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  1. Ames stewart Angelina angelina / king for a day

    i can trade this record with a mint copy of cleveland robinson love is a trap nosnibor jimmy phillips she belongs to me bump'
  2. Hi i sale a mint copy of ames Stewart Angelina Angelina / king for a day j&w white promo price 1300 euro only PayPal friend salvosoul italy salvosoul@libero.it
  3. Uk 45 soul wanted

    Find Johnny Mcbee
  4. Uk 45 soul wanted

    ok thank
  5. Uk 45 soul wanted

  6. Uk 45 soul wanted

    Hi can you help me find this record thank
  7. HI i offer 120 pounds for anita tucker i need love 54 thank salvosoul@libero.it
  8. Stanton 505

    Hi i have two technics slk 1200 with Stanton 505 i must change stylus , look on eBay Japan stylus kyowa for 10 or less pounds each what do you think of this Japan stylus what stylus you advisor for play original usa 45 soul thank fo...
  9. Hi i search this two alternate version but no sure that uk label are same on the link that you can listen on youtube i have on us label and different have you any info of this thank
  10. Hi listen this two alternate version on YouTube on uk label but I think that only on cd never issue on vinyl Version usa label is different have you any info thank
  11. Hi One mint copy gone on eBay for 800 dollars in July 2017 i offer 750 dollars for a mint copy thank for help me salvosoul@libero.it
  12. More 120€ for obscure 45 soul

    Hi have you any of this for sale i pay more 100 pounds for each thank for help me salvosoul@libero.it
  13. Two Piccadilly uk label want

    I offer good price
  14. Two Piccadilly uk label want

    Hi Have you this for sale 1 .Thurday s children title crawfish Piccadilly label 2 .Bobby rio Ask the lonely Piccadilly label Thank Salvosoul@libero.it