 euro for a mint copy of Freddie clemons i'd do anything mil yon label Please contact me salvosoul@libero.it Thank
  11. Pervis Lee i don't care leeway original 45 ???

    Yes boot confirmed by dealers money redund . Thank
  12. Pervis Lee i don't care leeway original 45 ???

  13. Hi Just buy on eBay a 45 pervis lee i don't care on 45 leeway Can you help me because i think that this 45 it is not original Always look on lp There are 45 original issue in usa Thank for help
  14. hi can you help me to find this record don carol you want no one but me doncar i offer 350 £ thank salvosoul@libero.it
  15. Yiddish soul Brothers amnon on chess for sale

    if you want you can send offer